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  1. I’d agree wholeheartedly with you on that whole statement. I wont lie, when I saw the issues in Gaz’s build and then yours I was tempted to put my kit up for sale as I’m in a rut with the hobby at the moment and really don’t need complicated builds or builds that fight back.
  2. Thanks Mike. Just looked like the shape wouldn’t allow that to happen from other builds I’ve looked at.
  3. Do those Gunze metal paints spray directly from the bottle or do they require thinning? I do like their finish.
  4. Good to know all is not lost then. This is why I let others blaze the trails and lay the ground work for me.
  5. I like that Green Mottle, it looks like they thin nicely. I’ll probably give them a go in the near future.
  6. Thanks for that Andy. I'll bear them in mind. Do they need a lot of thinning or are they good with a 50/50 or 60/40 ratio? Will use their thinners if I pick these paints up.
  7. How do the AK Paints spray? Are these the ones in the glass jar or the Acrylics in dropper bottles? Thinking of picking some up as MRP no longer ship here and more and more finding the colours I want out of stock with suppliers plus the problem of them being not brush paintable to apply small touch ups, even if letting the paint sit and dry for a bit before applying it I’d find a different tone when dry so thinking of swapping to something that is easy to get hold of and brush paintable for those small fixes.
  8. With the Revell kit, can the exhausts and shrouds if required be fitted after painting or do they have to be fitted as per the instructions?
  9. Well I am far from an expert on these things, but the shot up example has the Voltage Regulator moved up to behind the Pilots head, Windscreen armour, Shield over the petrol tank and a reflector gun sight and the wedge shaped aerial post rather than the straight pole of the earlier models so I’d safely say that its not a Mk.I Early. Given the time frame of being left behind in France I’d say you were ok with a ‘mid’ which the Kotare kit will be. I did see something a while back on their website regarding which serial numbers fit their definition of mid production so if yours fits in that block then you are good to go.
  10. Going for an Italian scheme with mine using Eurodecals purchased from Fantasy Printshop. The sheet offers a multitude of options from G-6 through G-10 to G-14.
  11. That’s gone there since yesterday. It was still TBA when I put my back order in.
  12. I was going to pre order a couple of them from Kotare directly but the shipping and taxes made it not so cost effective. No complaints, tax is what it is and a fact of purchasing from abroad. So I’ve put a couple on back order with Hannants instead. No price listed there yet but easy enough to cancel if they are too pricey when announced.
  13. I don’t know at what point the ‘mid’ came in to service but I have a real hankering for one of those Spitfires that had the Black/White wings but the rest of the Underside in Aluminium/Silver.
  14. Hopefully that tailwheel can be fitted after the build is done and painted because I know I’m going to snap it off if it has to go in early.
  15. Yep, they are great, I tend to buy direct from them and have never had an issue. And a huge thumbs up to ICM too who had new decals for a Cr.42 in the post for me after making a mess of the first set with no questions asked and at my door within 2 weeks of asking.
  16. Thank You Radu, that explanation really does help. I know what to look for now when I finally pick a scheme.
  17. Hopefully there’s a way to get the exhausts in to position after painting. My kit arrived yesterday and like you I wont be doing the included scheme. I might go Italian with mine. Pretty sure the stuff is in there to do a G-6 through to G-14 to my not so exacting standards of super accuracy.
  18. If it were a case of having existing tooling then why not bring out the Thunderbirds kit again but this time in Grey plastic as a regular kit or go all out and do a 1/32 Aggressor boxing like they do in 1/32 with both intakes and both exhausts? I don’t think they would have much trouble breaking even given the tooling already exists.
  19. Fleet Air Arm Corsair! A new sprue with the required wingtips and vents and then the F4U-1D wing under surfaces without the Rocket Launcher bits are all that are quirked there, or the F4U-1A under wings with the Landing light deleted.
  20. Just paid the balance on my pre order. Should be with me early next week. So all I need now is some Italian schemes to throw at it. Maybe Stormo will reprint some of the old sets.
  21. I swore blind I’d never buy the Super Sized (and priced) Star Wars Lego Sets. I now have the Millenium Falcon, AT-AT Walker, Mos Eisely and I’m pretty sure I’ll now get the Star Destroyer because although I wasn’t going to get it due to its obnoxious size I can guarantee I’ll decide I wanted it after all when it goes OOP in December. So yeah, resistance is futile for the most part. Haven’t built any of the large sets yet due to not wanting to move the things in built up form so they will wait until the new house is ready early next year. I can probably resist the planned October release of the giant Razorcrest. I enjoy the Mandolorian series but the ship does nothing for me. No if they ever do an AT-ST to match the AT-AT I’m in trouble. To be fair I’m in trouble for most things original trilogy. Anyway, back to the Trojan…
  22. Really liking the look of this kit and I’m glad I put in a preorder. Also happy to see that other versions can be built from what’s in the kit. I’m thinking of eventually doing mine in Italian Air Force colours or another Foreign user of the type.
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