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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

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This made me smile. I was looking at the cockpit photos of the real Lope's Hope you posted above and I wasn't sure if it was the real thing or your model. Had to check the captions.


Absolutely astonishing work. And as others have said, a valuable reference for anyone building or researching the P-51B/C. 



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evening folks :)


On 11/26/2018 at 9:45 AM, dodgem37 said:

What did you use as a cable tie?


Thank you.






Hi Mark - I just used white cotton - tied it up, a drop of runny CA and then a quick flick of a lighter flame to scorch away any fluffiness..


so, it was time to move on to the floor..


..it seems there are two layers, one layer is the top of the wings with a zinc chromate jointing strip and the two fuel gauges as seen here...




..above this, sit all the real floor panels - when I did the PE I did each panel and then made one base panel by joining all these together and filling a few gaps to get one full panel as a basis of the floor...


,,seen here is the part - it actually has a slight bend in it as the floor slopes away down to the rudder pedals, you can also see the first folded panel that go on here and drop down to the wing skin..




..all the folded floor parts were added, the wing skin & strip made from riveted litho and tubes added for where the fuel gauges go & it was all primed..




..I added the fixing strips at the bottom of each panel where it meets the skin afterwards as separate bits - they were too complicated to try and fold in..




..painted and assembled.. you might just be able to see the fuel gauges...




..all the floor parts are wood so I stuck them to some marquetry ply -it's very thin & perfect for the job...




..then all the fixing holes were drilled out and lead wire threaded through...




..soon all the panels were finished..




..painted and with wear added where flying boots rub against the floor pounding the rudder pedals...




..also added the two controls by the fuel gauge holes - one says hot air & the other defroster so I assume they direct hot air from the engine (the red knobs need matt varnish yet..)...




..and mocked up in place...








..the cockpit pod is coming along and represents a lot of the effort in the model..




..control column next :)






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