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  1. I agree Thierry, and this is the meaning of my question, if the length of the model corresponds to the length of a Meteor the correction becomes complex because it is then necessary to actually "recover" these 10mm elsewhere on the length of the fuselage (at the cockpit level ?) On the other hand, an error of 10mm, even at the 32 is not nothing !
  2. I am not very interested in the Kikka (and prototypes in general) but the Ki-32 must have for me !!
  3. Thank you Ali, Your observations are very interesting. But the question is if we move the tail fin 8 or 10 mm, is the total length of the model consistent with the real Meteor? Richard
  4. Hello everyone and thank you for your answers. I'm aware of the problems of the engine nacelles (for this I have the Fisher correction kits) I also have an engine from promodeler, which actually requires a lot of work if you want to get closer to reality. In fact in his post Ali seems to suggest problems of forms and dimensions, it is on these points that I would have liked clarifications Richard
  5. Hello I would be very interested to know the errors you may have noticed on the HK Meteor. Richard
  6. Hello And do not forget that for a Mistral it is also necessary to make from scratch an ejection seat Type SNCASO E 86. It is also necessary to modify the layout of the cockpit. We can always hope that a craftsman will give us a conversion. "Contact resin" had done it at 1/48th for the Classic Airframe Vampire. It is not a very complex conversion. Wait and see Richard
  7. Hi All That's the postman's surprise this morning. After a quick look it seems that the contents of the two boxes are similar, except of course the decals and notices. The representation of the rivets is thinner than the images posted in the previous posts suggested. I think a little sanding should do the trick. The project would be to transform one of the two into an SNCASE SE 535 "Mistral" the French version of vampire, with Rolls-Royce "Nene" engine, used in operation during the Algerian War Richard
  8. Thank you Model Monkey for this precise answer, it is always interesting to understand the technical problems related to our requests, and I understand very well that all productions must be economically viable. Now all I have to do is think about how to proceed with this improvement myself!
  9. Model Monkey products are indeed splendid. What I regret is that he did not produce a correction set for the cannons, on the model their positioning is wrong and their representation is awful. The correction is not easy to do. If a correction set was made I am sure to buy the other sets to make my old lodéla "Beau"
  10. I wonder why HpH thought it would have to cover its model with this awful representation of rivets. On the real plane they are just visible from very close. Richard
  11. Totally agree with thierry. I personally have no interest in prototypes (Seafang, etc.) but I immediately acquired the Attaker and I would do the same for the Firefly or for a Seahawk or a Gannet an many other
  12. It seems to me that RIICH is a Chinese company (as shown by the flags of its homepage) Richard
  13. I hope I am wrong, but unfortunately it is to be feared that with the current events in Ukraine, the ICM team must have other concerns. The same goes for Roden or Miniart. Very sad Richard
  14. What do you mean by "inaccurate pilot floor level ?
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