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  1. Perhaps I'm missing something but I've always understood that the Lancaster was done simply because Jackson is a huge fan of the Dambusters and hence that particular plane. WNW itself is dedicate to aircraft of the Great War and have the mandate to do so. They are doing a one-off outside of their mission statement purely as a passion project.
  2. What mark Vampire? Hopefully something early!
  3. I have wondered if there is a building consensus on which kit to buy moving forward; Trumpeter or Revell.
  4. I have both these books and they are excellent. With that stated, Megas Tsonos's articles in Air Modeller magazine are a very valuable more modern set of tutorials for scratchbuilding aircraft. Not WW1 but the principles aren't era specific. Matt
  5. Heaven knows I'd buy a set.
  6. Frankly I'd be thrilled if they simply did a 1/48 version of their Lancaster.
  7. This is exactly the SU-9 I wanted! It will look perfect next to Trumpeter's Me-262. Now if I could just convince someone to do a Ki-201 and FH-1 Phantom. . .
  8. As usual, this looks great and went on my Christmas list (which means I have to wait dammit!). Same with the P.1101. I can only hope for a SU-9 from them in the future, imagine how glorious that would look next to Trumpeter's Me-262!
  9. Thanks to all. I found some 1/48 ones that I may be able to upscale. We'll see!
  10. Probably an odd question but does anyone out there make decent stancil decals for 1/32 Chinese fighters? I'm looking at converting a SU-27 to a J-11 but have no idea if such things exist. I looked over the decals in the Trumpeter J-7 kits and the decals are basic large markings, so not of much use. Thanks, Matt
  11. Yeah, a B-26 would be awesome! I'm trying to imagine a 1/48 B-36; the 1/72 one is a beast!
  12. Apologies, just realized the topic title got clipped.
  13. My wonderful wife bought me the Tamiya early Zero and I would love to display it with a Ki-43 but it seems all of the kits are of the Ki-43-II and not the earlier version. Did anyone ever make a conversion kit or some such? I'm not convinced that I want to make the time to backdate the Hasegawa kit; after a bunch of work redoing a big resin kit I'd kind of like to do a couple OOB builds to recharge! Thanks, Matt
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