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  1. I much prefer his version of 'Common People'
  2. WNW sensibly produced their engines on separate sprues as the same engine could be found on multiple aeroplanes. They also cleverly included parts on the Gnome sprue to cover the near identical Oberursel. It was these sprues that could be bought by modellers (like me) I can't see Kotare releasing engine sprues that they didn't include in a kit - the market would be far too small Richard
  3. That could be worth watching. The solidity of apples versus the hidden acidity of the juicy orange, a close call
  4. Apollo 13 I'll always watch, Titanic I've never seen and never intend to. The incident was dramatic enough in real life without introducing unnecessary storylines Richard
  5. Ahh, but are you open to the idea of change?
  6. Excellent - lots of early Bleriots, Derperdussins, Taubes, Fokkers, Pfalzs, Nieuports, Bristols... WWI wasn't all multi plane aircraft Richard And I also suspect Kotare have chosen a different route to WNW
  7. And a baseball site, based on searching for "ARTHUR SERGEEVICH TRUSOV" Richard
  8. Seconded. Well done, Kev Richard
  9. I've read the books several times, I'm still confused... Richard
  10. According to Wikipedia, 1957-1959. Broadcast as part of Captain Kangaroo - possibly only in the US Richard
  11. +1 that looks like useful stuff Richard
  12. Mexico: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mas_Air Richard
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