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  1. I have one in balsa wood which is about 8 inches long. It is an old kit, maybe 70 years old. The kit is crude; just a few pieces of wood that you carve. Ah, the good olde days; when men were men and women were women and modelers were modelers not assemblers of plastic pre made parts. Our balsa models had hair under their wings, by gum! They were real he-man kits. Yes, them were the days. By golly, in those days we had to go and hunt our own balsa trees, drag them home and skin them ourselves. However if you want I will sell it to you for $10 (that includes postage and insu
  2. Personality I have campaigning for a 1/32 Val and Kate since 2004,! Lots of luck to both of us. I finally picked up a 1/32 solid wood carved in the Phillipines models and they pacified me.
  3. Eureka! By seeing the parts laid out like wots above I now knows what to do with my partial 1/48 C130 KIT! Y'sees, one of my two kits 1/48 C130 is missing the entire vertical stab and rudder and can now be saved & converted to 1/32 by losing all the 1/48 details. Then convert it to a flying boat blending on the full hull. The missing vertical parts will be replaced by twin fins on the ends of the horizontal stabilizer. This will also serve to lower the height of the C130 flying boat so it can park (hide) in one of the many caves on the edges of the many lakes in Vulgaria. Be
  4. Yes, I know about the accuracy(?) and I respect everyone's outlook and attitude, but that never bothered me. I use the three foot scale of accuracy - If it looks like the real airplane from three feet away it is in "good enuf" scale. To each his own. You have to be aware that I started building model aeroplanes before there were kits; even before there were aeroplanes to make kits of. Periodically my friends and I would hitch our oxen to our Conestoga wagons and go looking for balsa wood trees. Yup, them were the good old days by jimmiecrackcorn. Never had no problems with correct c
  5. OK. I give up. Its 1/72 but it is a big model so I wont say nuttin bad. Just not worth the effort. BUT why not hunt down the 1/48 scale C-130 and build that? I may still build the one I have (?) of those hiding in my stash. I was going to build it for my friend Dan who was the flight engineer on an early C-130A gunship in Vietnam. Man the stories he would tell. He died a couple years ago from smoking too much. My stash is a mess [TWO HOME FIRES AND 4 MOVES LATER] but if you want I'll look for the kit. Give me six months or so. Happy modelling. Stephen
  6. Well, at least. That hurts. Last December my doctor said no more booze, period. A month ago one of my other doctors said no more caffine. Well, at least l can still drink tonic, diet that is. Such is life. Stephen
  7. Oh yeah? And how long has it been exposed to the weather and especially the particular weather where it has been stationed, and where before then? My comment about color veracity is simply balderdash!
  8. Well, at least. That hurts. Last December my doctor said no more booze, period. A month ago one of my other doctors said no more caffine. Well, at least l can still drink tonic, diet that is. Such is life. Stephen
  9. In the past 2-3 decades we had two hurricane warnings. Both times I took both children out onto the front porch, got us comfortable and awaited the end of the world as we know it. Both times the big storm missed us. Pooped out. Landed miles away. Both times my wife, the intelligent member of my family went to the basement and ignored all this foolishness. Neither child trusts me anymore. Well, they are both in their 40's so they have no faith in my prognostications any more. So far we have had two house fires, one almost tornado, several lightning strikes where we lost tr
  10. S.Perhaps not enough people are interested? Or make them yourself. Color Xerox the real patches you want. Then print the color patches at the scale you need.
  11. Jeff Roberts has placed his company, COMBAT MODELS, up FOR SALE ! Any interested parties should contact him personally, by telephone, 1-570-450-5647. Stephen
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