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  1. thanks for the interest mate, but no update on her, maybe soon if I get the Mustang Mojo back, been doing 1/48 109 G10 on the other hand, cheers
  2. nice project Bernd, the antenna mast was there initially! really like your previous fallen eagles and this one will be superb for sure! although I would love to see you back at your 1/12 Dora cheers
  3. very nice job on that cockpit Aaron, love that IP, one tip about the radio compartment, the wood rack was protected with a greenish color, here is some reference like in the piece I have, cheers
  4. been an amazing journey on your build, very informative with a an equal outcome, congratulations! cheers
  5. they show the movement of the slats here also, cheers
  6. Nice job John, I'm using Rosie the riveter (0.75mm) which is perfect for 1/32, cheers
  7. oh then my mistake! had no idea they used such early A1 fuselage, quite fascinating! amazing craftsman though as always Peter, cheers
  8. Hello Peter, seems to me that you have represented the right console for a FW190 A3/4 style, the configuration for a D model is a bit different
  9. I got this set to use in the Revell G6 kit, but I actually installed in the G10 Erla Revell kit and feats, so I wonder if it's correct for a G10? it is way bulky than the Revell kit had, or it had different engine? is the same used in the K? always confused by all these late version lol, cheers
  10. to me they show the underneath camo paint, the windshield and canopy were left in its color
  11. nice scheme John! gonna enjoy this for sure, cheers! note: (based on the other pictures, this profile has the chevron too forward positioned)
  12. really nice job, love that version, some refs I had hope they help , cheers!
  13. wow, that's my dream kit in this scale! I grow up watching this airplane flying since it was based in my hometown, if there is a project of releasing it I'm in!!! cheers
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