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  1. ade rowlands

    Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D, VBF-84, plane number 174

    Nice approach to the G symbols. Had planned a very similar approach myself should they be the markings I do my Corsair in when the time comes. I was going to get the over spray by lifting the masks off the kit surface a little.
  2. ade rowlands

    P-47N wheels

    I think there are some 8 slot wheels out there. There was a link to them here a while back. They are listed as P-47D but work for the N as they are 8 slot. They are either Quickboost or True Details. I could be wrong and they are Eduard. I do know they exist. Other than Jerry Rutlans ones they are the only ones.
  3. ade rowlands

    1/24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-6 Late. Looooong term project.

    Pits been one of those ‘I found a photo online’ and couldn’t leave it alone kind of thing. It’s knowing when enough is enough in the detail department and where my skills will allow me to do stuff and what is beyond my skills. Minus a junction box and a few more wires, I’m done with the cockpit detail at this point until it comes time for the rear deck and a battery box needs to be made.
  4. ade rowlands

    1/24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-6 Late. Looooong term project.

    The super sized scale helps.
  5. ade rowlands

    1/24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-6 Late. Looooong term project.

    I waved good bye at the dock to that particular ship a long long time ago. I did go cross eyed several times adding the small stuff though.
  6. ade rowlands

    1/24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-6 Late. Looooong term project.

    Not happy with the kit control column either. I think its a bit short and chunky. I'll have to think on that.
  7. ade rowlands

    1/24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-6 Late. Looooong term project.

    About time for an update. I'd left this kit alone for a while as the bench had been packed away (I work at one of the kitchen worktops). So we left off with some scratch cockpit work that I then found out I'd gotten the angle of the rear part wrong which threw off the lengths and positions of everything else. I decided it needed to be done away with and started over so out it came, sanded out and polished the bare cockpit sides again and prepared to start the cockpit over. What I did this time was add the cockpit rear deck to help aid the cockpit floor positioning and then holding the cockpit floor in place, drew with marker the portion of the rear bulkhead and seat to get the position I needed to add the rear styrene strip to. Did this to both fuselage halves. Worked a treat and building from that rear part I added all the other detail I'd obliterated earlier in dealing with the ejection pin marks. So here we have the cockpit, version 2 with some of the kit parts added to my scratch parts. This cockpit wall was a little more complex and took a little longer to do. Had to make the backing plate you can just about see behind the Oxygen regulator. There is a very vague rendition of it on the kit parts that you'd swear was a moulding flaw if you didnt know there was a plate there on the real thing. Replaced the kit part for the dials of the Oxy regulator and added some punched discs to the rear simulate the back of the dials. Th faces are Airscale bezels. We then have the control valve and plumbing for the Oxygen system. Just 0.4mm Brass rod bent around to approximate the real deal. The 2 things that look like blobs are resin nuts. Using my phone which doesnt do Macro well, thankfully or you'd see more flaws. The plumbing is 2 lines joined in the middle and the 2 nuts simulate the area the join is in, will stand out more once painted. Then there's the tap/faucet for regulating the flow I assume, another Airscale part. Cockpit floor with much added plumbing from Lead wire and some Styrene rod to simulate the rudder cables from the pedals. The angled bits of plumbing sticking out of the floor are resin bits from Top Studio, designed for 1/24 car models for plumbing joints, thought they'd work lively here when trimmed to the required shape. Another view. Cannon breech cover yet to be added. Some more detail added with Lead Wire and Styrene. View off the added detail to the rear wall. And finally a close up as well as I can do with my phone of the Rudder pedal. The kit parts are ok for detail but a little thick so I used Radu Briznan etch pedals here. The plumbing again a top studio resin joint and lead wire. This large scale begs for this kind of detail to be added and I thought I'd have a go and oblige.
  8. So long as the Mustang has the bubble canopy. So much more better looking with that style than the early one.
  9. ade rowlands

