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  1. looks great Craig...if I could offer one piece of advice it's to get all of the dust and hairs out of the interior before buttoning it up. They are of course magnified with a macro photo... please don't take that the wrong way, just speaking from experience LOL
  2. ah the skinning stage, I remember it well! looks awesome by the way
  3. Hi - thank you. I will send you a PM
  4. looks awesome Tom... I assume you are aware of the seawings site? http://seawings.co.uk
  5. he's off again!! already a great start Peter
  6. *Help needed!* Are there any members who are good at creating scale drawings? I require a small number for my publishing company's forthcoming book on the Bf 109 T. Not drawings of the aircraft, just drawings of the catapult fittings and maybe one or two other bits and pieces... I would pay for the work of course TIA Rich
  7. Hi guys I have one of these kits but no instructions. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a download or maybe scan me a copy? The HK website only has download for the B-17G late, which I am assuming has different instructions than kit HKM-01E04 thanks Rich
  8. here we go again!! Superb start Peter
  9. this should help you http://warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=34145&hilit=Special+Kay&sid=3577caaeb1a91bbba191c76e4d164c18
  10. many thanks! I can't remember but it was just a universal glue I bought from a hardware store
  11. Radu - is this the photo (this is a screen grab of a low res thumbnail only) you mention? If so, we have it thank you
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