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  1. I noticed, too, in their decal profiles, that they have applied too many roundels to the wings on both aircraft. Oops. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  2. I'm curious if there is much of a market for a manufacturer, like Eduard for example, to make injection-molded replacement parts for a kit? They make resin and photoetch for other kits, so why not venture into some injection molded stuff for other kits? I have no idea if its feasible or not. As a side note, has anyone seen Eduard market something as "Eduard PART" before? I couldn't find any other listings like that. The have Look, Big-Ed, Brassin, etc, but I have never seen PART before. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  3. Hannants is showing Eduard Big-Ed EBIG33102 "B-24 PART" listed as a future release in late June/early July. Interesting as its listed as "PART". Might this be the Eduard turrets we've been waiting for? There's nothing listed on their website as of yet that I can find. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  4. My understanding is that the top turret present in the HK B-17G kit is based on what would have been fitted in a P2V Neptune. I realized this weekend where I had seen this fitted in a B-17; it's installed in B-17G "Sentimental Journey." While it does fit, as mentioned by Tom, this particular setup was never installed on B-17's. the setup available in the B-17E/F kit is accurate for all variants of the B-17 from WWII. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  5. I got a little ahead of myself... that includes Hobby Boss, and HpH as well! That's $50 off your 1/32 B-24J.
  6. All- Sprue Brothers is having their weekend sale on kits for manufacturers that start with "H". For those alphabetically inclined in our hobby, that includes Hasegawa, and HK Models. 20% off. For example, that's roughly $57 off a 1/32 B-17, and $66 off a 1/32 Lancaster. Open your wallets folks. Oh, and anything over $100 is half-price shipping to boot. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  7. Photos appear to show the following: Cockpit: Standard zinc chromate green Rear Radar Station: Zinc chromate green U/C Bays: Zinc Chromate green Cowl Inner Faces: Black U/C Legs: Natural metal As for the exterior surfaces, pictures also seem to indicate something closer to a semi-gloss black, rather than a high gloss. The light just doesn't seem to bounce off of them in a high-gloss manner. Hope this helps. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  8. Mike, the SBD gunner's seat did indeed have a lap belt. Definitely add one. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  9. I agree, but only if the rubber tires are hollow and allow for natural bulging. Most rubber wheels I've experienced are solid, and don't bow out at all unfortunately. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  10. They do make some really, really nice stuff. Will be keeping an eye on this one. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  11. Looking forward to ordering! Thanks for posting prices. Very reasonable. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  12. I sure could use an N canopy, as mine in snapped in half :-/ - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  13. Definitely count me in! I have the older set, and these resin updates will be a welcome edition. Proud Pastor John supporter. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  14. At what point do the discounted prices show up? I am just shy of pulling the trigger, and its still showing the full amount on my cart (early Halb and early Fokker VII). Did I miss the sale, or have I selected two kits that aren't on discount? Not sure how this is all working... - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  15. That's a really great idea I never thought of! I am going to do that, too... how much did each shelf set you back? I have a modestly sized curio cabinet from American Furniture Warehouse. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
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