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  1. looking great Sepp! about the armour seat, the top part was painted black as well as the radio rack, it is describe in the NAA manuals to be painted that way to avoid sun reflections to interfere with the pilot, cheers p51H seats, also finished int he same manner NAA production line footage
  2. wow, great cockpit job, nice floor effect, you are on a very interesting path with this Mustang, if you want to be a bit more accurate in that cockpit, the radio battery rack which Tamiya calls for green was painted black at the factory, "everything after the seat was painted black in order to avoid sun reflection into the cockpit" here are some footage from NAA and some originally unrestored examples, keep the good modelling!!! cheers
  3. Thank you guys for your words, I'm very glad! a few small more details and she will be finish and will do a photo session with better pics, no more lazy phone pics lol cheers
  4. Hi everyone, so after a couple of weeks left aside did some progress, she is airborne now! cheers
  5. Thanks Mark, I decided to redo the "Udet" emblem, a little better this time, the prop was masked with maskol, yes, It looked strange in the photo cheers thanks Rigor, I'm glad cheers So some work has been done, painted the canopy (which has not the best fit in closed position) some details on the pilot, gears up , and still to do the wavy demarcation on the wedge of the wings, hopping soon to get on the finish line, cheers
  6. Nice subject and great work, here is some interesting reference color pictures, cheers
  7. really nice job on that 190, I suggest you to use this to upload your pictures, cheers https://imgbb.com/
  8. Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it coming from you, your builds have been very inspirational to me! cheers So, a bit more of progress, some chipping at the wing root, some decals, the "Udet" emblem which I made my own decal, and some pigment work.. until next, cheers Antonio
  9. thanks Lothar I'm glad you like it, cheers thanks Kev, yes little by little is getting there and I passed my temptations of scrapping all the paint Had to amputate the feet in order to making him fit, gave him some sunnies and oxygen mask, needs some seatbelts now, cheers
  10. first steps with oils and washes, the landing gears got broken so I'm going for a "in flight" display instead, will have to adjust the pilot in the tiny cockpit! cheers
  11. nice cockpit job, going to follow this one, want to do a spanish one someday, by the way this is the only "known" color picture of Legion Condor 109 showing the grey color, pitty is too blurry and far away! cheers
  12. some more progress , although the Balkenkreuz got too thick and need to be repainted...
  13. thanks Mark, after studying closely the reference pictures I came to the conclusion that the Chevron's body has a solid color (yellow to me) and it was mottled after, also the lower cowling and air intake I will leave in rlm 76 not yellow as some profiles represent based on my observations. cheers
  14. Thanks Gazzas, I'm glad mate! some progress with decals and the "Chevron", more mottling to be added soon... cheers
  15. here you have an Erla 109 looks right and accurate, also in these pics 75 looks too brownish, that it is because the lighting set up I'm using and crappy phone pictures, also the blue background plays an important role, better set up and camera I will use for final pics. more mottling going on, cheers
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