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  1. Nice. I like that the two seats in a pair have different belt configurations.
  2. Absolutely beautiful build and finish! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Rockie
  3. Thanks Radu. I have hundreds of 109 walk around pictures, and never noticed that gap. IPMS judges are going to have fits when they see that on a model
  4. Thanks for the link Fenous, there are a lot of nice walkarounds on that site.
  5. Thats coming along really well, Brian. Will you include any figure(s)?
  6. Cool Pete, please post pics in the non-LSP section. Best wishes for your son as well.
  7. Thanks Jari, that was very interesting indeed.
  8. Nice haul, Kevin. I'd love to spend a couple of days perusing your library . Any reviews in the works? Curious about the AC of Red Flag book. Cheers, Rockie
  9. Great start Thierry. Good workaround for the cockpit. Cheers, Rockie
  10. Beautiful work Victor - glad to see you back!
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