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  1. When you know what to search for (thanks to @Jennings Heilig), there is quite a lot of stuff on the internet It isn't something I know a lot about myself Richard
  2. And the chassis is attached: Chassis isn't the word I would have associated with this area, except I found a contemporary article calling it just that I must find something to go in that big space under the cowling... Richard
  3. I don't know about you, Bevan. I've learned something from this thread and I'll give pencils and wire wool a try Thanks for asking your question Richard
  4. Unfortunately, I still can't see the images I can see the 'Google' links as long as I click them, then click 'proceed'. Which is a bit of a faff Richard
  5. Those pointy helmets - so chic! And do hire a canal boat, it's a brilliant experience Richard
  6. There you go, now you have got the right landing gear, and some nose weights Richard
  7. Only, they're narrowboats - not longboats. We're not Vikings They're also narrowboats, not barges - just in case Richard
  8. Rigging is going in now: There isn't a lot of rigging on a single bay wing warping biplane, just the flying wires to add Richard
  9. It's definitely the cut. The Peak Forest is a bit far of where I usually work. It would have to be an interesting engine for me to be in that area Richard
  10. Welcome to my world - I work on canal boat engines Richard
  11. That looks to be a tricky one, if it is the highly mottled scheme, the camouflage is very effective at hiding surface detail. Personally, I'd be dirtying up the surface with blobs of oil paints brushed out to provide some variability. That's unlikely to reveal panel lines I'm now out of my depth, you need a painting expert - I'm sure one will be along soon. Richard I do love a night fighter - all those whiskers!
  12. Check pictures of the prototype to see if the lines are visible and obvious would be a good start. Maybe you've had a lucky accident Richard
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