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Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

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24 minutes ago, Royboy said:

You might be interested to know that 'Infinity' models that are producing the 'Val' have had a good number of requests for the 'Kate' on their website.

The comment from them is that they will consider it in due course.

Let's hope they do it!

The 'Jill' would also be most welcome as well!

Keep the fingers crossed.  ;)


Well, I will believe it when I hold it in my hot little hands.

In 1984 the Val was promised in 1/32. Still waiting, cha, cha cha. Or was it 2004?

Of course the way prices are going either will MSRP at a minimum of $99.

Screw it!

There are a few I will buy. The rest are pipe dreams. 

Aside from those few I am keeping busy producing the VULGARIAN AIR FORCES modifications of the many existing airplanes to VAF specifications.

I am currently writing my second novel which is the prequel of my first, The Streamline Locomotive, in which the Balkan country Vulgaria is described, as is the United States  Appalachian county Hawgwaller also explored. 

Note: The Streamline Locomotive is available through Amazon. Go order  a copy, I can use the money.

Sir Stephen, Lloyd of Auslender

Grand High Poobah of the Vulgarian Armed Forces


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I see one thing that matters, cockpit floor is the wing, so we should not have the short cockpit problem.  I like the engine detail, i see all the detail in the fuselage, that will be nice for a few people, I would not personally use any of it other than the fuel tank and maybe the frame formers just to help it all go together.  I hope they get this on the market soon, I have been wanting this for a long time.  P-40b is a personal favorite.  I like the comprehensive engine detail, however if the cowlings are not removable I would not be using it.  To me I only want a detailed engine if I can take off or remove the cowlings.  I don:t like building permanent open cowling.

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One more point, if WNW had chosen not to build one of its more obscure subjects and chose to do a P-40B, this cad with no label as to who is doing would look a lot like something WNW would have done.  Especially when you compare to their plans for the lancaster.  It certainly is interesting, look foreword to the execution.

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