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  1. What happened to the rumor of the 1/32 Austrian WW1 X strut fighter? Is that a pipe dream? I would buy one of those in all 4 scales, 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72.
  2. I really like your original paint jobs. My kind of modeling. I didn't do much modeling because involved with moving back in after major house fire, loss of my 6000 book library, and started serious exercise program. Life sometimes takes time from modeling.
  3. OBVIOUSLY YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE PRODUCE KITS IN THE FIRST PLACE. These kits are produced as a LABOR OF LOVE. Not simply to make money. Yes, I would like to see some of the Austro-Hungarian fighters but no one produces them in 1/32. I would be filled with joy to see some of the French WW1 aircraft appear on the market in 1/32 scale. Why dont WNW produce those kits? I betcha because they simply do not want to.
  4. Once again WNW outdoes themselves. Hooray for WNW. Both GOTHA kits arrived today and I am overjoyed. When their Gotha V kit hit the market I immediately bought one and started to plan how I could buy another to convert it to the Gotha 1 and presto! Yesterday both the 1 and the UMD arrived. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! WNW can do no wrong.
  5. First I heard of it is just now. But why futz around with boiling in hot oil? Heat cab be applied with hot air from a hot air gun as used by women for styling hair dos. Or use the new oil less dry hot air fryer that are becoming all the rage these days as advertised on TV.
  6. "... if you pick the right kit (and keep the right attitude!), they can be a whole bunch o' fun." That statement describes my modeling attitude right 'n proper. If what I am doing is not a whole lot of fun why do it? Stephen
  7. Which dealer is selling this kit? Anyone know?
  8. Too late! I am building only 1/24 scale model airplanes from now on. I will eventulally sell off most of my 1/32 scale model airplane kits over the coming year or two. I will probably list everything on eBay. Some I will keep because I like WW1 and between the wars airplanes. I will stick with 2 scales for model choo choo. I will work in 1/32 nd 1/35 to utilize all those yummy military RR kits. These will all be converted to running models. This is No.1 gauge in Europe. I will work in 1/29, 1/25, 1/24, 1/22.5, 1/20.?? whatever for military railroad models in G gauge, usually American prototypes. All of these run on the same track so what's the difference. I'm happy. As to tanks I will continue to deal with 1/16, 1/15, 1/18, 1/17.??, 1/20 scales. All the 1/32, 1/35 tankies will be converted into sculpture or sold. I will work in plastic, wood, cardstock, fiberglass, compressed belly button lint, whatever. Keep on Trucking.
  9. I spent years in design of real products. It is embarassing how many items that looked wonderful on paper turned out to be total disasters, design wise, when the full size model was built. Bloody embarassing. But then one could modify the real item so the desgns worked visually and fuctionally. As to model railroading, I ignored exact anal rententiveness in Choo Choo models. Look, real railroads would order say 24 exact replicas of their new design steam locomotive and then would make changes as the designs were made into real things. Then there would be rebuilds where the designs were modified by the railroad for specifec parts of the railroad, to incorporate new elements into the design, all sorts of things. FACE IT! there are some guys who are not happy unless they are argueing over small changes in the prototypes. I determined early on that I would not listen to such delicate egos.
  10. What does BFC and FCB mean? Wouldn't it be convenient if people could write in English instead of Abbreviation?
  11. I'm a sculptor. I enter art shows for fun and recreation and to see what reactions to my art that my work brings forth. In fine art there is no such thing as objective criteria. Art is all subjective. Model building, on the other hand is mostly objective. There are measureable criteria by which a model may be judged. In any event, I never make art to fit into an objective or subjective judging match. No fun that way. I make what I make to please me, period. Some guys try to make the most accurate model they can. Some just plain out of the box, Some dont even look at the illustrations for guidance. Whatever floats your boat, as they say. But I do recall a most amusing IPMS show in Danbury, Connecticut (USA) about four or six years ago. I was wandering through the show perusing the dealers' tables for some goodies to add to my stash when I heard an anouncement over the PA system, Seems that more judgles were needed and the call was out for more attendees to volunteer to judge the show. Half an hour later the call was repeated but this time with the addendum that whoever volunteers will receive some immediate on the spot training in judging models. Some more guys stepped forward. Every 15 minutes this announcement was repeated through the rest of the show. Finally, I had to find a seat so I could catch my breath from laughing so hard. AIthough I did feel sorry for the guys who spent all that time and effort and money to make their super accurate rendition of the Lower Slobovian LS-069-A hydro bomber Block 30 as flown by Sgt-General Isador Stinkfinger in the spring of 1942 over Volvosaabograd, it was a rediculous situation. So much for making models for contests.
