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  1. I'd been wanting a 1/32 Do-335 for a while and was undecided between the B-2 and A-12 versions from HKM and ZM respectively (The regular single seater does noting for me and looks a little whale like). Your video review of the ZM A-12 swung me because you showed pretty much every part of the kit. I then found a few build threads of each to finalise my opinion on which one to go for and finally tracked an A-12 version down (my pet hate being stores that show stock but dont actually have it struck several times on this search, i now it was limited edition and released a few years ago and now thin on the ground but 4 times different stores showed stock but didn't have it) finally found one though located in Spain and it arrives today.
  2. If the GR.4 does appear and is half decent I’ll wait a year or so for the inevitable Revell reboxing at half the price of the original.
  3. Miloslav, how on earth do you make so many models of stunning quality so quickly? Every one is just amazing. Have the same scheme in mind for my A6M5 when I get around to it. Looking forward to adding the MRP paints to my collection too.
  4. Yes, it helps. Thanks. I can’t see that bulge in any photos either. The plan is to build my kit as ‘Big Beautiful Doll’ unimaginative I know but I’m likely to only build the one D series Mustang so I’m going for color and Kill markings. The only uncertainty is which one, the Black and White Check nose or the final Yellow Nose Blue tail combo. Both appeal. It might come down to a coin toss.
  5. The bit in the circle. Specifically the raised round dimple. https://imgur.com/a/G2D3bsQ
  6. On the underside of the kit, on the radiator housing/air intake area there’s a raised dimple, the Eduard exterior etch set has a part for it too. Now I can see by the time I get the air intake all nice and blended in chances are I’m going to have sanded the kit version away and need the Eduard part. My question is, on a real P-51D is that dimple there? On the few shots I’ve found of wartime P-51’s showing that part of the airframe I can’t make out if that raised dimple is there or not. I’m quite a way from getting to that part of the kit but currently on a break from sanding off the filler I’ve got on the wings to kill the surface detail (please no arguments as to whether there should be rivet detail and panel lines on the wings or not, trust me, at this point there’s no going back, we are committed to clean largely detail free wings. I do admit it’s a job I questioned the sanity of taking on whilst sanding down the first wing top half piece with the other 3 bits caked in car body filler laughing at me from the corner of the desk).
  7. Order with confidence. They pack everything well so should survive the International trip if you go ahead. They use those air filled bags for cushioning/padding rather than styrofoam peanuts so less mess when unpacking which is a bonus. Received an order last week and am probably going to pull the trigger on a ZM Ki-45. Ordered from them several times also.
  8. Indeed, its like the software didn't relate the 2 tasks as part of the same job. All sorted now though. All this after the software telling me the cutting mat was to big for the plotter every time I tried to start it. The same 8 x 12 one they supplied and has been used countless times. A simple fix though, software update solved that.
  9. Max, all done in one pass. However on my next attempt I tried something else. All setting s the same but before sending it to the cutter instead of using what's termed the Simple setting in the option bar I went across to the next one called Line. This did the trick as I could apply my standard saved presets for Tamiya Tape to the weed line cutting. It seems under the simple setting once the main job is cut it reverts to Silhouettes presets for cutting the weed lines. All sorted now until the next hurdle. I really do think we should have a pinned thread on Silhouette issues and fixes somewhere here.
  10. Now, I admit I haven't used the Portrait in months during my foray in to 1/48 I didn't really need it. Now I fired it up again this morning for some refamiliaritsation with it. Also needed to restock my stash of cut out circles for masking things like instrument dials and whatnot. Now when it comes to the cutting I'm using standard sheets of Tamiya Masking Paper. The circles themselves cut fine and don't penetrate the backing paper but the weed lines I'm using between each circle cuts right through to the mat but not into the mat itself (mat is still quite scarred from my first attempts before learning to restrict blade depth and force, oops). I'm using Blade depth 1, Speed 2 and Force 2 as my standard settings. It's like once the circles are cut on my settings it then goes back to cut the weed lines at a higher setting. Any help appreciated.
  11. Added a Tamiya F4U-1A to the above pile this morning. Hoping I didn’t sell the Dana Bell Corsair book when I sold off my F4U-1D last year. Have a feeling I did. I had a lot of scribbled notes in there. Now what to do about the landing lamp on the lower wing. Anyone know from what Bureau number onwards it was deleted? From memory the F4U-1D lower wing part has no landing lamp but there’s the rocket stub details that would need removing there so deleting it on this kit or ordering the F4U-1D lower wing parts both mean sanding away some nice surface detail which I know I won’t be able to restore. Found my book and my notes. Light was deleted from Bureau Number 56266 and FG (Goodyear production numbers?) 76140.
  12. Nice work. I'm sorely tempted to buy the kit.
  13. Have never had that Latex like effect whilst using MRP but did get it all the time with Vallejo Model Air which is why I stopped using it. I use some resin add ons in my builds and yes, paint adhesion is always an issue with any manufacturer/brand. I have recently swapped my primer to AK Primer, I've only used the black one so far but can't see there being any differences in the 3 colours available other than the obvious colour shade and its effect on the overcoated colours. I've found this primer to have a good bite on all materials and have not experienced any issues with adhesion. I do wash all parts before paint though with washing liquid and hot water. Letting resin parts soak a while. I have had issues when using AK Chipping and Scratch effects with MRP though as you say, it just all comes off rather than a particular area. I've gone back to masking fluid dabbed on with a sponge for chipping and the good old watercolour pencils too. You shouldn't need to dilute MRP. I've not had to in my experience with it. I've found it thin enough from the bottle. A question are you using the Laquer MRP(big bottle) or the Aqua range(small dropper type bottle)? I'll admit if its the Aqua type I've not tried airbrushing those, I have several of them for brushing on where touch ups are required.
  14. well whilst it won’t excite many to me it’s confirmation that I’m back within the 1/32 fold after selling most of my prior stash and dabbling with 1/48. Whilst I did complete a couple of 1/48 jets I just couldn’t get used to the smaller size pieces after so long in larger scales. These join the 3 kits I’d kept back, 2 Tamiya Spitfires and the Tamiya Mosquito. There’s a Tamiya A6M2 literally on the slow boat from China. I was going to put a cap limit if 10 kits on my new stash but the FW 190 for £20 and the 2 Revell 109’s for £16 each had to be purchased now. The FW will be a regular A-8, the 109’s will be long term stash queens until Amur Reaver bring out their G-6 corrections again which they confirmed they plan to do but no time frame at the moment when I asked. Though 1 may get one of the AIMs early G mod sets. We shall see. The HGW 109E will be a Battle of Britain 109E-4 when it gets done. The price was a little steep but the Cyber Hobby kit is getting thin on the ground and costs in the £40-£50 range anyway so add the resin exhausts, yahu panel, HGW belts and rivet set and it probably costs the same so I went for it. Not sure how limited of a limited edition it is but thought best not dither and went for it. Have kept a few 1/48 jets as distraction builds.
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