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  1. Fnah, you missed the little paper label hanging from the string on the silver box thingy. I look at the photos of the real thing and then look at the parts you make. I think "hmmm, that doesn't look quite right" and I refer back to the photo. Then I realise I missed some little detail that you have added. You must have eyes like an eagle and the patience of a saint.
  2. Well, this should be an interesting build, especially when you get to painting and weathering! If I was the pilot, I would refuse to get in until the ground crew cleaned my plane. Or I would be out on a Sunday afternoon with my bucket and a sponge getting the sparkle back.
  3. In that case, I can confidently predict that they will release a 109 Buchon, thereby simultaneously satisfying the engine sprue theory (Merlin) and everyone who wants them to release a 109 in 1/32.
  4. Oooh, gimme a Spey engined Phantom and I will be a happy bunny. Being geographically challenged, I am sad that I couldn't participate in the raffle. No-one ever offers six kits for free to modellers in Singapore.
  5. Actually, I think it's a Fokker DR1
  6. Oh darn. Just when I told myself "no more WNW kits"...
  7. I think you can probably blame Snoopy for that.
  8. Wow, great pictures, thanks for posting. Two things occurred to me: 1) Interesting "quilting"/stressed skin references 2) Did no-one get the memo that the P-38 was coming out?
  9. Best wishes Brad, hope Steve Smith has cheered you up a bit.
  10. Wow! I bet they are using Alclad gloss black. That would make a great diorama.
  11. Looks to me like a very pale grey paint with a touch of aluminium added would be good for this. The clear blue is a good idea.
  12. Chuck, you get a great gloss finish. Is TS-14 better than, say, Tamiya X-1? X-1 is an acrylic, is TS-14 different?
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