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  1. It looked amazing. For space reasons though I shall stick to my Lego version. Plus, I didn't know these Hasbro things existed. I DO NOT NEED TO START ANOTHER COLLECTION, I DO NOT NEED TO START ANOTHER COLLECTION.........
  2. Well on the weapon sprue theres a pair of HARMs so a German ECR is in the pipeline it would seem.
  3. Indeed. If the cockpit and other parts are in the box I’ll spring for another one. Now, 1/32 Sea Eagle Missile armed Gr.1B would be a thing to behold.
  4. At home in Wales, which is also in Lockdown until tomorrow looking at my stash trying to decide which kits to part with to cover for my blow out at the Aquarium shop yesterday afternoon. I quite often use one hobby to fund one of the other ones. It used to be my camera stuff that bore the brunt but I'm down to bare bones on there so its the stash that gets to fund this latest spending spree. I mean, why would I go and do the unthinkable and actually build one of these things instead of collecting them right?
  5. Yeah. I'm going with a Have Glass scheme more than likely. Ordered an Academy Sufa to replace one I sold last year and knew I'd regret selling too.
  6. To whet the whistle a bit. I lost a lot of my Tornado Photos to a dead portable Hard Drive pre iCloud days. Annoying because I had several of the Prototype Gr.4 from BAE Systems that still wore its wrap around camo scheme.
  7. It's the 'Pinky' retirement scheme as far as I can tell. A throwback to the Gulf War Desert Pink scheme. One of the others is a retirement scheme too.
  8. They do indeed. Discovered it after my initial post. I’ve ordered the kit today and I’ll try and make the kit intake seamless and have these 2 options as fall backs.
  9. Thanks for posting. It looks really nice. Some nice schemes out of the box and Cartograph decals are always good. I’m mightily tempted and here’s to hoping we get other versions in the future. Just caved and ordered one. I do miss seeing these beasts down low in the valleys when I go back home. At least now I can zoom one around the house making jet noises.
  10. Well that cuts about an hour off the trip each way. So that’s good news. Never been to Sywell though so hopefully it’s a nice venue. Also here’s hoping they will accommodate on the day ticket sales rather than the advance tickets only that Duxford moved to.
  11. Good to know. Thanks. Great to know its a good fit with the Tamiya kit. Just haven’t found any builds that used it.
  12. Excellent Thanks. I’ll be needing 2 of the towed decoys, 1 Sniper Pylon and 1 HTS Pod. I’ll pm you my email to send me a PayPal request.
  13. Has anyone used this in any of their builds? Not found much information on it other than the same few photos. Also looking for the Steel Beach intake plugs as another option but the 1/32 ones seem to be not made anymore.
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