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  1. DonH

    The new Tamiya 1/48 Spit Mk.I is out...

    I have two on the way from Lucky Model. I am soooo excited for some reason.
  2. DonH

    HK;s Lancaster.

    What you have done in five weeks would take me five years! Great job and some really interesting insights on the kit. Given the choice between the surface finish on the HK kit and the oil canning on the WNW version, I am wavering towards HK.
  3. A different package? You mean you order more than one model at a time???
  4. DonH

    F-16 Polish Tiger Meet 2015

    Thanks, I enjoyed watching this.
  5. DonH

    My first Telford 'Experience'

    I have seen your Mosquito build elsewhere on this forum, and I gotta say that the snow effect really looks good against the colours and finish of the Mossie. I feel cold just looking at it!!
  6. DonH


    Yep, I'd go for that. I now have two years to clear my stash ready for these beauties.
  7. DonH

    KH Tiger II F-5F

    I feel for him. Instead of being frustrated, perhaps he could ask the owner of the company to beef up quality control at all stages of the development of KH products.
  8. DonH

    The "wants" list...

    So, I have a bucket list of "kits still to buy" that I am pretty clear about. Until something else comes along: 1/32 Spey Phantom That's it. Then several 1/32 Lancs came along, hmmm.... And then the Tamiya 1/48 Spit which I will definitely be getting at least one of. Maybe a ZM Horten. The 1/72 version intrigues me because I think there is a chance I might actually finish it. I kid myself that I will build my stash plus these additions before I lose the ability to do so.
  9. DonH

    HK Lancaster B Mk. 1 Cockpit

    That looks great. I'm almost tempted just to buy this set and build it without the rest of the kit!
  10. DonH

    1/32 Revell Spitfire MKIIa

    That looks great and the wing root wear looks spot on to me. The left wing got way more wear as the pilot got in on that side and had people around to help strap him in.
  11. DonH

    Tamiya USAF Skyraider in 1/48

    That is a great finish. What a brute of a plane, I have seen one up close in Ho Chi Minh city and you have really captured the look.
  12. DonH

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229..FINISHED

    That looks excellent. I love the idea of only putting the lower panels on and showing the wood inside. The contrast between the wood and the framework looks superb. Great job!
  13. DonH

    P-51D Cockpit for new Revell Kit??

    I admire your stamina. I get bored half way through building one large kit! I can recommend Barracudacast in general, very high quality resin. I have never used the P-51 stuff, but the Spitfire extras are perfection.
  14. DonH

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    Nicely done! That looks really menacing by dawn's early light.