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  1. really nice job, love that version, some refs I had hope they help , cheers!
  2. wow, that's my dream kit in this scale! I grow up watching this airplane flying since it was based in my hometown, if there is a project of releasing it I'm in!!! cheers
  3. Thanks John, you are totally right about it, gotta fix that cheers
  4. did that myself last year, since the dihedral wings in Hasegawa kit are a bit flat I used the Revell which has the right angle, some care is needed but possible, cheers
  5. mu honor Peter, no words for your sublime build not sure if you've seen these also, cheers
  6. thanks Chris, it is the pilot figure from the Hasegawa Stuka kit, only added the oxygen mask and back life vest portion, cheers
  7. thanks gents, glad you like it guys! cheers some paint work on the pilot, still need some harness to be attached , thanks for watching, cheers
  8. Thanks gents for your words! cheers wings are glued, also I increased the dihedral angle which is a bit flat on the Hasegawa 109s, with plasticard and sanding the wing inner reinforcement, cheers
  9. I shouldn't get distracted from my Mustang build but I couldn't resist to start this one.... So, using the Hasegawa Bf 109 F2 kit as base to upgrade to the G2 version, it will be a "in flight" display so cockpit will closed with the pilot figure and not much of the details visible, this is the progress so far, cheers
  10. Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2/R6 IV./JG5 Yellow 3 This G-2 Werke nr. 14649, has been found by a ROV on 60m deep outside Norway. The pilot, Gunter Seraphim survived, but probably got killed in another plane crash on April 10 1945 at Schweringen. restoration photos: https://blhf.org/?id=1533002162
  11. what about this free film decal paper? has anyone have experience with it? thanks to mathieu
  12. photos taken at the Flugmuseum Messerschmitt, they have two G models, none E model https://www.flugmuseum-messerschmitt.de/messerschmitt/aircraft/index.html
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