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  1. Think I'll just go ahead and put mine in the trash. This is remarkable looking.
  2. I've got over half my total flight time in the airframe. From freighters to corporate birds, GE and Garrett engines, and C model through F model. I've wanted for years to build a really nice one. I have almost all the information a guy could want on the airframe, except good dimensional measurements. I even contacted Dassault once to see about getting a good 3 view drawing to work off of but unfortunately they said couldn't be of assistance. Unfortunately Dassault has mostly wiped their hands of the aircraft and does not prefer to work with it. I may be able to talk with my Director of
  3. I've got a set from AMS.
  4. Here is my Tamiya F-16. I really good friend gave me the kit anand it has been a wonderful reprieve from the world this past month. Only addition is a Quickboost seat and Two Bob's decals. Any F-16 expert could pick it apart but I had a ton of fun with it and I'm quite pleased with it.
  5. Heres my Tamiya F-6D. Nothing special, I just wanted to try Alclad and learn how to work with it for an upcoming build. I didn't forget the wing insignia, this aircraft didn't carry it.
  6. Something to remember as well is a laminar flow wing is not only predicated on an extremely smooth wing surface. Its about the shape of the wing and where the "curve" back down of the airfoil is located along the chord. I've flown a lot of laminar flow wings that were anything but super smooth, and yet they did a perfectly fine job. Yes, smooth helps, but it's not the end all be all of making this wing what it was and is.
  7. You completely missed my point and responded in a way I do not appreciate. Build it however you'd be happy to look at it.
  8. The problem is people want black and white when the world is grey. No one argues how the aircraft left the factory. Nice and smooth. Where the differences come in is over time how the aircraft evolves based on operational stresses. Environment, g-force stressing, etc....all will affect the initial finish. My car left the factory absolutely pristine, but it isnt now. As builders we need to remember there is so much variation over an aircraft's lifespan that the same aircraft can be built completely differently based on what time in it's life you've decided to model. Fresh from the fact
  9. That is the single best natural metal finish I have ever seen!!
  10. SB20


    My apologies, don't want to derail thread further.
  11. SB20


    It may actually be some very good marketing done quietly. Look how many people are talking about Testors and going out to buy the paints for fear of losing them..... That's a whole lot of publicity for an extremely cheap price.
  12. I'm getting ready to start a reconnaissance Mustang and I was curious about armament. I know they kept the 50 cals, but the under wing stores is what I'm wondering. Tamiya has you put rocket tubes on, and I'd like to use them. Did the recon birds carry the rocket tubes in real life?
  13. Well, I've flown a 100 hours in just the last few weeks all over the country and I can confidently say the weather isnt always cold at 10,000'. Thats not even counting strong temperature inversions where its warmer at 10,000 than on the ground. And countless other weather phenomena that affect all the temps at varying altitudes. Can it be very cold at 10k, of course! But it can also be quite warm. Back on topic, I look forward to this kit very much.
  14. Not really true. With a standard lapse rate of 2 degrees per thousand feet it can be relatively warm at 10,000'. And lately it's been ISA+10 to +15 in much of the country so that makes it even warmer at 10,000'.
  15. Next up is to demilitarize the aft cockpit. Once I verify the fit, I'll go back and add Archer rivets.
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