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  1. no problem mate it's going to be a beauty Mustang, keep the good, cheers Also found this diagram comparison from the NAA manuals
  2. yes, many drawings and kits represent this wrongly, this happens when copying from wrong reference, 1/48 accurate miniatures P51 kits represent correctly the size of the ammo panel, as you can see the length of the ammo panel allines with the panel of the wing light as reference point, cheers
  3. Hi mate, I can guarantee you Tamiya's model is wrong, and also those drawings... I have the NAA blueprints for the "B" model, plus it is quite obvious in ww2 pictures that indeed the ammo panel is smaller, also this relic from a B model, here is the reference material, also keep in mind B/C models had only 2 machine guns on each wing that's why the ammo panel were smaller and increased in the D model to provide more rounds to 3 machine guns, cheers
  4. great update dave, looking fantastic! one tip about the ammo panel on the B is that they were smaller than the D model, keep the good modeling, cheers Antonio
  5. amazing work on those wing rivets John , something about that rectangle panel, not sure if it was a repair made in the restoration and hasegawa copied but have not seen it on ww2 Dora's pictures, if someone can confirm this? cheers
  6. wow, very neat, looking impressive, keep that great work mate!!!!! cheers
  7. absolutely brilliant, off to a masterpiece mate, cheers
  8. https://ibb.co/qMfyLQj https://ibb.co/z5S8fNg
  9. wow, looking awesome Fabio, I like your approach on the hump!! what will be you using for the transparent parts? makes me come back to my p51B conversion also lol cheers
  10. thanks Jim, yes I used magic sculpt resin, my fav material for this , cheers thanks Brett, I sculpt the early style which is more interesting than the later one thanks Jack, there is always a risk on these projects, I resuscitated this one after a few years, hope you get back too yours, cheers some more work on the seat cheers
  11. thank you James, I'm very glad you are following this build with interest cheers lots of dry fit and trim for fitting the cockpit is what been happening lately, done sculpting on the cushion. cheers
  12. started with some modifications on the cockpit, instrument panel and exauths courtesy from Tamiya, cheers
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