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  1. It's great to see this conversion set released. Now, I wonder if there is a market for the Singapore AF two seat SkyHawk. It has to be the most odd looking and unique version of the Sky Hawk...
  2. 1/72 Airfix kits sometimes do it for me. Others say that Tamiya motor bikes are good to kick start the mojo. Not tried that yet but may do soon. My difficulty is lost momentum on builds. I have kits that sit on the bench part completed and don't move for weeks or months. Not sure if this is lack of mojo or just slow building pace.
  3. What model-making/engineering wizardry is this??? Amazing work as always and always a challenge to me. I am struggling to get a coat of paint on the tailplane of my current build. Taken me two weeks of "nah, can't be arsed" in which time you have created sheer beauty. One question - are the tie down rings rotatable? I think you have them 90 degrees out from the photo of the real thing. Of course, the photo could show the wrong orientation... How was Tuscany?
  4. Given that all kits have some level of inaccuracy, one option is to build it OOB. Concentrate on perfecting the fit and finish. I understand that may not be enough in this case.
  5. "tis but a blink of an eye compared to the years we have been waiting...
  6. Totally agree. I made the Tamiya Spitfire MkIX as almost my first build after returning to the hobby. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun learning along the way. I added loads of scratchbuilt stuff in the cockpit and to the engine. I say go for the Tamiya Corsair and enjoy the experience!
  7. I am the same standard as you (or lower). If I was looking to dispose of my built kits, I would give them away. For sure, when I move out of Singapore, they will either be given away or binned. However, is there one kit that you have always wanted but thought it was too pricey to buy? Perhaps you could suggest the cost of that kit as the price for the built kits. It's a tough one, I guess it boils down to how comfortable you feel in charging for them.
  8. If there is a 1/32 kit in your stash, you want for nothing I have six in my stash and this will last me a lifetime. Until Kotare release their Spitfire. And a Spey Toom appears. Darn it, I am wanting for something!
  9. One of my favourite online model shops shows 251 kits in 1/32. They have 3,253 in 1/72. I would say we are missing approximately 3,000 kits in 1/32.
  10. Yes, you are absolutely correct. In my eyes there is only one RSAF, but I am definitely biassed.
  11. Sorry to see this happening. I had a delivery of five bottles shipped from Poland to Singapore. No issues at all. I think I will check the tightness of the caps, just in case there is a problem waiting to hit me. Is there one particular colour that is doing this? Maybe a glitch in a specific production batch?
  12. OK people, stop with this next release will be another Spitfire lark. Kotare will be releasing a Spey engined Toom next. I have it on good authority from a person I met in a bar in a dream I had three nights ago.
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