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  1. I will enjoy following this and am another subscriber to the scratch it first before going for aftermarket.
  2. +1 I have tried MRP and have struggled with it. The "aroma" is strong and I actually had a problem with getting a good result with my airbrush. I am probably the only person in the world to have this issue. I prefer to use Tamiya or Gunze acrylics with Mr Color Levelling Thinner. At some point I will try the new AK real colours range and also Hataka. I assume you have a good face mask and paint booth if you are going to be squirting this stuff all over plastic.
  3. Who doesn't do crossword puzzles with a ballpoint? Totally agree with you regarding the book, consider this post my pre-order!!
  4. Boy, you are a brave man. Revell kits seem to be the Alfa Romeos of the modelling world. No matter how bad they are, you still love them and want another one. Or maybe that's just me...
  5. Yep, that was my thinking. I've seen some stuff on tinterweb where these are used for weathering/post shading but I don't see why they can't be used for black basing. More expensive than ScotchBrite, of course!
  6. Tamiya will release a new aircraft kit..... a 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Va or b. Nothing in 1/32 I have it on good authority in a dream.
  7. Looking forward to that, Kev. Thanks James, that is good to know as I very much like using Gunze. I have tried MRP but confess I don't like it and it is hard to get in Singapore. I know where to get AK paints!!
  8. If I was a ride-along in a TF-104, I would want the pilot in the front so he could have the best view possible!
  9. Nice review Kev. On a separate, but related topic: 1) Are the paints any good? 2) Are the colours any different to other offerings?
  10. Thanks Radu! As luck would have it, I will be in London in July and may have some time to do exactly as you suggest.
  11. Has anyone tried to use Artool FX templates to do a similar thing?
  12. No offence intended Radu, I am genuinely impressed (and jealous) that you get to sit in a Spitfire.
  13. Absolutely stunning. I cannot begin to comprehend the skill required and all the different techniques evident in this build.
  14. This looks great, there seems to be just as much detective work as building work just to figure out where everything goes or what it looks like. I am enjoying your progress!
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