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  1. Yes Yes and Yes. Also just because what’s one of these threads without some drift, their Mig-15 too.
  2. Nice spot. They do seem to have a relationship in smaller scales with Hasegawa.
  3. I pre ordered several of the new Japanese MRP colours from a UK supplier who advised that their delivery was late as MRP were having an issue sourcing bottles. So this may be a knock on from that. Mine arrived fine though just to add.
  4. My friend in Chicago recently (stupidly and I'm still mad at her) paid $80 to ship a not to heavy shoe box sized package to me here in the UK. She reused the box I'd used to send her stuff the month before, I pad a grand total of $30 to send it to her via Royal Mail.
  5. Looks like an F4U-1A will be an easier option then. The underwing lamp is probably easier to remove than the strengthening plates on the F4U-1D wing.
  6. Well that’s a solid Hmmmmmmmm then. That detail on the Tamiya wing would be a bugger to remove and not touch the detail that needs to remain around it. Same deal if I order a wing sprue for the F4U-1A, its got the underwing light that would need to be removed. Looks like I need to pick another scheme then.
  7. Will watch this one closely. I quite like the look of the kit and it may well be my next purchase, though waiting to see if there will be an RAF Version released at some point.
  8. Have the Tamiya kit and HGW Decals for some RNZAF Corsairs. I’d ideally like to do the Kohimarama scheme from the sheet. In the few photos I can find of the actual aircraft I cant tell if the rocket stubs are fitted or not. The Tamiya wing is set for putting them there. There’s what looks like a factory fitted strengthening plate there so that may be present whether the stub was fitted or not, if the stub wasn’t fitted would it be ok to just close the holes in the plate and leave them there? Did the RNZAF carry Rockets at all or were they limited to Bomb Dropping? And finally for now, Sutton Harness or US Harness? I’ve seen in RNZAF P-40’s they tended to wear US Gear and have standard US Cockpit fittings. Any help appreciated.
  9. Looking forward to this, what with the Hobby2000 release of the nemesis 109E to partner it with. Bring on the variants and sub variants too I say. Just need Fundekals to upscale their 1/48 Spitfire decals to go with it.
  10. Thanks for that. Will stick with what information I can get elsewhere then. Mainly, did they have the rocket stubs fitted or not is my main concern.
  11. As far as I can tell Max all I’d need is that etch weave/basket seat thing to have a correct E Cockpit seating set up. From what I recall of Pastor Johns Conversion sets he offered a resin version of said seat, I sold my set on (I think to you actually) so cant verify but either way i am in no rush as my 110 is some way down the build pile so happy to wait for you to finish and if you don’t in the end need that etch piece I’ll take it off your hands. Of course, hopefully Reskit will survive the current situation and eventually release some wheels appropriate for the C/D versions to compliment the E/F/G Versions I already have.
  12. Maybe its one of those situations where initial versions of the tank didn’t have them then they discovered a need for structural reinforcement after initially putting them in to service without.
  13. Is there 2 versions of the one with the F4U’s on the cover though? I’m seeing 2 different versions of the cover when I Google Volume 4. I’d like to track down a copy if there’s any info on RNZAF F4U-1D’s in there as that’s what I plan for my Tamiya kit with the HGW Decal set.
  14. I’ll check the kit when I’m back home tomorrow Max. Had a quick look at the instructions for the E-2 Trop kit online and as far as I can tell it’s just that etch part for the rear seat that’s needed to make it a correct E layout, plus removing the stand part for for the bucket seat on the cockpit floor. The E switched to a 2 seat layout rather than the 3 in the D. I don’t recall seeing the etch bench/mesh seat in my Nachtjager kit. Still not sure which to go for though. I like the array on the nose of the D but the Shark Mouth scheme of the E is appealing. This one could well come down to a coin toss.
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