  12. It is YOUR HOBBY. Hobbies are for your fun and relaxation. Make your models any way you like. Color and detail them any way you like. Stretch your imagination as far as you like. I have a most satisfying habit when confronted by a loud mouth anal retentive character who criticizes my not absolutely scale models. I usually have a cup of cold soda in my hand, Somehow it gets spilled all over the front of the character's pants. Tch, tch. Clumsy me. I do not criticize any modeler for how he or she makes their models. If anything, I encourage them all I can. I like to make my own design airplanes. At the other end of the scale there are modelers who like to make exact detailed replicas of real airplanes. We are all correct in what we do. Relax, love yourself, love our fellow modelers, we are all just enjoying ourselves. Cha cha cha.
  13. Thank you but knowing that I can order it directly fro them does not help me since I do not know their address, mailing or email.
  14. Excellent concept, rebuilding our elderly built kits. My intention, however, is to modify them because I am living in the lost country of Vulgaria and have become their chief designer. Vulgaria, a lost country of the Balkans, has their own specific needs in terms of design so I will keep busy. Vulgaria's offical motto: "You can't get there from here and if you could you would never be able to find your way out." Stephen
  15. Excellent! Thank you for the review. I love float planes and flying boats. Question: 1) from whom can I buy this kit? If I can figure out how to buy or make enough sets of floats I would convert all my model airplanes to float planes. Which is a pretty big deal considering I have umpteen zillion builts and kits in storage. I can see it now, my own "Waterworld". I'm gonna look into buyng my own 3D printer. Of course the first thing to do would be to put the printer on floats.
  16. None of us know. But it is such fun guessing. Isn't one purpose of a hobby having fun? So we guess away and enjoy ourselves.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_8ccwoVZTc&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR35aUx2bPzWCgkP9uc7wbVUwowCI8QPCMecJeWgM-jguFsQQ2kZVNUjWog A C-47 on floats. Yummy. Enjoy
  18. I agree. But it is possible that the boss has a soft spot for the Lanc?
  19. As we discussed before, "...different strokes for different folks". Personally, I like the model to be pretty close to the overall shape and I let it go at that. I finally learned to relax and enjoy readIng all the conclusions that the detail guys come up with. Just as long as I do not have to do any of them myself. I am interested mainly in the overall shapes of the aircraft. But I apprciate all the work the detailers do. In terms of my current transforative stage I prefer readybuilt models which I can convert into my sculpture. Then I can paint them any way I lilke. After all, I am the grand Field Marshal of the Vulgarian Armed Forces. In terms of detailing I am happy with vacuform models and the wood models made in the Philippines both of which are open to detailing as much as I want. Note the carved wood models from the philippines, A number of the early products of the artisans from that country, every now and then one may find a model so out of proportion and so wrong that all I can do is repaint them in VAF colors and declare them to be original designs . I'm in this game for the pure fun of it. We are given only one life, make what you want and enjoy it.
  20. Only the Shadow knows, heh, heh, heh.
  21. Utter Balderdash!! We covered this topic about a year ago. There are many WW1 aircraft that havent as yet been modeled in 1/32 scale. Maybe fewer British Aeroplanes but still lots and lot of German a/c. Plus the Austro-Hungarian birds. There is an ocean of French aircraft as yet untouched by the magic wand of WNW. Lets not forget the many Italian and Russian aircraft. P.S. Utter Balderdash is a rest camp and retirement home for retired colonels and general army officers. A similiar establishment is the retired pre-Dreadnaught WW1 battleship H.M.S. Incontinent. This serves as home to the older naval offerces, who live in expectation of the revival of the batleship into the line.
  22. I see no need for another noxie WW2 fighter. I have all the Fw-190 kits (some built) and spending good money and time buildling another is just a waste. What am I gonna get, another Fw-190 with maybe 2 to 5% more detail? Not worth even talking about it. Also the noxies killed enough of my relatives, both combatants and civilians, to make me refuse spending 1 cent for another version of a 190. On the other hand any Dornier 17, 215 or 217 sourkraut bomber will be more than welcome. Also any multiengine cherman float plane and flying boat will also be welcome.. I do not care about the correct number and location of rivets and panels on my models. I am pleased by the appearance of the Lancaster, B-17, B-24 and B-25, He-111 and Ju-88 as 1/32 injection molded kits. All in all I am pleased by the appearance of any 1/32 multiengined bomber from any country on the market. We certinly can use kits of the Russian, Japanese, and Italian multingined bombers.
  23. The next time you talk to the Z-M manager please mention the need for a 1/32 Val, Kate and a few others from the early WW2 era. Thanks,
  24. You want gladiolas in 1/24??? You want flowers? o
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