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  1. Naw, I would require the zepp in 1/32 scale. Of course l'd park the zepp in the garage, and park the van in the driveway. Seems reasonable to me.
  2. A younger generation of modelers have entered the scene and want the older model kits. But they are no longer available at the old prices. Its called inflation. When I was a young man the old 1/48 Aurora airplane kits sold for 69 cents (MSRP). Now that I am an old geezer I would not expect them to be reissued at the old prices (69 cents). So I have to pay current prices if I want them. Yes the new and in some cases reworked kits are of a higher quality. So that would justify a higher price in todays market. Some people collect the old kits and prefer the origi
  3. Oh come on now. You cannot be that naïve. When an item is on the market for a number of years and then is no longer available people who now all of a sudden need it will be inclined to pay dearly for it. At the same time some people who have this now unavailable item will be sore tempted to ask inflated prices for one of these new rarities. That is elementary school economics. Is there something wrong or immoral about this? Well that is dependent on how altruistic the seller is. Discussions of the morality of making a profit off of one's fellow modelers is, like religion a
  4. Ask if they like work with their hands, fixing things , making things.If theirs is a preference for lying on the beach walk away.
  5. Not that much ENGINEERING, Heaven forbid. I just want to approximate the look of the wings of the first 20 years of 20th C aeroplanes. I retired from engineering many years ago and went back to sculpture.
  6. Even if I fail the attempt to find a Q&D method to produce WW1 wings the effort does yield pleasue. What more can l desire? Ssculptor
  7. Hi ProgrammerGuy, I can always go back to the old stick & tissue process . I should be able to think of one or two shortcuts. ssculptor.
  8. Thanks Ray. Ive been away from the hobby for the past 5 years or so. Just been getting back into it recently. Im really ticked off l missed a Phoeniz 9 recently. Limited edition. One snoozes one loses. Stephen
  9. FH-1 Oh come on now. Today is 2020, not 2011. Isnt this a bit silly? Most aeroplanes l want start from 1907 and go to 1939. Especially the birdcages from 1914 -1916. Most specifically the X strut Austrian beasties like the Phoenix D9 and Hansa-Brandenburg D.1, KDW,CC, plus Ansaldo S.V.A.5 AND S.V.A.9 and Macchi M.9 with their V struts. How about the early Russian multi engine flying apartments all glassed in. As for other beauties l would like the early jet era B-51, FH-1 Phantom, F2H-4 Banshee, Yak-15, 17,23 MIG 9.... Go buy a copy of the Rand McNally Encyclopedia of Military
  10. What l need is a Q AND D method to make wings for WW1 aeroplanes with all the wavy shapes. Any suggestions? BTW, Q&D stands for Quick and Dirty. Ssculptor
  11. PS. There are a number of books on the flying tigers. I suggest you try to find some in your local libraries and read through them. My library in Connecticut has a search provision with neighboring libraries so you can search all the libs in the area and borrow from them. Ask your library if they have such a service.
  12. 1/32 Die cast Jeeps by Gate are all over the place on eBay. There are jeeps, some have Laurel and Hardys attached, some have comic characters. Go take a look on eBay. enjoy
  13. I'm home, which is where I want to be. If I want to go outside I walk into my back yard. Plenty of fresh air there. My present projects are 1) getting rid of a lot of my stash via eBay and an occasional trip to the dump. 2) now that my book is in publication I am gathering my notes for my next one. My current book is called The Streamlined Locomotive by me, Stephen L. Auslender. Page Publishing Co. ISBN 978-1-64462-100-4. You buy a copy at a book store (Barnes & Nobel for example or Amazon on line) by going up to a counter and ordering one. ($14.95). Or I'll trade a copy fo
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