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  1. That is a stunning scheme, love the work you're doing.
  2. Just to give everyone and idea of the work Woody has added to these skins, here's a shot of the instructions and some of the sheets of rivet decals. The instructions include placement for all of the rivets, top and bottom, sides and flaps. They also include step by step instructions and tips to get the most out of the skins. Pretty impressive....and again, they lay out beautifully, especially that thin carrier film. If only Tamiya could figure out thin carrier film
  3. 350......I’d run out of space! I think I have 25 unbuilt and boxed right now, but I’ve already decided I will be selling a few. Though, a 1/32 F-105G with a bunch of aftermarket sits read in my cart at Sprue Brothers......
  4. Rivets! I have to say these are extremely easy to use. Woody (Archer Fine Transfers) has done his work on these and they’re definitely worth the effort to upgrade your Dauntless. Cut the decal tight to the rivets, water, then apply. Move them around where you need them and push the water out with your brush. Super thin film that will disappear as work progresses. The only issue I had was of my own making, aka dust on the surface which didn’t let the decal adhere properly. Anyway, here’s about 5 hours of work so far....as well as some pictures from Dinosaur National Monument over th
  5. My eyes hurt looking at that. Nice work, hope your cast works out perfectly.
  6. That works....dwarfs my little 1/32 -5
  7. Looking good! Kind of silly, but can you take a picture next to....say, a soda can? I’m curious how big this is!
  8. Looks great, Alex. Very nice build and looking forward to seeing the RFI!
  9. That looks great; the linen decals really turned out well!
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