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  1. thanks Jim, yes I used magic sculpt resin, my fav material for this , cheers thanks Brett, I sculpt the early style which is more interesting than the later one thanks Jack, there is always a risk on these projects, I resuscitated this one after a few years, hope you get back too yours, cheers some more work on the seat cheers
  2. thank you James, I'm very glad you are following this build with interest cheers lots of dry fit and trim for fitting the cockpit is what been happening lately, done sculpting on the cushion. cheers
  3. started with some modifications on the cockpit, instrument panel and exauths courtesy from Tamiya, cheers
  4. thanks Jim, well, originally I was not going to use the hobbycraft parts and save the kit, was going to scratch all the canopy parts making a mold and vacuformed transparents however as I have no experience on that took the decision to use the donor kit and build this one quicker, the rear canopy windows also need to be lifted slightly in position, that's what I did today, now filled with black ciano and sanding and polishing ahead, cheers
  5. thanks Kevin. hoping the effort will be worth it to make a "B" eventually, cheers thank for following Mike, cheers thanks Troy, I was hoping not to chop the Hobbycraft kit but was the best option if I want to finish this project, I had to lol, I agree with you about the "B" lines and curves cheers
  6. canopy sacrifice surgery Hobbycraft P51 A as donor, it was quick she didn't suffer cheers
  7. I'm resurrecting this project I started a couple of years ago, using the Revell "D" downgrading into a "B" model. some 1/32 Mustang kits on the bench for comparison measures the revell kit is the best option as a base for this operation, here without the main D features the leading wing was transformed using milliput some magic sculpt on top of that hump, tomorrow more sanding.... so this is it so far, many uncertainties yet on the way to come... c
  8. Thanks for your kind words Basta, glad you are liking it, cheers thanks mate, yes that can be the reason, also the left strut was over pressured because the torque of the prop made it to suffer more at take off and landing , so it is slightly taller on the left side! Drop tank has been glued down, early type with metal protector end, which I should touch up that pointy tip end, and no monster red stencils, cheers
  9. thanks Mark, yes these birds could get quite dirty if not cleaned between missions cheers Thanks Chuck , hopefully will come back to the Mustang after this one cheers gear doors added and wing radiators, made them in dropped position, cheers before weathering... need to add that separation part between them still thanks for following, cheers
  10. started with the under surfaces weathering , some inspiration references cheers
  11. no problem Mike, should be there in the 109's transparent stockpile
  12. thanks Chrish, I'm very glad you are enjoying this build, cheers! thanks mark, seems like you can find 76 or 02 landing struts on the 109's , cheers porps painted, picture don't show the green quality of the 70 but it's there, I promise cheers
  13. added the brake lines, been struggling all evening to get them right... cheers captured Emil
  14. Thanks Mark, Reserve22 and Pup7309 for your words, very appreciated! been working lately on the landing gears, some stencil work on the flaps, and cowling glued, thanks for watching cheers
  15. thanks mate, I agree, this is the before picture cheers
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