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  1. Decal sheet: Interesting that the Chinese nationalist insignia is in two pieces. I guess this gets it through production in red China, eh? I've seen this on some RAF subjects where the roundels had to be in pieces due to legal issues!
  2. Looks like my plan to use the wing, lower fuselage, empenage from the Hasegawa P-40E and combine it with the Trumpeter fuselage is now moot. This kit is going to be a great Tomahawk.
  3. Agreed. When I buy a P-51 Mustang kit these days, there is a label on the box lid "Officially licensed by Boeing" or something like that.
  4. I certainly would be impressive. With that big of a wing we might need a table not a shelf! LOL
  5. So if my math is right the wingspan of this kit is about 3 feet?
  6. Great project. I will be riding along. Note the photo shows the "cat on the moon" is much more toward tail than the drawing. Also the cat/moon seems to be next to a white stripe...not a blue one.
  7. It certainly was impressive. Big and it was well built.
  8. Here are my photos from the model show put on by IPMS Atlanta, Saturday. It's been about 19 months since the last show. There were a lot of great subjects on the tables...a lot of enthusiasm to get back to having shows. These photos are a good sample. I wandered around and took photos of whatever caught my eye. There are some very good LSP subjects I'm sure you will spot. I'm happy to report my Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter won 2nd place in the SciFi category! Enjoy the pics. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmX58b7k
  9. My snapshots from the 2019 Nationals in Tennessee:
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