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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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Oh boy I've got to learn me how to photo etch!!!!! You are without a doubt the undisputed king of instrument panels, fuel tanks, brass work, details, aluminium forming.... oh wait actually EVERYTHING!!!!!!!


You don't need a 3D printer Peter, you're better than that!



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11 hours ago, DonH said:

That looks great, what a wonderful job.


Do I detect a small amount of silvering around the white line decal?



I think you do Don, yes :)


limitations on me really, I should have trimmed it more or used a gloss basecoat - oh well it's done now and was pretty tricky so I might just have to live with it...


last update on the weekends activity before the working week crashes the party again..


this panel is next - note the shape, markings and different switch types..




..started with the PE base parts & laminated one onto plastic to give the pressing depth..




..I needed to make the little turn switch handles so I made one tiny master and copied it in resin by just using a plasticine mould...




..these were then painted black and the other switchgear & handles made up..




...then the base part was assembled after painting and the decal prepared by trimming the carrier film..




..and the unit was assembled with all it's switches..






..I also added the bomb selector panel at the bottom left of the main panel surround so this is what it looks like all together..






..thats it for now, hope to be back soon :)





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Of course, we expect the hands in these intruments to be fully functional, don't we, as soon as you fill up the tanks of your mustang with fuel, oil, air and water, and crank up the merlin, by moving all those switches and stuff...




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overwhelmed with emotion ;-)

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So nice to see new and old methods being applied.   A great learning curve here unfolding in front of all of us.   I recall having a nice cold beverage not to long ago at my favorite pub here in Singapore.  I was discussing the Spitfire book with another LSP member, DonH.   We were chatting about all the great methods applied to that lovely build.   I can see a book in the not so distant future Peter!  Lol.  


Well done mate.  Such a lovely subject as well.  Love the P-51B.  



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