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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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thank you my friends, you are all too kind :)


Target for tonight is the MN26C Tropicalised Radio Compass - I think this is the reciever part..


...note all the cables & fittings, screws, the odd colour it is - it also has some lovely labels that had to be made as decals...




now I thought I would get all clever with this and the other radios and reproduced them lovingly in 3D. As I wanted to start on them now, rather than pull a favour from friends to print them I joined Shapeways where I had seen others just get stuff printed on demand. I uploaded them, paid 60 euros for ultra fine plastic (which seemed horrifically expensive for three bits no more than a cm or two square) and waited for the postman..


..on arrival I cleaned them up and primed them..




..not too impressed actually - they seem to have quite a coarse 'waffle' effect like a raised grid across all vertical surfaces and the bigger details don't seem very crisp..


One other major flaw was down to me - I don't know how, or why but the MN26 part seen in the pic of Lopes Hope above is not tall enough...


I toyed with living with it given that one part is the cost of a half decent kit, but I couldn't so started to make one..


..I started by making the endplates, and the box from folded litho, bulked out with plastic to keep rigidity..




..by scaling & printing the layout I can mark what goes where on the business end..




..I then started to make up a kit of parts for all the details.. some of our airscale bezels, guitar string, wire from a busted laptop and odds & sods from my box of watch bits...




..then assembled those prior to priming & basecoat..






..the rear just has a little clasp..




..also added some feet from ali tube..




..then spent a bit of time trying to mix a colour that looked right - I looked at originals that have been sold on ebay and the pics I have and arrived at a semi metallic shade of baby poop...




..and then added all the rest of the cables & decals..










..I like it better than the other one and I have to say it was more satisfying to make :)




thats it for now, got to see what I can do with the radios next...




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8 hours ago, Anthony in NZ said:

Wish I had something of substance to say that hasn't already been said...…..speechless!


7 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:


That's pretty much my reaction, too!



I second that - or third it or whatever. Incredible!


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