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  1. that is coming together very spectacular, luftwaffe RLM would be proud of your work cheers
  2. Nice project, looking forward to it John, cheers another example of the many faces of OD
  3. after some more research I think it is clear that detail should be gone
  4. Thank you spartacus2000 great info, I found also this drawing for earlier version and no evidence of that detail so I guess will be filling and deleting it, thanks so much for your help again, cheers
  5. Thank you Dennis, happy it went ok for my first try on this mask technique, they are a great help! cheers Thanks Thomaz for the info and kind words, maybe you can help me with this question I have now, cheers! I notice this detail on the wing root, can't find any reference or picture showing this, is it a Trumpeter mistake? thinking about deleting it, opinions are welcome, cheers
  6. thank you mate, hope someday I get one also, sure you will do great mask, keep the good! cheers Thanks Jeff! but without Mathieu's help it would not have been possible, cheers Many Thanks Thomaz, I'm glad you bring that info, I corrected the cowling interior, muchas gracias amigo!!!
  7. Thanks for the tip mate, very nice result on your fw190!!! Thank you bro, it has been easy thanks to your skills and mastering of the mask design , I own you so much in this build!!! get those T-bolts checkers coming! cheers So, here is the process, first the checkers and matrix added in position: second, lifting of the matrix and each red square Third, mask the front yellow and give a coat of red, fourth, lifting the rest square masks and 45 minutes later...
  8. wonderful job, maybe this is interesting for you , cheers http://arsenal45-shop.de/product_info.php?info=p898_----spant-5-rechts---focke-wulf-fw190-a-d-f-g-und-ta152-h----.html http://arsenal45-shop.de/product_info.php?info=p917_----spant-5-links---focke-wulf-fw190-a-d-f-g-und-ta152-h----.html http://arsenal45-shop.de/product_info.php?info=p916_----panzerung-linke-seitenwand-fuehrerraum---focke-wulf-fw190-a-d-f-g-und-ta152-h----.html
  9. I applied a coat of white and then yellow to the cowling , this is the moment that I will use the magic help of my friend Mathieu "MDuv" who has design a custom mask for me for the checkers job, can't thank him enough, this guy deserves a monument
  10. Yes Troy, the kit's IP , only added a few modifications like the center top placards panel and the lights right panel, the Airscale dials were just placed on top the IP itself, cheers Thanks Brian, hope to make justice to this kit and historic bird/pilot, cheers
  11. Fuselage halves and wings are glued now, some Yellow Zinc Chromate has been applied in the wheel wells and inside the transparent cowling, this kit is big cheers
  12. Thanks Tom, very appreciate it, will try my best, cheers Thank you Dennis, really enjoy recreating a bird with history, it adds something else! cheers Thanks Mathieu, I'm pretty sure that someone will be quite comfortable in that spacious Thunderbolt cockpit had compared to 109's cheers Thanks Alex, yes It will be the best place to be for this model, a tribute to this warrior and his ride! cheers
  13. Thank you Troy, my honor, yes, interesting story and tribute to a hero, cheers
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