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  1. Well, I am really glad the Lightning entered service, but dang those are cool schemes on the F-104. I am tempted to make a wiffer or two. I can imagine a "Black Mike" version and, of course, a few 74 squadron Tiger versions....
  2. Wolf, It is excellent to see you back at the bench producing such magic. I am sorry to hear about your job and hope that you are back to it in the near future. Take care, stay safe. Cheers Don
  3. English words fail me. I need to resort to a different language: qach ghojmoHwI''a'. nIvbogh ghantoH reH vIleghpu'.
  4. It explains the stock market crash. People are selling shares to get cash to buy toilet roll. Makes perfect sense.
  5. Enjoy! Looks like a great start. watch out for the tight fit of parts. They fit like a glove (that is half a size too small). Also, I will be interested in your experience of the instructions, yes I know we don’t use them, but they are great works of art. I don’t always find them enlightening though.
  6. a) that is a great tip, thank you! b) nice looking dashboard!
  7. Always nice to see a large toom and Black Mike is certainly a stand-out scheme. F4-Js were only flown by 74 squadron (not 111) but it looks great in this scheme anyway. Can't wait to see your next Phantom!
  8. Wow. I will never have the inclination, skill or patience to build a kit like this, so I am looking forward to joining the ride from the back seat.
  9. ...and they would fly a lot better if they had wings.
  10. That looks really good. I also prefer masks to decals, especially at this scale. You have done a great job with them, the colours of the roundels look perfect. What struck me with the photos is that 1/24 can look very toy like and clunky. Your model is not like that at all, you have really achieved a great look and the finished article is going to look exceptional.
  11. Now, that would be a great diorama!!
  12. So, that is an attributable quote that I would tend to believe, thanks for the information, it's good to know.
  13. Whilst that may well be true, I can certainly believe it, an announcement on another modelling site is worth nothing unless it is directly attributed to the company in question. I would check company websites for such information. But they probably won't say, so we are left with speculation. Anyhoo, it's hardly the biggest virus issue on my mind at present.
  14. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51442314 Although it may be BS, when governments decide something, there are consequences. Whatever they base their decisions on. I have just visited an office over here, and you have to have your temperature taken and make a travel declaration (i.e. I haven't been near China for at least 14 days). Employees are having their temperatures checked on arrival and at the end of the day (at least). I sae queues outside the public library as people were checked before entering. We can argue about whether it is really necessary, but it won't change the fact that these measures are in place. Should anyone worry? Not in my opinion. Should we be careful and attend to personal hygiene? Hell yeah.
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