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  1. have not checked in for a few weeks....I knew I would not be disappointed
  2. OK Chuck go to facebook and search for 'aircraft walkarounds' in groups. Request to join the group et voila! Once approved, search for whatever aircraft you want in the 'search this group' box. You may even be able to do that without joining the group, but I don't think so
  3. great to see you back Chuck and the F-5 looks awesome so far. This might help (I hope you can see these) - it's a Brazilian F-5EM but hopefully lots of the details will be applicable to your aircraft https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.2119456571651287&type=3 for future reference, that's from a fantastic Facebook group called aircraft walkarounds, well worth joining
  4. absolutely insane! In answer to your question Peter, I haven't done any model making for a couple of years now really...lost my mojo, plus ran out of space...for now!
  5. superb - the chromate paint just brings it nicely together. Are you going to weather it? IIRC you are not a big weathering guy, but a lovely wash would make those details pop. Also, as you know, chipping and scratching is easy when you are using real metal. Sorry, not telling you how to do your job, but I come from an armour modelling background and I can't help myself!
  6. truly inspirational Peter, as always!!
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