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  1. thanks Nick for the interest, the answer it is yes, I actually got back at Ferocious 2 weeks ago but have another minor project to finish before, so stay tuned to see some paint on her soon, Mustang mojo is back Cheers
  2. Hi Mike, that's an original production jar, it comes from a swiss Mustang which is pretty much untouched nowadays, the top cover of the jar is visible in the picture you posted before, the jar itself is very hard to see from outside! and you can see the jar in the battery drawing from the manual, cheers
  3. awesome x3 work, keep the good mate, here is the jar, cheers
  4. Thanks John , appreciated not much, but I am going back at it soon, it will be build for a special person related to the G10, I will comment on that when the right time comes she will be in flying display, cheers
  5. Hi Daheld, that is the BF109 G2 in the Airbus Museum
  6. that work on the wheel wells is wonderful!! one tip about the main door wheels is that the middle panel was given a coat of zinc chromate, here are some reference, keep the good mate, cheers
  7. no problem mate, after the 109 the 110 is the best I have x2 1/32 bf110 in the stash waiting to be done, I will use this relic as a base for one of them, only problem is when I will find the motivation keep the good work, cheers
  8. nice work Mozart, love your subject, keep the good , cheers
  9. very interesting material, expecting to see if indeed does the trick, cheers
  10. another Master class to follow and enjoy, cheers Peter!!!
  11. are these the best option, which? any recommendation are welcome cheers
  12. this guy has some serious skills with technologies that get in his hands, watch out !!!
  13. some of my relics from different planes showing these colors, 3 different 109's relics on the left with RLM 76, a Storch and Go242 with RLM 65 relics
  14. Thank mate, will be show for a long time to enjoy the popcorn cheers
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