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  1. This is all so very fantastic. Sincerely, Mark
  2. Love this one. Very colorful. Lots of high contrast. What wet transfer did you use? I don't see these markings on their website. Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  3. Righteous! Where are the drawings from, please?' This is what I have. I don't know how helpful it may be. Sincerely, Mark
  4. Tamiya P-51D, Sinai, 1956. Found in my signature. Pages 23, 38, & 39, if you're interested. Thanks for looking. Sincerely, Mark P.S. Wolf! Where is your Spitfire engine?
  5. Good on you, Jennings. Sincerely, Mark
  6. FAA scheme is a FAVE! Sincerely, Mark
  7. Happy Birthday, Mikey. Sincerely, Mark
  8. Great. Just great. Are you cutting all of this free-hand or did you make yourself templates? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  9. That is marvelous. Sincerely, Mark
  10. Are those tracks specific to the Australian version? I don't recognize that track. The model kit track, yes. Your rendering, no. Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  11. Good show. Keep up the good work. 'Wish they did the 109G for the Hasegawa kit, though.' If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Send them an e-mail. Sincerely, Mark
  12. I like your style. I thought the prop wash went in the other direction. Sincerely, Mark
  13. Pretty damned exceptional work, Pete. Another Grand Master Championship Award for the Portfolio. Bravo! Thanks for sharing your ride. Sincerely, Mark
  14. Sure puts a smile on my face. Sincerely, Mark
  15. 'I don’t know Paul Budzik (or who he is - should I??).' Maybe yes, maybe no. He's a practicing dentist who has maintained a life-long interest in scale modeling. LSP Interview: https://paulbudzik.com/Interviews/Interview with Paul Budzik _ Large Scale Planes.htm His website: https://paulbudzik.com/index.html Sincerely, Mark
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