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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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You guys are amazing - thank you so much :)


I hope you all realise you directly contributed to making it - it is my hunger to do work of a standard that will be appreciated and approved of that has moved the bar in my modelling as it means every single part must pass the 'audience test' and be of appropriate quality :)


Thanks again folks, so kind


Oh and Chuck, good spot on the tailwheel, but don't worry, it's just loose on it's axle on some pics - the whole structure is brass so inherently strong enough :)




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well, it's been a while :)


this model sat in my cabinet for the last few years missing it's canopy parts and aerials, so this week I thought I would actually finish it


first the hinged canopy panel was added to the lower cockpit - nothing complex, just some contact cement where it can't be seen :)






..then the side and upper panel, the upper has pins locating it into the side screen and then hinge parts and a little extension lock were added to the front..










..and finally some aerial parts were added to the upper fuselage - here there is a white isolator with a fitting and a small post went into a pre-drilled hole to locate the aerial mast..


the fitting is a watch part with a 0.4mm hole drilled through it to accept the end of an aerial lead..




..the post aerial was made by pressing some ali tube flat along part of it's length, cutting a micro-fine slit in the end and adding a tiny PE tag with a hole in it to accept the aerial lead..


I used EZ line for the lead itself..




..this was fitted and some tiny tube painted white for the isolators before the whole thing was rigged..




..and thats it - Lopes Hope 3rd is finally completely finished


Thanks to everyone for coming along for the ride and I have posted an RFI here






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Oh My Goodness - Really! 

This Model should be exhibited in a Museum somewhere - anywhere!

We know who the cherry on the cake is now.

Congratulations on this spectacular mod.... no,  it isn't a model .. this word diminishes this astonishing creation (in my eyes) ... I think it would be better served by calling it :

     Scaled Creation Aviation Replica Yardstick

    ...... Or SCARY for short


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