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  1. Congratulations Kevin! Good luck on your venture, and house hunting as well. I know I'm just one person, but I really like your e-books, and you can certainly count on my support in the future. Best of luck, and enjoy that Tawny Port! Rockie
  2. We need a new emoticon - I'm green with envy!
  3. Thanks for sharing, Jo! Alan's work is truly inspirational.
  4. Excellent build and finish! I really like your creative display stand too. Cheers, Rockie
  5. Gorgeous! Love the subtle weathering. Congratulations on a fantastic build! Cheers, Rockie
  6. Beautiful build and finish. Great work, David! Cheers, Rockie
  7. Fantastic build and finish, congratulations!
  8. What a stunning build and a wonderful memorial to one who gave all in service to his country. Thank you Peter for letting us follow your progress. Cheers, Rockie
  9. Outstanding build and finish!
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