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  1. Have they left any gap at all? There should at least be a gap at the back, and a bit in front of the hinge too Richard MORE: Now, why does that http image embed properly, when mine don't??
  2. I have some more pictures, I'll post them http://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/navarre-nie-16/DSCF1573.JPG One of the features I wanted to model was the Alkan synchronised Lewis gun: http://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/navarre-nie-16/DSCF1571.JPG I didn't have the right decals for this, so I improvised (plenty of tiny writing on a Revell P-51): http://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/navarre-nie-16/DSCF1568.JPG http://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk/wp-content/galler
  3. It may have fixed it in some browsers, it doesn't work in Chrome (which is what I use). I can't see the image at all It's a 'Mixed Content' problem - this site is HTTPS and my image hosting is HTTP. Chrome doesn't like displaying HTTP through HTTPS. I'm getting the host shifted to HTTPS, which I'm hoping will fix the problem Richard
  4. http://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/navarre-nie-16/DSCF1572.JPG Richard
  5. The significance of this build is - it's the first aeroplane I have finished in the best part of a year! Richard MORE: And the images don't display!!! I'll be back...
  6. I did that rod trick with my Cirrus Moth too Richard
  7. This is excellent news - no modelling, painting instead. That's an ideal way of resting your mind Richard
  8. They certainly used to be - by Mr Haynes himself My MG Midget one has had to be stuck back together through extensive use. But the all time classic would have to be the one for the Austin Mini. From memory it it often includes passages that went: To perform this task you will need special tool XXX-YYYY which is available from your local dealer If you cannot find special tool XXX-YYYY there is a drawing in Fig. ## Alternatively, the job can be performed with two sockets and a large hammer Real, oily fingernail engineering Richard
  9. I've used stopper on models before - which is what that putty is described as. Offhand, I don't remember if it the 3M one It works! Richard
  10. Ahh no, I do have the magic bin of doom though. Very therapeutic putting an annoying kit into a bin I think there's a difference between a challenge and a battle. I don't mind challenging myself, when a build becomes a war of attrition I'm learning to step away D'you think you'll have the problems with rigging wires I mentioned? Richard
  11. Be careful though - I notice you see this as being a defeat, which suggests modelling is some sort of fight. It's supposed to be a hobby There's another way, which is to ignore the 'plane for a while. I notice you've been doing this and it already doesn't look so bad On the rigging - if you raise the upper wing, you'll be pulling against the flying wires and the landing wires will go slack. You'd be best cutting out all those wires, you'll probably have to redo them anyway While you are at it, you could fold the wings back.... Richard
  12. I have. For me, the best way is put the model in a box, tidy up all the research material into a folder, put it all away and clear the bench. Then do something else - maybe not even an aeroplane <gasp> I find when I eventually go back to the model, all the problems are forgotten and all the good work begins to show. That makes it much easier to tackle As I said, this works for me, it might work for you Richard
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