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  1. Good stuff. Incidentally just got the Eduard 'Vietnam' boxing of the MiG-21 as a counterpart for my Vietnam War shelf in the cabinet.
  2. And those little details that I would have missed are why I love Fündekals stuff.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree. I printed out the instructions for the Spitfire sheet today, I also printed out the sheets for Part 1. There’s so many schemes I want to do I realised that I’m going to be thumbing these instructions to destruction so decided to laminate them and place them in a ring binder. I’m going to have a Squadron of Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I’d at this rate. Plus there’s a Mk.V I want to do from the other Spitfire sheet. Eagerly awaiting the BOLO sheet and the P-38 one.
  4. This is where I got my Su-27 set from. My P-38 I got from Neomega. Have noticed several webstores start to carry the range also. https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/quintastudio
  5. Was that impressed with the set I got for the 1/48 Tamiya P-38 I went ahead and ordered a set for the 1/48 GWH Su-27UB I’ve got on order.
  6. Why do I have the feeling that this is another Fundekals instruction sheet I will be printing out at work because I’m too cheap to use my own ink printing the amazing encyclopaedic instructions you put out for your sheets? Another reason I keep buying, you do my research for me, but you end up costing me more money because I can never decide on a single scheme.
  7. If I’m ever in AZ again you might get a different kind of kick! I’ve gone through the Spitfire instructions and there’s 3 I want to do. So I’ve gone for another Tamiya kit on top of the one I had in the stash and the one I bought after buying the decals yesterday. I’ve been wanting Tamiya to scale up this kit for ages but now I’m glad they haven’t as yet. Would have cost me a small fortune!
  8. Well this just gets better. Really looking forward to this set for my ZM F-4C. Purchased the 1/48 Spitfire Early War set in 1/48 yesterday for my Tamiya 1/48 Mk.I which led on to the dilemma when perusing the instructions of which scheme to go for, which in turn ended up with me buying another Tamiya kit. Hopefully similar doesn’t happen with the BOLO sheet as the ZM F-4C is proving hard to find now.
  9. Well I got a set for the Tamiya 1/48 P-38 and I’m amazed at the detail of the set. In a larger scale, I’d probably have had a go at painting and detailing the cockpit myself whilst using a Yahu or Eduard Löök panel with Airscale Placards Lead wire, plasticard and whatnot. But in the smaller scale? I couldn’t even come close. So I will unashamedly use this set for the P-38 and will buy anything of the like for my smaller scale stuff. I have never entered a competition and likely never will, I build for myself and my enjoyment alone. Though I do occasionally share photos here and there. In ever
  10. I loved going to the Duxford shows. But for me I stopped going when they decided to only go with attendance by advance ticket purchase only. No tickets available on the day. Given how variable the British weather is and the long drive down there it wasn’t worth taking the chance on the weather being good that given day and a full flying programme being workable.
  11. Colour matching is an issue with this kind of thing I find. I like that Yahu give you the closest colour in the Gunze H Range to their coloured panels. However I have pretty much moved to MRP for everything, and matching these can be a pain. I will unreservedly unashamedly admit I will use this in 1/48 scale. Cockpits aren’t my favourite part of the process in any scale I prefer to concentrate on for and finish of the outer parts. Luckily I don’t do big jets where these things might appeal more due to the nature of multiple panels and colours in the cockpit. My Prop stash won’t really require
  12. I see no .50 Cal ring mount on the roof of either vehicle, what’s up with that?
  13. Not unexpected. Sad all the same.
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