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  1. You must have huge hands since there’s no way it’s that small great work!
  2. I’ve got a star ship on the bench collecting dust. USS Franklin from Trek. Sadly, distracted by a full remodel of our master bath. Getting close to where I can get back to the bench, though!
  3. Ah, progress Woody! Looking good on the bench cleanup, and amusing to see we have the same paint booth. The decal you made for the compass, spot on, looks just like the pictures I reviewed! And, I had the same problems with the engine panels....looks like you’re managing well
  4. Sounds like quite the ordeal, Woody. But, the glass looks great!
  5. Rivet hell! She’s looking great, Chuck. Love the details and learning experiences you share with all of us, too.
  6. Nicely done! Figures scare me....painting flesh, not sure I could accomplish what you did.
  7. Thousands of rivets are FUN! Black sure looks good, I need to start going for gloss.
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