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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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On 10/11/2018 at 5:30 PM, airscale said:










Hi Peter


I have some very tight weave material offcuts that I got a few years ago. I used them to make the spent shell collection bags on my B-17. They might be just right for representing the cloth cover shown in the above image. I can bring you a sample to Telford if you like

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On 10/17/2018 at 10:32 PM, MikeMaben said:


Not bad Pete !  ( ;) )  How are the decals made ?





Hi Mike - I have them made when I get batches of stock made by Fantasy Printshop for my airscale lines - trouble with that is I end up with 25-50 sets...


So, evening all :)


Its been a while, so now Telford is out of the way I start to get my mojo back. It was great to meet up with everyone and I still can't believe we sold out of our show stock for the new HK Lancaster cockpit set :)


..next up for Lopes Hope is the sidewall completion so I can prime & paint the main structures before fetailing them..


seen here left to right - the low shelf down by the side of the seat holds the signal flares, the star shaped thing sticking into the fuselage ay the mid point is the mounting plate for the signal pistol (I think the pilot shot through it, but don't recall seeing big holes on the outside of the airframe?), and on the far lower right is a sort of triangular curved lever housing which is the bomb control selector... (with a red handle top..)


..these were the next bits up onto the bench..




..the low shelf was created from plan drawings put together in different colours so I knew where the folds were - these were then stuck to litho to be cut out..




..folded, finished & with the metal parts of the holder added..




..same process for the flare gun holder - the part was drawn & scaled - some dents were made around the inner hole with a screwdriver and the part cut out..




..I forgot to take pics of the finished part, but you can see it mounted here on the sidewall along with the shelf..




..and test fitted with the completed pedestal...




..the bomb selector lever housing was made by using a PE template to make a plug I can vacform over..




..lots of plastic to get one little part...




..trimmed & with details added this will be primed & painted before adding metal internals and the lever itself..




..I also made the panel the housing sits on - this side is nearly ready for painting..






..good to be back at it :)







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Great to se you back at it Peter! I would've loved to go to telford..... one day maybe! Glad to hear your Lanc cockpit set was a hit!


Very clever the way you use the different colours to indicate the fold lines :)


She's really coming along now.





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thanks folks & good evening :)


,,a bit more done over the weekend..


..this is the sidewall of lopes Hope - as you can see there is lots going on, so pert of the process is deconstructing what you see into small assemblies..




I had most of the structural work done, so time to prime with etch primer..


..one side..




..and the other - this is the side you see above in the real one..




..after painting green, I started to add some of the fittings and decals including the pedestal...




..and on the other side, some of the switchgear..




..a couple of small control units were needed so I made these and prepared a number of watch parts for the fittings...




..making these convinced me I needed a 3D printer from santa this year as I could have just knocked them up...




..I also made and added these inner parts to the main longeron at the cockpit sill - the brass 'H' section I used was 0.5mm too small and that was enough to mean all the decals along the side didn't fit - so I took the drawings and scaled these I could just laminate to them..




..that meant I could really start to add in all the decals and placards...








..and a check to make sure all the subassemblies go together to make the cockpit pod..






..should be moving onto the floor, rudder pedals and control stick next...







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