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  1. Just purchased this and the Ki-45 volume to complete my collection. Anyone who hasn't looked at this series should really check it out. All of the builds are top-notch and truly inspirational. Some of the best modeling references available at a price that can't be beat! Thank you Kevin and all of the great modelers for your hard work. Rockie
  2. Prime Portal has two walk-arounds of the Tutor, one covering the general airframe and the other the cockpit. There is one (kind of fuzzy) shot up it's a.. er., exhaust. Go to http://www.primeportal.net/home.htm then "The Airstrip", and scroll down to CT-114. Best, Rockie
  3. Hi Gaz, I think that is the Kanji symbol for the number ten (I'm no expert though). Beautiful work! Rockie
  4. Craig, Check out Jumpei Temma's site (Wings of Pegasus). The article is in Japanese, but the drawings are in English. http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/b25/b25draw.html Cheers, Rockie
  5. Just received the DH.9a (post war) and the AEG G.IV Early. Except for a small tear in each boxtop and "WD" scrawled on the covers, they are both in 100% perfect condition! Thank you Wingnut Wings! Happy Modeling, Rockie
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