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  1. Many thanks, Richard. I just found a copy of Die Flugzeuge der k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe und Seeflieger 1914-1918 on eBay. It is in German so back to my "German for Dummies" or is that Deutsche fur Dummkopfs". Also the http://www.austro-hungarian-army.co.uk/lft.htm looks very helpful. Yours, Stephen
  2. Thank you Jennings. My knowledge of WW1 history is limited to the five participants: Britain, Belgium, France, Germany and Russia. I know that Italy was involved because Hemingway participated for a while as an ambulance driver for the Italians. I also know that the natives of the Balkans countries got involved somehow. Didn't also at the end we (USA) ran stumbling into the fray and as soon as the going got hot the Germans, like the Russians a year or two earlier, called it quits, took all their toys and went home. My ignorance is embarrassing; My maternal grandparents were born in Roma
  3. I am looking for histories of activities of the Austrian Air Force in World War One. Books, articles, studies, etc. Hopefully written in English but if necessary I will take a refresher course in the German language. I'll buy, borrow, or rent such material. Many thanks, Stephen Auslender, P.O. Box, 122, Wilton, CT 06897 USA auslend@optimum.net
  4. I went onto Google and simply typed in Linke-Hofmann R.I and up popped oodles and oodles of these planes. Wonderful!
  5. I think a second D-7 kit would be necessary for the mid-ships pair of wings. If I can find more photos, or plans I'll build one of these.
  6. Lets see now. Obviously Herr Fokker was influenced by the old fairy tale about Goldilocks and the three bears. This time the three wings. The front triplanes were the papa wings, the midships biplanes were the mama wings and the horizontal stabilizer in the rear was the baby wing. When von Richtoftenella saw this she immediately quit flying and she became a Uboat sailor. But seriously folks, this is a very safe aircraft to fly. If you lose one wing in combat you still have 4 more that will keep you flying. Now, if I combine three Fokker D-7 kits I can make one of these.
  7. She probably never operated a dial phone in a phone booth where you had to insert a nickle (a 5 cent coin) to prepay for the call . By golly I am getting older. I am turning into a real alte cocker.
  8. I had a large amount of their books, until the room that housed my library (6,000) books caught fire six years ago. I then had a room full of wet pulp. Nobody got hurt and the house was repaired. The insurance was generous and I added a 20 foot by 30 foot room to provide my wife with a sewing room. The books? Well I had colored them in by that time so all was well. It gave me an excuse to go buy new books.
  9. translation: I carried my tears, farewell a friend.
  10. i have been buying from Squadron since the 1970's. I will indeed miss them. But nothing lasts forever. There are many model manufacturers going back to the 1930's whom I miss; They produced model trains, airplanes, tanks, artillery, figures, ships, buildings, cars, etc. Models of wood, paper, metal, plastic, whatever. Static and flying models, mobile vehicles and trains. I had a wonderful time all these years. Now and then I see an old kit on eBay and I get nostalgic. I should say something appropriate in Latin but I don't know Latin. So all I will do is say Adios
  11. I dont know if l like the digital camo that much. For the Vulgarian aircraft l am trying blended patterns. Ssculptor
  12. You are correct, the music put me to sleep right away. Is that the "New Age" music? Ssculptor
  13. Are these in 1/32 scale? Hey, I can dream, cant I?
  14. Whoops, I made a bit of sloppy writing above. Correction; I will and I do buy 1/32, 1/24 scale plastic kits of airplane models I want when the price is reasonable. But the line I will not cross is in the $70 - $80 range. Well maybe $99.99 if I really need it. I'm cheap, so sue me. When I open my change purse moths fly out. When I started to paint the Betty I soon discovered the high cost of paint these days. Then I remembered that I am an artist. So opened my big box of acrylic paints and mixed up a bucket of Japanese naval aviation color and painted the model with that - for less th
  15. I know whereof thou speakest good sir. Since 2004 I have been seeking the 1/32 Val, Kate, Pete, Devastator and the Grumman XF5-F that Blackhawk flew (and the USN rejected). Over the years I have found and bought each of them. Yes they are carved wood made in the Philippines but that is fine by me because I started modeling by carving model airplanes out of wood during WW2. I am very comfortable with wood models and will not buy the plastic kits when and if they come on the market. My woodies were inexpensive, about $40 each plus postage. All except the Pete which was carved for me as a k
  16. What I need is a book on weathering clothing and uniforms. Can anyone clue me into a currently available book or pamphlet?
  17. Nonsense! It is not a WW1 aeroplane. Where are its biplane wings? I say Balderdash!
  18. I have always liked the airplane but I was always disappointed that they stuck an inferior engine it so it could never reach its full potential. Just like the Grumman XF-5F that was rejected by the U.S. Navy at the beginning of WW2. Both were my favorite fighters.
  19. Irrespective of which version of the B-24 one can buy, (maybe) my favorite is the navy version with those spherical gun turrets. Yummy, .
  20. I have been cleaning up my stash of models and discovered I do indeed now have 1/32 models of those I have been searching for since 2004. I now have the VAL and DEVASTATOR, as well as other goodies like the PETE. Still looking for a Kate. No, these are not super detailed plastic kits. These are carved wood models made by craftsmen in the USA, the Philippines and elsewhere. Sure they lack details that plastic kit modelers insist on but I can add them later if I wish. I bought them on eBay. They look fine hanging from the ceiling. I also have many vacuform kits of other airplanes
  21. Yes, with all the variations possible only detail oriented modelers, like some modelers who frequent forums such as this one, would be put off by not having the particular version they want. We are not the majority of possible modelers who would want a particular odd version. A large proportion of model manufacturers know that the average buyers of kits are gift givers, like relatives who buy kits for children at holidays, like birthdays, Christmas, when the child brings home a good school grade report card, when the lover, husband, brother etc., wishes he wants it, etc. Take your bl
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