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  1. Only have good things to say about ordering from Jadlam. One of my go to sites.
  2. Only render I saw on the ZM stand was for the 1/48 F-4E as a 3D print. I only saw that because I spent some minutes stood next to it in line waiting to pay. I didn’t look too hard in the 1/32 section so as to avoid temptation so there may have been something there that I didn’t see.
  3. Special Hobby/CMK were there, though on a much smaller stand this year than when I was last at the show 2 years ago. HPH I didn’t see. Aires weren’t there that I noticed and I did look for them as there was a few Quickboost ejection seats I was wanting. Another disappointing miss this year was Master as I had quite a shopping list of Brass barrels and pitons for them. I swear they were on the initial traders list though which is why I made the list in the first place. Not to worry though, I still managed to spend a good chunk of my budget. Eduard and ZM getting the Lions share, Pastor John helped me spend a bit too, salesman that he is. The one nice thing from switching down to 1/48 for the most part is I got more goodies for my pennies on the whole as the kits are generally cheaper but my eyes did water at the cost of some 1/48 kits I picked up and quickly put down, ones like the Hobbyboss Su-34 (£85) which has a it’s so ugly it must be beautiful kind of appeal to it. A search of the usual Far East vendors (ones I’ve thus far had manage avoid customs and parcelfarce charges) when I got home to check prices just backed that up as the savings were minimal, £5-£10 at most on some of those kits if I’d ordered them online.
  4. Saw some familiar names on those ZM HS129 boxes whilst standing in the queue to pay for my stuff. It was very tempting as the queue was moving a little slow to ask Radu if they had any spare. But steel discipline worked and I stuck to 1/48 stuff only this year (I know, I know, traitor in the ranks). Stopped by the 32nd SIG table a couple of times but it was always busy so didn’t get to say hello, but did get to look at all those stunning builds. Saving for next year begins with next payday!
  5. Very cool. I just about remember the last days of the Group B Rally Cars. Absolute beasts.
  6. IPMS UK membership renewed, Saturday off work, a lot of kits sold off for spending money, orders placed for picking up, shopping list (multiple versions) created. I’m only supposed to buying supplies and aftermarket sets for the kits in the stash though I’m sure I’ll be tempted by something or other not on the list. I don’t see Aires/Quickboost on the floor plans though. I know Master isn’t attending which is a shame as I had a lengthy shopping list for that particular stand.
  7. Dean drops in and out of these forums from time to time. As I think a lot of us do. He also suffers from a health issue that flares up now and again. Hopefully he’s passing time in his shed beavering away on one of the multitudes of kits he has stored in there.
  8. My kit arrived yesterday. I'm mighty impressed and its been moved to top part of the build pile pending decals being released and and doing some research. Beauty of buying Fundekals is Jennings does my research for me! Only other option for me is to do it as this bird before her landing https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/maid-harlech-world-war-two-15550709 though I haven't found any photos of the aircraft before the emergency landing. The Beach is about a half hour drive from where I grew up and I have a pretty good idea as to its location. Similar in a way to how I'd like to model the Ju88 that was shot down near my childhood hometown by a Spitfire based 5 minutes from where I live now. Haven't been able to track down which Ju88 variant it was though, no werk number was recorded.
  9. Yeah. It was my 1/32 stuff on there about 3 weeks ago. I’m in York all next week for courses with work so hoping to sneak a visit to the shop at some point.
  10. If I’m thinking/remembering correctly the Mosquito bits were an auction win from a Facebook group.
  11. I ordered a while back and it took 3-4 weeks to get my stuff from HGW to the UK. Communication was not brilliant, my items did arrive, minus a set I'd ordered which HGW offered me a refund on or advised that the item would be with them the end of October if I wanted to wait. The email said they were having issues with a supplier so your delay might be down to that. In the future I'll stick to using Hannants for HGW stuff.
  12. I’m now tempted to move my 215 Recon version up the build pile after seeing this.
  13. Me either. Though I did have a fuselage half so warped it lived up to its Banana Bomber Moniker.
  14. just one of those things that had never occurred to me. Then again despite being a modeller first years I’m only a fairly recent convert from Tube glues to liquid cements. I filed it in to the memory bank for attempts at tidying up burrs and straightening lines in places my smallest file won’t fit. A problem I’m likely to encounter more now in my 1/48 odyssey.
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