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  1. I wonder if they plan to do the real Romanian PZL P-11, the P-11F. Unless someone make a conversion ? Radub it's for you ? Richard
  2. Hum !! I vote : He 112 and Wasp DXXI buy all of them for sure Richard
  3. here's a version that I might be interested in. Spanish DH-98 M during the Spanish War. A Republican version is also possible. No guns no fun
  4. Absolutely superb. For me it will be one P-11C for sure, plus a Romanian P-11F if they have the good idea to do it. And of course one or two PZL P-24 !!! Richard
  5. yes, but nothing says it's a 1/32 model. The DH-88 seems a bit big compared to the previous model at this scale. 1/48 seems more likely to me. Richard
  6. If I understand correctly there is a direct link between the release of this Lancaster and the film project of Sir Peter on the Damnbuster. OK It's all good, now we can expect a Curtiss F8C1. Why ? because these are planes that kill King Kong in the movie of Sir Peter Richard
  7. Hi Lucas, It's your first Japanese plane, but it's also and more especially your first French plane !! Can I hope other will follow soon. Bring us Potez 25, Breguet 19, Morane 225 etc. Richard
  8. Hi Kev Yes, of course, you can. Hi Tnarg It's like vinyl stickers, but with no "stick". Needs to stick them with a layer of varnish ??? Richard
  9. Hi All Received last week. Ordered directly from Musthave. (I have no connection with this seller) The contents of the box. It's not Silver Wings or HpH for sure ! The fuselage seems rather fine But wings have on heavy side. Wings ribs are too thick and unrefined. The most curious it is this "thing". It's neither decals or masks but motives printed on a very fine screen without adhesive. And Musthave gives no instruction for their use ! In conclusion, for those of us who love this period of aviation this Nieuport is a good news. But heavy work in perspective Richard
  10. I Think that an Arado 234 would be "in line" with their previous productions
  11. Problem is that Swedish and Hungarian planes have different back Windows. Hope SW will quickly offer us this model !! Simon ?? Richard
  12. Hi Simon, Just received my PZL P.11. magnificent !! Cant we expect a PZL P.24 ? I look forward for Re-2000 (Hungarian marking please) and Yak-9 (even if i preferred a Yak-9U) but were is past my finnish Fokker D-XXI, and the float version of Flycatcher (quote to be 60% ready 3 years ago) ? A He-112 is a very good idea And now if I can dream, would love to see some vintage French fighters like: Morane Saulnier MS-225, Nieuport Ni-622, Loire-46, Dewoitine D-500 Regards Richard
  13. morane

    HpH News

    What always amazes me with HpH is the quality of moulding and the search for détails, but as most resin Kits assembly is often difficult. I Wonder how HpH can realize the wings of Ca.3. They are very thin, 4,5mm at best, for a Wingspan of 71cm !! Even with an internal metallic girder (of 2mm ?) it seems to be truly impossible to obtain a sufficient rigidity. Richard
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