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  1. I've been hoping for a nimrod for years and here it is. Purchase programmed as soon as it is released. One small disappointment, I would have preferred oil radiator slat in PE parts, much more realistic to this scale than a radiator of a single block. although I must admit that it is less easy to achieve. Richard
  2. A Gauntlet would be a very very welcom addition for sure, but you have also the Grebe !!! Richard
  3. Hi all Is anyone aware of a good documentation on armed versions of classic Stearman mod 75. According to Wikipedia : Argentine received 16 model 76D1s in 1936 (some on floats). Philippines 10 model 73L3 (powered by R-680-4 or R-680C1 engines). Brazilian air force model A75L3 and 76, of which a plane survive today at the Museum of Aviation in brazil. Cuban air force and Venezuela also used them. I wonder if a conversion of the last ICM is possible? A Filipino model used during the 1942 campaign would be tempting but I only know this bad photo A Brazili
  4. Now all that's missing is fuselage armament
  5. I just got mine and I have to say it's a really great achievement. The finish is splendid
  6. Superb !! but where do you find the brengun kit, I found nothing on their Homepage
  7. I wonder if they plan to do the real Romanian PZL P-11, the P-11F. Unless someone make a conversion ? Radub it's for you ? Richard
  8. Hum !! I vote : He 112 and Wasp DXXI buy all of them for sure Richard
  9. here's a version that I might be interested in. Spanish DH-98 M during the Spanish War. A Republican version is also possible. No guns no fun
  10. Absolutely superb. For me it will be one P-11C for sure, plus a Romanian P-11F if they have the good idea to do it. And of course one or two PZL P-24 !!! Richard
  11. yes, but nothing says it's a 1/32 model. The DH-88 seems a bit big compared to the previous model at this scale. 1/48 seems more likely to me. Richard
  12. If I understand correctly there is a direct link between the release of this Lancaster and the film project of Sir Peter on the Damnbuster. OK It's all good, now we can expect a Curtiss F8C1. Why ? because these are planes that kill King Kong in the movie of Sir Peter Richard
  13. Hi Lucas, It's your first Japanese plane, but it's also and more especially your first French plane !! Can I hope other will follow soon. Bring us Potez 25, Breguet 19, Morane 225 etc. Richard
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