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  1. What I like best of all details is the decal set out of Germany that has the markings that one sees on virgin sheets of aluminum which indicates the type and manufacturer of the aluminum sheet. One can apply them to the inside of wings, etc. which do not get painted. What's that you say? If you cannot see them after making the model why apply them in the first place? Because you know they are there. Really, I am not laughing at this. Some of us take this seriously. I don't do this myself but I do other things that make people wonder.
  2. There is a bit of a thaw hereabouts. 52 degrees F and up tomorrow. I like the snow. I have never lived in an area that did not have a white winter. I would miss it. Even -25 degrees F is welcome. Just as 100 degrees above zero F is interesting in August.
  3. Wouldn't it be great if WNW or Roden produced a DH-4?
  4. Make your own rule of thumb. Then happily go on with your modelling.
  5. If we spent as much time building kits from our stash as we do blowing hot air about what may or may not happen or why what is happening is happening we would get a lot more models built.
  6. Musicians are hard to live with as their music keeps them on the road and avoiding temptation is difficult. Artists who make the plastic arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc,) have problems with their spouses because their art takes primary importance in terms of the great amount of time they need to make their art, the money they must spend on studios and art materials, etc. Their art assumes primary importance and the wives and spouses do tire of being of secondary importance in the relationship. Even when both domestic partners are artists they have problems of jealousy and t
  7. I doubt it. Color is too variable and can vary due to variation in lots due to wartime conditions and the like. Also colors are affected by exposure to the elements: heat, cold, sunlight, inclement weather, etc. Age is a factor, too. Frankly it has never bothered me. To me all colors are variable and I do not worry about it. I am in the hobby for enjoyment, not to grow an ulcer.
  8. "Tis possible that when they shut down the other year they were just taking a break and were waiting for things, in general, to simply calm down. Or maybe waiting until finances came back up, or one of a zillion possible reasons. Who knows? I sure don't. Or to take a pessimistic point of view perhaps they were waiting for the right time to empty their warehouse, especially now that prices of their old stock have risen so high. Hey, if I had the ability to read peoples' minds I'd be a multimillionaire.
  9. We men grow up when we are so infirm due to old age that we just haven't the energy to resort to childish behavior. Overwhelming situational pressures can also reduce us males to the stultifying, dour, "proper" behavior patterns so favored by our wives. Problem there is that when we become so dull that our wives are pleased that then they get bored and seek affairs with other men who are a bit more exciting. Either way we males are screwed. So go do what you want while you are outwardly pretending to behave the way your wife wants. Just pretend you are an actor and develop an alterna
  10. I've lived through a lot worse weather than this over the years, especially during the 28 years I resided in Chicago. Like the year where the warmest it got was 3 below zero Fahrenheit for 10 consecutive overcast days. At night it would drop down to the -25 -30 degrees range. The eleventh day it hit 6 degrees above zero and the sun came out; I thought it was an early spring. Then I moved to Connecticut and I thought I was in the tropics. Except for the occasions where we would have 18 inches of snow overnight. Today I just feel sorry for those folks in Texas, especially those with n
  11. Five years ago we had a house fire. It was confined to the library, wherein were stored all my decals. The quantity of airplane decals were well soaked. I will unstick them from their storage envelopes by in water. But then how do I get them to stick to the models when I have finished assembling the parts? Which liquid do I use? Any special adhesive should I use? Help. Many thanks, Ssculptor
  12. Paper card models of railroad trains are in 1/25 scale, by the way. I am too ham fisted to work with fragile card materials. I would prefer to xerox copy the paper models to 1/32 or to 1/24 scale, then rubber cement them onto styrene sheets and then assemble them. But first remove the color copy off the plastic. Assemble the plastic model and then paint it. I have been planning to do this again but I never got around to it. Still wont but the idea is good.
  13. Hey, it is snowing again. What a surprise!
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