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  1. ssculptor

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    None of us know. But it is such fun guessing. Isn't one purpose of a hobby having fun? So we guess away and enjoy ourselves.
  2. ssculptor

    C-47 on floats - 1942

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_8ccwoVZTc&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR35aUx2bPzWCgkP9uc7wbVUwowCI8QPCMecJeWgM-jguFsQQ2kZVNUjWog A C-47 on floats. Yummy. Enjoy
  3. I agree. But it is possible that the boss has a soft spot for the Lanc?
  4. ssculptor

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    As we discussed before, "...different strokes for different folks". Personally, I like the model to be pretty close to the overall shape and I let it go at that. I finally learned to relax and enjoy readIng all the conclusions that the detail guys come up with. Just as long as I do not have to do any of them myself. I am interested mainly in the overall shapes of the aircraft. But I apprciate all the work the detailers do. In terms of my current transforative stage I prefer readybuilt models which I can convert into my sculpture. Then I can paint them any way I lilke. After all, I am the grand Field Marshal of the Vulgarian Armed Forces. In terms of detailing I am happy with vacuform models and the wood models made in the Philippines both of which are open to detailing as much as I want. Note the carved wood models from the philippines, A number of the early products of the artisans from that country, every now and then one may find a model so out of proportion and so wrong that all I can do is repaint them in VAF colors and declare them to be original designs . I'm in this game for the pure fun of it. We are given only one life, make what you want and enjoy it.
  5. ssculptor

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    Only the Shadow knows, heh, heh, heh.
  6. ssculptor

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    Utter Balderdash!! We covered this topic about a year ago. There are many WW1 aircraft that havent as yet been modeled in 1/32 scale. Maybe fewer British Aeroplanes but still lots and lot of German a/c. Plus the Austro-Hungarian birds. There is an ocean of French aircraft as yet untouched by the magic wand of WNW. Lets not forget the many Italian and Russian aircraft. P.S. Utter Balderdash is a rest camp and retirement home for retired colonels and general army officers. A similiar establishment is the retired pre-Dreadnaught WW1 battleship H.M.S. Incontinent. This serves as home to the older naval offerces, who live in expectation of the revival of the batleship into the line.
  7. ssculptor

    Zukei Mura: a jet in 1/32???

    I see no need for another noxie WW2 fighter. I have all the Fw-190 kits (some built) and spending good money and time buildling another is just a waste. What am I gonna get, another Fw-190 with maybe 2 to 5% more detail? Not worth even talking about it. Also the noxies killed enough of my relatives, both combatants and civilians, to make me refuse spending 1 cent for another version of a 190. On the other hand any Dornier 17, 215 or 217 sourkraut bomber will be more than welcome. Also any multiengine cherman float plane and flying boat will also be welcome.. I do not care about the correct number and location of rivets and panels on my models. I am pleased by the appearance of the Lancaster, B-17, B-24 and B-25, He-111 and Ju-88 as 1/32 injection molded kits. All in all I am pleased by the appearance of any 1/32 multiengined bomber from any country on the market. We certinly can use kits of the Russian, Japanese, and Italian multingined bombers.
  8. ssculptor

    Zukei Mura: a jet in 1/32???

    The next time you talk to the Z-M manager please mention the need for a 1/32 Val, Kate and a few others from the early WW2 era. Thanks,
  9. ssculptor

    1957 Chevy..GORGEOUS !

    My apologies. I was typing last night when I was tired and wrote that I have a 1956 Corvette. WRONG - I must be getting senile in my dotterage. It was in 1966 that I bought a new 'vette off the showroom floor, not 1956. No fun getting old. After my Corvette got hit a couple times and stolen twice I parked it in my garage and bought a Gremlin. I really liked the lines on that Gremlin, still do. But I gave the Gremlin to my wife. I have gone through a number of cars since then but I still have my 'vette. Now I drive a Honda Obesity van. Vette is still in the garage.
  10. ssculptor

    1957 Chevy..GORGEOUS !

    I don't really want to rain on anyone's parade but I had a new 1955 Chevy sedan back in 1955. But iIt wouldn't turn a corner, it would wallow around it and you were never sure if you had it under control or if it controlled you. Yech! You could get sea sick in that bloated bowl of jello. To be fair, most American cars were designed that way. If you took a corner just a little too fast you would roll the tire off the wheel. To get any kind of cornering ability at all you had to heavily modify the suspension. Sure was interesting, seeing all those grandmothers all dressed in leather, lying under their '55 Chevies, replacing the front suspensions on a yearly interval. You could almost set your calendar by the intervals between front suspension changes. On the other hand, the cars from that era were very, very comfortable. One could wander through a drive-in theatre on the weekend evenings and see all the cars bouncing up and down as a new crop of children were being conceived. Ah nostalgia. Personably, I was happiest the 1956 Chevroet Corvette. I still have that beauty in the garage. Stephen
  11. ssculptor

    David Aiken has passed

  12. ssculptor

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    You want gladiolas in 1/24??? You want flowers? o
  13. ssculptor

    The "wants" list...

    Fun? Fun? Are we supposed to be having fun with all these models? Why didn't someone tell me that we were supposed to behaving fun with these boxes of plastic parts? Here I have been accumulating all these kits in anticiipation of some kind of revelation. An epfinity at least. You mean all I get are more little plastic parts? I've been gyped! I knew I should have stuck with playng with women. At least I could have had pleasure playing with them women folk. Beelzebug. I've been hoodwinked! New rule!!! From now on I build only models of the Vulgarian armed forces. Let's see, there are Hildegaard, Gertrude, Mary, Sweetie Pie, Plum Bottom.... Oh, there are so many luchious females to get in trouble with.
  14. ssculptor

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    I agree. I have the Caudron G.3 kit in 1/24 and except for the fact that the side frames have all crumbled into lead dust it a most intriging kit.
  15. What surprises me is that WNW broke their concentraton on WW1 era aicraft and issued a War 2 heavy bomber kit (the Lancaster). It is a necessary choice for them, however. After all, if everyone associated with that company is part of the UK and the Commonweallth Countries, and no one else (with a few exceptions) is interested in seeing to their needs then WNW must ride to the rescue. After all, to the Brits the Lancaster is the iconic War 2 bomber, just lke the B-24 and the B-17 are Americas' War 2 heavy bombers.