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  1. If I may be so bold, there is no way that this Spitfire does not have an antenna post. Upon what do I base this assertion? Gut feel and the conviction that these Spits were never fitted with the equipment that meant no antenna post. Show me a picture of another MkIX of this vintage without antenna post, and I will waver but until then...no way.
  2. I have built this in another scale. Personally, I prefer the look of the red codes (which means they must have been black) and definitely not clipped wings (because it looks horrible, which means it had clipped wings). Camo on the fuel tank panel and top engine cowling. Interestingly, with the clipped/not clipped debate, did squadrons ever swap the wing tips? I know they were interchangeable so it is possible. Same type of wing tip on both wings is probably preferable. Go with what you like, no one can say you are wrong.
  3. I shed a tear because this amazing build is over. Great job Pete, it looks stunning. I start to smile as I wonder what you will do next.
  4. Mats or no mats, look at Edgar’s comment. A one inch “feather” in any scale that we may frequent is going to look like a hard demarcation line. Also, I note that the few pictures I have seen that show hard lines are viewed from distance and soft lines are close up. Pick what you think is right and go for it. Toluene was used as an initial test of the Death Star. Poor intermix in the plasma beam meant that the planet was not totally destroyed but split into fractions of carbon and hydrogen in a 7:8 ratio. The two resulting sub planets were named Methyl and Benzene. HTH.
  5. I have to say thanks again! My order has arrived from SB and I am very excited and impressed with this kit. Well done to HKM for doing it and I can't wait to start building it (although I will wait). The moulding looks excellent and TBH, I am tempted to build it OOB even with the strange pilot's seat and other odd bits (although I won't). I have the Airscale set for the IP and may get some 3D printed belts. Anyhoo, good on ya for letting me know about the availability at SB Cheers Mr Happy of Singapore
  6. That's the one! Thanks for jogging my memory.
  7. ...and Tamiya has provided the LF type engine in the kit, so all is well with the world. (I believe it is the carb that defined the LF, but can't remember exactly now)
  8. Sounds plausible. Airfix does much the same thing with their Vintage Classics releases. Money for old rope/plastic.
  9. I bet Meng will be p1ssed if WNW start selling a Fokker triplane...
  10. Interesting, thanks Pete. I was wondering why Quinta had only supplied one with their decals. Seems they are correct.
  11. Thanks red Dog, that is very useful.
  12. Sorry, ignore me. Google is finally my friend.
  13. There is a large, yellow, K or X shaped handle hanging from the port side of the F-16 cockpit in front of the throttle lever. Two questions: 1) What is it? 2) Is there one in the rear cockpit of the F-16D? TIA Don
  14. Peter, that tail and rudder are superb. What struck me was the photo of the real thing looks drum tight and, in IMO, most kits and modellers don't quite capture that look. You have! The skinning looks perfect. Just wow.
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