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  1. Tamiya already do them in the 'Marine' boxing with a fully bombed up F-4, as opposed to the normal boxing o the -J with it flying over the sea.
  2. Jan, have you thought about doing F-15 launch rails, MSOG vents if your on the Eagle build?
  3. Try the QMT exhausts for the Revell kit. Really well cast, not expensive and fit really well. I don't trust the GT Resin stuff, too many bad experiences both myself and what others have received.
  4. Drewe I've got the wolfpack set with the fat pylon, want any photos of that at all?
  5. I've got reference photos showing all sorts. Going with the underside colour isn't a bad call though, a lot of my photos seem to show that.
  6. There's also all the parts in the kit to backdate to GR1 just about.
  7. Not sure yet, I've got quite a few decal sheets I was planning for the Revell kit, so we'll see which one takes my fancy!
  8. Yeah, I've intentionally gone 'spanish school' on the undercarriage to really make the detail more obvious. It's not realistic but I think once it's all finished, it'll make the detail more visible than if I'd just mono-toned it all.
  9. So far I've kept it onpoint with each area I've built up so far. I've also built up the tanks, pylons and sensors but I'll post photos when they're a bit more meaningful. Critique The weapons included with the kit are rubbish. The profile on the Mk82 bodies that make up the Paveway IV looks well off to my eye and I won't be using them. There's no RAF Litening III targeting pod included which is so far only avaliable from @wunwinglow as a 3DP part. No Brimstone missiles or launcher. The AIM-9s are acceptable, I'll be replacing with Eduard/Zacto though, as I'
  10. Intakes. One of my least favourite parts so far. All four parts that make up the main trunking had really deep EJ pin marks and didn't quite fit together nicely. Whilst this was a speed build, I didn't want seam lines present so CA + Pigment was used to get rid of the worst of it, then thick coats of Badger primer to fill in inperfections and sanding marks. Italeri give you a PE piece for the blade in the port intake but I didn't want to have to fight to bend it and use CA to glue it in place. I used it as a t
  11. Exhausts. I couldn't be bothered trying to fight some really nasty EJ pin marks inside the exhaust, so I cheated and just boarded over the top. Benefit is stronger/sharper detail inside the exhaust and a smoother finish. My photos on this section are poor if I'm honest, but I'm happy with the outcome. There's some nasty seam lines on show in a couple of areas but with the nozzle piece in place as well, fair hard to see, especially inside a a dark tube.
  12. Main Gear well NOTE - The Pin marks shown on the bottom of the parts here can not be seen on the model, it's just the way I built them so I didn't put any glue on painted parts. Decals are ANYZ and Airscale placards, just to give some life to the black boxes. The stubs for the main gear legs are super solid. There's a EJ pin mark in the fuselage that I spent ages smoothing out, only to find out it gets hidden - Check before you waste time!! The fit on this whole sect
  13. Nose Gear Nose gear has to be built up prior to being installed in the tub then dropped into the lower fuselage half. I couldn't be bothered to try and engineer another way to install it, so I've just gone with the instructions and taken care, so far, so good. For me, the nose gear is a stunning bit of molding on Italeri's part. I haven't bothered adding wiring in order to get it finished but with some wiring in place, it'll be beautiful. I did think some of the detail was badly molded
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