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  1. Have a look at these. http://www.mooserepublic.se/product/j-26-mustang/ Adds another fun detail, you have to model that life raft on top of the radios too. I might be biased but I have yet to build a Swedish one myself..! Though I might squeeze one in with these cheap Mustangs on the market now....
  2. Then they need to be educated how insignificant the D model was compared to the B/C and Thunderbolts (Razorbacks) in crushing the Luftwaffe really.. I agree, it looks better, but it was not the ones who did the job and was the important model...
  3. Oh, I had no idea it was released..! That said, I would probably still prefer the Tamiya one - or get excited when there is an XVIII around. Or a conversion kit for it....
  4. Fantastic build, stunning paint job. Well done, sir! I can also highly recommend mr. Sheddan´s book..
  5. What 303 book is that? I have Kagero´s Mustang-decals for those Polish ones, highly recommended if you can find them....
  6. Click on Fundekals "Daddy´s Girl" decal instructions on their site and there is another pic. Edit: Ooops, late to the party.. I am not entirely sure but I seem to remember, from other photos of them, that the fourth is indeed a B/C P-51?
  7. Wow, no P-47 in that book.. Seriously, it did so much of the hard work before even the P-51B/C turned up it is not even funny... Not to mention how much had been done to the Luftwaffe before the bubbletop D´s showed up - of either 47 or 51..! But whatevr... *avoid incoming massive flak barrage from the community* The range thing to Berlin is no small think i guess.. Interesting original post by the way! Ooops. I sure look forward to whatever Tamiya decides to release in 1/32 next!
  8. Too bad there are no decals, also the selling point to me, to get those books. Loved the ones in the Thunderbolt series, really nice to work with and interesting subjects.
  9. Yeah I have that Preddy model and can confirm it looks really nice! It is quite easy to do a head swap to make any other pilot with that G-suit (?) as well.
  10. Wow, I would love to see the Razorback Jug be redone!
  11. Yeah, added my vote for the B/C Mustang as well. Oh, and a Saab Draken!
  12. Been building 48th scale jets for the last year and not checked modelling news much.. So had no clue about this ´till now but WOW! I have a half built Tamiya original boxing and a Pacific one in the stash and will still buy atleast one of these - sweet!
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