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  1. AK Real Colors High Compatibility Thinner. Sincerely, Mark
  2. Thank you, Dave. Will get on it. May be of interest: https://www.rctankwarfare.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=27455 Sincerely, Mark
  3. Have put some time into, and am currently putting more time into, a 1/25 Tamiya Centurion conversion. Before: Now: I've been to Latrun, Israel's Armor Museum, a couple of times and have photos of the Gimel/Dalet. If you're interested in the photos I can burn you a CD and send it to you. All I need is your address. If not, this is another source I'm using. https://www.sabingamartin.com/books/simbk_17.html Sincerely, Mark
  4. 'Armoured Models out of the UK' Got a link? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  5. Yes. I solved the problem by lying a paper towel on my model and saturating the paper towel with windex. The ammonia in windex softens the clear acrylic, the acrylic is absorbed into the paper towel, the paper towel dries, and when removed, so is the clear acrylic. I posted pictures and a description of this process but cannot find them. Maybe someone else can. Good luck. Sincerely, Mark
  6. 32 divided by 24 = 1.33. Just sayin'. Sincerely, Mark
  7. TITAN. TITANic. Sincerely, Mark
  8. https://www.google.com/search?q=1%2F24+cable+ties&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjCg82J_LCAAxUJPN4AHab7DXEQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=1%2F24+cable+ties&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQA1CbD1jGImDrKWgAcAB4AIABWIgBlgSSAQE3mAEAoAEBqgELZ3dzLXdpei1pbWfAAQE&sclient=img&ei=UXrDZIKXM4n4-LYPpve3iAc&bih=745&biw=1536 May work. Sincerely, Mark
  9. Junkers Ju 87 Kompendium, gesamt5.010 Seiten, bestehend aus: Ju 87 A-1, Betriebsanweisung, 1937 Ju 87 A-1, Bewaffnung und Bordfunkanlage, LDv 577/1, 1938 Ju 87 A-1, Bombenausrüstung,LDv 576/2, 1940 Ju 87 A, Lichtbild-Lehrvortrag,1938 Ju 87 B-1, Betriebsanweisung, 1939 Ju 87 B-1, Bedienungsvorschrift-Fl,LDvT 2087 B-1,1942 Ju 87 B-1,Bordfunkanlage,LDv577/2a, 1938 Ju 87 B-1, B-2,Bewaffnung, LDv 577/2, 1939 Ju 87 B-1 mit JUMO 211 A, Kurz-Betriebsanweisung,1939 Ju 87 B-1,Ersatzteilliste, Werksausgabe, 1939 Ju 87 B-2, Betriebsanleitung, 1940 Ju 87 B-2,Kurz-Betriebsanleitung, 1940 Ju 87 B,Schusswaffe,LDv 576/3, 1938 Ju 87 B,Abwurfwaffe,LDv 576/4, 1938 Ju 87 B, Gerät und Sonderwerkzeug, 1940 Ju 87 R-1 Bedienungsvorschrift-Fl, 1942 Ju 87 R-2, Bedienungsvorschrift/Fl, LDvT 2087 R-2/Fl, 1941 Ju 87 B, D und R-Typen Änderungsanweisungen, 1941 – 1944 Ju 87 D-1, Flugzeug-Handbuch, D(Luft)T 2087 D-1, 1942 – 1943 Ju 87 D-1 trop, D-3 tropBedienungsvorschrift/Fl, 1942 Ju 87 D-1 bis D-8, G-1, G-2, H-1 bis H-8, Bedienungsvorschrift/Fl, 1944 Ju 87 D-1, Schußwaffenanlage,LDVT 2087 D-1/Wa, 1942 Ju 87 D-1, Abwurfwaffenanlage,LDvT 2087 D-1/Bo, 1942 Ju 87 D-5, Flugzeug-Handbuch, D(Luft)T 2087D-5, 1944 Ju 87 G-2, Flugzeug-Handbuch, 1944 JUMO 211 A, Betr.-Anweisung u. Wart.-Vorschrift,1938 JUMO 211 B u. D, Betr.-Anweisung und Wart.-Vorschrift, 1940 Junkers-Verstell-Luftschraube VS 5, Handbuch, 1939 REVI C/12 A,LDv 108, Beschreibung, 1937 Lichtbild-MG, ESK 2000LDv 138, Ausgabe 1935 MG 15 Waffen-Handbuch, LDv 110, Teil 1, 1939 MG 17 Waffen-Handbuch, LDv 111, Teil1, 1939 Found here: https://www.luftfahrt-archiv-hafner.de/ Sincerely, Mark
  10. I'm working on a paper model-to-plastic model project right now, tho not an airplane. I'm working on converting a 1/25 paper LVT(A)-1 to plastic. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/LVT-A-1AMTank.html I scanned everything, instructions and parts. Basically, I traced parts using Adobe Illustrator, making dimensional adjustments, copied parts as needed, bought a plug in for Adobe Illustrator (Silhouette Connect) so I could send images to my Silhouette to cut them out. Now I'm gluing together. ''The major problen I am working on is how to get the wing to have the tapering thickness (difficult when one has a convex surface on the top and a convex shape on the bottom. Also trying to have the concave shapr between the ribs. This was easy when I was making models in 1/16 and 1/8 scales out of balsa wood back in the 1950's. One covered the ribs with "tissue paper" or "silkspan" or even silk and then sprayed the wing with "dope". ["Harry, you dope. Stop sitting on my model!").' I don't understand the comment about wings having tapering thicknesses, unless it refers to the leading edge. As for the concave shape, if your structure is plastic you are going to have a sturdy frame, so your skin can still be paper, otherwise .005 sheet can be pressed into sewrvice. Sincerely, Mark
  11. God, I’m so sorry. Sincerely, Mark
  12. Happy Birthday my brother. I miss you. Sincerely, Mark
  13. I sure do love the way you build models. Sincerely, Mark
  14. With internal illumination. Good deal. Sincerely, Mark
  15. Build it for less: https://www.ludwigs-hobby-seite.de/Centurion MK III Tank.html Sincerely, Mark
  16. It can be done. https://www.modelairplanenews.com/super-size-skyraider/ Sincerely, Mark
  17. I am so sorry for your loss, Judy. Jerry touched tens, hundreds of thousands of lives. There are not many people on the planet who make a difference. Jerry is one. Sincerely, Mark
  18. Good show. A complicated pattern at best. Sincerely, Mark
  19. Boy, you sure are good at this. Sincerely, Mark
  20. Great fix. Great show. Sincerely, Mark
  21. Boy, is this good. Great work, Duke. Sincerely, Mark
  22. Be there or be square. This is fantastic. Sincerely, Mark
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