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Thanks for that. I knew the cowling was wrong before getting the kit but deemed it as something I could live with. A lot of that list went whooshing way over my head. I won’t be taking on the cutting and trimming as that’s a recipe for disaster in my case. I will make use of the notes in the cockpit equipment. At the end of the day it’s a build for me and the cabinet not any competition table and it certainly looks like an early Zero to my eye. Though it does have some of the retraction arms for the gear and gear doors not included which stand out in the real Zero as they are painted black against the fuselage coloured gear bays themselves but shouldn’t be too long a stretch to cobble together. Radio gear isn’t an issue as I’m doing a Tainan Kokutai bird and they removed the radio gear.
  10. The only ZM kit I’ve had and built was the Raiden. It was bought at Telford a few years back and I quite enjoyed their stand and the personal service of buying direct from them. The Raiden was a simple build, yes it had some detail never to be seen but I included it anyway, didn’t paint it but added it for any strength it might add to the fuselage. I’ll admit to coming close to buying the Horton and the Do-335 more than once but I really dislike the clear styrene for its brittleness combined with my hamfisted clumsiness makes for many a cracked part. I will certainly heavily consider the Mustang, the 109 not so much as I have the 1/24 Trumpeter one on the go and I tend to limit myself to one of each aircraft type/variant for space and storage reasons. However it’s a masterpiece one of the nephews will find themselves with a 1/24 109 to zoom around the room and I’ll find myself with a new kit in the stash. Ar 234 is an interesting type for sure but not sure I’m interested enough in it to buy one. The current release of the Ki-45 I am interested in but watching the build going on here I am not so sure now, I am a bit ejector pin marked out after the zillion of the things I’ve tackled in my current build. Glad to see they have added solid grey fuselage halves though and I may yet get it, we shall see.
  11. ade rowlands

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Their inconsistency is what is baffling. They have a real penchant for getting canopies wrong from what I read. Some kits are great, some are not so great, some are best just left alone. Me, I quite like their 1/24 Hurricanes and 109’s and have the A6M2 on the way and if that’s good I’ll get the Rufe too. The 1/32 stuff I’ve gone the Ju87G and whilst it caught me out in a couple of places and I made a couple of my own mistakes I quite liked that one and will get another one after learning from the 1st attempt. I did the Mig 3 years ago and quite liked that too though that didn’t survive the house move. There’s no perfect kit out there from anybody though. Some come close, but that also depends on the end users definition of perfect, we all vary in that department. I’m building the 1/24 at the moment and that has known issues but to me, I walk in a room and look and know it’s a 109G, most people with a basic knowledge could pick it out as a 109, maybe not the variant depending on their knowledge base but that’s fine, I build for my own enjoyment anyway, the only people that get to see my builds are myself, anybody that comes to the house and sees them in progress or gets nosey and goes to the room where the cabinet is and of course you unlucky few. I certainly won’t avoid Trumpeter but like any kit, I look for builds by other folks first rather than in box reviews and the like and when looking for builds I like to look for some by builders I respect for a no nonsense thread.
  12. ade rowlands

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    I dunno but is it a coincidence that the ‘A team kits’ also have 1/48 kits that came out before them from other manufacturers and are also highly regarded in that scale, thinking along the lines of the Accurate Minatures Avengers and Dauntless and Tamiya 262. Not sure if it’s a case of all the Trumpeter A Team kits or not as I am not sure which ones are regarded as A, B or C team kits in their entire catalogue.
  13. ade rowlands

    AM for 1/24 Airfix Fw190

    Grey Matter on eBay, they offer wheels, cockpit and all sorts of bits and pieces for the Airfix kit.
  14. ade rowlands


    I’m also finding some pages slow to load but my main hang up seems to come when I use the back button on my browser, same on all my devices.
  15. ade rowlands


    Indeed. I had to find other things to read in the small hours during my nightshift. The horror. Did end up solving the problem of what to get a few people for Christmas though.