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Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32


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When we want to, it seems, we use some of Revells kits as an example of what producing a kit to price gets you (Spitfire). Then, when it comes to their kits like the Mustang and 262, they are held up of what can be achieved in less expensive kits. If Revell can do a good Mustang and 262 and do it at a price point of $50 or less, then why say getting a P-40 at Revell levels of detail and price will get you a dog of a kit?Sure every company have their hits and misses, but in this case, it seems only the misses are being presented as what the P-40 would be if done more cheaply and without all of the (likely) hidden detail. 

I really can't wait to see any of the builds of the GW P-40, to see how all the interior fits and how it builds if you want to close it up.   Not sure that GW is a totally different Paradigm than Revell. I'm betting they are just another cog in the Chinese models companies that release kits under various names but all trace back to a common source. Like the Das Wek 1/16 Stug also being released by Monchrome models, whom I had never heard of, but is also releasing the Stug in a slightly different version. I'm guessing Great Wall, Panda, Takom, Hobby Boss, Merit, Very Fire, Trumpeter, etc, all fall under some blanket corporation or wink and nod agreement, and they could easily release the P-40 under another label with less options and lower price. 

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1 hour ago, Jennings Heilig said:


When I used to work in a print shop, we had a huge sign hung behind the counter:





Pick two


As a former civil engineer, we told our clients the same thing.  Of course, that reality mean that most clients chose price and one of the other two.


To be clear, I'm not comparing GWH with Revell.  I'm only stating that I can afford Revell.  I cannot afford GWH.  I am not alone.

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3 hours ago, ade rowlands said:

To save my lazy self from searching back through the thread, was it ever established if this kit is good for an RAF version? I recall discussions about the Windscreen and armoured glass.


Yes, looks like the armoured glass is in the kit.

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26 minutes ago, Dave Williams said:

Kit price, or total price (kit+shipping+tax)?  I’m still seeing $150 USD for the kit price.


Kit, and now including shipping, must be some region-specific function, was $150 yesterday sans shipping.

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Ok all, I think were all done here.  LSP can have some thread drift that is for sure.............but all in all everything in here up to the last few posts was relevant, and everyone is entitled to having a say as long as it is relevant.  Im just putting the kibosh on this before it devolves any further. 


Thanks for your understanding

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