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  1. Good job I just placed an order on the website then. I was going to blow the remains of the budget for this months purchases on other stuff thinking I’d pick up what I’d just ordered at Telford.
  2. Clicked on a few of the items they have for sale and all items I clicked on ship from Vietnam. Can’t see why that would be an issue to getting on the website though. If it were a GDPR issue I’m usually told by the page that’s the issue.
  3. No joy for me on the IPad or iPhone here either. I do occasionally get GDPR issues when trying to get on to American sites to keep up with sports I follow that are popular there but get no coverage here. The eBay page works for me though Max.
  4. Yep. Much clearer image there. Looking at the first one posted and I still see that Me210/410 nose. I’ve been wanting a glass nose B-25 for a while now and will try not to miss out this time.
  5. I dunno. I can make out 2 engines. If you enlarge the photo the nose shape is something vaguely resembling an Me 210/410.
  6. Isn’t this a bit Gallipoli? Get the vital call off the attack message to the Regiment before your mates go over the top and cop it?
  7. Well let’s see, we have the Dambusters Lancaster coming. Peter Jackson is/was working on a Dambusters remake. So will we see Gibson’s early career represented with a Hampden or a Beaufighter? Most likely something Great War.
  8. There was no crash in the Mach Loop, the shut down of the low fly route was due to someone posting a video to social media of a pilot leaving the air space with a ‘little more flair’ than is allowed. Plus the use of the afterburners which is prohibited unless used to avoid an accident. I don’t think anything has crashed in the specific route known as the Mach Loop. Certainly not in my living memory I was born and raised in the area. Plenty of others have crashed in the general area over the years but the only crashes I remember growing up there were a Twin seat Jaguar colliding with a little Cessna around 1991/92 on one of the specified routes into the low fly areas of North and Middle Wales and 2 Hawks colliding on the coast of Wales in the late 1980’s. again not actually in the loop itself. The Mach Loop is just a tiny fraction of Low Flying Area 7 which itself basically covers the whole of Wales.
  9. Don’t know where you’re located but search for Top Studio Toggle switches. These are the ones I use.
  10. Yes, Yellow 1 appeals. Now is there any way I could persuade you to do the JG54 decals in 1/24 scale for my Trumpeter kit?
  11. *Scuttles off to measure display case shelf size*
  12. This is the build I was thinking of. Haven't gone through it to check photos are still there though.
  13. Maybe start digging a cellar. Isn’t that all the rage now? Instead of extending the house out or up you extend down? Nice climate controlled environment for the decals. Me, shelf I’m waiting for a hollowed out Bond Villain volcano to come up on rightmove or Zoopla.
  14. Someone here did a really detailed build of the single seater a few years ago. If I remember correctly he worked on the real things or had something to with them. I did attempt the twin seater a looooong time ago when I did do the odd jet model. The flare dispensers that sit on top of the nacelles I seem to remember irked me as they were split in 2 halves lengthwise. Try eliminating that seam and keeping the flare port detail. I seem to remember the equipment bay doors not being the greatest of fits in the closed position either. Designed to be shown all opened up which is the opposite of how I like to build. I didn’t get very far with it before frustration consigned it to the doom pile. The Aires cockpits fitted with minimal fuss though which was odd.
  15. They are indeed cramped quarters. Having been onboard the Sally B at Duxford. I think if I’d have had to crew one of those things in the full flight suit and other gear they would have had to build the plane around me. Then you give the fuselage skin a tap and realise that’s they only thing protecting you from the elements and all kinds of nasty things coming your way in many calibres and fragments.
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