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  1. I e-mailed him last Autumn about the P-51D ones and they were then on their way back. Ask him about it, he may - or they may be on their way? Always good to show interest?
  2. Sad to hear, will try to support. Used some resin and the placards for the Tamiya P-51D and they were excellent! Hope Roy can keep in buisness, his stuff adds alot of nice details.
  3. Thanks for the info and a great read. Would love to hear more about all you know.. A new thread somewhere?
  4. It is pretty good looking - and happy-looking.. But thet big ASS of the Viggen? To be fair, the F-16 is designed the way the JA 37´s successor is.. And the JA 37 comes from the AJ 37 - which is designed the way it does through some pretty steep requirements. Do not underestimate that m/75 in the merge though..
  5. Both "Val" and the waist-gunners look great.. I do not have the kit but damn, I still "need" those!
  6. Yes, J 29Bs 8and a couple of Cs) in the Congo.
  7. That is some great choices for subjects! Is it really that ugly though? I like the curves.. But i think the MiG-15 looks awful.. Opinions are like asses and all that - (split!)?
  8. You can call them "external tanks".
  9. Wow, I though I was a grammar nazi and inazi-corrector.. But then it should be "the FOA-camouflage". You would not find many calling it "Fields and Meadows" in Sweden. "Viggen-camo" or the FOA-camo. It was the forerunner to the M90-camo so some call it that "M90-camo" too. Which is not really correct. You can drop "drop tank" entirely really. Like you said, external drop tanks, "extra tansk" for short (sloppy perhaps). That is what they are, on basically all aircraft. Many.. Some, can be dropped if needed..
  10. Was picking up the Mustang and the others.. Saw this 2nd hand P-47 with all the AM for the equivalent of £49.50. Pretty good deal eh?
  11. The Sidewinder is the Swedish produced, on license, AIM-9B. Called "RB 24" in Swedish Service and used on the J 34, J29, J 32B, AJ 37-"family".
  12. Yeah, a little more easy inside a container though. Dousing a fire with it.. Not the best idea. ;9
  13. Scale? Was a fireman for a while.. Had this older dude telling us young fakks how you theoretically can kill a fire with gas.. But it was not adviseable..
  14. That version is pretty cool too. Someone said F-111 in 1/32?? That would be nice, to say the least..
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