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  1. Parliamentary forces had trouble with Shrewsbury* Richard *rhymes with show, I'm a Brummie
  2. Is your postman called Schrodinger?
  3. Looks like a pretty early Harrier rather than an AV8-B....
  4. RLWP

    B-58 1/32

    The size appears to be approximately somewhere between 'big' and 'very big' I'm interested to see how you go with this kit. Vacforms seem to be a sort of half way between IM kits and scratchbuilding Richard
  5. Ooo no, Got to go for a highly specialised vehicle like a tank killer A large calibre sniper rifle in a protective tin box on tracks - what's not to like! Richard
  6. Fascinating. Most of the materials I use for business come from Ebay with no trouble I do avoid buying outside of my country if I can, on the other hand the last issue I had was with a seller in China. I got a full refund Richard
  7. I'm very surprised that Ebay won't resolve this for you Richard
  8. Or an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley That's twice I have managed to get the Whitley into this thread! Richard
  9. I have both bought and sold on Ebay recently, no problems here in the UK Anyone want to buy a cast iron, flat belt drive sawbench... Richard
  10. How about a hot tub? Richard
  11. I know - those rivets... Richard
  12. That's a picture of a happy man! Richard
  13. If we include the Mach Loop, we can have aeroplanes passing below the observer on the ground: I really must go some day Richard
  14. It sounds like you like the things I do. I only recently discovered the phases of Venus. Planets are always worthwhile, finding a few Messier objects was fun, most stars are - well bright dots Richard
  15. This is a familiar problem - too many hobbies! Richard
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