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  1. I used to build and fly control line models when I was a teen. They were almost always scale models of something real but almost invariably they would end up in a thousand bit scattered over the park. All the work trying to make them look like the real thing all painted up and gone. Hence why I started building large scale plastic planes. When you've finished all that work you put them in the cabinet and they can be enjoyed and admired for years. TRF
  2. Hi Matt, Like a lot of guys I have built my share of Spitfires and it wasn't until I started lurking at Britmodeller and posts from Edgar Brooks that I learned that all Spits up to at least the Mk VIII were painted with aluminium lacquer in the rear fuselage up to and including the rear of the frame that the pilots seat attaches to. All my early builds have grey/green in this area and I'm not going to change them even if I could. The compressed air bottles are likewise painted with Ali lacquer with I think bras fittings and connecting pipe for some added colour. You do have the oxygen bottle in the right colour however. Like Luftwaffe stuff there has been a whole lot of info about Spitfires uncovered in the last few years for people who want to make more accurate models. (I try my best) TRF
  3. Jeez that CAD work looks nice and crisp. Not sure I will be able to afford one of these or even have a place to display it. Oh well at least it should make a bunch of big jet people happy. TRF
  4. I'm not into bombers but the work going on here is up with the best. Very impressive. TRF
  5. The cockpit is really well done, think I'll have to get one of those Brengun sets for my N1K2-J. I like the HGW belts as well and always drape them into the seat but the fact is most operational aircraft (WW2 at least) would probably have the harness straps over the side of the cockpit and the lap belts down over the sides of the seat. Pain in the bum to do and it doesn't look as impressive to the 'civilians' that might look at your model. TRF
  6. That's a nice looking Spit you have there. If you are interested for future builds I have some advice on the colour of the compressed air bottles (the ones on the port side) and the rear fuselage. Keep up the good work. TRF
  7. You can put me down for a dozen of these, well at least one anyway. Maybe two, one in TLS and one in DFS. TRF
  8. That whole arrangement must have bee distracting for the pilot in the heat of battle. Talk about fuzzy dice. TRF
  9. When I was born my Dad had me circumcised and after that inoculated against any WW1 model kits in any scale. I have to say that the vaccine has worked extremely well as in more than 70 years I have never felt the need to purchase anything from WW1. All this WNW's talk has no effect on me at all. However like a lot of others I lament the fact that Peter Jackson never turned the gifted WNW team to working on aircraft from WW2 on. TRF
  10. All those 0's and 1's and electrons wasted, oh the horror. TRF
  11. Not a bad idea Gazza but I'll have to wait until they open our border and let us out, plus there's the saving up of the money of course. I once did the chopper flight down into the Grand Canyon which was a cool USD$300, that hurt for a bit. TRF
  12. A British twin not mentioned yet is the Airspeed Oxford, used for training alongside the Anson. TRF
  13. Sorry guys, you're a mile off, it's a U-boat. TRF
  14. Thierry, check your topic in Aviation Discussion. One thing about Spitfires they are certainly not simple. TRF
  15. Thierry, if you look at the fourth panel down from the top of the Mk 1 wing drawing it shows both big and small vent covers and if you look carefully you can see that the left edge of the 'hole' has a large radius with the opening tapering towards the front where there is another smaller radius. So the exit holes are not round but tapered with a radius at both ends. Hope that makes sense. TRF
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