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  1. Or at least had a US shipping option, everything else looks like it can be figured out on checkout.
  2. It would get real expensive using the Archer ones.
  3. Looks great Pete, is this in between taking the L-39 out?
  4. Many of the part in the MH boxing are for the HH version. The only things missing were some antennas, the offset radar mount, tail rwr piece and depending on how correct they want to get new gunner seats and gun mounts.
  5. Same for me, Paypal kept defaulting to pay from my bank rather than my balance. WNW said that this was the issue but I wasn't able to set it to anything else and I just ended up paying with a card.
  6. Carelessness might be the wrong term but yes, it was lack of oversight on my part in a rush to fix for a show and not having the reference material on hand.
  7. Those look like the same fairings you'd see on the Navy PB4Y-2s
  8. Those are part of it, but the other is the engineering for what looked like "moveable" gear. Other parts just seemed like they weren't engineered enough or were just left unfinished like the tail wheel mounting. Everything else seemed to go back to the original VFS kit. Most of the engine accessory compartment can be left out but trying to mount the engine in in the rings and then attach the cowling was a frustrating process. I apologize for the low light in the shots. One of these days I'll get some good photos submitted for the gallery.
  9. Watch out for the landing gear and engine alignment aspects.
  10. so we wouldn't have to fuss with the dry transfers (well for those of us with the Wolfpack conversion )
  11. We need some big scale blurred rotors to work with Live Resin's full crew.
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