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  1. That's wonderful, so pleased to see this being worked on again....you have done a stunning job. We need to see more civvie builds arounds here.
  2. Thanks Chek, I think I have tracked down most Spey Phantom builds and conversions to start forming a better picture in my head
  3. Hmmm yes they do dont they? Thanks Ray, here's hoping when the kit gets here I can check some of these subtleties
  4. Thanks Marcel Yes I think I can fix those intakes fairly easily. The wing angle was something I was made aware of recently reading an article on the 48th Hasegawa ones. Same with the horizontal stabs at the back, having a flatter anhedral due to the Spey...but I am sure the kit has them corrected? I think I will make the strengthening plate on the bottom of the wing as you say, just track a decent drawing down. Probably those books I have been recommend will have a drawing. I think whilst I wait for this Kahu Skyhawk upgrade to come through to production I might look at starting 'another' kit LOL. Thanks again Anthony
  5. Thanks guys, I will track it down. I think I found one the other day but all the images were stuffed because of Photobucket...
  6. Chek, a quick question. Do you know if the WH conversion has the downward slope of the intake top line?
  7. Thanks Chek, the similarity is obvious! See I told you all I know little of the Phantom....but learning fast. You guys are awesome being so helpful Edit: the Armory ones specify J/K etc, and look really nice...I will go for those ones, thanks Andy
  8. Brilliant, thanks! Sorry one more question, is there any preference Eduard, DeF Model or Armory?
  9. Aaah yes, I see what you mean. Should (he says apprehensively) be easy enough to fix by removing a section down the centre of the intake with a razor saw. Didn't Derek B measure the intake opening on these once?
  10. I went to order the Nautilus strengthening plate set and it was $20 USD for shipping and $10 for the part. Might rethink that one and maybe make my own???
  11. These ones? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Armory-Models-1-32-F-4-PHANTOM-II-MID-TYPE-WEIGHTED-WHEELS-SET-Resin-Set/362647743573?hash=item546f7d6c55:g:pzIAAOSwRZtc2DLE There are other versions of late wheels, but digging deep into my memory bank they were the same as on the C/D?
  12. Thanks Andy, I thought I read that somewhere! I will see if I can find that old thread. And locate those books I will have to put a list of things to buy now...thanks gents, this is just what I was looking for!
  13. Aaah you guys are brilliant! Thanks so far for all your help. Feel like I am getting somewhere!
  14. Yeah, I heard that they were 'ok' and Frank re-did his also. Nice review by the way Ray! Dosent the chap (who's name escapes me right now) from GT Resin post here regularly? Looks like he does the big reinforcing plate under the wings
  15. Now....Firstly I know HK is doing this as a full kit, and I have probably wasted my money etc etc. Second, I dont want this to turn into a burn session either...Good constructive and informative info is what I am after as I am no Phantom expert, but have always LOVED the FGR2 with the fintop RWR, grey scheme and beefier 'look' as opposed to the American ones. I am relying on expertise from you guys to help me out. I originally had one of these ordered many many moons ago and was like many of you here and never got it. But thanks to Mike (Serian01) here on the forum he sold me his and has realized my dream of building this kit and conversion...thanks buddy, I owe you one! I have done a reasonable amount of research on the conversion (Great review on here on LSP) and there is a lovely conversion being done over on LSM with Cees. Couple of areas I want to check on when it arrives, but the kit wont be here for a little while yet when my friend brings it over in the Global 6000 he flies (LOL only the best courier for this kit!) What are good resources/books out there worth buying (I sold all I had when the conversion never turned up)? Can I use an Aires F4J cockpit upgrade set...as in....Is much of it comparable to the FGR2? Does anyone make the big strengthening 'Doubler' plate that is on the lower centre section? (can always make that out of plastic card if needed) What about wheels, are there any aftermarket ones better than the Tamiya kit ones? Seems like the Spey exhaust may need extra detailing? From what I can gather, Frank Mitchell and Klaus/Meteor did a really good job of revising Franks original model to correct a few more issues. As I said I know little of aviation modelling outside of my interest in NZ Aviation, so any help would be much appreciated. I want to gather all I can so I do this conversion justice when I eventually start on it. Cheers Anthony
  16. Words cant express how much I love your build. Everything looks perfect and so realistic! You gotta love those 2 seaters aye? Stunning and inspiring Cheers Anthony
  17. Oh wow, thats awesome!!! Inspiring indeed and real modelling skills in action!
  18. Richard....she's an absolute beauty buddy!!! Just LOVE how you have been fixing this kit. Awesome colour scheme too! I must resist...….I must finish my Mosquito...….I must resist a Mustang LOL
  19. Hi Chuck! OMG that is stunning!!! I have been really enjoying this thread from day 1. I have not much more to add than how fabulous your build is. Thank you for showing us how you did things along the way, much appreciated! As for the T-6, there will be a lot of work for you there to bring her up to your standards. There is a chap on here called "Sir Blue Henry" or similar and funnily he is a local modeler for me. But he knows his T-6's and has been working his way through the issues. It's one I want to do as well, but depending on how far you want to go, there is a lot of problems with this kit. You will also need Harold's prop replacement, I brought an AM engine (Vector I think??) and depending on the version, possibly Ali's Harvard cockpit glazing set. Anyway....that F-5 is just amazing!
  20. Got some wiring done in the pilots footwell area. I really want to close this fuse up! Although I am getting tugged from other kits on my SOD LOL
  21. Is Henri Daehne the guy who made them? If so I would love to know if I could still get a Spit V Rotol prop...
  22. All the best I have been trying to find their 1/32 Rotol Spitfire prop for years with no joy. You may however stumble across something. Sorry I cant help....couldn't even help myself either LOL They are near impossible to find and their stuff looks beautiful
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