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  1. Look on the bright side. How often can you say "I won't buy that Revell kit, the Tamiya Spitfire is much cheaper!"?
  2. Yeah, I've seen worse. Sadly, it's on my workbench.
  3. Thanks Derek, of course you are not accounting for the fact that all the FGR.2 Phantoms were maintained by the same technician at some time...
  4. This is a great build, I am enjoying learning all about the tiny details on the best of the tooms. IMHO, the kink in the intake is the result of blunt force trauma applied by a technician. Probably after an internet search "what can make my Phantom go faster?"
  5. I love these kind of topics, it's one time when I am always right: Hawker Hunter Honourable mentions to: B-1b Comet
  6. Hmmm, interesting. Is the Kinetic Hawk T2 any good? Asking for a friend.
  7. You could just go with English understatement - "nice" Or if you want to add emphasis - "very nice indeed" Hope that helps. Peter, this build is the nicest I have seen since your last one. Thank you and keep up the splendid work.
  8. The concept that 1/32 is better for fingers and eyes is a complete load of fake news. I have fitted smaller details and peered closer into a 1/32 cockpit than I ever do with 1/72 or even 1/48. My approach to scale is - ooooh that looks like a nice kit, I'll have that. I usually register the scale after I get it home to fondle the plastic.
  9. It's easier than the 23rd Harrier but harder than the 25th. Practice makes perfect. I've always steered clear of it, simply because my assembly skills don't match the requirements.
  10. Looks good to me. I think the seat has not changed, but not sure I will bother trying to alter it when/if I get this kit.
  11. I weep with envy at your abilities
  12. I hear it's going to be a Lancaster
  13. You could try ordering direct. Good stuff, I use it all the time.
  14. So....I wonder if there are any new decal sheets about to appear on the market....
  15. I confess, I have two Revell Hawker Hunters, possible for ground attack or Blue box. Tamiya Mosquito, again for ground attack? HKM Mosquito, possibly for ground attack. The chances of me starting even one of these is low, and the chances of finishing one is even lower, but I live in hope.
  16. Yay, I might actually have some things in the stash that I can use for one or two GBs.
  17. Excellent job, that is one of the nicest rears I have seen! Three days??? I would struggle to do that in three months. The faded camo is spot on, you have done a great job with that.
  18. A couple of swipes with a sanding stick and voila! a chiselled jaw. Wish it worked in real life.
  19. I am doing more and more off the sprue. In fact I try and build as much as possible before paint (even if that means some tricky masking) to ensure a good glue joint. So, maybe 10% on sprue.
  20. Spitfire, Spitfire, Spitfire, oh..and...Spitfire. The only plane that brings a tear to my eye whenever I see one.
  21. Thanks BradG, I may have three kits that are suitable for the anticipated GBs, that will be a first for me!!
  22. Mosquitos based in Banff Scotland tasked with hitting shipping (I believe). I kind of wondered if that counted as ground attack, even if it was over water.
  23. Would a Banff Mosquito count for this? Asking for a friend.
  24. It is impossible to buy too many kits. I am surprised the moderators even allowed this title to be posted, as it clearly challenges the fundamentals of plastic model making.
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