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  1. Do take care of yourself - you nearly got killed! That's got to make a hell of an impact on you Richard
  2. It's a Sunday afternoon tradition in the UK. It isn't clear scientifically why donning whites and standing around in ritual patterns with bits of willow in a close mown field makes it rain, it does make the place lovely and green though How are you doing Brad? @BradG Richard
  3. Oh well, that explains it. English cricketers are famous for their rain dances Richard
  4. I'm trying to find the baritone one Richard
  5. Too late. It's now all YOUR FAULT! Richard
  6. What -WHAT!! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10700236 Arrgh - why!!!!! And do I need one? How much is it... Richard MORE: What's mysterious meat doing in there - it belongs in a kebab!
  7. I think the error is in trying to paste it as a link. That isn't necessary, just the plain text of the address Richard
  8. My spirit level and plumbob rely on the earth being flat and work very reliably - I wouldn't use them to launch a rocket into space* It's turtles all the way down, you know Richard *They're not a lot of use for fitting out a floating boat either
  9. There's something wrong in this: [img]https://i.postimg.cc/3N6Gwv4D/271905659-271174475041786-5984115739575511035-n.jpg[/img] First off, you don't need the <[img]> tags, just the address of the image. I'm guessing you used the "Insert image from URL" button In Chrome, I searched for the image using the https address you gave. Opened the page, right clicked the image to get it's address. I copied that then pasted it straight into my post Posting images is actually easier than it seems from the various tutorials, you only need the image address Richard
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