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  1. My Uncle worked on VooDoos when he was in the service and I've always liked the lines of that aircraft. Nice job!
  2. Everything is awesome! paint job is true perfection!
  3. Great looking Warhawk! i really like the paint and subtle weathering.
  4. Looks wonderful with weathering as so realistic! about how long did it take to build? I also have this kit.
  5. Well... I finally ran out of things to do. What a project. This kit was intended as a "Mojo builder", just a quick project for the juices to get flowing. AMS kicked in and it dragged on and on... There are a lot of firsts on this kit though! First resin cockpit First time figured out how to spray Future in the airbrush First nearly all acrylic finish First use of double action airbrush on a kit First use of oil paint for weathering As for the AMS add-ons: Resin True Details cockpit and wheels Metal landing gear (for Hasegawa kit but adapted) Photoetch instrument panel Brass machine gun barrels from Master (also bead sight) Photoetch cockpit side rails Scratchbuilt: cowl flaps, belly tank braces (I nearly went blind), sliding canopy, landing gear doors, brake lines, DF Loop I'm always critical of my own photography. I think it looks better in person for sure!
  6. Beautiful work there! Thanks for sharing the photos!!!
  7. Interesting idea for a project. I'm following with my interest!
  8. I was putting scratchbuilt sway braces on a model P-40 and it was almost impossible due to my hands shaking so much. My thought was: "Man, I'm getting old! My hands are not smooth like when I was young!" Then I realized I had drank two cups of strong coffee that morning (normally I only have one). Wow, what a relief! Thought I was going to have to pick up a new hobby! LOL So long and happy model building folks!
  9. Looks really great and that large 1:18 scale is really impressive!
  10. He had almost all of his time on this olive drab P-38. There was another one that was restored at the same time and it was a silver painted one. He died while flying that one the first time... https://www.ntsb.gov/about/employment/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/brief2.aspx?ev_id=20001208X08240&ntsbno=SEA97FA130&akey=1
  11. I wonder what their business case is related to the "N"? Hasegawa very very rarely puts out their N. In fact Eduard recently did a limited run using the Hasegawa N plastic (a really nice kit). Perhaps if the price point is much lower than the Hasegawa and a shark teeth nose art is present, they can get the sales???
  12. I will chime in about a P-38. If we got a P-38 from Tamiya with their same attention given to the Corsair...I would throw down some money. While I'm here, I'll also wish Tamiya would do an F4U-4 or -5....or both!
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