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  1. Thanks Carl, theres no hurry. This will be quite far down the build pile when the kit does arrive. Just didn't want to miss out on the glass nose like I did first time around.
  2. I refer to the time where DragonUSA were selling off their Bf-110 kits for silly low prices, I think it was like $30 or something daft. It was the 110F if I recall correctly and possibly the 110D with the fuselage fuel tank which includes all the bits to build a regular 110D-3 anyway. Infact I think they are still selling the 110D at a low price. I’m also pretty sure they had the 109E-7 in the original sale if prefer to. I added some to my basket only for shipping to totally nix the deal. It came out at $75 for shipping alone which wiped out any saving in the kit. Luckily Revell reboxed the Dragon Bf-110 later anyway. Scored one of those for a nice price.
  3. That looks quite nice I must say. Hopefully it bodes well for later releases they have planned which are of more interest to me.
  4. I admit to picking up one of the HGW E-7 offerings but not at full price. The Dragon Cyber Hobby kit was getting a bit thin on the ground and hard to find for a reasonable price here (we don’t get the Dragon USA blow out sales here sadly where they sell 1/32 kits off at silly prices). I figured the base kit would set me back £50 or thereabouts probably closer to £60 with shipping and import taxes add more for decals and the Yahu panel that comes with the HGW kit, as does some quite nice exhausts though the kit ones are quite nice for injection moulded offerings, the rivet decal set I’m not sold on, I feel even under a coat of super thin MRP paints they may well disappear. So all in all I figured buying the HGW boxing for the £70 I got it at with all the extras I was going to come out ahead of the price of getting the kit and the extras as stand alone items. I did however get a different set of decals as I want to do mine as an E-4 from the Battle of Britain time frame. So a basic Xtradecal set was purchased and I’ll use the kit stencils. I did however take advantage of an offer luckymodel were running the other week where they offered various levels of discount depending on your overall spend plus $8 flat rate surface shipping and went for a regular Cyber Hobby E-7 as they claimed to be able to get one and the 1/32 Bf-110D/E nightfighter combo kit so hopefully they can come through on that, if not no big deal. But anyway, the HGW offering isn’t so expensive if you can get it at a lower price considering what’s in the box.
  5. Damn Carl, that’s too bad. But I’ve been there. Sold my entire stash of 1/32 stuff as a result and went to 1/48 ‘because smaller will be simpler and I’d be less inclined to add detail upon detail’ well no, not really. I still ended up adding detail. Only smaller much more fiddly detail. That 1/48 stash which barely qualified as a stash with 5 total kits was purged and the 1/32 one rebuilt at much cost because the prices had gone up over the years of building that original 1/32 stash.
  6. Thanks Carl. Yeah, I’ve put the Master B-17 set in my Hannants basket as I figured it was the most cost effective method of getting that many .50’s and depending on if I go with a cheek gun installed scheme or not (still to decide of the scheme) I may have some spare for other projects after. Also got the Grey Matters rear gun canvas boot in my eBay basket ready to go. The Eduard interior etch set that includes the floor is now out of production and proving hard to track down. Brassin wheels look a little too weighted so I’ve decided to go with either the True Details set or the Reskit set. So far this is what I’ve got lined up for purchase/consideration. The kit obviously Reskit or True details wheels Master B-17 Armament set Master Shark fin style pitot Eduard Bomb bay etch Eduard Brassin bombs, undecided if 250lb or 500lb as yet Eduard canopy masks AMS prop set Grey Matter canvas cover for rear guns HGW belts As for schemes neither of the box included ones do it for me plus if it’s like the first release I’ll have to track down stencil data anyway. So it will likely be the Kits World stencil set though looking at what that includes I can probably cobble together most of it from left overs of other projects. I have a message in to Lonestar Models to see if he has any of the Red Gekko decals left after taking over the product lines. If not then it’s a toss up between the post war Dutch Decals set or one of the Russian Air Force ones from a Montex set. There’s some nice schemes out there for 1/48 B-25’s but not much for the 1/32. I saw some nice Australian schemes but only in smaller scales. I wonder if I bought them could I scan them and enlarge them in my silhouette portrait software.
  7. Still following along with this as I have the same kit to do in the same markings from the AIMS sheet and like you trying to work out what markings are from the under camouflage and which ones were added after the white coat.
  8. Looking at Eduard stuff, they seem to offer a lot but looking at the seats in particular, they offer a corrected seats set. Not having the kit yet to have a look are the HKM ones wrong or is it just etch being thinner looks more scale correct? Plus did the glass nose cockpit have the pilots and copilots seats as the same type or was it one regular and one short type for the co pilot? And if it’s 2 of the same type does the Eduard set reflect this or am I going to need 2 sets to get this right? Most build logs I can fine online that have used the Eduard set or the HGW set which is likely the same as they have a working relationship are builds of the strafer or cannon nosed versions.
  9. I can also recommend spotmodels if they have what you need. Great service from them.
  10. Yes, they will be included. I hate making them but like the look. It’s a ‘worth the effort and swearing in the end’ deal.
  11. Of course. I had the markings in the 1/48 Italeri Rebox of the Accurate Minatures kit. I’ll look more in to it as I’m sure I saw some in 1/48 that were a little different to the kit offerings. It might be a job for the silhouette cutter.
  12. Thanks for the offer Mike I’ll bear it in mind once the kit arrives and I get my head around how big it is. I’ll decide on what I’m doing and where it’s going then.
  13. I wonder if this new boxing will cause anyone to bring out new decals. Really isn’t much out there for the glass nose. I think I remember that this kit isn’t correct for a British B-25 because the upper turret is in the wrong position?
  14. Thanks Carl. Helps quite a bit. I might have the bomb bay open so for that etch set but other than the Yahu instrument panel any others would seem to be a waste of effort and more importantly money.
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