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  1. Great and smooth paint. What brand are you using?
  2. Here is one shot with my DSLR. The moon dust is actually "Mt. St. Helen's ash" that I got as an interesting door prize. Dem Brudders gave a Space: 1999 building seminar at the 2019 IPMS Nationals. I won a small jar of ash that they said was ideal for photography of Space 1999 subjects. You be the judge:
  3. Sublime work! I was wondering, do those metal panels keep their shine or do they oxidize quickly?
  4. Looks great! Following this build!
  5. Thanks for the update and I love your decals. They kick butt!!!!
  6. Congrats on the new grandchild! Beautiful!
  7. Wonderful job on that Roland!!!
  8. Great work! Interesting subject as well. I didn't even know Yugoslavia operated 109s.
  9. I had heard this was a great kit from Tamiya. Looks like it’s true!!!
  10. Yes the 14” version is basically same. The main spine is a little easier to build than it’s big brother. I have not built the larger one yet but I really enjoy this size. It’s easier to display. I can see wanting to do more of these sizes.
  11. Thanks! We all know that alclad hides nothing...especially scratches. So, essentially, I took advantage of that fact!
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