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  1. Jeez, good luck with that pile of bits. TRF
  2. It makes me laugh when I read experienced Spitfire pilot Pierre Clostermann's first encounter with a Typhoon, nearly taking out F hanger having already passed over E hanger and these girls were ferrying Typhoons, Tempests and Mosquitoes around the place seemingly without too much of a problem. The more you read the more respect you have. TRF
  3. There would be a bunch of Aussie modellers that would be lining up for a 1/32 one of these. Korean war markings of course. TRF
  4. I think the uninitiated think it's like jam or Nutella and needs to be spread on thick but it really should be lightly applied until you get used to it. Brought up on the stuff here in the West. TRF
  5. Sorry messed up the previous post. What I was going to say (side track I know) would that be a photo of the big tail Brown 4 W.Nr 500647 by any chance? TRF
  6. I think Barracuda have only just released the 109E wheels. I'll be getting a set to add to my collection to see if they're any better than others I have. TRF
  7. Just checking that you've seen the red Kangaroo zap just behind the radome hinge point and slightly above the cooling intake. Can't miss the important details. TRF
  8. Like they say for airline pilots 99% of the time they are overpaid for that 1% situation there's not enough money in the world. TRF
  9. Skippy is also known as a 'red rat' in Oz military slang. Must have been one on board with his stencil ready to go. TRF
  10. I have built the Nate and Buffalo and made a start on the P-39. As far as I can remember the Nate went together pretty well as it's a simple airframe but the Buffalo was a fair amount of work and is probably not the best one to start with. The P-39 requires about 6mm of rear fuselage extension to look decent and mine sits in the box with the spacer glued in but not much else. I have all of the rest too except the Tempest and IAR-81 but am doing other things at the mo. Regarding the Tempest I'm glad I bought and built the PCM one as the SH kit seems like a lot of work and you need a Barrac
  11. Well I reckon you should use masking tape and leave a gap of say 1.5 to 2mm all around and paint the 'flange' with thick mr surfacer or similar to give you a raised edge. TRF
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