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  1. Holy cow Pete, what a splendid result! I really enjoyed following your build, and now your Little Bird as well. Cheers!
  2. Absolutely lovely result. Congratulations on clearing your SOD!
  3. Beautiful work! And I am totaling stealing your idea for the nifty jig made out of sprue!
  4. Wonderful subject and great work so far!
  5. Really nice work, William. Wonderful build and finish!
  6. VF-17 is a favorite of mine too. I like your idea of building selection of planes for a single pilot. If it were me, I would choose Roger Hedrick, even though that would mean building a VF-84 bird for the -1D. He had a distinguished career post-war as well. Will follow along with interest! Happy modeling! Rockie
  7. Really looking forward to this. It's a lovely sculpt.
  8. Stunning, absolutely stunning!
  9. Just got mine. Congratulations Chuck and Kev, on a job very well done!
  10. Nice find Dale! There sure is a lot of interesting video on CriticalPast.
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