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  1. Yes. My AMS loves those, my practical side says you can't see them behind the wheels
  2. Not with solid dampers they aren't Richard
  3. Modellers are a funny bunch. I remember threads on here obsessing about minor changes in the fuselage shape which declare a kit 'unbuildable'. Yet a Jeep that is a scale foot short is acceptable Good job we are all different otherwise we'd never get anything made Richard
  4. Yes, he thinks it's too short Richard
  5. It was never like this on the Western Front
  6. Now, HBAL281 implies it's a balloon, from here: http://real.flightairmap.com/ident/HBAL281 but in the final column there's a pop-up that says the aircraft is N224LB, which is a Beechcraft: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N224LB/461728 My conclusion is - I've no idea Richard
  7. I'm in the Fokker D.VII coming at you out of the sun
  8. Great modelling, brilliant photography! Richard
  9. What stage of the war? Under what staffing levels? Towards the end, the Luftwaffe was getting short of everything Richard
  10. A few tentative bits of information here: https://www.456fis.org/DAIMLER-BENZE_DB-605.htm More stuff on fuel systems needed MORE: And here: http://www.museomotori.unipa.it/scheda.php?id=26&lang=en
  11. Without knowing more about the system, it's hard to comment. Did the fuel system chuck in more fuel to match the estimated cooling effect? I guess that's possible, and would be hard to get the quantities right leading to overfuelling Now, can I be bothered to google this?.... Richard
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