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  1. It came and went. It was a dud to be honest. A shame because its a story that really needs to be told. But a story more suited to a Documentary probably. That way you can avoid the love story fluff.
  2. It will be a few days after ordering that you receive the dispatch email with a tracking number. I don’t know if he prints to order or if he’s a victim of his own success but it takes a few days to a week to get the order out. The rest is down to the vagaries of various Postal networks. But expect somewhere between 2-4weeks. But of the 3 orders I’ve placed with him directly none has failed to arrive.
  3. Neomega have some stock. I ordered direct from Quinta for my last few sets.
  4. I don’t understand why nothing can land there after the rubber matting has been tidied up. Where does the Helicopter land when it attends an incident? It’s not like someone drives out ahead of it to lay a rubber mat at the incident site is it? I’ve seen the local Air Ambulance parked up in many a field not a rubber pad in sight. Surely someone there can Paint a big H on all that grass.
  5. Interesting, I might look in to that then. Which colours have you tried?
  6. I have some for the 1/48 Eduard P-51D. They came free with the Weekend Edition I picked up at the time I was buying it direct from Eduard. Print quality/fidelity isn’t quite up to Quinta levels, probably on a par with Red Fox but the one drawback with Quinta is their colour matching or are all my MRP paints wrong? Either way, the 2 sets rarely come close to matching each other. Red Fox try to match I think its MRP or Gunze, or it maybe Yahu that does Gunze. I’ll be using bits of the Quinta set and Eduard set for my P-51D. I don’t know what the 1/32 stuff is like.
  7. Well my package of decals arrived unmolested by the Border snoopers.
  8. I emailed Jonathan and have a bunch of stuff on the way. The P-38 sheet (ended up buying another Tamiya F/G kit and an H because I couldn’t decide on which markings to do) the Bolo sheet and the Bunch of Spooks sheet to go with my Tamiya F-4B pre order and finally the Early Spitfire Part 2 sheet. I do believe I am sorted for decals for a while.
  9. I think they come with the Hasegawa P-47s too. And the Trumpeter ones. But you'd be on your own for the wooden support/sway braces.
  10. I may be persuaded to go Coastal Command markings.....
  11. As Jennings suggests, email Jonathan. I did earlier today, got a reply this afternoon. Order placed for 1 x Bolo sheet (scored a ZM F-4C for £65 yesterday). 1 x F-110 sheet 1 x P-38 sheet 1x Early Spitfires Part.2 sheet All 1/48 though because those are the kits I decided to keep a few of. I no longer qualify for stash ownership. I’m down to 6 kits all 1/48. I know I know, scale heretic. Burn him at the stake and all that.
  12. Just a thought, but when the new site is up and running will you be joining the list of many who no longer post to the UK or will you continue to sell your wares to us over here? Will be after a few sets.
  13. Was there an issue with the Radiator intakes on the 1/32 kit? Something about the shape or being a later mod for Far East Service springs to mind. And if there was did they correct it?
  14. Book arrived yesterday. Quick scan through and apparently the height of the Squadron code letters varied by Squadron. Some used 18 inch, some 24 inch and one Squadron used 27 inch letters. 16 Inch SEAC Roundels, tail markings were 16 x 24 inch, serial numbers look to be the standard 8 inch type throughout the types RAF service. Now to just pick a Squadron and Serial. I quite like the Red and White checked cowl ring of 258 Squadron but they didn’t wear those for very long and my arithmetic is terrible so working out the pattern and sizes to make those masks is beyond me. So its likely going to
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