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  1. ssculptor


    i may buy the kit just to get the machine gun turrets. Then use those parts as models to copy. I can use the turrets in the VAF (Vulgarian Air Force) bombers. I get my jollies by creating my own aircraft.
  2. ssculptor


    Surviving Steam Locomotives I got these from the internet. It willl take a while to uncover all the sources. www.steamlocomotive.com/lists/ North American Steam Locomotive Information. ... Browse USA steam on Steamlocomotive.info · Alternate Mobile version of this page · German Steam ... ‎Canada · ‎GA · ‎California · ‎Surviving Steam Locomotives ... 11 Places In the United States Where You Can Ride a Steam Train https://www.mantripping.com › All Mancation Articles Nov 4, 2016 - 11 Places In the United States Where You Can Ride a Steam Train. Steamtown National Historic Site. V&T Railway. Roaring Camp Railroads. Colorado Scenic Rails. Illinois Railway Museum. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train. Strasburg Railroad. B&O Railroad Museum. Enjoy,
  3. ssculptor


    I am curious. Which Big Boy are you referring to, the HO unpowered kit or the G gauge read to run locoomotive (1/29 scale). I have so little regqrd to any scale other than G that when I assemble a smaller scale kit I just put the parts together and paint it. I sismply do not consider any of the smaller scale models worth the effort. To me the smaller scale models aer like the wood moldels carved in the Philliipines, good for illlustrating the overall shape. Of course the G gauge Big Boy cost over a thousand dollars. I guess that is a consideration.. When you get to my age large size models are necessary as one's vision weakens with age. Allso, most model railroad items aer meant to be actually run on model railroad layouts. Fine scale modelling is often a secondary consideration.. Stephen
  4. ssculptor

    Can you believe this???

    Well, at least they know that the gun is quite functional.
  5. ssculptor

    They shall not grow old

    I'd like to see this film. I hope someone announces when and where it will be showing in the USA, in Connecticut, on line, whatever. Stephen
  6. ssculptor


    I like the tune and the words. I just do not like his rendition. Ya just can't please everyone.
  7. ssculptor

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    Mike, to me a serious discussion is when we talk about food. Does any of us have an opinion on MacDonalds latest 1/4 pounder that is cooked as you wait? A bit greasy, I find. However, I am proud to be an old geezer. I have bitched many years with much noise to achlieve this state of idiocy to give up the title now. I still like the Sterling much more betterer.
  8. ssculptor

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    If we spend the time we are now wasting gossiping about what may or will be in the future working on the models we actually have now, our stashes would be nicely depleted. We sound like a bunch of old people sitting around picking lint out of our belly buttons. WNW willl do what they want when they want and when they put what they will on the market some of us will buy them and the rest of us will belly ache about it. I''m gonna leave this topic now and go do something productive, like revamping my work areas. Yours trully, A grumpy old geezer
  9. ssculptor


    I'm sorry but I cannot take anything seriously when the singer is bedecked with pieces of metal embedded in his skin. Besides, this guy is just shouting at me, not singing. When my son was a little boy he shouted at me. That too was not singing. Overall, blech.
  10. ssculptor

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    Thank you. I had missed that announcement.
  11. ssculptor

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    2+2=3??? 2+1=4??? OK, correct me if I am wrong, but if WNW is to release 2 (TWO) Halberstadt CL.IIs and TWO (2) Lancasters does that not mean that they are releasing 4 (four) new 1/32 kits, not just three (3)? Or is this another example of the "new math"? 32043 - Avro Lancaster B.Mk.1/III (late 2019) 32044 - Avro Lancaster B.Mk.III "Dambusters" (late 2019) 32049 - Halberstadt Cl.II (Early) 32062 - Halberstadt Cl.II (Late) In any event I will buy at least one of the Halberstadt CL.11 kits. But the Lancaster? Well, I will have to wait until they actually come on the market to make my decision. If time permits I may just allot enough time to make all the vacuform bomber kits I already have in the stash and let it go at that.
  12. I like it. It is a scale model but it is not a scale model. With its own, unique surface finish and texture (holes all over instead of rivits) it has an aura all its own. Bravo, sir modeler. Now, about building a 1/5 Lancaster....
  13. ssculptor

    Castings needed

    A FEW QUESTIONS. What material do you want the castings to be? What general sizes? How much do you expect to pay for each? What quantity?
  14. ssculptor

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    Well, Of the three big British bombers of War 2, I prefer the Stirling. Just because of looks. I'm basically a sculptor and I go by pleasing shapes. So if you guys can have two Lancasters then I can have a Stirling.
  15. ssculptor


    I'll believe it when I see it. How can I say that? I have been to hobby shows where sample kit boxes were on display yet the model never appeared on the market.