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  1. Curious what the ballpark price might be for a Skyhawk...
  2. there are plenty of us who are just grumpy and aren't old...just sayin
  3. Does Tim have a new Facebook page? The link doesn't lead to a page anymore and I couldn't find anything searching for Flying Start
  4. Shane, do you have someone lined up to do the metal gear as well?
  5. Sure looks like markings for 6 in the box, there's the 6 profiles in the instructions and 3 sheets of decals
  6. The parts are there for the most part, there's a set of instructions with some modification for some of the unused parts that will enable one to display the kit with folded blades. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/316164-kitty-hawk-135-sh-60b…-what-aftermarket-parts-should-i-get/&do=findComment&comment=3034544
  7. Yellow Wings had station names for awhile but they were all in black, I remember asking them at a NATS years ago about another set in white but I don't believe they ever made it to market.
  8. Werner's Wings is still planning on a limited MH-60T (HH-60J) Jayhawk conversion for the HH-60H kit.
  9. Didn't they have a similar post just prior to Christmas last year? I thought they did when the MH-60R and HH-60H were near release and it was pushed back with the same language about orders.
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