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  1. My modelling brain loves the idea, my grocery purchasing wallet hates it.
  2. I think I’ve said it before, but it would be great if they made kits of aircraft with a Kiwi connection - there’s some great, popular subjects like the Hurricane, A4, Mustang, P-40 E, K, L, M, N and Corsairs, plus some with a lesser known connection like the (captured) Me 109 e4, the Dinah, Kate and Zeros and then some more interesting (to me) aircraft like the Strikemaster, Dragon Rapide and Hind. Whatever they end up doing, you can put me down for at least 2 of their Spits, 3 if they promise to pop out a Waco U1C
  3. You lucky, lucky bugger, it’s a great kit and looks great when polished up!
  4. Just adding another video that turned up in my YouTube feed, if anyone wants me to stop feel free to say “Stop the RAAF spam!” RAAF 2020 Hornet Ball
  5. Qatar have added a bit of colour to their fleet QATAR C-17 You’ve made me think about committing som whiffery if I do get this kit, perhaps one of the RAAF’s Caribou schemes might look good on a C-17? RAAF Boo Boo
  6. Just something I came across on YouTube, thought some of you may enjoy it RAAF ex Diamond Storm 22
  7. The Ford would come in at about 1.65 m long, a fantastic size for an R/C project
  8. So, converting that to AUD, add in the “Australia Tax”, import duties, 10% GST it should only cost about 1 kidney, half my liver and my first born…. BARGAIN!!
  9. It’s now 5 minutes after “shortly”, and not far off “in a little while” - I want t now
  10. It looks like it’s going to be a great kit and it’s not another messyspitwolfstang! The scale is fine with me, I don’t have a 1/1 example in the garage to measure so I’m not concerned, perhaps they could have made it in 1/32 to appease the scale junkies and therefore made a few more sales, but as I tried to drunkenly intimate, for me it’s the subject, not the scale.
  11. While my clear parts arrived unscathed, they definitely aren’t up to the standard of the rest of the parts (on the sprue, no idea on fit as yet) so I’d be in the market for some nice new clear parts, after a few fermented beverages I’ve even considered trying to vac form some new ones but once sobriety returned I realised that I have neither the talent nor skill to do any better than what was in the box.
  12. Looks like I’m going to need to go back to work so I can afford 3 or 4 of these, loving the RCAF and Swedish liveries and I’m sure there’s plenty more decal sets just waiting to tempt me.
  13. Whatever they plan for kit #2 I’ll buy it. I’m more than happy to spend a few bucks to support an ambitious crew, who may, one day, produce a nice A4G and K kit!
  14. My Mum met the Queen, an Old Phil, and Frank Sinatra, and Jerry Lewis, I think that makes me a clown prince of some sort?
  15. The RAF have donated a GR4 to the Aviation Heritage Museum in WA. Might be time for me to fire up the ute (mortgage the house to pay for diesel) and head across the country for a visit! GR4 to Aus Museum Video GR4 to Aus article
  16. Bugger, that’s almost half of what I paid! C’est la guerre, even at the double the price, if I divide the cost by the hours I’ll take to build it, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than my other hobbies :)
  17. Phew, thank god I’m just a modeller, not an Historian, so I’ll be able to paint my turret parts blackish with tones of an aluminium undercoat without breaking out in stress induced hives. Mines arrived, the clear parts are fine (although I can see how they could easily be damaged), I haven’t touched the rest of the kit because it’s going to be like the old 24 hour ration pack - if you open it up to get to the chewing gum, you’re never going to get it all back into the box.
  18. I’m not going to attack anyone because of their opinion, I can understand your point, but I’ll be more than happy to buy a couple of these kits and a bucket of Mr Surfacer to fill the divots. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn one of them into a RAAF airframe, and that’s going to need more than a bit of putty and a few layers of paint!
  19. I suppose that they think it’s better to include them for those who prefer that look because it’s easier to fill them for those who prefer accuracy?
  20. Weirdly, I’m actually getting a bit scared about the arrival of my Lanc, not because of credit card shock, or having to move to the dog house, but just the enormity of the project and my proven ability to f%#k things up! I’ve been planning and plotting the build since I pre ordered the kit, bought a new build table (a glass topped computer desk so I can illuminate it from all sides), purchased all the exterior paint that I think I’ll need, set aside a few rolls of tape, a box of 100 new blades, a new bottle of extra thin, but what I haven’t stocked up on is courage! My mind is racing, my pulse pulsating, my stomach churning - do I just build her OOB (or will AMS strike yet again), have I collected enough reference material or should I bribe someone at the AWM to let me spend a night or 2, and a dozen memory cards photographing G for George in all her glory? I haven’t been this excited/scared since grade 11 and my first real Girlfriend!
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