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  1. My daughter just got a set of LED strip lights that change color. She can control the lights via a Chinese made app on her phone. Also I had to connect this little gadget to our home WIFI. I really thing bluetooth would have been better and direct. So now I have this little gadget that is always connected to the WIFI...it makes nervous. I've been checking to see if it is active during times when we are asleep or away. Is there any way that thing can snoop other things on the WIFI or anything coming and going off her phone wifi?
  2. There has been a lot of talk about the hobby going away. While it is true I see a lot of gray hair at model shows, I can't be happier right now with the availability of product. Some of the nicest kits I have imagined have come out in the last 10-15 years. Right now I'm working on a 1/72 Space:1999 Eagle from the new kit. It is not only totally accurate but everything fits like a glove as well. Although I'm sad about Testors paint being scaled back or cancelled, there are a ton of great alternatives. In fact I'm using craft acrylics to paint my Eagle. It took hou
  3. Pretty much. There are a few other external differences. There is an extra windscreen brace on the port side. Also the dust filter which is that perforated inlet just behind the spinner on each side. IIRC there were some that only had four guns?
  4. Royboy, The latest EduArt release of the P-40N had all the canopy parts inside to do an "M".
  5. Fantastic great job. Perfect finish!
  6. Stunning build and so realistic. Your weathering is just right because you didn't over do it.
  7. I have several Hasegawa P-40s in my stash including one EduArt version (which is really nice). The shape issues I have seen with the new Trumpeter make me scratch my head. Looks like they put their "B" team on them. Still I have no reason to not do my Hasegawa's because the shape on those is very very good.
  8. Looking good! i have this kit in my stash too!
  9. I worked with a guy 25 years ago that was older than me. He saw some posters I had in my cube of WW2 fighters. He said his father flew P-47s in the war and had remembered that the fighter's eight 0.50 caliber guns were "devastating". He also said his father had permanent dead spots on his retinas due to constantly looking at the threat of German fighters diving out of the sun... Greatest generation!
  10. I have this kit too and I'm curious if you could join all the fuselage skin parts first. That way some of the gaps and alignment would be cleaner.
  11. Beautiful job on that F4U-1A! Weathering is outstanding!
  12. Superb craftsmanship! Thanks for sharing the ride!
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