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  1. Hey Pete Hope you dont mind mate...I just had to stop work on my Phantom cockpit too see what you were up to....ok I made it quick! Great job mate, love stuff like that on the coaming Better go....
  2. Thanks Si, really appreciate your feedback mate. Who knows...maybe a conversion could be possible??? Progress has been slow as we are back out of lockdown again and work is flat out leaving me exhausted in the evenings and falling asleep on the couch instead of modelling!! Still chipping away but much slower than before Cheers Anthony
  3. Wow thanks Jo, I always loved that Valetta?? All are masterpieces ant I remember staring at them for ages in Scale Models Magazine...aaaah those were the days
  4. Definitely up there as one of my all time favorite builds on LSP. The conversion, the execution and the final result are absolutely 'on point'....totally awesome! Thanks for sharing your skills and ups and downs along the way.....worth every second in my opinion! Cheers Anthony
  5. Really looks great with all these finishing touches being added. Just superb
  6. There's really only one word to describe what is going on here...EPIC! Wonderful work Jay...I am hooked for sure
  7. You're a good man Jan and your customer service and communication is first class from what I have seen. The sets I have from you are exquisite Keep producing such amazing products and thank you
  8. Hi Mike....we are all waiting mate. Everything has been done and sent to Roy to put into production. Just a waiting game for him to release it now. Hence why I am working on my FG.1 Phantom whilst I wait too Cheers Anthony
  9. Oh boy, this just keeps getting better! I'm definitely going to do something like this on a build, just looks so amazing I’ll be sad to see this finished as I look forward to each update. Although I am also looking forward to seeing her finished. Maybe go the Eduard route? I usually try the path of least resistance….not that it looks like it at times with my Phantom cheers for another great update Anthony
  10. Once again, another splendid update! Just wonderful, you sir are very talented! Cheers Anthony
  11. You guys doing ok?? Just checking in to make sure you are both ok Cheers Anthony
  12. Thanks Mathieu...Lol, no slipping past you is there haha, thanks very much Lol, yes I quite like that shot too. LOL, Ok Ok I'm on it.... Yes I know mate....There is stil a bit of work to do around there. Thought I might finish that area up when I get the lower fuse on. Then I can build the area for the hook mounting box and those smaller details....nice to know you have your 'Eagle Eye' out for me! Thanks mate Thanks again guys Anthony
  13. Just wonderful Mathieu! I enjoy seeing this thread updated, you are doing such a great job....love it! Is this the big doubler/strapping that runs along the lower spar? Cheers Anthony
  14. Does this count as starting the cockpit?? I will be using @Ali62canopy set though(these are the kit parts), just fiddling about with a few things
  15. Thank you! It's been a mission to get to this point but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with the bulk of the structural mods done Thanks Derek..... Save me some popcorn Mike! Yes @Derek B response was well put, thank you too, I think it will make a nice base for building up the layers Cheers mate And thanks to you all for commenting and reacting, I notice and appreciate every one. I probably would have put her on the SOD by now otherwise! Oh and @Jennings Heilig I hope all the rivets dont put you off too much buddy! Cheers Anthony
  16. Couple of wee repairs/tweaks to do and I am calling this side finished. Then on to finish the other side up Overall pretty happy with it Cheers Anthony
  17. I think you are a master at WWI models! Just superb!
  18. LOL, sounds like trying to do a Brit Toom with the Tamiya kit! Well maybe the Lightning is worse?
  19. Thanks @Derek B you have put into words what I was thinking...thank you sir! I think you hit the nail on the head. I have even seen glossy airliner engines with a bunch of 'smoking rivets' on them too. I am going to go for something similar to this in places Athough we have seen worse on operational Brit Tooms, but even XV571 before her fin got repainted got scruffy too Cheers...I shall move on Anthony
  20. Thanks Derek! Without doubt you are my go-to guy for so much of what I have done. Without your help so far this could not have happened mate. For that I am ever grateful! I will definitely be tapping back into your knowledge brain as I move forward Thanks very much! I know the riveting is controversial, but the idea should hopefully pay off with the final painting and weathering as you say. I questioned whether or not I should have done it after seeing a guy on FB getting 'told off' for riveting his Tamiya Phantom and a few couldnt understand why he did it either. I figure once it is painted they will pretty much disappear (as you can see by the front half with no Tamiya wash in it), but it allows me to use them where I want to especially on the belly and 'hi-use' areas on the wings, around some vents and stained areas on the rear fuse. I think I am trying to justify myself, but at the end of the day it is personal choice. As long as I get her looking 'operational' and not tired and worn out I should be ok Cheers guys Anthony
  21. Forgot my favorite photo... Also for those interested in a set of the parts Kerry CAD'd up for me, great news is that @Ali62 is going to do a run of them for those interested. This will be a HUGE help for any of you contemplating this conversion. A lot of work went in to get these right. Hope it is going to help those of you contemplating this conversion Cheers Anthony
  22. Oh great news Ali! Those test prints look brilliant! Might have to order a set of those myself Lol I can say without a shadow of a doubt they are going to make life a WHOLE lot easier to make a Brit Toom possible! Another thing that might be worth knowing is that is ever a kit comes out there is a strong possibility they might even fit it. We went off actual measurements, but there was some tweaking to get them to fit Tamiya. Although there is no financial gain for me, Kerry and I really did this out of pure love for the Spey Phantom and to help me out. The idea is that with Ali on board he can help realize anyone elses dreams. Good on you mate for making them available. Thanks for the nice compliment on my build and I hope you get lots of interest.... I really hope we see more Brit Phantom conversions out there being done or even considered. Who knows you might even beat me to finish! Cheers Anthony
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