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  1. Thats why I used highly thinned future. Anyway, I am trully very intrigue about this lp9, I will be waiting for your test and results
  2. Good morning Chuck... Have you tried future thinned with lacquer thinner(leveling thinner for me) ?? Yes it can be thinned with lacquer thinner!!! Thinned 70/30 favour to thinner... I tried it on my f-86 with Light passes....just to cover the decals...In my case it did not cut the shine I wanted... But again I want it a slightly dull NMF!! As for AK Interactive Gauzy, it is nice, May be does not dull the metal finish But it is like you put a glass over the model... Did not like it... My humple opinion! John
  3. Amazing work so far!!!! John
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