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  1. another awesome project! DOn't forget I know Eddie Creek so if you have any specific questions about this variant do let me know
  2. best of luck Kev, and thank you for helping to make this such a great place. All the best in your future ventures and hope to see you as a guest on the forums!! happy modelling Rich
  3. *Coming soon - a brand new Luftwaffe title 75 years in the making!* It gives me great pleasure to officially announce the second book in my company Chandos Publications 'Luftwaffe Library' series, namely 'Blitz Bombers' by Eddie J. Creek and Robert Forsyth. This book focuses on the use of the revolutionary Arado Ar 234 B-2 'Blitz Bomber' by Kampfgeschwader 76 on the Western Front. Based on completely new and un-known information gleaned from original squadron records, private documents, ULTRA records and many other reputable sources. I expect this book to be priced in the £40-£45 range, and I am hoping that it will hit the shelves by the middle of this year at the latest. Attached are some sample layout pages (which may differ slightly from the finished article) You can buy my products here: http://www.chandospublications.co.uk Here is the official product info: This is the first time that the story of the Arado Ar 234 as the world’s first dedicated jet-bomber has been told in such detail in the English language. In late December 1944 the Luftwaffe surprised the Allies when it unexpectedly introduced a new, high-speed bomber to its inventory. Though deployed in small numbers, the Arado Ar 234 B-2 jet-bomber proved itself an effective day and night strike aircraft over the Western Front and a tough challenge for Allied fighter pilots who tried to counter it. Powered by the same Jumo 004 turbojets as the Me 262, the Ar 234 could attack pinpoint targets such as transport hubs or enemy vehicle columns and troop assemblies in ‘glide attacks’ with a high degree of impunity. The jets were flown by experienced and often highly decorated Luftwaffe bomber pilots who worked hard to master the new aircraft in a short time and amidst the chaotic conditions of a Third Reich in decline. ‘Blitz Bombers’ tells the story of KG 76’s operations when equipped with what was the world’s first jet bomber, the Arado Ar 234 B-2. The book is founded on original unit diaries, reports and other records, as well as various German and Allied material drawn from archives and private collections gathered over many years. It traces KG 76’s period working up on the aircraft and its subsequent combat operations over the Western Front from December 1944 through to the end of the war. The Geschwader’s jets took part in operations over the Ardennes, in the ill-fated Bodenplatte attack of New Year’s Day 1945, in missions against the Allied armies driving into the Reich in early 1945, and in a series of intensive strikes against the Ludendorff bridge at Remagen and the bridgehead established there by the Allies in March 1945. Following many years research, the book includes nearly 300 illustrations, comprised of rare photographs of KG 76’s aircraft, personnel and equipment, as well as the Allied aircraft and pilots who encountered the Arados in combat, plus key documents taken from the unit’s records. These are supplemented by specially commissioned and highly detailed colour artwork depicting the unit’s aircraft. 210 x 297 mm, laminate board hardback 192 pages (TBC), 245 photos and documents, map, 8 newly commissioned full colour profiles plus detail views created by renowned digital artist Janusz Swiatlon, appendices.
  4. aye caramba! Not checked this build for a while, it looks amazing!
  5. Hi - I can get hold of ZM kits, including the new Hs 129 and Ki 45 kits. Any interest in ordering from me direct? Prices: I can do the Hs 129 for £122 UK shipped (RRP £132), and the Ki 45 for £140 UK shipped (RRP £150) I can also get any other detail sets for these kits I'd need to know by MONDAY 02 DECEMBER and have firm, committed orders please. I can take payment by direct transfer or paypal (if fee is paid by you) LET ME KNOW URGENTLY! Rich
  6. wish I could have been there this year guys...
  7. sorry to hear you are standing down as 32SIG leader Iain! Thanks for your warm welcome and help over the years, and hope to see you at Telford as a regular person instead!
  8. I am thinking of going for the Saturday only, although I'll arrive Friday. Hope to see some of you there Rich
  9. Hi who is going to Telford this year? I am thinking of popping down on the Friday and spending Saturday there. cheers Rich
  10. Hi guys I've got less than 50 copies of Martin Pegg's Hs 129 book (from a print run of 1,000) left. My customers are raving about it, so find out what the fuss is about before it's too late. Zoukei Mura have announced that their kit should be available at Telford! http://www.chandospublications.co.uk
  11. It may interest you to know that my publishing company has just produced the ultimate reference on the Hs 129. We are also producing a book on the Arado 234 as used by KG 76 on the Western Front. Check it out! www.chandospublications.co.uk
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