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  1. Very nice work on the pilot, he looks sharp! The cockpit is looking great, those Barracuda decals definitely spice it up. Now I should get back to work on my -1!
  2. Definitely following! I didn’t know we were getting a new museum here......this and the other builds will be nice to see.
  3. Looking good! Nice work on the interior
  4. Thank you! Thanks! I may give that a try if I don’t find anything in the next day or two. I was also looking at ordering directly from HGW as well. Thanks Sophie. The chipping is done with a sponge very lightly dipped in Model Master Aluminum and abbey onto the seat. Definitely get the Barracuda cockpit decals, they really bring the pit too life. As for other upgrades, dunno yet.....seatbelts for sure. I might try replicating some of the wiring, but that’s yet to be determined. Thanks!
  5. Thank you both. Not sure how weathering the rear bulkhead will be, but I'm sure I'll add some chipped paint or scratches....somewhere. More minor updates for today. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the HGW seatbelts in the US. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? Seat assembled, some chipping added. I will probably take some of the Tamiya weathering pastels to add more wear through the paint where the seatbelts would rub against the seat. I decided not to do much else with the bands on the O2 tank, since it won't be very visible once the fuselage is closed up. And headrest....Tamiya calls for grey for the headrest mount. I haven't found a good picture that show's different. Any opinions here? As always, comments, critiques, "Brett, you've screwed up, change XXXX" are all welcome! Thanks for looking. Brett
  6. Very nice work, and great detailing on the engine and IP. Looking forward to seeing more as you progress!
  7. Moving right along and looking tight and trim. I'll be watching your progress, should help with mine.
  8. Wow, thanks everyone. Glad to see you're liking the progress! If you see something I've done wrong, please don't be shy.....tell me so I can fix it! Minor update, O2 tank painted, decaled and installed. Not too thrilled about the bands that hold it to the bulkhead, so I may do more work on them...... Also, added the red "Caution...." decal below the head rest (I should get that done!). Thanks again for looking. Brett
  9. Thanks! It's been a nice build so far, not a lot of progress lately. But, I got out the Nikon instead of the cell phone, so better pictures to share. And......working on this. Comments, suggestions, critiques......post away! Thanks Brett
  10. Very nice work. I'm not seeing the "rough" on my screen, definitely looks sharp to me. Brett
  11. Great googly moogly.....that turned out brilliant. Smooth and flawless finish and looks to be a very exact match of the real deal. Beautiful work, Chuck! Brett
  12. That's some beautiful work. I need to go read the WIP to see how you did the wood grain, awesome.
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