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  1. Love this! I don't envy the building of the undercarriage though!
  2. Boy, that det cord can't be fun to paint, even with masks. I have to wonder if it would be easy enough to sand it off and add one made from wire or something?
  3. I forsee another Best of Show award coming your way!
  4. I've really enjoyed following this build. I've never been a big fan of Navy jets, mostly due to lack of exposure--I live nearer to an air force base--but this has given me a newfound appreciation of their beauty.
  5. I'd use a step drill bit for the landing light; I've used them successfully on styrene sheet without grabbing up to 7/8" diameter, and the holes are clean and circular.
  6. That's interesting how the spent shell casings and link chutes are interconnected between the guns, I never really thought about how that was done before. Re: The task at hand, I'd agree with Barry about using sheet brass or aluminum.
  7. Awesome! I attempted the old Combat Models 1/48 conversion for the Monogram B-24J in about 1981. It was my only attempt at anything vac-formed. The nacelles defeated me, but I had the rest completed. Can't wait to see what you do with this!
  8. Wow, just read through this entire build. You're doing some top notch work on this kit!
  9. I honestly can't come up with an original word of praise for your work, so I'll just copy/paste this here: difficult to believe; extraordinary. synonyms: magnificent, wonderful, marvelous, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious,breathtaking, extraordinary, unbelievable, amazing, stunning, astounding, astonishing, awe-inspiring, staggering, formidable, impressive, supreme, great, awesome, superhuman; informalfantastic, terrific, tremendous, stupendous, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping,out of this world, far out; literarywondrous "an incredible feat of engineering"
  10. Magnificent! Love the lighting in that pic too!
  11. That's a lot of chain inside the cowl. Is that what actuates the cowl flaps?
  12. That's beautiful! Love the color scheme on those birds!
  13. I've never built a resin kit, and I must say, it doesn't look like any fun at all cutting the parts from the resin pools!
  14. I used to use Ambroid Pro Weld, and was always very happy with it, but apparently it's no longer available. I picked up a bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin, but it doesn't seem to have a very strong bond on the test pieces I tried it on, and isn't very solvent-y. What is the best solvent cement available in the US? Thanks!
  15. You've probably seen this, but here's a 360° cockpit view of her: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156847319893623&id=192081688622
  16. That's a good-looking airplane, I hope you build it! What scale are you thinking of?
  17. I wonder if the different barrel lengths in the kit are due to how they attach at their appropriate locations? Maybe they all would appear the same length once installed? If that were the case, one would think they'd have specified it in the instructions. Either way, whatever you decide will look great I'm sure!
  18. In the book "Aerial Armament in WWII: Vol I, Guns, Ammunition and Turrets" it states the gun was 57 inches long with a barrel length of 36 inches. I've seen these same measurements elsewhere as well, but can't remember where right off hand. It's been awhile since I walked around Aluminum Overcast, I missed our local airshow last time around.
  19. I guess I didn't know there were different barrel lengths on the .50 cal M2. Everything I can remember reading said that the barrel length was 36 inches. I'll be interested to know which lengths were at which gun position.
  20. Wow, nice job on the white swirlies! I wouldn't have the guts to attempt that.
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