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  1. Absolute beauty my friend!! As for The texan... Go for it!! John
  2. Absolute perfection Chuck!!!! Awesome finish!!! Like the real deal!!! You should be pround of your work!! I sure am jealous John
  3. Chuck.... Against all difficulties... She is a real beauty!!! Hats off my friend!!! I am always amazed as well as "envious" of your skills!! Which is The next one?? John
  4. I am with Lothar to that....speechless!!!! John
  5. Just now i looked again your question and understand That you mean The canopy... My mistake...i glued The canopy frames With cyano glue... Step by srep and using a 0.10mm wire to transfer The glue.. Little by little.. So That to be as clean as i could!! Later after the glue has dried i used relatively high grade sanding sticks to clear any glue! Hope i helped John
  6. Good evening my friend... It is really simple.. First of all The material is Plastic Rod, i used one With the right diameter in order to be in scale. You can also use streched sprue. I cut 2 pieces in size... I flattened The edges and gave The angle in order to glue them on the frame. I used gators grip glue... You can also use White glue. Dont use cyano or tamiya like glue, you can easy damage something!! Hope i helped you somehow!!! John
  7. Thank you all for The nice comments, it is my first try on a german aircraft and really mean a lot!! John
  8. Thank you very much for The comments guys, really appreciate!! John
  9. Thanks Fanes!! It is Tamiya ones!!! John
  10. Good evening guys, Some progress to show... First of all i added the MW50 boost pressure gauge on the left side of the cockpit, as Vincent pointed out... I also received Alley cat's correct gun covers... Before start dealing with painting the cockpit i sanded down as much as i could the exhaust covers... I have to paint the exhaust before gluing them from inside to the fuselage sides. Thats a bit of a problem during the painting process, but nothing that cant be done. and time to paint the cockpit...First i applied a coat of ak aluminium, chipping medium and finally gunze's RLM66. Waiting for the parts to dry i dealt with the instrument panel. I chose the resign one from eduard. First i carefully painted the dial details, then i punched the dial faces from airscale's exeptional decals and finally i added small clear sheet faces on top. Little light wash and dry brush and here it is next to yahu's one...i like it better! Next on detailing the cockpit.... Excellent Radub's seat belts... First run for ak's real colors gloss varnish...really excellent staff (thinned with leveling thinner, true opponent for my favourite X-22 from tamiya) Wash, weathering, matt varnish and final weathering... And finally the exhausts, first shot with alclad exhast manifold and then treated with rubb n' buff spanish copper, finally little black with mig's black smoke weathering pigments That;s all folks, hope you like it... Next with cockpit installation.... All the best, John
  11. Thank you very much for the comments!!! John
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