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  1. Not read it- but the movie is not "awful", is it? Pretty simple story and some nice shots. What´s not to like? Real flying. Mitchum is good, the chick hot.. Lol, not Trumpy´s A-team then?
  2. Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby. Cool stuff. I just need a flight stick to join in......
  3. And a beautiful aircraft.. I wonder how many pints those aircrews received as a thank you, Many I hope! Think it was in Rober S Johnson´s book recently they were mentioned as picking up dudes. One getting damaged as it landed it a rough sea and having to fart in like a boat insetad of taking off again. Didn´t Airfix release a new-ish decently recently? Not in "our" scale of course but..
  4. Looking real good. I have no idea about the inaccuries of the kit but it looks like a Liberator to me! Must be massive?
  5. I think so. But I guess Kotare doesn´t make money out of Tamiya kits.. That said, I rather see stuff that is not covered as well, personally.
  6. I was puzzled too - the P-51D/K boxing from Tamiya (seriously overpriced for basically just a few more bitz though!) can make a K. Aeroproducts prop, another canopy from Dallas iirc. Can´t remember if the spinner is different though. You can also make an F6D out of it.. People don´t know these things? And I´m sure there is decent AM stuff for the props as well.. There are decals around too.. Spit IX too? People don´t want the 32nd scale Tamiya or what?? I love those.. Can´t really complain about the price (except the difference between the first P-51D and the D/K box for very little).. You get good value for money and many, many hours of hobbying out of those.. What polls are these?? Yeah, that family would be nice to see in a proper series.. I thought those would be very popular too..
  7. Can´t have too many Mustangs.. But I would prefer B/Cs and more Thunderbolts..
  8. Lovely work! Looking real nice. Stay safe there you are too..
  9. Lovely, this is the kind of stuff I love. Some real background and a lovely build! I will follow this for sure. Got more to share about your friends experiences? Heard so much good about theese tamiya Corsairs.. I need to get atleast one some day.. In the meantime, I am happy with their P-51Ds.. ^^ And watching others do them of course!
  10. Ouch, poor IP.. Glad you could easily get that replacement though! Yeah, been very warm and sunny here lately. Had a couple of half built models on a table.. I wuickly moved them, even though direct sunlight is worse (ie no window). I think it is better to be safe than sorry!
  11. Glad to see others making this kind of stuff. Competition is always good. For us customers anyways.
  12. Yeah, I mean you can toss that bomb but that takes training and skill.. Weird choice here. Just those two flying with bombs on would have been my chocie.. Some fun stuff all around though!
  13. Sweet! Grab it as a gift for yourself for being awesome? I know I would! Sounds like a decent price tag too? With that AM stuff, no..?
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