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  1. My take is its Dupont 71-036 RAF cockpit light green Look at the pictures below..the unpainted airframes are RAF contract Tomahawks (there a lot of little difference that tell you the unpainted are Tomahawks vs P40s)... compare the color of the cockpits to the US P40s...to me its just not the same color.. ...You ever see a light geen square of what looks like the lighter US color in the the otherwise darker green cockpit of the first Tomahawks to the far right Not sure why that small lighter green square but its about the location the pouch for the "flight computer" goes on later (it a mechanical circular slide rule type device) Also per this photo to me Tomahawks have black Headrest the US P40's brown headrest I also base this on the color of a recovered Tomahawks Square back seat mount I saw in person and took photo of in Atlanta at Tom Wilson's shop
  2. They started off as a crude copy of the Trumpeter P40B then adding the worst parts of the old Monogram 1/48 P40b (the belly faring that not that bad Trumpeter kit and really bad in shape on the Monogram kit)
  3. Has anyone seen US Pre-order? Do we have a price or release date? Or ever were to download the instructions online?
  4. Hi im going to post a link to copy of my old "Long Nose Hawks” write up from May 2008 (forgive the terrible grammar and spelling) the "Early P-40 /Tomahawks Detail’s (part 1 of 3)" section is still relevant if somewhat dated (I do have a photo of the RAF external Armor Glass in this) ... i had to find a copy on the internet as i lost my original document some years back But I believe the old "Long Nose Hawks” write up was the first place much of this was first documented (like the squareback seat) https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/attachments/hume-bates_long-nose-hawks-pdf.491053/ Also some later notes Marking RAF gunsights setup RAF exhaust The ID light on spine and antenna Colors US P40 landing gear paint RAF landing gear paint Squareback seat color and just some oddity's
  5. not quite getting the needed for the external armor windscreen seen on one or two RAF Tomahawks ? its not from what I've see a standard ..but a local field mod and quite crude... Of the hundreds of Tomahawk photos I've collected over the years I've seen it on one, maybe two aircraft... I could be wrong and maybe is was a wide spread standard...if so ..and people have found a number of photos of different Tomahawks showing this same mod ...please share and we can document it was more widespread..... but I would never use unless I had clear photography proof that aircraft had that mod The mod itself would be simple just removing the center curve glass and replacing with some flat clear stock Much rather see the difference variations of RAF Tomahawks exhaust stacks (fish tail and the flame dampen) that seem far more common And with gunsite setup on US, RAF, & AVG aircraft all being unique and very different on each on each of these services aircraft (with no idea what the kit has if any)...and then add in the two different INTERNAL Armor glass setups (US vs RAF/AVG).. well that would also be higher on my wish list.. We can also get in the the large spine blister formation light RAF Tomahawks had (and patch over opening for it on AVG aircraft) that no o6n has ever done on any RAF Tomahawks kit..the unique fuel and oil stencil markings under the rear glass on RAF/AVG Tomahawk that no one's ever done, the US aircraft under wing airtemp probe...the diffrent underwing flare door set up, the tall antenna mast..the difference tail wheels and tail wheel doors...etc,etc, etc..
  6. Went to Imgur after photo bucket went south... ive lost a lot of photos
  7. Its inset in the opening .. .... wish i could find my photo but ive lost alot.. and can't seem to link photos on this board ...
  8. No the correct one for the AVG planes would be the squareback but US sources harnesses not british sutton harnesses.... (its on sprue A with wings) And on the rear bulkhead that the seat is attached.. the large round opening that you see the fuel tank through... in service there is an armor plate inset in that opening ...
  9. Nice..one thing the rear bulkhead has the armor plates..that good.. but when that fitted that opening in the center get a covering armor plate so you cannot see the fule tank that was removed to service the fule tank ....if you think about it be silly to have a little bit of armor around your shoulder and a giant opening behind your back
  10. Just saw a issue on sprue photos... Both ailerons have inset cockpit adjustable trim tabs.. no P40 (at least in WW2) ever had that.. Some early P40s had the external ground adjust tabs on both ailerons Then later went to one external ground adjust tab on right ...and one inset cockpit adjustable trim tabs on the left ....you see all the way to the P40N
  11. Hi from the few photos I've found the the external armor glass is just a local field mod some British units did.. I had a closeup photo I can't find right now but it's quite crudly sealed around sides..the way the glass is done on the the Tomahawk with the center and two side glass panels held clamp together by two tie rods to the upper and lowers frames its not all that hard to loose up the frame and swap out the center curved glass for a flat piece.. but the from what I've seen the external set up is very rare field mod There not anything in Dana's book on this glass setup (Dana sent me some corresponded on the book when he was working on it and sent me all his photo captions text asking my input if I had any..he was kind enough to give me a credit in it) But on the the internal armor glass .. be aware the Setup is diffrent between the US vs RAF/AVG aircraft... the US aircraft internal armored glass has a slight angle right to left and could swing open right to left to acess that gunsite reflection the US Aircraft had bolted to the center wind screen....the RAF/AVG not having that reflection had a simpler fixed Armor glass mount with no right to left angle...but the RAF aircraft do have a tube frame just below the wind screen for the gun site mount https://imgur.com/VsbNXsk
  12. There a large number of minor differences between the P40,B,C and RAF Tomahawks ...Seat, Cockpit details, Gunsight setup, armor glass, Pitot tube, radios antenna, exhaust outlets, (3 types), numerous other small details ....the kit will likely have some Optional parts (seats, Pitot tubes) for some of these details like the airfix 1/48 scale kit does ( really would love to see all three types of exhaust..but at least Straight tube and fish tail)
  13. Yes that from the Jun Temma’s drawing. He got the difference in the lower cowl cross section.. his drawing are excellent.. only fyi on those drawing is the radio hatch on the P36 early P40 ..do to simplify the fuselage framing on the Hawk 87 P40D to N the radio hatch is slightly narrower then on the Hawk 75, Hawk 81 P36 P40 B-C.. its very hard to spot and to me some time to document..Jun Temma notes on creating the doing the drawing assume the radio hatch was the same size across the whole P36 To P40 N ..I had made the same assumption for years because I couldn't figure out why they would make a slight size change in the opening to I found the frame simplify on the later P40 vs the early P36 P40
  14. Hi can I offer and input? From the CAD by the lower cowl seams and fullness they uses a restored examples but all the restoration tend to use the later model P40 as a guide for the lower cowl lines (little fill and sand easy fix on model) the early P40 lower cowl is more " V" or heart shape vs the "U" of later P40's lower cowl And a marking behind the real glass fuel port that no one makes a decal for.. i seen this marking on just about ever Tomahawk
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