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  1. There is also an extra canopy brace on the windscreen. On port side only I believe. You could just paint that on.
  2. Wow!!!! That is beautiful!!!!
  3. KUROK

    F 35

    Great job on that Lightning II !!!!
  4. Tamiya are very meticulous so they may be working on something that may still be a year or two away. Me, I'd love for them to expand their Corsair releases to have a F4U-4 and F4U-5!!!
  5. My mother and sister live pretty close to San Marcos so I think I'll have to make it to the Nats in 2020!! Hope to meet some of you guys in person there.
  6. I have used Mission Models paint on one model and had great results. Agree with what has been stated in that if you over-thin the paint it is no good at all. I now use only a small amount of thinner and some folks spray it "neat". I also recommend their additive to make it harder to scratch off. As for their primer, it was fantastic. It was very opaque and snuggled down really tight hiding no surface features. I plan to use it as my main primer. Testors Model Master Acryl gets a lot of hate and I don't agree. I have used it a few times and have found that mixing it with Future (Pledge floor finish) gives beautiful results. The Future mix is so hard after a day of curing that I cannot even scratch it with my fingernail!
  7. Airfix have recent P-40B/C releases in 1/72 and 1/48 where the shapes are very correct. Wish they would release a 1/32 as well...
  8. Awesome! cannot wait to see your next project. A P-38!
  9. Keep the P-40 Tomahawk and the P-36 on your list! Jumpei Temma has some really good drawings of each.
  10. Great job on that Mustang! I have the ZM kit too. So you recommend just go by instructions? I am concerned about all those skin panels lining up as well.
  11. Awesome! Big and beautiful!!!!!!
  12. Flak Bait was stored outside some years after the war? This weathering is a little extreme for wartime planes that were only months old.
  13. KUROK


    I still have a lot of MM enamels. Recently I retired several bottles that had gone bad but they were about 35 years old. Recently I learned how to airbrush the MM acryl paints and I really like the results. Hope this is fake news...
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