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  1. Forget about the airplane model this is going in Jay... you should just build engines. It is a pleasure to watch your work unfold.
  2. Peter, for another poster I took some detailed photos of the FW-190D (reproduction) at the local Military Aviation Museum... you can get them here: FW-190D Photos Additionally I also took photos of an original FW-190A.. as your model is kind of a hybrid, maybe they will also be helpful: FW-190A Photos Hope something in those links is helpful. Bil
  3. All I can say is... wow. Simply gorgeous.
  4. Thank you for this build thread, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Your final result is very easy on the eyes. Bil
  5. I love the little guard for the MG to ensure the gunner doesn't shoot their rudder off. Bil
  6. I love this build, its gorgeous... only one thing missing... the catapult for the display stand.
  7. Unless the wings are covered with wood, like the D-VIII, I am pretty sure that rib-tapes were a mandatory safety feature for fabric covered wings. I would bet that even though they aren't prominent on photos that doesn't mean they aren't there. This is a gorgeous build so far, love the engine and the framing especially... very well done.
  8. There is also Eugen Lorcher's FW-190-F8 which was mostly bare metal.. sorry couldn't find much else about it online:
  9. This is incredible workmanship. Amazing really.
  10. Love it, a HUGE improvement over the kit part... learning to solder is on my to-do list. Bil
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