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  1. Thanks Brian! I added a bit of light grey today, just to see.....and yep, that makes me feel much better about the color. Also, painted the fabric areas on the upper side of the wings. Getting further and further...….
  2. Thanks! That's kind of what I keep telling myself as well. Once I start on the lower side of the plane, that should help "blue it up". More work tonight. How does the demarcation line look on the tail? It seems that this wasn't exactly a fixed paint scheme, with the line moving up and down on different planes. I'll mix up a slightly lighter shade of blue grey in the next day or two and spray the fabric areas (unpainted). Comments, suggestions, pointers.....all are welcome.
  3. Thanks Lothar, I probably will. More painting this evening. I keep thinking to myself that this color looks awfully light.....hopefully it's decently accurate! Comments or suggestions are welcome
  4. Thanks Alain, Si! I appreciate it. I'm wondering if I need to back off the wear.....like it's too much in one spot. Anyone have thoughts?
  5. Love it! Nice weathering work and gun exhausts.
  6. Thanks all! More work this evening. Hairspray technique, my first time.....lots of firsts. Sprayed a layer of Tamiya XF-4, possible could have been a bit more opaque. Followed by clear, hairspray, Tamiya X-18 semi gloss black, then AK M-485 blue grey. Let that all setup a bit and then attacked with a stiff brush. The XF-4 didn't show as much (more opacity next time!) but, it's there and somewhat decent. The tonal variations in the images are really not showing well in my office/hobby room lighting, so hopefully you can see. I imagine that once I start moving onto other layers of weathering, things will look MUCH different. As always, comments, critiques, suggestions are welcome!
  7. Ha! That's the same blog I've been going off of, too. I just was going to use hair spray like John did.....wish me luck! Definitely a nice looking Corsair! Why Franken? I'm not super familiar with the Corsair lineage
  8. Morning all! Here's how things have progressed. Black base down, turned out decently. TS paints are rough on the smell (and lungs I'm sure), wow. Let it cure overnight, then this morning gave it a rub down with a old shirt to remove any particulates, no issues. Went through and cleaned out the airbrush (broke down, scrub, reassemble) then was moving the plane back into the booth where I promptly broke off the new antenna I made yesterday. Just had to laugh at that. Oh well, easy fix, again! So a few firsts for this build for me. 1/32 aircraft WW2 Black basing Painted insignias Multi layer chipping So, my next task was to spray Alclad duraluminum in the areas I intend to chip/wear through. So, that's done....and once that's dry, I will clean the overspray dust off. Comments, suggests, whatever you feel like saying this Sunday, let me have it!
  9. Morning all! A few minor updates while overall progress continues. I've painted the area behind the cockpit where the windows are on the -1 and gave them a light wash to make them appear dirty. I figure they sucked dust back there, but otherwise not much else would have gotten in there. I've also finished up the landing gear. Sprayed black, then MRP M-485 Light Grey and given a wash of grey. Afterwards, just some slight weathering with Tamiya oil stain pastels. My plan for the weekend, after house work (painting cabinets, replacing hardware) is to get the overall Corsair sprayed black. I wasn't able to procure Mr Surfacer Black 1500 this week, so I'm using Tamiya TS-29 semi gloss black (decanted), which laid down nicely on the flaps. Hopefully all goes well and I can share a black bird tomorrow! Comments, suggestions, all are welcome. (Yes, I need to clean my lens...dusty!) Thanks for looking. Brett
  10. That’s some great surgery on your build to correct those flaws....and there seem to be a lot! Nice work as usual
  11. Very nice! She's going to be quite the stunner when done. Like Kevin said, the second darker color looks great. I'm hoping to get my -1 base painted in black this weekend (minus the cowling, still avoiding the engine ). I also need to build a new antenna blade for the tail. I may have forgotten the tail wasn't glued on and dropped it when I flipped the plane over today. I did hear the antenna hit something, somewhere as it flew off into nothingness...... Even if your transfers aren't there yet, I bet you'll still beat me to applying them! Can't wait to see more.
  12. Well, my HGW wet transfers showed up. LOTS to go all over the plane. Hopefully yours did as well, since I can then watch your updates
  13. Nice, I like how the putty looks compared to your reference picture. Excellent start
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