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  1. I've got 2 on the way, so it's gonna suck regardless!
  2. Let me know what the customs hit is gonna be? Mines in the low 600s so it'll be soon.
  3. I don't think so. I modified mine so that I could put the gear in after I'd painted the plane and it's still going strong. Just remove the side pegs and glue it firmly in place on the tab that's left.
  4. PM sent for a couple of sets. I've been considering doing some CAD for a while on the Brit F-4s, I might be able to supplement this set with some smaller parts as well like the UK fin cap.
  5. Got this conversion, be interested to see how it goes!
  6. There's a AJ 37 at Newark Air Museum as well still in Quadricolour/Splinter.
  7. Been waiting for these, ordered!
  8. Harold at AMS does a Aero 1C 150, I used it on my build if you need one.
  9. Is that the same intake that comes with the kit just seamless or the differently sized intake for a different block?
  10. Jan, could I suggest BOL rails if your going down this route? Plenty of aircraft have them as an upgrade and not many options out there. Latest Italeri Tornado could do with them for certain!
  11. The GT Resin pylons are nothing to shout about, I've got a set and probably won't use them!
  12. Tamiya already do them in the 'Marine' boxing with a fully bombed up F-4, as opposed to the normal boxing o the -J with it flying over the sea.
  13. Jan, have you thought about doing F-15 launch rails, MSOG vents if your on the Eagle build?
  14. Try the QMT exhausts for the Revell kit. Really well cast, not expensive and fit really well. I don't trust the GT Resin stuff, too many bad experiences both myself and what others have received.
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