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  1. LOL, I was watching the video and thinking "blimey, Australian ground crew only wear swimming trunks." And then I saw why :-)
  2. Nice pics, I am happy to view more if you want to post them.
  3. I have tried MRP and don't like it. I still have some left and will continue to try it because it must be me not the paint, judging from other comments here. I do love the idea of straight from the bottle, I currently use Mr Color Levelling Thinners with Tamiya and Mr Color paints. I measure the quantity of paint and thinners using a syringe, so I can get pretty accurate mix to suit my technique. With MRP the pigment settles out quickly at the bottom fo the bottle and required a lot of work to get mixed again. With my Tamiya and Mr Color paints, this is much less of an issue and they are easily mixed using a stirrer. You can't touch up with a brush with MRP paints. I understand they have a different type of paint for this, but I can use the same Tamiya or Mr Color paint pot for both. I have not cracked the pressure setting on my airbrush for MRP, but my gut instinct is that I am still using too high a pressure and that MRP only needs the bare minimum to push it out of the airbrush. Last time I used MRP, I got small areas of paint lifting after masking. The paint had a long time to dry before masking, so it wasn't uncured, it just didn't stick. That was unexpected. MRP paint smells. I guess this is down to personal tolerances, ventilation, etc. To my eye, MRP paints look pretty accurate in the colours I am using (WWII RAF) but that is a minefield. My approach these days is to get the colour to look right to my eye because that is all that matters for my hobby. I can't get MRP paints (or Hataka) shipped to Singapore. That is a big disadvantage. In conclusion, ignore me because I seem to be an outlier. I am sticking with Tamiya and Mr Color because it is cheaper and I know how to use it much better than I do MRP paints.
  4. As U2 would say, even better than the real thing...
  5. Safe travels and hurry back, we are missing you already.
  6. Well, this is going to be interesting and I suspect will cause a certain amount of discussion. I have no interest in building this kit, but your approach and conclusions will be good to follow. Have you considered lining up the #4 bulkhead along the centreline datum rather than at the bottom of the fuselage? That might make a difference to how much you decide to alter, perhaps.
  7. Great build Eric. The slightly weathered finish looks perfect.
  8. Try Hearns Hobbies at Flinders Street station in Melbourne. I always drop in when I visit Oz but beware that you might find that it is expensive compared to what you are used to.
  9. It's always a pleasure to watch the progress in this thread. The pictures soothe my eyeballs and I can just relax and drool. Great job, as always, Peter. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  10. Yep, that captures the retro vibe nicely.
  11. I have three. All WNW: 1) Fokker DVII OAW 2) Sopwith Snipe (Late) 3) Sopwith Camel Br1 They are all still in the box, some bits painted on the sprue. I have to face the fact that I am never going to finish them. Rigging and etc.
  12. Nice scheme! Interesting fading on the nose cone.
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