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  1. Great update. Nice work. '-quite a feat trying to get them all lined up correctly.' I bet. ''Popped in some magnets.' Great idea! ''vac-formed canopy parts.' Who make them? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  2. Good show, John. Nice update. Sincerely, Mark
  3. Good show, John. Revell's edition is also Brown 4. Sincerely, Mark
  4. I'd like to see that in better focus, if I may. Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  5. Not many Burma P-47 builds here. One other that I recall, by Iain, I think. Love the Burma scheme. Looking forward to more. Sincerely, Mark
  6. I like the hell out of that. Great show. Sincerely, Mark
  7. Alrighty, then. Negative camber it is. Top of tire tilts inward. I'll do my best. I was asked to rummage thru my references for '199's with the multi-color camo scheme. Not a lot was found in a lot of publications. Almost all schemes illustrated are the 'RLM 68/Semi-gloss RAL 6013 scheme, including propellers (huh?), with RLM 70 wheels.' In Avia S-199 in Israeli Air Force Service 1948-1950 Edition 2, by Alex Yofe & Lawrence Nyveen, White Crow Publications, Page 87, the narration states 'No Israeli S-100 would adopt a multi-color scheme (with the exception of fresh civilian paint for repairs or renumbering) until late 1949, when one was painted for exhibition.' 'The only other S-199 in multi-hued camouflage was the gate guardian' at Hatzor Airbase. Anyway, this is what I found. Notice the rudder stripes are up from left-to-right, and not down, as located on combat planes. Also, Squadron symbol is below canopy and not on cowling. Your guess is as good as mine. But I suppose the 'dark earth' is actually an O.D. to resemble dark green. Sky Decals. Scheme is also found in AML 1/32 Avia S-199 Sakeen, AML 32006 conversion. January 1949 scheme. I could not find a top view for the multi-color camo scheme. Sincerely, Mark
  8. I grew weary looking at 3 airplanes so pulled something other than an airplane from the Shelf of Doom, and worked on that for awhile. I'm at a stopping point so I'll be getting back to the Bf109K-4 found in my signature. Anyway, this is what I came up with for the time being. Drilled a hole in the fender and located a guide on the cross beam for a started handle. Fasteners on suspension. Radiator supports. Silver dots at Suspension to Frame connection: Grease Points. Suspension U-Bolt Retaining Nuts. Brake Line. Master Brake Cylinder Base Plate. Same here. To the left, Emergency Brake Cable. Below Suspension: Axle Bumper. To the rear: Bumper Bolts. Brake Line. Shock Absorber attachment point. Clutch stuff. Outboard: Brake Arm. Inboard: Master Brake Cylinder. Brake Line. Bumper and Pintle attachment bolts. Extended Emergency Brake Handle to the engaged position. Windshield Locking Hook. Miscellaneous fasteners. Sheet metal return along edge. Miscellaneous details. Engine Starting Crank. Strap Tie-Down. Strap Ring. Bonnet Fuel Can Stowage Frames. Radiator Overflow Reservoir. Fuel Line. Miscellaneous Body to Frame attachment points. Cast: Fuel Cans, Helmet, Pith helmet, Map Case, Binocular, hand held Machine Guns. Bed Roll, Vickers and Mounts, bags, aftermarket. The second Reserve Tire and Mount popped off, which meant I couldn't show the Marston mats. German Jerry Cans, Helmets, cast from 1/24 Hasegawa Kubelwagen. US Jerry Cans cast from Jeep, detailed with chain and retainers. Vickers from Shapeways. Adhered everything with Masking Fluid. Made a box for cast 'Potato Mashers', German Hand Grenade. Made a box for hand held Machine Gun Ammo Cartridge. For Vickers Ammo, too. Cast Water Bottles. Thanks for looking. Sincerely, Mark
  9. I'm in love. Who makes the decals? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  10. Nice gun bay. The Eduard doors are a great enhancement. The ammo painting is indeed a project. I remember the ones I did well. Congratulations on fulfilling a Bucket List Item. Make sure you have a HelmetCam so you can post your ride. Sincerely, Mark
  11. ''MDC do indeed have some in their catalogue, in fact three subtly different types. @Bob MDC which do you think?' Mk 3. The fin top run length will tell you. Sincerely, Mark
  12. Not to change the subject, but Pete, weren't you moving? I forgot where you said you were going to end up. Could you refresh an old man's memory? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  13. Nice capture. Nice correction. Good show, Peter. Sincerely, Mark
  14. Love those. Great work. Sincerely, Mark
  15. Good show. Love Bandai kits. Crazy about their Star Wars Line. Sincerely, Mark
  16. All you need now is a hinge for dem choppahs! Lots of really good stuff going on here. Sincerely, Mark
  17. Good show. You're inspiring me to rivet the Fw I've been working on. Sincerely, Mark
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