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  1. Thanks Mark, I decided to redo the "Udet" emblem, a little better this time, the prop was masked with maskol, yes, It looked strange in the photo cheers thanks Rigor, I'm glad cheers So some work has been done, painted the canopy (which has not the best fit in closed position) some details on the pilot, gears up , and still to do the wavy demarcation on the wedge of the wings, hopping soon to get on the finish line, cheers
  2. Nice subject and great work, here is some interesting reference color pictures, cheers
  3. really nice job on that 190, I suggest you to use this to upload your pictures, cheers https://imgbb.com/
  4. Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it coming from you, your builds have been very inspirational to me! cheers So, a bit more of progress, some chipping at the wing root, some decals, the "Udet" emblem which I made my own decal, and some pigment work.. until next, cheers Antonio
  5. thanks Lothar I'm glad you like it, cheers thanks Kev, yes little by little is getting there and I passed my temptations of scrapping all the paint Had to amputate the feet in order to making him fit, gave him some sunnies and oxygen mask, needs some seatbelts now, cheers
  6. first steps with oils and washes, the landing gears got broken so I'm going for a "in flight" display instead, will have to adjust the pilot in the tiny cockpit! cheers
  7. nice cockpit job, going to follow this one, want to do a spanish one someday, by the way this is the only "known" color picture of Legion Condor 109 showing the grey color, pitty is too blurry and far away! cheers
  8. some more progress , although the Balkenkreuz got too thick and need to be repainted...
  9. thanks Mark, after studying closely the reference pictures I came to the conclusion that the Chevron's body has a solid color (yellow to me) and it was mottled after, also the lower cowling and air intake I will leave in rlm 76 not yellow as some profiles represent based on my observations. cheers
  10. Thanks Gazzas, I'm glad mate! some progress with decals and the "Chevron", more mottling to be added soon... cheers
  11. here you have an Erla 109 looks right and accurate, also in these pics 75 looks too brownish, that it is because the lighting set up I'm using and crappy phone pictures, also the blue background plays an important role, better set up and camera I will use for final pics. more mottling going on, cheers
  12. thanks mate, they sure look alike following the "Erla Camo Pattern" some RLM 74 now, cheers
  13. base coat of 76 and 75. more soon cheers
  14. Gracias Matsu! for the rivets, I first use "Rosie the riveter" tool to mark the rivet position and then I engrave by hand individually with the beading tool, it is a painstaking process but the result is worthy. here is a link for the beading tool :http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?cPath=21_22&products_id=1322&osCsid=bf122f0d1c501491e4dec444d37fecad about the interior flap colors I'm not 100% sure what color will use, I'll have to study references but yes it can be like 76 or 02. well hope today I'll finish the last minor details left and give her a primer coat and start the painting very very soon, cheers
  15. great job on that cockpit man, could be that the rear of the cockpit was also painted in black, like these? cheers
  16. thank you Chrish, glad you like it! cheers thank you Mark, it's not a repaint, I did spray a sand color over the fuselage to check the rivet work and find imperfections on the surface, it needs proper cleaning also cheers
  17. I'm using Hasegawa's fuselage since the dihedral angle is a bit low so I donated the Revell wings and after some cirugy for the landing gears finally it worked, Cockpit is almost done, needs some touches up here and there, aires resin with Airscale instrument decals were used, fuselage rivets are also done although not showing in all these pics yet, an Erla model wearing their usual factory camo with sawteeth on the wings and round mottling on the fuselage, also looks like it has been extra mottled in the field. Recently I acquired some wood 109 relics which will be using as reference for the colors 74/75/76 , here is the link thread if you are interested in checking it out. Cheers source: http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2013/10/chosing-correct-wingpattern-for-bf109g-6.html
  18. Hello everyone, time to build this 109 up, going to represent this one: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/Late (G-14) "Gustav" "Double Chevron" II./JG 3 "Udet" Schiphol, Netherlands, November 1943 Major Kurt-Werner Brändle Kurt-Werner Brändle (19 January 1912 – 3 November 1943) was a German Luftwaffe military aviator during World War II, a fighter ace credited with 180 enemy aircraft shot down in over 700 combat missions. The majority of his victories - 155 - were claimed over the Eastern Front. he was killed in action west of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Following an attack by a group of Martin B-26 Marauders on Schiphol airfield, II. Gruppe scrambled to counter the attack. He was shot down in this aircraft - Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 (Werknummer 26058) by Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Spitfires under the command of Wing Commander Lloyd Chadburn. His body later washed ashore near Zandvoort on 30 December 1943. Brändle was 31 years old
  19. Thanks Matsu, I would like to see how is your 109 turning out, do you have any links? you could post it also in the section "non-LSP works I guess, cheers
  20. Thanks man, I hope so, I recommend anyone who is doing a 109G to take a look at this interesting article in order to represent the correct camouflage pattern , cheers http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2013/10/chosing-correct-wingpattern-for-bf109g-6.html
  21. Thanks Gazzas, the Hakenkreuz looks that way just because the picture is flipped, I only paint one side of the model so in order to compare with the reference images I did that, this was just a quick experiment and focus more on the overall colour balance , I didn't worry much about the other aspects which will take care in the 109 model coming soon, cheers mate! Antonio
  22. thanks mate! the custom color mix test has been done, for the RLM 74 I used 60% of (H 401 Dark Grey)+ 30%(H42 Blue Gray) + 10% (White) once the colors were sprayed I coated with a matt barnice with 10% white mix to tone down colors to produce a scale effect. this has been fun, matching my relic samples and applying to a model with these colors used in 109G6's and some late versions, specially those that were built at Erla plant which have a sawtooth wing camo pattern and abundant round mothling patches on the fuselage, I put some comparison side by side so you can be the judge yourself and take your own conclusions. next I'll apply this test to my 109g 1/32 model which I will post in "work in progress" section. cheers
  23. Thanks Matsu, I'm very glad you find this interesting, I appreciate it ,cheers thanks Gazzas, I have to confess that I like your signature picture cheers mate! well I have spayed the RLM 75, the recipe I used as a base is H 331 Dark Sea grey (Great Britain) but it needed a bit of red tone, H 13 like a 5% and a 10% of white next is the RLM 74, cheers
  24. Thanks Tony and Kevin for your comments, today I've been doing some mixing paints to try to match my samples using Gunze Hobby Color Aqueous. in the first picture you can see both pure paints, on the right it is Gunze H417 "rlm 76" which is not a good match to my sample beside is Gunze H 314 (blue FS 35622 Israeli Kifir) straight out of the bottle, pretty close but misses a bit of blue tonality, I added a very small hint of pure blue, and 15% of white and finally got a decent representation of my sample ( some grime and dirt on the edge of my sample but can be seen but the center was fine sanded and cleaned) On the second picture it is my final mix, I used an old 1/32 "B" Mustang to do some spray test at least "B" Mustangs and 109's have some similar forms so, this for now, next I'll be spraying RLM 75 which I also got a good mix match for. cheers
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