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  1. Looking good Tom! Looking forward to seeing some paint on the old gal. I too am hoping to lay some paint down in the next week or so. We'll see if I get the opportunity! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  2. My man! Nicely done, and in a much better manner than I did! I never thought of tracing the blister onto Tamiya tape. Now I wish I had lol. Way to go! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  3. After a bit of digging, I can't find any photos to support the 405th using rocket tubes. They all appear to be carrying only bombs for ground attack duties. HTH - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  4. I think if we're going to see a 1/32 B-26 Marauder, HK is going to be the one to bring it to us. And I'm quite alright with that. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  5. All- It appears I'm quite past due for an update! Here's a small one today, but it's progress nonetheless. Bench time has been a little scattered for the past few weeks, but I'm hoping to get some more dedicated time here soon. The new nose blister has arrived from Iconicair, and it fits like a glove. If you need one to depict a specific bird, buy without hesitation! I also got enough of the seam work done on the fuselage to feel confident about fitting the canopy in place. I actually fit it twice... once, and then once again after I realized I forg
  6. The rumors you've heard are true. Even with a low bar, their Avenger is an outstanding kit, and is quite impressive when finished. Buy with confidence! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  7. I am indeed. Hannants advised it should arrive in April, so we're right around the corner. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  8. I was actually quite impressed by how different this kit is from their 1/32 one. Separate wing halves, separate canopy sides, single-piece fuselage halves, landing gear bays are drilled out around the framework, and the landing lights are drilled out! Looks to be a lovely kit. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  9. Just e-mailed them about an hour ago to reserve one, and just got my reply! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  10. Thanks for that Jari! Much appreciated reference info there. You wouldn't happen to have that photo available, would you? - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  11. Should you want to increase to 20 bombs ideally you need to show a modified carrier which held two bombs on the one release slip . . . That's the photo that inspired my decision! I have ordered an additional Eduard bomb shackle set, so that I can appropriately mount all the bombs. The standard set comes with two altered shackle mounts (for the two forward stations in the standard kit), and I will install two more (plus scratch building the fifth one). It's all part of the plan! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  12. Thanks Ian! That is very, very helpful. It appears that Phantom had IFF installed at some point, because later photos of the bird show a nose blister with IFF installed. Since I'm going early war (late 1943 in this case), I'll stick with the deep blister without the IFF. I'll also be going with an earlier war bomb load on mine, fitting it with twenty 250 lb. GP bombs. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  13. I'm a dummy! I completely forgot about those, and I think I even sent him masters! I can highly recommend ANY of Harold's AMS products, especially his resin wheels. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  14. Thanks for that photo Graham! To be fair, I've only ever seen Lancasters with the deep blister until you posted that photo. Perhaps you are right, the deeper blister was introduced in 1943. And yes, I was sweating quite a bit! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  15. You both should pick one up! It's a really neat kit, and is quite large. the only resin wheels that were available to replace the kit rubber ones were from some French outfit who's name escapes me. But now, we have more options. I'm particularly excited about the P-38 wheels, as I just picked up a Trumpeter kit and want to replace the kit wheels. The only available resin option was True Details, that while nice, are circumferential tread, which I tend to associate synonymously with restored warbirds. I don't think I've ever seen a wartime photo of a P-38 with such tires. But now, I don't have
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