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  1. Hah! If this is fake news then, dang you Jamie Haggo for bringing me my disappointment too early. I would like to go back to the guessing game, please, because that means there may still be a kit out there that I am interested in buying.
  2. Hey! C’mon spoilers!!! we had another 87 pages of guessing fun ahead of us.
  3. I hope these drawings will help. Looks like a round port to me, but not sure. If this breaches copyright, I will remove the images. BEWARE!!! The first two images are for MkIX wings. The last one is a MkI.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are all modellers right? You can take a lump of dodgy styrene and turn it into a masterpiece simply by the application of a sanding stick, glue and a touch of paint. So, here we have a 1/32 Dr.1 from Meng out of WNW. Really, what is there to complain about?
  5. Simple kit, WWII subject. Can only be a Gloster E.28/39
  6. Wow Pete, I put three short strips of rivet decals on a model once. They look great but really stressed me out during the process. Your attention to detail and tenacity, perseverance and skill to get all these rivets in place is mind-blowing. Can't wait to see the finished article, but enjoying the journey.
  7. I agree. What a great idea and (I assume) quite simple to create. Great job so far, I am enjoying watching
  8. Hawker Hunter. Nice, clean, simple lines and a small cockpit. Actually I heard on the internet, via a mate, who knows someone down the pub, that it will be a Spitfire. Regardless,, it’s another BRAND NEW 1/32 KIT. What a time to be modelling.
  9. This could start a very long thread. Which colours do you consider "accurate"? The roundel blue and red are definitely wrong. I really don't think you can infer anything from any other colour in this photo. I would argue that the flesh tones are too healthy for this period of the war (poor diet, probably working extended shifts with little natural light, etc.). The colouring is nicely done, but forget it as a reference of any kind, in terms of colour.
  10. Large coffee table, small modelling desk. Time to reassess priorities, I feel. B-52 looks great!
  11. Nice, I like it. No overdone pre-shading or panel line washes, a potential competition winner. Need some decals for my A330 kit. On an unrelated topic, there is a significant "dip" in the runway at Cambridge, I am surprised that it is not flatter, but I no nothing about runway tolerances.
  12. There is nothing wrong with the box art. It is simply a matter of shutter speed. As the prop is rotating slightly faster than the engine, it is seen as blurred. The engine is rotating at exactly the right speed and angle to appear fixed when the camera took the photo. Obvious to those of us in the know.
  13. Excellent! i love the pictures of the lizard eye wing lights. please can someone go to the museum and politely request that they remove the aerial wire?
  14. Iain, I trust you 100% on these matters and also on all matters dishwasher. This looks like a great kit and you are really paving the way with this build.
  15. This is not cavalier, more like roundhead. Let's hope that all the additional research doesn't prove that the original tailplane was correct Great work so far Iain, I am enjoying this build. How's the dishwasher?
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