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  1. On YouTube you can find “Ways of the Warhawk” a wartime training film. The interior of that P-40F looks bronze green to me.
  2. Super awesome work! I enjoy riding along with you on this journey.
  3. For a little more money in the Eduard boxing, you get all the excellent Hasegawa plastic (and all the parts to build any Allison engine Kittyhawk except short tail "K"). You also get nice resin wheels, some photoetch, and a gorgeous decal sheet. There are still some of them available from places like Squadron.com
  4. I had heard the Squadron putty had been replaced by a "new" formulation. I threw out my old squadron green and white putty years ago. They sanded up nice but over a period of weeks would always shrink a little. Tamiya basic putty is better with that but not perfect. Check out this video. Perfect Plastic Putty is water based and sticks really well. I dilute it and brush it into small gaps. It's worth a look Perfect Plastic Putty
  5. My wife does not bother me about purchasing kits. Fortunately, the house has plenty of storage space so that is not an issue. In fact, she has sever tubs full of her hobby thing, books! However, I was getting a Spitfire ready for the IPMS Nats in Chattanooga recently. For several weeks I was at the workbench more than usual. She was a bit irritated that I was not with the family. So I guess I agree a little...except our teenagers really don't want to be with us that much right now anyway.
  6. Beautiful model and photography as well!
  7. Here is a shot of the cockpit right out of the box. Really nice! No seat belts but according to the IPMS rules I could have added them.
  8. That sucks! Hope u are back ASAP...
  9. I'd like a 1/24 early P-40/B/C. It wouldn't be too hard to also do a P-36/Hawk-75 using same wing and firewall back parts.
  10. Hi all, After Lope's Hope P-40N dragged on for months, I needed a true Mojo kit. This was it! This is the weekend edition Spitfire from Eduard. It build up wonderfully right from the box. The only complaint is that I had no seat belts of any kind (so I posed the canopy closed). There were a lot of fiddly little parts...but everything fit together like a Swiss watch. I must say it was about 8 weeks of model building joy. Rock on Eduard! It got entered in the IPMS Nationals last weekend but the competition was fierce. It was my first use of Mission Models paint. Their primer is awesome and it will be "my boy" from now on. The spinner was painted with Model Master Acryl. My secret formula for that is 50% Future. Sprays great and cures hard as rock! OK, indulge me in one more pose of "Lope's Hope"...
  11. Try a 50% mix of MM Acryl with Future. That's my secret formula. Comes out eggshell sheen and because Future is floor polish it cannot even be scratched with my fingernail after it hardens!
  12. Gantt, can you fly that plane? "I'm the best there is..."
  13. Nice work! Love your idea to use the pipe insulation foam as a work cradle
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