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  1. Oh I don’t doubt I can source it for a cheaper price. Lucky Model most likely given their frequent offers and whatnot. Depends what the kit offers and if I want it that much when the time comes.
  2. I do miss seeing them. The Harriers too. Quite often way down in the weeds, noticeably lower than the Tornado passes. Again thanks for the answers. I’m going to look in to it and see how I get along with the Software first before investing in a machine.
  3. I’ll be getting a set of these https://www.reidairpublishing.com/speed-hunter-graphics-132-decals/big-scale-supers There’s DXM Decals who do a sheet also if you like VFA 103 Stuff. I was tempted by the VFA 211 scheme on this sheet too, I’ve always had a soft spot for that Squadrons markings, I may yet go for it. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/decals/ab/decal_ab_32003.shtml
  4. I’ve owned Quinta and Red Fox stuff. I much prefer Quinta, the printing is a much higher fidelity. I found the Red Fox stuff to be quite similar to Eduard in that you could see the dots in the printing. And they are a touch pricy compared to Quinta, who provide belts as a rule too. I’ll wait and see if Quinta release a set for the F, I’m hoping they do so and the Academy Hornets.
  5. £164 before shipping and import taxes? Uh, no thanks. Remember the other AFV Club Boxings being ridiculous prices too.
  6. That’s the way I’m going about it. Picking up my EA-18G kit to make as an F next week.
  7. I have stuff sent to a friend in Chicago. It’s then sent on to me declared as a gift that’s how I bypass the powers that be. But yes, it is annoying not being able to deal direct as they are the only source for some product lines.
  8. When I checked last week Sprue still had the message up that they weren’t shipping here.
  9. I like the Camera ports. I’ve been wanting to do an FR.IX for a while.
  10. I suppose another question is how does all this software work with Apple stuff as I have a Mac desktop. Would I need a drawing pad and stylus or is it all mouse dragging stuff?
  11. Well deserved. I'd hate to see a model that could beat it. I'm sure it would have me packing all my stuff off to eBay because your projects come quite close to that as it is.
  12. Thanks for the in depth answer Timmy. That canopy is really quite impressive. I was lucky enough to see the Jaguar down low in its natural habitat many times growing up in the middle of one of the main UK Low Fly Training areas. Was even lucky enough to catch their final flight through but not from my usual perch on the hillside but our back garden, or back yard if you will.
  13. Makes some kind of sense that Eduard had a hand in the decals. They have released a raft of 1/32 P-51D decals (4 sheets I think I’ve seen) recently. Some of them nice lesser known schemes that are tempting. Nice that they have gone with lesser known schemes not the same old ones. Contrary to popular belief there was more than 2 or 3 units and a dozen pilots in the 8th Air Force. Says he, bravely whilst doing his Tamiya P-51D in Big Beautiful Doll markings, but at least its the Yellow Nosed version!
  14. Thanks Radu. The Galland Armour was just an example and the first that popped in to my head.
  15. Indeed Kev, I watched YouTube, read articles but I’d rather get the input of the members here who understand the requirements of the hobby and whatnot. The information out there can just leave you bewildered otherwise.
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