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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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4 hours ago, richdlc said:

I would say Peter, whilst you are capable of making it yourself, do it! Much more enjoyable to scratchbuild it yourself


+1 it's also way more enjoyable for me to watch!!!!

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I honestly can't come up with an original word of praise for your work, so I'll just copy/paste this here:

difficult to believe; extraordinary.
synonyms: magnificent, wonderful, marvelous, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious,breathtaking, extraordinary, unbelievable, amazing, stunning, astounding, astonishing, awe-inspiring, staggering, formidable, impressive, supreme, great, awesome, superhuman;
informalfantastic, terrific, tremendous, stupendous, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping,out of this world, far out; 
"an incredible feat of engineering"

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Wow Peter,


That's a real bummer about the Shapeways stuff, especially for the price! I have a few bits and pieces from them in the "ultra detail" stuff and I agree with you, it seems quite grainy. In fact, I think my little Anycubic photon actually does a better job!


In any case, your scratchbuilt version looks about a BILLION times better than the 3D printed part! I really think you've nailed the look of the wires coming out of the plugs..... seeing things like that every day in my job, they look pretty darn convincing to me! Your electrical connectors are just pure brilliance too :)


As the others have said, there's still no printer around that can match good old fashioned talent.



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It comes with the scale, I think.


A monolithic chunk of plastic, however perfectly printed and masterfully painted, will never be up there in the same league with Pete's marvelously handcrafted mixed media assemblies, at least in 18th scale. A strong ingredient to the exceptional realism shown here, after all, is the use of similar materials as in the original machine.


A less obvious factor would be the naturally occuring 'simplification' of parts, that comes with direct hand eye coordination while building them, instead of zooming into a milky(ly?) illuminated rectangle, and thereby loosing all sense of scale.


Well, I guess I really had to try and find an explanation...



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evening folks & thank you :)


a little more done..


these are the radios in the back - SCR274 I think...


a lovely shot, rich in detail, all of which I have to try and make...




..I started by adding what I could to the 3D printed versions.. I could already see problems though - the main tuning wheels were not very well defined for example..




..so I cut them off (and the knobs & bumps) and made those myself too.. this is the smaller one..






..and the larger one..






there are some tiny black screws I still need to work out how to do - paint was too coarse, I tried rivet decals but they have carrier film, so I might try and get a Rotring drawing pen to do them,,


...next the racks they sit on - again another great reference shot from Aircorps..




..these were made from lots of little bits of litho and odds & sods.. I didn't make up the boxes at the back as these are so deep in the fuselage they won't be seen..




..and this is how they sit (dryfit) on their racks..






..lastly the subframes the racks sit on - one square bit of painted litho and a couple of folded constructions painted black..




..and the ensemble together..








..next I need to try and get all this kit and the fuel tank mounted :)







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13 minutes ago, flarpen said:

I can't seem to see the pictures.

Is it just me or do anyone else have the same issue?



I have the same issue ATM, but Im at work and our iron port server can sometimes hid any links to known sites like Imagr Flickr and  others so not sure if there is another issue or not. 

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