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  1. Hi Peter, about the Wing finish All Mustangs even Allison engine models had their wings treated, this diagram by John Terrell is very illustrative, also attached is the NAA prodeceture, hope it helps! cheers
  2. wonderful Miloslav, really like the flaps, did you carve the stressed skin or is it some kind of aftermarket? cheers
  3. thanks for your words, I appreciate it, some PS composition with my model, thanks to Raul and Andrew Forrester cheers
  4. Thanks Kev, I will try to shoot some pics tomorrow at open air, hopefully more sexy angles will appear, greetings to Melbourne, I lived there for 2 years, cheers! Antonio
  5. absolutely gorgeous build, really enjoyed the process, can't wait to follow your next project! cheers
  6. thanks chaps! yes the pilot came with the kit but did some detailing, been working on the prop blades and drop tanks, cheers
  7. Thanks for your words Taff, the goggles come with the kit, they are nice indeed! cheers
  8. Hi gents, I would like to share the progres on this great kit, I hope to finish it very soon and do a decent photo session, cheers! Antonio
  9. another superb update Peter, now that you are plumbing this can be useful cheers
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