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  1. Perhaps I'm missing something but I've always understood that the Lancaster was done simply because Jackson is a huge fan of the Dambusters and hence that particular plane. WNW itself is dedicate to aircraft of the Great War and have the mandate to do so. They are doing a one-off outside of their mission statement purely as a passion project.
  2. What mark Vampire? Hopefully something early!
  3. I have wondered if there is a building consensus on which kit to buy moving forward; Trumpeter or Revell.
  4. I have both these books and they are excellent. With that stated, Megas Tsonos's articles in Air Modeller magazine are a very valuable more modern set of tutorials for scratchbuilding aircraft. Not WW1 but the principles aren't era specific. Matt
  5. Heaven knows I'd buy a set.
  6. Frankly I'd be thrilled if they simply did a 1/48 version of their Lancaster.
  7. This is exactly the SU-9 I wanted! It will look perfect next to Trumpeter's Me-262. Now if I could just convince someone to do a Ki-201 and FH-1 Phantom. . .
  8. As usual, this looks great and went on my Christmas list (which means I have to wait dammit!). Same with the P.1101. I can only hope for a SU-9 from them in the future, imagine how glorious that would look next to Trumpeter's Me-262!
  9. Thanks to all. I found some 1/48 ones that I may be able to upscale. We'll see!
  10. Probably an odd question but does anyone out there make decent stancil decals for 1/32 Chinese fighters? I'm looking at converting a SU-27 to a J-11 but have no idea if such things exist. I looked over the decals in the Trumpeter J-7 kits and the decals are basic large markings, so not of much use. Thanks, Matt
  11. Yeah, a B-26 would be awesome! I'm trying to imagine a 1/48 B-36; the 1/72 one is a beast!
  12. Apologies, just realized the topic title got clipped.
  13. My wonderful wife bought me the Tamiya early Zero and I would love to display it with a Ki-43 but it seems all of the kits are of the Ki-43-II and not the earlier version. Did anyone ever make a conversion kit or some such? I'm not convinced that I want to make the time to backdate the Hasegawa kit; after a bunch of work redoing a big resin kit I'd kind of like to do a couple OOB builds to recharge! Thanks, Matt
  14. Legend stuff is generally pretty good on the armor side. the main issue that crops up with them is impressive part shrinkage on large parts but I wouldn't think that would be an issue here.
  15. Just as an update, Antares mastered the kit but is not selling it, there were 40 kits made for another person to sell. Reaching out to them to see if any are still available.
  16. Man, i will have to buy that one. I have some of Antares 1/72 stuff (and am eagerly awaiting their 1/48 Su-9 and Ki-201) and while they are a little rough they are symetrical and the shapes are quite good. For a small resin shop those are my priorities, I can sand and fill some pinholes.
  17. So, I'm whacking away at the Zoukei-Mura Shinden and I'm planning on an in-flight display with that lovely pilot figure they released but am struggling a bit with how to position the various control surfaces for a "breaking hard right" representation. The canards especially are throwing me. Could anyone provide advice on how to position these properly? Thanks! Matt
  18. It's a fair point that wingspan wise it's not quite a B-25 but height wise it's uniformly tall since it's not a tail-sitter. It is an impressive beast! Matt
  19. Wingnuts did put together an outstanding kit but I agree, that area is such a focal point I think it's a piece of aftermarket that will really pay off. Matt
  20. I dunno, after seeing the thing at the NASM a few weeks back it's enormous in comparison to a FW-190D or even the AR-234. It'll take up medium bomber levels of space on the shelf. matt
  21. Nothing. However, assuming this piece is as lovely as the one for the Albatross, the deep hollow and subtle welding really add to the appearance. I tried drilling out the Albtaros one and while it came out OK, it was a real pain in the behind and frankly didn't look as good as the resin one. Matt
  22. Yak-9 would be first choice, a U model slightly preferable to the -D. La-7 would be next. Frankly, between what is reliably upcoming and what is already out, I don't have many 1st tier "must-haves" left! Matt
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