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  1. I confess, I have two Revell Hawker Hunters, possible for ground attack or Blue box. Tamiya Mosquito, again for ground attack? HKM Mosquito, possibly for ground attack. The chances of me starting even one of these is low, and the chances of finishing one is even lower, but I live in hope.
  2. Yay, I might actually have some things in the stash that I can use for one or two GBs.
  3. Excellent job, that is one of the nicest rears I have seen! Three days??? I would struggle to do that in three months. The faded camo is spot on, you have done a great job with that.
  4. A couple of swipes with a sanding stick and voila! a chiselled jaw. Wish it worked in real life.
  5. I am doing more and more off the sprue. In fact I try and build as much as possible before paint (even if that means some tricky masking) to ensure a good glue joint. So, maybe 10% on sprue.
  6. Spitfire, Spitfire, Spitfire, oh..and...Spitfire. The only plane that brings a tear to my eye whenever I see one.
  7. Thanks BradG, I may have three kits that are suitable for the anticipated GBs, that will be a first for me!!
  8. Mosquitos based in Banff Scotland tasked with hitting shipping (I believe). I kind of wondered if that counted as ground attack, even if it was over water.
  9. Would a Banff Mosquito count for this? Asking for a friend.
  10. It is impossible to buy too many kits. I am surprised the moderators even allowed this title to be posted, as it clearly challenges the fundamentals of plastic model making.
  11. RAF Oh, I see what you mean...try PJ Productions
  12. Oh boy, they are good. I enjoyed that.
  13. Nice idea. Do demo models usually have a coat of primer on them? I have never been to a show, so don't know.
  14. Get 'em while you can, they don't appear on the Kinetic website anymore, for some reason.
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