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  1. Nice work, as always, Chuck. Love the details you provide for the rest of us; learning something new every time.
  2. I could get away with the tri color scheme in airbrush.....but insignia, I’d have to resort to decals, since I’d be afraid of pulling rivets. thinking thinking...... Anyway, back to a HAWK!
  3. Looking excellent Pete. The amount of detail you've crammed inside and now outside is stunning. And you're making me think crazy thoughts about filling all the rivets on my Dauntless and attempting the same work. Crazy! Brett
  4. Really like the propellor “layers”, nice work on everything!
  5. Thank you both. Definitely slow going for me....weather is making it too nice to be inside!
  6. So, I haven't forgotten about modeling, but things have been weird these past couple weeks! Go figure?! More progress on the interior. I need to get some instrument decals coming to fill in the blanks Trumpeter left me, so if you have suggestions on where to buy and brand, shout it out. It's not a lot of progress, but progress none the less. Feel free to point out errors or things that can be added......and yep, there are a couple pieces still missing on the sidewalls (throttle and antenna wire spool).
  7. Nice work, Woody! Your interior is looking sharp, and I definitely like the additions of the placards. I'm at about the same point as you, minus the work you've already done on the turret. Maybe I'll break out the Nikon later..... Keep it up!
  8. You’re not alone. I read a post on Doogs site a while back along the same lines that made me rethink building certain subjects and I’m in the same boat as you now. Brett
  9. Great work on the pilots, they look sharp. Those two schemes are going to look great when you’re done!
  10. Super impressive work and detail, Fozzy! The museum will be lucky to have this on display. .......and jealous of your rolling hills backyard!
  11. Sorry to hear that its not going well! IMHO, Tamiya built a perfectly good cockpit, so if you head back to that, you won't be disappointed. Nor will you be disappointed with the Barracuda stencils
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