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  1. DonH

    1/32 CF104 Italeri

    Yep, that looks great. I am certain I will never, ever, try this. That just leaves me having to watch your build instead
  2. DonH

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    I think the other thing is the paint job. The WNW baron looks old and I'm pretty sure that is because he looks like he has been given white not blond hair.
  3. Wow, that is one large, cool looking, model.
  4. DonH

    Nichimo 1/20 Cessna 172

    Build it
  5. DonH

    Omani Hunter

    Oh boy, that looks good. I need another kit in the stash like I need a hard kick in the undercarriage. However, I may have to pick up one of these.
  6. That's a good looking pit!
  7. DonH

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    Looking good, can't wait to see the final paint job and also the steps between now and then.
  8. +1, great work and very interesting to pick up some scratch building tips. Can't wait for the next update.
  9. DonH

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    What a beauty! Congratulations on the awards they are well deserved.
  10. DonH

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229

    I am loving this build. With the tyres, if you put a drop of masking fluid at the right place on the "O" and then carefully dry brush the letters, to make them stand out a bit, remove the masking fluid et voila, a C and not and O. That might work?
  11. Gents, I really don't appreciate the tone this thread is taking. Please, take a deep breath and step away from the keyboard. I am interested in how this build progresses but not the rest.
  12. DonH

    Aviattic Ansaldo A.1

    Good job Eric! The finish on the engine cowlings is excellent.
  13. DonH

    Brazilian AF-1

    Yeah, I see what you see and I am calling it an error on the instructions.
  14. DonH

    Brazilian AF-1

    My reading of this is: Top side colours are 73+69 and 337+308 Bottom colours are 308+311 I'm not saying they are correct but that is how I read the instructions.
  15. DonH

    Omani Hunter

    I can only repeat what others have said. That IP looks superb and shows a) how good the kit ip is and b) your exceptional painting talents.