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  1. Oh it will fly, if thrown hard enough. It's the landing that might cause problems... Richard
  2. His Kepi would blow off
  3. Somewhere to post aviation images that amuse you, for whatever reason.... "Adjudant Mion, your magnificent height is spoiling the composition of my photograph, could you please stand in this trench?" Richard
  4. Ever have to put the whole hot air 'demist' system back together? Or find how to tighten the hub nuts to 200lbft, or change the spark plugs without taking the engine out Or seen what happens if the engine sucks a single paper towel into the fan? (overheats, drops a valve head) Or the washers stop working because the spare tyre is flat? Or have to replace a floorpan? Or - oh you get the idea It's possible this wasn't the best example of the breed Richard
  5. A beautiful piece of work, thank you for sharing it Richard
  6. LOTUS Lots of trouble, usually serious I'd still love one Richard
  7. Right, we have a generational thing going on here. The Beetle in question would have been built in 1970 Richard
  8. Here: https://bletchleypark.org.uk/news/unique-wartime-footage-of-bletchley-parks-secret-mi6-communications-staff-discovered Nearly five minutes of film there Richard
  9. It is watermarked as 'Bletchley Park Trust', so checking their website might reveal something Richard
  10. Oh, I bet there are some you dread seeing coming in. When I took my sisters Beetle to be tested, I learned just how much garages hated working on them I had to agree! Richard
  11. LUFTWAFFE MESSERSCHMITT BF 109 AIRCRAFT.. © IWM (HU 67699) IWM Non Commercial License
  12. During this lockdown, I have been re-reading some of my 'reference library'. I've just finished rereading 'Hindenburg' by Rick Archbold which covers the the history of all the rigid airships. Maybe not the best book on the subject, it is nicely told - and cheap! I had forgotten this bit about the Graf Zeppelin II quoted from Wikipedia: How would you disguise a BF109 as a civilian police plane? Richard
  13. It's rather a shame it has gone that way. I have been hoping for someone to step in and help form a consensus. Both individuals have knowledge on the subject, there must be something modellers could have learned from this Richard
  14. You can make an interesting comparison with a similar high performance aeroplane in WWI - The Sopwith Camel. Fast, demanding, effective, and needing to be understood Richard
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