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  1. Yes, the pictures shouted at me to do something about this too. Sometimes it takes a picture to show up problems Richard
  2. The sun is shining across my bench again this morning, making for unusual pictures. I'm undecided about them, however: Rudder wires in place, exhaust brackets painted on, fuel line fitted and jury struts stowed Richard
  3. <must-contain-inner-pedant....> <scotch-boiler> <locomotive-boiler> <must-resist> <......> Richard
  4. Now just a minute there...: Count them rivets! http://www.gwr.org.uk/no-tenders.html Richard TBH, that's the wrong company and era for me, I prefer mine like this:
  5. We're gonna need a bigger modelling bench...
  6. It would also look rather good too. Only thing is, you'd be modelling something that never happened She was launched, then fitted out: And sorely didn't survive long enough to need a dry docking. Shame, I like the idea of a ship on bostocks Richard
  7. RLWP

    Bad news.

    The makings of a good band there. A drummer and a bass player. All you need now is a novelty act to stand at the front....
  8. RLWP

    Bad news.

    My first thought was 'Ouch!'. A tumor behind the eye sounds very nasty. I have read the rest of what you wrote and I'm quite touched by it. Keep going mate, do your best Richard
  9. A typical AA badge is around 4" tall with a dish of maybe 1/8". Big enough to read the badge, the dishing is anyone's guess... Richard
  10. Centre section is now rigged, magneto switches fitted and the carb intake made. One of the engine panels has come adrift again, it doesn't like the handling Exhaust in place together with some fiddly sheet metal brackets Monofilament wires for the undercarriage painted silver. I think that looks about right Richard
  11. I can practically hear the wind screaming over those holes and tears. Lovely work Richard
  12. It would depend how many of the flat ones were made in the first place, and how many people took up membership of the Aviation Division. Could be they still had old stock when the scheme finished I have no evidence to support that, of course Richard
  13. Not exactly, I knew I had seen something about it somewhere. From 'DeHavilland Moths In Detail; Herridge & Sons; 2010; page 105: So, it is similar to the car badge, only it is an aeroplane badge Thought you'd like to know... Richard
  14. That would be very unusual. More likely a mould would be reworked to solve some kind of moulding problem. Like thickening up a wall, modifying gates and vents - that kind of stuff Injection moulding dies are a weird mixture of science and black arts Richard
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