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  1. ade rowlands

    first and last built..

    Growing up where I did, you couldn't really not get in to military aviation, born and raised in one of the main low fly training areas in the UK, intact born in the town that gave the Mach loop its name and lived in a small village 4 miles outside it on one of the legs of the route. Anyway, I digress, I remember having a number of kits bought from the local newsagents in town, mainly Airfix and Matchbox stuff these though were put together by adults like my Dad and Grandfather, no paints, decals right on the kit plastic. 2 that stick in the memory are a garish Yellow 1/72 Tigermoth, and the 1/48 Matchbox A-1E Skyraider which to me at an early age seemed huge, I'm often tempted to pick one up for a nostalgia build. First one I was trusted to build on my own was a Spitfire, I cant remember the Mark but it was Airfix and the Fuselage was moulded in black and wings in Grey. First I was allowed to let fly at with paint was a Gulf War boxing starter set of a Tornado Gr.1 and yes, Sharkmouth decals. Good old Humbrol paints and Glue in the White tube that had a unique smell to it that I missed when they switched to the yellow and blue tubes. Many others were built after those. Very amateurishly. I only really started to take it seriously when I came back to the hobby in my Mid Twenties.
  2. ade rowlands

    HK B-25J , 18 sqn RNEIAAF

    Will follow along with this as the B-25 kit is one I've wanted for a long time but haven't got around to getting. If and when I do, I'll be doing a Dutch scheme too.
  3. Another vote for dawngrocerystore from me. Also come in under the Customs radar. Ordered multiple times from them, only had one box suffer damage but the kit was fine, Trumpeter make some awful kits but damn good kit boxes. I have 2 kits in my eBay basket ready to order next payday.
  4. ade rowlands

    Mr. Paint (MRP?)

    If you're lucky enough to have sprayed a colour that has an equivalent in their other range in the plastic dropper bottles you can do some brush painted touch ups with that. It is still very thin however. I found it best to pour some out onto a pallete and let it dry for about 5 minutes to thicken up, then go ahead with the brush. I have only tried it for small dabs here and there, no large areas as yet.
  5. Out of sheer curiosity I tried cutting some thin Styrene sheet. I think it was 0.2mm thickness and it worked OK, not brilliant, but OK, there was some burr to the cut lines but a light sand got rid of that in no time. I dont think the blade would last too long if doing this a lot though. I had a spare so tried it. For thicker styrene it would probably be wiser to just use the cutter to score the cut patterns in to the Styrene and then do the actual cuts with a scalpel. Again I used the lowest settings of 1 for everything figuring the slower speed and force would prevent blade drag and the chances of killing the blade.
  6. Yes, it cuts the Yellow Tamiya tape sheets no problem. I use the lowest possible settings for my cutting whether its Oramask or Tamiya sheets. A little trial and error earlier in the learning process got me there after the higher settings cut clean through the masking medium, its backing and through the supplied plastic cutting mat. I have scanned in some decals for a Ki-84 in 1/32 as I dont like Hasegawa decals. I never got around to cutting the masks though as mentioned earlier i the thread Oramask can shrink so I was leaving the cutting until the masks were ready but I since sold the kit so never needed the masks. I dont recall any issues in scanning them though and did check that the trace feature would work and dont recall much head scratching. I have also bought the Designer Edition software though. Theres some features that come with it that aren't available with the basic version that the cutter comes with on initial purchase.
  7. I got one early last year and so far have only really done some canopy masks, which I admit to cheating on somewhat. I got some of the montex ones from sets I had for kits in the stash. I dont like Vinyl for canopy masks as I find it doesnt like curves and lifts repeatedly. I scanned the montex ones in to my Mac. Measure the size of the sheet the masks come on, use that as your sizing guide when importing to the cutter software and away you go. I use the large Tamiya masking sheets for this purpose as I find they adhere better to compound canopy curves, as an Eduard set would do. I do find however that the supplied cutting mat from Silhouette is quite sticky and have sometimes had the backing sheet tear on trying to remove it from the plastic cutting mat. What I do now is tape the sheet in place using the guide lines rather than stick my material to the sheet itself. I did try de tacking it to no avail, still sticky after many tries. I have set out plans but not yet cut them for several sheets of circles in various tiny diameters for use in projects like masking out instrument panel dials that are a different colour to the instrument panel body, the idea rose from doing a Mitsubishi Zero panel when the dials remain black but the panel is cockpit green and another one when puttying the first third of the Spitfire IX wing as was done in production but needing to prevent the inspection holes from being puttied over on the lower surface as they needed to remain. I also intend to do some strips of straight lines of various widths but haven't worked out how to do that one yet. I maybe haven't used the machine as much as I thought I would as of yet but then, I haven't actually done that much model building in the period I've had the machine either. Its quite small so is unobtrusive and easy to store out of the way. I've found the software supplied to be fairly user friendly and simple enough to follow, though I do sometimes forget if I haven't used it for a while whats what but theres a million youtube videos out there for learning and reminding yourself anyway.
  8. Yet they churn out 1/32 etch and cockpits and weapons, so who buys their 1/32 stuff if nobody is interested? I did buy the P-40N (at a nice discount price) and an overtrees set but sold both on eventually. The P-47 I have no interest in paying those prices, even at discounted levels for what comes in the box. I think if they just packaged them as kits with the resin and etch maybe a poster of the box art to keep the price more realistic they'd sell a lot more of them.
  9. ade rowlands

    Pink Spitfire

    Well this thread has gone and kickstarted an old dormant idea of mine to make one of these.
  10. ade rowlands

    Any Americans who have Global Entry... beware!!

    Reminds me I need to fill out my ESTA before my February visit to the States.
  11. ade rowlands

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    The kind of inspiring stuff I love to watch but hate/dread to tackle. Will follow along and live vicariously through this build as I won’t be buying one of the kits myself. Keep up the good fight!
  12. ade rowlands

    CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat”

    Well luckily I dont need to put such a dramatic kink in the piece I have to do but no doubt will join you in having several failures along the way.
  13. ade rowlands

    CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat”

    Nice work on the gear legs. Now, daft question possibly, but seeing as I'm going to have to do it myself soon and haven't done it before, how did you get such a nice clean bend in the Brass rod? I'm going to have to replicate a 1/24 Bf 109 control stick with its slight bend in the near future.
  14. ade rowlands

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Oh well, I was waiting for the D model for a Coastal Command bird but between fluffing this and the P-40F Trumpyboss have been kind enough to help me save the best part of £200 this Festive season so thanks Trumpyboss. Though no doubt before I return to work on the 1st of January I will have spent more than I’d saved elsewhere through other stash additions brought about by being kept indoors by the crappy weather and the awful TV we endure this time of year. There had better be a Lego under the tree!
  15. ade rowlands

    Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D, VBF-84, 12/26 update

    Nice approach to the G symbols. Had planned a very similar approach myself should they be the markings I do my Corsair in when the time comes. I was going to get the over spray by lifting the masks off the kit surface a little.