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  1. I doubt that the storage container has anything to do with the problem. It is usually the mixture of the liquid resin and hardener as they were stored. Freezing before use can adversely affect these liquids. As can storage in excessive humidity; also age of resins before use. Lots of luck. STEPHEN
  2. By the way, if any of you find this 1/24 kit and you don't want it please let me know. I'd like to buy two more and combine them into one Caudron G-4 twin engine aeroplane. I really am quite fond of these old "birdcages". Thank you. Stephen
  3. Two problems to discuss here; resin and lead casting. Gather 'round chillun and pay heed, the olde phart is about to explain it all. First, resin. Casting a bunch of resin is as tricky as de debil hisself can make it. Especially in the early days of casting plastic. During WW2 the1/72 scale identification models were cast in a Bakelite plastic as were the black telephones of that era. Real manufacturers hired professional casting experts to run their production lines. So they got good results. However items cast for the hobby by amateurs in their garages and basements sometimes failed to meet the strict standards and sometimes crystalized and became powder. Apparently your kit had turned to powder. All gone, sorry Charlie. This problem exists today on occasion with the modern polystyrene and the old plastic Bakelite. Back in the 1950's there was a line of six 1/48 horse drawn fire engines under the label American Firefighters. Later Revell bought the line, added horses and sold them under their name. Only five were ever sold. The sixth, a hook and ladder rig, failed in the casting process. The casts all failed and when the modeler opened the box all he got was spaghetti. I discussed this with another old timer who actually bought one of these kits. He said when he opened the box at home he was so mad he tossed it out. If you come across a WW2 aviation Identification model smell tit. If it reeks of acetone it is self destructing. Put it down and run away. Apparently there is no cure. I once has a collection of 180+ of these ID MODELS. I traded them away to a collector and started working in 1/48 scale. SECOND, as to lead castings, well, le poop has hit the fan here too. The lead casting is fine if left unpainted. But when painted the coat of paint forms an airtight covering over the entire casting. Over time tiny cracks appear in this coating of paint. Next moisture seeps in between the lead casting and the dried paint. Then moisture seeps in and over time turns the lead into lead oxide which has no strength at all at all. Put pressure on the casting, or even the vibration of vehicles passing by and it disappears. Poof. This is a problem that sends museum curators rushing home to their mommies (or lovers) for sympathy. Some well known museums have been fighting this problem for years. Many years ago a Swiss firm issued a 1/24 plastic kit of the Caldron G-3 biplane. A really nice kit but all the side frames were changed to plastic powder. I have examined two other kits by this manufacturer and all there is is powder instead of the frames. So don't feel too bad, it happens to us all.
  4. Well, if I knock some live ash onto it does smoke a bit.
  5. Hey. I'm old. I am still mastering smoke signals. That's why I don't communicate while in my car. Its bothersome when I am leaving a trail of smoke behind me while a fire engine is chasing me down.
  6. Many thanks. I was wondering how to do that.
  7. So VR is a game. Nice to know.
  8. They listed only 1,800 books.
  9. There is a firm in the USA that offers for sale new copies of books at discounted prices. These are remainders, publishers closeouts, overstocks, and current titles at special lower prices. For those of us who reside in the USA postage is $4 for the entire order! They have a category W.W.1, W.W.2 which includes aircraft, naval, armor, soldiers, etc. Caution, I do not know if they sell overseas and at what postage. You will have to ask them. email is service@HamiltonBook.com They also issue specialty catalogs periodically. Warning, looking through that list yesterday to find one book resulted in my buying 30.
  10. Aw, come on guys. You mean that you cannot calmly take a day long break from LSP without going bonkers? Really. I used the time to develop my skill in carving a detailed model in wood of a German 5 motor W.W.1 bomber using my teeth! After I had a complete nervous breakdown it was quite easy to accomplish. Now I am wearing the loveliest mauve and chartreuse straight jacket.
  11. Now that I have a Val and Kate in 1/24 (both carved wood) and the XF5F Skyrocket and Dauntless in 1/32 (both carved wood) and lots and lots of other aircraft in 1/32 kits and carved wood and vacuform and paper card (1/33 scale) I really do not feel the urge to get any other. Sure I have many kits to build but I'm not dead yet so I may get some made. But now I am spending time modelling 1/32 Vulgarian Air Force aircraft. And working on the second novel. And making sculpture. I certainly appreciate being retired!!! Keep on trucking.
  12. in re FLASH: Y'know, I kinda miss the flash. Since I started building models in 1942 I started into plastic kits as soon as they appeared on the scene . My uncle in Long Island, New York, used to send me a bunch of the kits every now and then. I enjoyed removing the flash. Still do. My dad bought me the flying models, kits, engines, fuel, tools, etc. and drove me to the flying field on Sundays and to the club meets. No, dad never helped with the building of the kits. He had no talent in that direction. Mom helped by overseeing my handiness with the double edge razor blades. I never drew blood. Excuse my trip into nostalgia land. Stephen
  13. I really liked the! way one musician began and gradually others appeared while playing until the entire orchestra were playing. BRAVO!
  14. I talked to Jeff Roberts today. Jeff is recovering from a long illness. He said as soon as he is feeling better he will revive Combat Models and get the business going again. He said if anyone wants to call him use phone number 570 450 5647 Stephen Auslender Enjoy.
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