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  1. My new theme song! Or maybe it's this one... Cheers, Rockie
  2. Really enjoyed Nevil Shute's book, haven't seen the movie. Definitely depressing... Love the rest too, though my favorite scene in Dr. Strangelove is when Slim Pickens describes the contents of the survival kit!
  3. Ditto on Jan Gabauer's/Kevin's KLP ebook. It's great, and a real bargain in my opinion. I think the kit builds up nicely, but as others have said, take care with the fit of the internals to the fuselage. Cheers, Rockie
  4. Received this yesterday from T-Rexxtools (our own Troy Molitor). What a sweet little beastie she is! I really like it. Cheers, Rockie
  5. Yay! I'm on the confirmed list!
  6. What a beautiful build and finish! Just outstanding - would have loved to see a WIP on this build.
  7. Beautiful, just beautiful! Wonderful finish. Cheers, Rockie
  8. Wow, just wow! Looking great, Kirby!
  9. Beautiful! What a terrific collection of markings!
  10. Lovely work, Brad! Congratulations on a very productive modeling year!
  11. Love sailing ships! The Revell Cutty Sark kit is hiding under my bed (yeah, I'm a 62 yr old kid). I built many of the Revell and Heller ship kits as a youngster. I really enjoyed the Revell Golden Hinde and and HMS Beagle, and the Heller Viking ship and Columbus's three ships. In wood, I've done a couple of model shipways solid hull kits. I also have a closet-full of ship plans and modeling books by Harold Underhill and other draftsmen. (Hope I live long enough to tackle a scratch-build some day!) I have an original release of the Revell Beagle in my stash - just for sentimentality
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