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  1. many thanks! I can't remember but it was just a universal glue I bought from a hardware store
  2. thanks - I just cleared some space
  3. indeed! Cheers anyway mate Rich
  4. Radu - is this the photo (this is a screen grab of a low res thumbnail only) you mention? If so, we have it thank you
  5. no worries, thanks anyway yes! This is the kind of thing we are after. Before assembly AND after restoration. If you can provide images like this one, and others, please do let me know thanks Radu - IIRC Eddie Creek has the image in his collection, but didn't know it was in the pubic domain. Will try and track down the Wings of the Black Cross book
  6. Hi everyone - our upcoming He 219 book authors are currently writing the chapter on camouflage and markings. What would really help us out are high quality images taken of the airframe at the NASM Udvar Hazy Centre before assembly, specifically of the removed wing / wing root showing the original paint. Can anyone help? I don't mean those that are available online with a quick google search.... I know it's been discussed here before and perhaps someone can supply me / us directly with pics thanks in advance Rich
  7. thank you Gary, much appreciated Rich
  8. Hi guys - In case you didn't know, as well as selling books for a living I also publish them..and so it give me great pleasure to announce that I am now taking pre-orders for my company Chandos Publications' second title 'Blitz Bombers, Kampfgeschwader 76 and the Arado Ar234: Luftwaffe Jet Bombers on the Western Front 1944-1945' by Eddie J. Creek and Robert Forsyth. Please head on over to my website to place your pre-order and learn more about this and other titles we publish. I expect to take delivery towards the end of June 2020 but PLEASE allow for COVID-19 related delays! I have been assured that our printers are operating normally. www.chandospublications.co.uk If you are a US or Canada-based customer and prefer to order from our US distributor, please visit RZM imports here: https://www.rzm.com/books/chp/chp6518.cfm Many thanks and I hope to take your pre-orders soon! Rich Here's the product Description: This is the first time that the story of the Arado Ar234 as the world’s first dedicated jet-bomber has been told in such detail in the English language. In late December 1944 the Luftwaffe surprised the Allies when it unexpectedly introduced a new, high-speed bomber to its inventory. Though deployed in small numbers, the Arado Ar234B-2 jet-bomber proved itself an effective day and night strike aircraft over the Western Front and a tough challenge for Allied fighter pilots who tried to counter it. Powered by the same Jumo 004 turbojets as the Me262, the Ar234 could attack pinpoint targets such as transport hubs or enemy vehicle columns and troop assemblies in ‘glide attacks’ with a high degree of impunity. The jets were flown by experienced and often highly decorated Luftwaffe bomber pilots who worked hard to master the new aircraft in a short time and amidst the chaotic conditions of a Third Reich in decline. ‘Blitz Bombers’ tells the story of KG76’s operations when equipped with what was the world’s first jet bomber, the Arado Ar234B-2. The book is founded on original unit diaries, reports and other records, as well as various German and Allied material drawn from archives and private collections gathered over many years. It traces KG76’s period working up on the aircraft and its subsequent combat operations over the Western Front from December 1944 through to the end of the war. The Geschwader’s jets took part in operations over the Ardennes, in the ill-fated Bodenplatte attack of New Year’s Day 1945, in missions against the Allied armies driving into the Reich in early 1945, and in a series of intensive strikes against the Ludendorff bridge at Remagen and the bridgehead established there by the Allies in March 1945. Following many years research, the book includes nearly 300 illustrations, comprised of rare photographs of KG76’s aircraft, personnel and equipment, as well as the Allied aircraft and pilots who encountered the Arados in combat, plus key documents taken from the unit’s records. These are supplemented by specially commissioned and highly detailed colour artwork depicting the unit’s aircraft.
  9. another awesome project! DOn't forget I know Eddie Creek so if you have any specific questions about this variant do let me know
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