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  1. This seems very promising, I always found that the P-40C was the most beautiful of the P-40 family. I need at least two kits for AVG and 112 Sqd ! Can we hope for a P-36/H-75? 80% of the work is done with P-40C
  2. No, I have the same problem, my antivirus (Kapersky) blocks images for a risk of data loss? I have to manually authorize each image. Stranger, on another WW1 forum the images posted by Kent do not appear at all. I think the problem comes from Kent's image host, but I don't know much about computer science. It's a shame not to see this work of excellence. Richard
  3. Mine arrived today !! a quick glance confirms the quality of the product. Lukgraph in all its glory. The internal structure in 3D, of a single block, is splendid and should really make our life easier. The driver's seat is a bit thick for my taste, as far as I'm concerned I would have preferred the PE (idem for oil radiator blades) more realistic on this scale. I wonder about the strength of the landing gear in 3D. Unlike previous productions there do not seem to be any internal reinforcements. A purchase I don't regret. A great product. Now I'm looking forward to Wapity
  4. I did it this morning. Now I'm just waiting (estimated delivery date December 30 ) Richard
  5. I've been hoping for a nimrod for years and here it is. Purchase programmed as soon as it is released. One small disappointment, I would have preferred oil radiator slat in PE parts, much more realistic to this scale than a radiator of a single block. although I must admit that it is less easy to achieve. Richard
  6. A Gauntlet would be a very very welcom addition for sure, but you have also the Grebe !!! Richard
  7. Hi all Is anyone aware of a good documentation on armed versions of classic Stearman mod 75. According to Wikipedia : Argentine received 16 model 76D1s in 1936 (some on floats). Philippines 10 model 73L3 (powered by R-680-4 or R-680C1 engines). Brazilian air force model A75L3 and 76, of which a plane survive today at the Museum of Aviation in brazil. Cuban air force and Venezuela also used them. I wonder if a conversion of the last ICM is possible? A Filipino model used during the 1942 campaign would be tempting but I only know this bad photo A Brazili
  8. Now all that's missing is fuselage armament
  9. I just got mine and I have to say it's a really great achievement. The finish is splendid
  10. Superb !! but where do you find the brengun kit, I found nothing on their Homepage
  11. I wonder if they plan to do the real Romanian PZL P-11, the P-11F. Unless someone make a conversion ? Radub it's for you ? Richard
  12. Hum !! I vote : He 112 and Wasp DXXI buy all of them for sure Richard
  13. here's a version that I might be interested in. Spanish DH-98 M during the Spanish War. A Republican version is also possible. No guns no fun
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