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  1. KUROK

    Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

    Please make sure Mr. Jumpei Temma's wonderful shared work on the drawings is given credit on the instruction sheet!
  2. KUROK

    1:48 Mauve P-40N "Lope's Hope"

    Hello my friends! Work has been progressing, slowly but surely. I must say that being at the bench is where I like to be, to relieve stress. Another weakness in the Mauve kit is the wheel wells...they are pathetic. So I have tried to add some structure but decided to simulate the canvas liners with metal tape that you can get at the hardware store: Here's one reason this project drags on, I'm a rivet maker (not a counter). LOL Actually, I got the rivet tools from UMM and just could not help myself!
  3. KUROK

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953 FINISHED

    She’s a beauty!
  4. KUROK

    My big scales models

    Wow what a wonderful collection. You are talented builder!!!
  5. KUROK

    A6M2b, 1:32, Tamiya

    Beautiful job on your Zero!
  6. KUROK

    Are the Hasegawa P40 kits really ill fitting?

    There was an extra bracing added to the windscreen on the port side only. This was introduced late in the series with the "M" and "N" so it would never be seen on the "E". Hasegawa as you know fixed the mistake and I think offered replacement parts for the early "E" kits.
  7. KUROK

    Tamiya P51 Mustang

    Looking great and way to go on recovery!
  8. KUROK

    Are the Hasegawa P40 kits really ill fitting?

    The latest boxing from Eduard is really nice. It has all canopy styles and tail styles. so u can build P-40E, long tailed K, M, or N with it.
  9. KUROK

    1/32 Marauder

    I'm loving this! i would love a big scale B-26!!!!
  10. KUROK

    Tamiya 60325: F4U-1A Corsair

    Great review! Thanks! Note: I did see a small nick or flaw in the photo of the clear sliding canopy.
  11. Ah just grab a P-51D. It's a better looking plane than the "H" anyway.
  12. KUROK

    Zoukei-Mura P-51 Mustang Miss Marilyn II

    Great job! I have a ZM and wish to seal up all the fuselage skin like you did. Can I just do all of it at once so I can get tight fit? Or will that mess up the build sequence?
  13. KUROK

    Revell Mustang - Finished

    True. It took a while for them to "bleed" down as they are held up by hydraulic pressure.
  14. KUROK

    1:48 Mauve P-40N "Lope's Hope"

    I have built the AMT kit as well and it is not bad at all. It builds nicely but I did not like the engine panels that have to be carefully glued on. I would say the Mauve kit has more refined surface (panel lines) and the shapes are bit more correct. Drawback of Mauve is the open holes at the intakes and wheel well detail sucks. Cockpit is no good but the inexpensive True Details resin cockpit fits like a glove and is a no-brainer for Mauve. Although I have never actually built the hasegawa version, I see that there are just fewer things to fix.