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  1. Had a feeling the TBM gear would be on the list to go because I want to build one but dont yet have the kit. I'll have to get some gear before the kit it looks like. The 190 and 109 Gear arrived this morning. The 190 legs are most impressive.
  2. Keep it up Mark I used to have quite a Senna Collection in the MiniChamps/Pauls Model Art collection of Diecasts. 1:18 and 1:12 and most of them again in 1:43. To this day I regret selling every last one of them, Senna was my idol growing up. But they went a long way to funding a deposit on my house. I look every now and again to see what they would cost to replace. Ouch, they were expensive at the time but now its astronomical.
  3. That would make sense as a good number of the Razorbacks I’ve found photos of were Grey/Green.
  4. So that would answer another of my questions, they were painted in Theatre rather than at the Republic Factory like some other Lend Lease stuff.
  5. I’ll take them off you if you’re sure you won’t be needing them if only to take some measurements for sizing my own masks. Thanks Dennis.
  6. I’ve put an order in for the book. Max posted a great video that answered a lot of questions over on the scale masks forums.
  7. Thanks Andy. I was looking at the generic Xtradcal sheets with letters with the same idea of scanning them but the letters on the actual P-47s look smaller than standard. Some trial and error with sizing in my future I think. Unless someone with a 1/32 sheet with RAF Thunderbolts is willing to measure them for me.
  8. But I need the support of my fellow styrene enthusiasts. I cant possibly be expected to make a decision on my own.
  9. Well the real question is do I get one for the F-110A decals you do aaaaand another for a Navy F-4B?
  10. Well I have one of the F-4EJ Kai kits from the Pre-Order on the way from a UK shop who was able to get some through the UK Importer. I’m also trying to get a hold of a C model for you BOLO markings. I stupidly sold my kit a while back. One of those fits of anything smaller than 1/32 in the stash must go moments. Now, to pre order the Tamiya B or not.
  11. I even went as far back as the F-4E announcement to see if that’s where I had seen it. But No. There was an F-4G on the list. Something about Summer 2021 possibly. I don’t recall if there was an F-4F though.
  12. Just got a hold of the Hasegawa kit, have all but given up on Tamiya giving us 1/32 P-47s as I much prefer the Razorback but the Hasegawa Bubbletop shall have to do. I’d quite like to do an RAF SEAC P-47D. I’ve found a few photos, I’d like to do a camouflaged version rather than the Bare Metal version. There don’t seem to be any decals available for this scheme, FCM did do some on one of their sheets 32006, Freightdog does the Post War version which I will likely get as a fall back option. I have a Silhouette plotter so no decals isn’t a deal breaker, though I need to work out Font type and si
  13. Find the Old man Blog where they announced the F-4EJ Kai kit, there was a short bit towards the end of that post with some projected versions and dates. OK well it was there, now I cant find it either. I’m sure it was when they first announced the Kai.
  14. Sorry John, I didn’t realise you were ill when I was pestering you for Ju-88C stuff the other week.
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