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  1. I don't have the ICM Gladiator but, from the reviews I have seen and online builds, it looks like the front runner for KOTY. Another contender in the "Left field"category, would be the HK Lancaster Nose kit.
  2. Thanks Tom, I added the extras to the engine based on drawings for the Merlin. The great thing about the Tamiya kit is I sized all the extra parts from the drawings and they fit the kit parts like a glove - well done Tamiya-san. Let me know if you need any details and I will try and dig out my archives.
  3. OK, I'll play with one. Tamiya MkIX Merlin with lots of additional stuff:
  4. Don't care about the scale, I will make whatever takes my interest. So: Vulcan Chipmunk Maybe the Bentley for giggles
  5. Two useless thoughts from me: 1) There are already two standard scales for vehicles and planes - 1/72, 1/48. (Not certain about 1/144). It's just the large scales that can't get their act together. 2) Wait until these new kits are in your hands. They may have measured wrong and they are actually 1/32. Don't say it has never happened before...
  6. I fear we are talking about the same thing. ghfuwarrggsh is actually the same colour as dwmgasklimssfhif. The Klingon Empire Color Standard arose from the original Bnfgar colour standard which specified the colour ghfuwarrggsh. This was renamed dwmgasklimssfhif as you correctly point out, but it is actually the same colour. To be pedantic, you have a spelling error in your dwmgasklimssfhif. It should be dwmgasklimsfshif for the shadow areas. I suspect you know this but have been caught out by predictive text.
  7. This is serious stuff. And Klingon birds of prey were all painted in ghfuwarrggsh.
  8. Went to the Jewel at Changi airport for lunch. Very nice. Evening video call with parents sharing their Christmas dinner time. Quiet but lovely.
  9. Thanks Troy. Did you have any boxes to unwrap this Christmas?
  10. Kev, of course it's off the beaten path, it's a ship, it's in the water. Ron, your Warspite looks excellent, the wooden decks really add to the overall look.
  11. Don't be too hasty there Jennings. I am sure there are forums just like this one for people who paint the real thing. I bet they discuss topics at length along the lines of: "Which manufacturer produces the best FS36118?" "What is the best white to use for insignia?" "Pre-shading - fact or fiction?" "Which paint gun is best for covering large areas?" "Do you use paint mats to mask camo or do you free-hand?" ...and the list goes on.
  12. Tamiya (not a speculation thread) Really? All we can do is speculate. My speculation is a Mercedes F1 car, maybe the 2020 model. I heard it from a friend.
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