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  1. IF I was ever to add figures to a model, it would be Reedoak. Their product looks second to none.
  2. Wow Kev! Did you find any bitcoin while doing all that processing? Good luck with the final steps, I hope your SSL, DNS, WWW and flurblewidges all run smoothly.
  3. Have a look at HobbyDecal.com They have 1/32 white panel numbers for F-4. Couldn't find other stencils but I know they did 1/48 versions of stencils because I have a set.
  4. Thanks Dave, that is good to know and confirms my decision not to splash the cash.
  5. Thanks. I notice some spotlights under the chin gizmos on the S-70B. Do you know if they are included in the kit? I don't think the SH-60B has them but I know nothing about these birds so could be completely wrong. Just had a browse on tinternet and it looks likk the S-70B (Singapore Navy) has a smaller radome(?) under the fuselage that is further forward. I think it covers the standard position for spotlights which is probably why the spotlights are moved to the boxes under the chin on either side of the ball sensor thingie. This is too much scratch building for me.
  6. Excuse the dumb question but can I get an S-70B from any of the KH kits OOB?
  7. Don't believe everything you read. This is a smokescreen to lull our enemies into a false sense of security so they will attack us and then we can kick their asses. I think there is a flaw in that argument somewhere but can't quite spot it.
  8. This must be gut-wrenching for the people involved with Kitty Hawk and I feel for them. I always assumed there were enough modellers in the world who could manage to build great models from their kits (I am not one of those) but apparently not. A real shame as I think their helicopter kits look fantastic. Sad news, I wish them well for the future.
  9. BTW, what was the incentive? "Don't do it again and or we'll make you sit in the back of an F-16"?
  10. Not sure I would have made it much past take-off. Fascinating to see the dangly front bits of the wings moving up and down during the flight. I assume that a computer is handling that.
  11. Go to Lucky Model. 99.99USD. Standard price. Don't know about shipping to your area, but worth I look.
  12. Yay, I know how to operate the flood light on that panel, but that's it. I will never be a pilot!
  13. I got this kit and haven't even registered the lack of IP decals. I went for the Airscale version which is way better than any kit effort.
  14. Wonderful. Words have failed me again.
  15. Thank you, I will leave swiftly before anyone notices I was here.
  16. Looks great! I have an AFV 1/48 Tigereye in RSAF markings on the go, but would love to build an F. All your work on the masking has paid off brilliantly, this is going to be an amazing looking Tiger.
  17. Who's gonna suggest this might be ex WNW tooling?
  18. You might be right. Some lubrication required:
  19. Weeeeeaaahhhhhhhrrrrrrrroooooogggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr How's that? I practice a lot in my den, flying model Spitfires around the room. Merlin on idle: pppplllllpppppllllllppppppllllllppppppllllllppppppllllllppppppllllll If you listen closely, you can hear a slight misfire on cylinder no.2
  20. Dull? Are you trying to be funny? There is nothing about this build that will ever be dull. In the words of U2 - even better than the real thing.
  21. That will be no problem for you - just make a set of metal landing gear struts from scratch. That will be a walk in the park compared to all the other amazing stuff you are doing with the Toom. I am loving it.
  22. That looks a lot like the F-15SG.
  23. If I may be so bold, there is no way that this Spitfire does not have an antenna post. Upon what do I base this assertion? Gut feel and the conviction that these Spits were never fitted with the equipment that meant no antenna post. Show me a picture of another MkIX of this vintage without antenna post, and I will waver but until then...no way.
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