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  1. I have an Accurate Miniatures A-36 Apache in 1/48 that has been on the SoD since the 90s...
  2. If they used Jumpei Temma's wonderful drawings (and why wouldn't they) we have a good chance at least the shapes/outline will be very close for the first time ever in this scale! I had hoped Tamiya would be doing an early P-40 but this one looks very good so far! Giddy up!
  3. Tremendous and excellent job on both the model and the outstanding photography!!! I could learn from you on that!
  4. So say we all!! I watched the original show in the late 70s as a kid and was a total convert Ron Moore’s new series. Love it. Also Blood and Chrome was awesome!! good job on the kit. I have a copy but have not built up yet.
  5. KUROK


    There is a toy that was made by "Motor Max" that scales well to 1/32. It was available at WalMart years ago and I think you can still get it at Amazon or eBay. The current version has a canopy that is messed up and it would take a ton of filler to get a good model out of it. The version I have is an older one where the canopy is correctly sized. One day I will finish it as a desk model for an "in flight" display. The landing gear is horribly inaccurate. I do wish for a good one from...Tamiya!!! Here is one: Looks like Richmond Toys makes it now in blue. The dimensi
  6. Wow that is fantastic! bravo!!!
  7. Another beauty, Tolga! It seems you and the Hasegawa P-40 are a match made in heaven!
  8. My daughter just got a set of LED strip lights that change color. She can control the lights via a Chinese made app on her phone. Also I had to connect this little gadget to our home WIFI. I really thing bluetooth would have been better and direct. So now I have this little gadget that is always connected to the WIFI...it makes nervous. I've been checking to see if it is active during times when we are asleep or away. Is there any way that thing can snoop other things on the WIFI or anything coming and going off her phone wifi?
  9. Pretty much. There are a few other external differences. There is an extra windscreen brace on the port side. Also the dust filter which is that perforated inlet just behind the spinner on each side. IIRC there were some that only had four guns?
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