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  1. This is more than a little mind blowing to be fair. You’ve got your tones so well done I’d swear I was looking at period photos of the aircraft parts.
  2. My theory for the ending of the of the final episode will be someone will win the Iron Throne, cue the rising music and feel goods. Cut to final scene of Planet killing Comet headed smack bang for Westeros. Or possibly Star Killer Base lining up for a shot since the writers are off to Star Wars after they’re done with GoT. I honestly don’t know who I want to win at the end of the day. They’ve all done questionable things and good things. Glad to see the Hound back though. Him and Bron are always worth it with their one liners. One of which I’ve used myself several times since. ’Theres no cure for being a C.......’
  3. Purchased. Now, Airfix, where’s my kit?
  4. I think what I like most about your panels and it’s quite a simple thing really is you thought to have any holes for switches already in place. I hate drilling through etch to seat switches securely.
  5. Once again, so very tempted by this kit. So much so I went to my Jumblies account and added one to the basket. Stopped myself proceeding though. I've got the Revell Bf110 repop on pre order with them coming soon and the Airfix 1/24 Hellcat not far away. Thats my spare pennies earmarked for the now. Must be strong and ignore the urge to add the Ki-45.
  6. Haven't gotten around to testing things out yet. No free time as yet. Busy studying for an interview for promotion at work. Lots of Rules and Regulations to take on board. Not so much fun when working nights.
  7. So very tempted by this kit. Seems to have disappeared from the Jumblies site though. Good to see you posting again Dean.
  8. Of course. Stretched rectangles. I knew the answer would be so obvious I’d miss it. Thanks Gents.
  9. I did have a 3rd party program installed on my Mac that may well have been Inkscape and I was getting along with it then one day it refused to work so I just decided to stick with the Silhouette program, I upgraded my account too to get the extra features.
  10. Yes, YouTube was/is a help for many things at first but I thought if someone had done the specific thing I was trying to do they may be able to tell me how or point me to where I need to be looking in the software. I’ve worked out several things by just having a go, such as scanning in things such as decals and canopy mask sets that were made in Oramask and converting then cutting them in Tamiya tape which I find better for canopies.
  11. I use Tamiya Tape sheets for canopy masks as I find the Oramask to not always get along with curves and it likes to lift whereas the Tamiya tape goes down and stays down, regardless of canopy shape. Then I use Oramask for the markings masks. It’s a little less tacky to start with and keeps the shape better. I usually place multi part masks on the model with some frisket film. I also tend to spray the markings first before the camouflage paint as I find it helps to eliminate the build up of layers of paint creating visible steps in the paint work, especially where white needs to be used over what would be a dark camouflage colour. However since switching a majority of my paints to MRP paints which are thin with great coverage, even the white this may be less of a problem but it’s been so long since I got something to a stage ready for painting I have been unable to test that theory.
  12. What I’m trying to do is create some strips of masking material of various widths for masking purposes and whatnot. Strips from say 1mm in width and upwards. Probably all the way up to something like masking off D-Day recognition strips which in 1/32 are something like 7mm in width each. Basically just create a generic set of strips in various widths that might come in handy. I’ve done the same for circles in various diameters but for the life of me I can’t work out how to create the strips in the Silhouette software. It’s probably painfully obvious but it’s escaping me at the moment. I really do need to get more familiar with the software and spend more time on it more often, I’ve only used it sporadically and forgotten pretty much everything I learned between visits to it.
  13. You're a better man than me. I'd have built a steam catapult to launch the bloody thing off of my now. Probably launch it straight at a brick wall too.
  14. They seem to be an overall larger affair on the Hurricane than the Spitfire, longer and broader and just all round beefier. I'm in a similar situation in wanting the Hurricane underwent fuel tanks in 1/24 which nobody makes. Though I'm looking at maybe adapting the ones that come with the infix 1/24 Typhoon kit. They are quite similar but the pylon needs moving forwards a little.
  15. Never having used 3D printed materials before, what glue do you use to fix the parts together and then to the kit? I am quite tempted, especially if the rear cockpit gets parts in the future too.
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