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  1. Celebrated getting a promotion at work by going ahead and ordering the 2000D/N. I know little to nothing about the aircraft itself except that I think its a damned good looking airframe. Also ordered myself a Harrier GR.7 that I've been wanting for a long time and a MiG-23MF coupled with the MiG-19 that arrived today that should be it for a long while now(I say this with Zero confidence that I won't be buying anything else this year). Until the Italeri Tornado anyway
  2. Will follow along. I have the same kit, with pretty much the same intentions and load out, just a different Marine Squadron. It was the Zunis on the missile pylons that swayed me to do this one. Luckily enough I had the Trumpeter F-8 in the stash to raid for the rockets.
  3. I’m hoping it’s still a go but just in case I’ve got hold of some decals to do an F-4J(UK).
  4. Noisy bugger though. You can certainly hear it approaching down the valley when there’s one about. Frequently fly high over the house, again a distinct noise to it. See them do touch and go’s at Liverpool Airport a fair bit. The only thing turbo prop that’s noisier are the Antonovs An-12’s that do cargo runs in to Liverpool Airport. The A-400 is certainly not going to be creeping up on anyone to drop off it’s cargo.
  5. Thanks for the reply Dave. No great hurry. I don’t have the kit yet but am gathering up the aftermarket.
  6. Did I read somewhere that you were working on some corrected pylons for the 1/32 Trumpeter Harriers? I'm close to getting the Harrier GR.7 and any corrections are welcome.
  7. If you go to to the Cold War group builds section and find my MiG-29A build you'll see photos taken with my iPhone and posted using Flickr if its any help in your quest. Posting from Flickr is no more of a grind than posting from any web host site.
  8. Well I do return home to Mach for a few days every month but there’s little to nothing flying through there for the past year or so. Too many photos of pilots doing verboten things ending up on social media and the like so a no go was put on it by the big hats. You missed my 1/32 stash sale when I had my crisis and scaled down to 1/48 though. Then the realisation that 1/48 is just midget scale. My sausage fingers needed bigger parts to fumble and paint badly. So the stash was rebuilt, mostly with jets. There’s a few props as distraction builds should I need them.
  9. Well I’ve emailed Trumpeter asking for the part so we shall wait and see. There’s plenty to be getting on with on other parts of the kit in the meantime.
  10. Looks like I’ve hit a problem with these tails and the way Trumpeter have made them. I can’t find any photo evidence for either of my planned schemes having the flare dispensers. And it’s not simply a case of leaving them off as I thought as you can see from the way the rails are moulded they would need an extension to blend in to the fuselage. I’m currently looking for a solution to this little bump in the road. Nevermind. It looks like the MiG-29UB has the parts I need to extend the vert tail down to the fuselage body. The vert tail parts from what I can tell from the pics on JP.1999 look the same in all kits. So I’m going to fire off an email to Trumpeter and see if I can get the R parts for the vert tail extensions. Problem could be solved.
  11. The 2 gun vents. Naturally having glued the one in place called for in the instructions it will turn out to be the wrong type needed for my planned scheme. Should be able to remove it with a fine saw though as the panel lines are nice straight jobs. However it looks like leaving the Chaff dispensers off wasn’t as simple as I thought. It looks like some plasticard and filler would need to be added to the leading edge bottom corner of one of the halves on each very stabilizer and profiled. Then as you can see the very tips come to a blunt end where they would meet the dispensers rather than taper down to the fuselage top.
  12. Will follow. I'm tempted by the Thud myself. Cant decide between D or G though.
  13. There is another gun gas vent in the kit. Leaving off the strakes and chaff dispenser is a simple enough task with some holes to fill. I think its going to be one of those cases of find a photo of the MiG you want to model and go from that. I'm not finding many of the Aggressor birds, at least full profile shots to show me what was what. My planned MiG was a quite early serial so had the strakes and likely no chaff dispenser, but could that be retrofitted and was it likely done? I'm swinging more to my alternate scheme, a Soviet MiG based in the GDR. I'm not aiming for total authentic replication. I'm not that anal. But I would like to get it as close as I reasonably can. And just to contradict be saying I'm not that anal about details I've begun reworking the Instrument panel.....
  14. Must be getting quite thin now. I haven't sold him any of my cast offs for quite a long time now. He'll be disappointed in my though, I've crossed over to pretty much exclusively jets in my stash now.
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