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  1. Heck Kev, at the rate Australia is going, some of us might acquire this kit before you do! If I get one first, I'll certainly tell you what it is, if you'd like ;-) - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  2. Facebook page/website say July release, so we should see it within the next four weeks... within theory. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  3. I'm all about another WWII bird! Here's to hoping it's a P-51B, P-38, or a B-26. More likely, it could be a C-47 or Ju-52 though, as previously hinted at. I also noticed a 3 in 1 Lancaster boxing on their website. Neat! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  4. And I wonder if we'll see some other fine trainers from them as well, like an injection-molded PT-19? Or PT-22? One can hope... What a time to be alive. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  5. A valid concern. Meng stuff is fantastic, but their kits are a little on the pricier side. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  6. Harold, I'm gonna drop you a line about props. I have an idea... - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  7. I did notice another nuance on their website... it no longer shows their kits that were under development. Only their in stock, and sold out are visible now. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a GSE set? The masters look absolutely fantastic, and any further refinement will really make this a top-notch venture. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  9. Photos show she had the standard Consolidated A6 tail turret: https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-android-hms-tmobile-us&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=B-24+42-51430&oq=B-24+42-51430&aqs=mobile-gws-lite..#imgrc=dDYMBUut8TXDqM%3A - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  10. Ain't that the truth. The LSP Discussion board with be full with several discussions about it, simultaneously. Now someone release one so we can do that. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  11. Great build of a great kit! Well done! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  12. I tend to smatter all over the board. For the most part, it's typically something I read, see in a movie, or hear about. I like a story that evokes emotion, and then I find a way to model the aircraft so that I can continue to tell that story. Additionally, I love certain subjects (P-51's, B-17's), and like to model subjects that you don't often see build. I rarely use kit decals to depict a scheme, unless I just fall in love with it for some reason. I tend to find my subject first, and then explore a kit to depict it. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. On the other hand, I also like to model subjects that are off the wall, like firebombers, conversions, etc. I recently saw a profile for a high-altitude I-153, and I thought to myself, "Self, that would sure be different..." Sometimes, I like a kit so much that I kick the tires on another aircraft from the same manufacturer. Sometimes, I want to build something that I think will draw a lot of attention on a contest table to get people talking. Sometimes, I like to build something just a little bit different. All this to say, again, I am all over the board. Most of my collection is aircraft though. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  13. Great build! She's a beaut :-) I've got one in the stash... how was the build? - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  14. Well, I "needed" to order some more photo-etch for my Gladiator, so once it was in stock at SB, I grabbed it up. I just had all this extra room in my cart... and a 108 fell in there. Oops. Looking forward to this one! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
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