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  1. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments. Hopefully my next LSP can be as good. Brett
  2. Since Kev mentioned it......I personally like Flickr for photo hosting. I use two profiles there, one for models, one for outdoor photography. You are limited to 1000 images on the free plan, but, no water marks! Paid plan is unlimited I believe. Which means unlimited powe.....er, Corsair pics?
  3. Sorry to hear about the lay-off, especially after that many years..... Engine and cowling looks good, handy you can use those PE parts too!
  4. Thanks, definitely appreciate it. Dauntless might be a bit while I collect bits and bobs for it Thanks Michael, glad you like! Thanks Si! Pick one up, with your level of work (Star Destroyer anyone??) you'd build an absolute beauty of a Corsair. (Sci Fi build might be coming.....Bandai AT-ST is on the bench now as an option). Thanks Troy, appreciate the comment.....first time doing heavier weathering, it's a good start
  5. Thanks everyone, sounds like the Trumpy kit is going to be a good place to start!
  6. Thanks! Definitely appreciate it. I realized after posting (and you commenting) I never shot anything from the bottom. I may have to rectify that! Thanks Albert! Glad it was a fun ride! Thanks Kev, really appreciate it. John set a high bar; I didn't match, but hopefully it's near! Thanks Ron! Thanks Chuck! Compared with your work, not sure it's up there in the same airspace Thanks! Thanks Mike! Thanks Ray! Thanks Marty! Thanks Mike! I'm just not showing the bad side Thanks Lothar! Dunno if it's one of the best, but I appreciate it! Thanks Miloslav! Thanks Warbird! Thanks Petr, really appreciate the comments. Thanks everyone! Hopefully I can jump into another build soon
  7. Hey all Since I'm finished with the Tamiya Corsair, I'd like to try and find a good kit to start with for an SBD. What I'm finding so far is the Trumpeter kits, but not a lot of aftermarket. I definitely could use some suggestions of other model brands, or if none, aftermarket for the Trumpy kits. Any opinions out there? Brett
  8. Excellent work! Paint work looks exceptional and good scheme choice. Now do I offload my 1/48 A-6E TRAM for a 1/32.......
  9. Very nice. I like that you showed the green weathering and becoming thin/translucent!
  10. Here is my finished 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair "Birdcage" as "Relucant Dragon". Beautiful kit and a joy to behold when complete with all of the detail that is built it. Of course, added more! I wasn't able to find any images of the actual aircraft, instead only finding artist interpretations of what it could have looked like. This plane was flown by 1st LT Alonzo Treffer of VMF-213, based in Guadalcanal from what I can find. https://www.aviationillustration.com/hikashop-menu-for-categories-listing/product/7467-13-f4u-1-corsair-buno-17675-no-1-reluctant-dragon-flown-by-1-lt-alonzo-b-treffer https://vmf-213.com/ The men of VMF-213 1. Vector resin cowling 2. Barracuda resin wheels and tires 3. HGW Fabric and photoetch harness 4. Barracuda cockpit stencils 5. Montex Masks and decals 7. HGW Wet Transfer Stencils Paints are a mix of MRP and AK Real Colors, with Tamiya Acrylics thrown in here and there. The build can be found here: The wings are permanently attached, which may prove troublesome later for space and transport. I also wish I had used the closed canopy spine pieces so I could have the canopy closed to prevent dust. 20/20 hindsight!
  11. Thanks everyone for reading and watching progress. It's done! RFI below the image.
  12. Now that is VERY cool.
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