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  1. I am looking for plans of the Hansa-Brandenburg CC used by the Austrian Air Force in World War One so I can scratch build a model of it. Plans and paper card models I can scale up or down. I can also use a kit or a built model of this plane in any scale but I prefer 1/32, 1/24 or larger. I have been doing research for my next novel which begins in 1908 and continues through WW1 into the 1920-1930s. For the past decade I have been in my WW1 and flying boat mode and I found some good books on the Austrian aeroplanes of that war. I am hooked. Thanks, Stephen
  2. Many thanks, fellas. Fortunately I just happen to have a P-40N kit in stock. Stephen
  3. I was cleaning up the chaos in which I reside and found a sheet of decals that go on to a P-40. But the instructions are missing. So I need to know which model P-40 they go on and any other camoflage info on the aircraft. The main image are side views of big white skulls that go on the sides of the engine nacelle - 1 each side. There is also a little decal sheet with the aircraft name LULU BELLE in yellow letters. The only indication I have as to the manufacture of the decals is the word fundekals :} on the sheet. I would appreciate knowing which version of the P-40 the Skull decals will go on. Many thanks, Stephen
  4. I would like to know the address of the HpH website? Anyone? Thanks,
  5. Many thanks, Rick. I just called Jeff Roberts and he feeling good and is still trying to sell his Combat Models business. If anyone is interested they can call him at 570 450 5647. He lives in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. Stephen
  6. I fell out of communication with Jeff during the Covid-19 era. I want to get in touch with him but I managed to misplace his phone number. Does anyone out there in modeling land have it? I heard he died but I would like to call his wife, at least, to offer my condolences. Thanks, Stephen Auslender auslend@optimum.net
  7. I am curious, is all this palaver about 1/32 scale HpH Letov S-238 floats or are these discussed here 1/48 scale? I ask because I wish to put 1/32 scale floats on my 1/32 Swordfish. Stephen
  8. I was about to suggest that a replica G-3 should be built and flown. But I found it has been done already! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyP-vOXpkAE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdQCVrrL7pQ Enjoy,
  9. You guys know that there was a 1/24 kit of the G-3 on the market many years ago, don't you? Occasionally one appears on eBay but beware as in all the kits I have seen the cast resin fuselage frames have all disintegrated over time. A problem with the resin formulation they used. Still the rest of the kit is super.
  10. Don't diss the women. They are just as capable as the men. They are also smarter as they act the part of the frail ladies who need the help of the big strong men.
  11. I think you might be surprised by the jump in prices over the past 8 years. Tighten your seatbelt. However on eBay the older kits from 30-40 years ago are still at lower prices; but the postage costs have jumped up too. Ya just cant win.
  12. Back in the late '60's-early '70's I used to go to the biannual meetings of the Armor Assn. They had a demo where an all female crew switched a tank engine in record time. They didn't break a fingernail.
  13. I disagree most emphatically! Maybe UK women are too dainty and delicate to work with rigging wires (Ooo! Rigging wires may be covered with icky, slimy oil. That will mess up my hair do). Talk about an outdated anti-female concept! In WW2 women were working on steam locomotives along with airplanes and the like. Don't utter such bigoted, short sighted ideas in front of the "Rosie the Riveters" of WW2 days and of these days. Also you are lucky you do not reside in the U.S.A. because the members of female engineer associations hereabouts would cut you a new one! Forsooth!
  14. Well, those loose dresses look very comfortable. I would not appear in public wearing one, but in a factory...well.
  15. By the way, if any of you survive doing the rigging on this G-3 you can buy TWO more of the G-3 and combine them to make a twin engine G-4. I'm a real glutton for punishment but it should be comfortable living in a padded cell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnPG1v61AEk I hope this plays OK.
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