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  1. Thanks, Mark. Looks like your lighting is working well! Are the fibers red and green or lit with colored LED’s? They look great Thanks, Si. Wish I’d done some actual “build starting” photos. Should be interesting. I did notice some of your new images on Flickr when I signed in.....Space Battle Yamato? This build is going to be the test. I have the Enterprise D and E that I plan on lighting....and then the big one, a Enterprise A in 1/350. That’ll be a challenge, just because of size!
  2. So, something completely different than LSP's. I've had this one on the shelf for a few years and it's time to get it done. I picked up a few aftermarket items, including Tenacontrols lighting kit, Paragraphix PE set and JT Graphics replacement photon torpedo launcher. I haven't needed to do any soldering in years, so this is something really new for me (again). Thankfully, I don't seem to have forgotten everything! I started off with getting the bussard collectors ready for the nacelles as well as the rear.....bulb? I of course forgot to take pictures before I started tearing int
  3. Nice redesign, I’m jealous! Looks like good progress, masks worked nicely.
  4. Gas soaked rags.....wow! Thanks for the info, Alan. I am tempted to mask the clear parts off and shine it up......
  5. Yep, exactly what I was thinking. Even heavily weathered and beat up F-14's had a bit of a sheen to them.
  6. Hey everyone just wanted to reply and tell all of you thanks for the kind words, they are definitely appreciated. LSP is great site for feedback and everyone has been super helpful. I wanted to throw out one critique myself: I used Alclad flat this time around and I wish I’d stuck with Tamiya. The more I look at the finish compared to my Corsair the more I think it’s too flat. But that’s me! Comparison Thanks again! Brett
  7. Thanks Alan, I appreciate the details. Makes sense to me, though I don't think I'll do anymore repainting. That'd be asking for trouble! Squadron badge on
  8. Progress is progress and you're doing an exceptional build. Glad to see more coming!
  9. Each and everyone turned beautiful, John. Great work!
  10. Thanks Alan! I appreciate the honest feedback. For the roundels, do you think all of the upper surfaces are weathered too much? Also......big "doh!" on my part. The Ventura decals INCLUDE the 25 Squadron badge......I just didn't pay enough attention. But, I will get it on! Brett
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