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S-3 Viking in 1/32 announced by Trumpeter in 2024-2025


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  • Jan_G changed the title to S-3 Viking in 1/32 announced by Trumpeter in 2024-2025

It's in the Trumpy catalogue..... so, it could be on the shelves in 2024..... or maybe in several years time. The company seems to lack a certain consistency in their release-schedules.


I would love to buy one, but it gonna be some heavy Dollar. I'm thinking around the GBP £150.00 to £200.00 mark? Please Trumpeter, give us a whole raft of underwing stores and make them look (at least) something like the real things. Also, three or four, very colorful marking-schemes. I can dream, can't I? 





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Trumpeter did it very wrong with their releases announcement for years BUT they finally released what had been announced (many companies do not) and they drastically changed their communication policy some years ago. For some years they are announcing a quite limited amount of new kits and comply rather well with the agenda. I also think they also covered their backlog.

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Gonna be some big money and since it’s Trumpy, there is a 50-50 chance that it will be hopelessly botched.   That being said, very exciting news and should be super popular with the aftermarket crew. 

Just hope they don’t pepper this model with a million “divots” instead of proper surface details.  

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That'll do nicely Trumpeter!  Many thanks and entirely unexpected!

Just remember to give us a smoky tint canopy and something suitable for the weapons bay.

Yes, let's hope it's designed by those sympathetic to aircraft shapes.

It's going to be a beast.  







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