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  1. Wow, that's very cool! Love the finish.
  2. exactly! These pictures document the detail.....and once it's done, the plane is never going upside down again!
  3. Hey Woody - that was a question I had too. From what I was finding online, the bays started in zinc chromate during production, but by the mid 60's, started being painted white, while the gear stayed silver. I wasn't able to find anything definitive to go with, but I didn't have zinc chromate in my paints..... so, I went white. It could be wrong
  4. 2049, yep. I've got one of Randy Coopers Spinner kits to build...someday
  5. Back from the dead! Or, well, I have more time now that summer is closing and I'm not renovating all of our landscaping! Not a big update, but sharing some progress. I'm still trundling along with the Wild Weasel, and as usual, it's slow for me. Below is the Aires front wheel bay that I've been on working on the past week. Painted, detailed, washed and flat coated. Hopefully somewhat representing a F-105G and how dirty it may have been on deployment to Korat during Vietnam. After this, I should be ready to button it up in the fuselage, along with the cockpit and front half of the engine. The fun part, this probably won't ever be seen once the 105 is done and on it's wheels....but at least I'll have these shots to prove it! Thanks to Bulldog 09 over on ARC (not sure if you're here too) for the detail shots I found they had taken and posted Feel free to critique.....macro shots are great for showing every flaw!
  6. This, Woody. Saw your other posts asking for opinions; I agree with John.....it'll tie together as you get your weathering going!
  7. That's looking really good, Woody. I'm a bit jealous, compared to my Corsair.
  8. Very nice work, turned out great
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