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  1. Mr Hobby ToolCleaner R UMP Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner
  2. No, I put a post up in the Venders forum asking if anyone had one for sale and another member sorted me out.
  3. Max, my latest Sea Fury is on the way from Miami as we speak
  4. Loads of options for getting masks cut? It's a super simple scheme and you'll get a better final product?
  5. Guys, has anyone got any references for this area behind the bulkhead the ejector seat attaches to? I can't find any and I'm not sure if to go with black or Dark Gull Grey!
  6. Check your references for those raised panels. They are present on some aircraft but they're not raised but flush.
  7. to my eyes eric, your marbling needs a bit more blending, in some areas it's a bit too 'obvious' and I'm not sure it'll fade that much with subsequent weathering/clears.
  8. Nacelles have a constant thin gap all the way around. I ended up using a shim of plastic card before I fitted the nacelles. This mean I could sand it flush to the fuselage and had a perfect joint when the pods clipped into place.
  9. Bare with me, trying to sort the photos.
  10. Finished photos of my TAMIYA,Inc. 1/32 F-16CJ. Built with AMS Resin ECM pod and L/h HARM pod, Eduard Model Accessories SNIPER pod, MASTER Static Dischargers, AIRES HOBBY MODELS wheels, GT Resin R/h targeting pod pylon and VideoaviationGBU-38s. Decals were a mixture of kit and Astra Decals. Painted with MRP & Mr Hobby. Seat belts are scratch built, Bomb rack is robbed from the Academy Hornet. I was planning on using the Quickboost seat and Aires wheel wells but they both were far too small! Massive thank you for Joe at Yellow Cake Models for sending my a new lower fuselage after I butchered mine and Fanch at Fancherello models & photos for cutting me the stencils for the tail.
  11. Nah, I spoke to Tomkit and it's designed around the kit part, no alterations to the dimensions.
  12. I'd be interested to see someone 3DP some Spey engines and the nose landing gear leg for the K version. I'd be willing to tackle the rest of the conversion myself.
  13. Tan won't be anytime soon according to the owner I'm afraid!
  14. Some thoughts so far - There's some 3DP texture that'll need killing on some of the curved surfaces and the landing gear. There's no exhaust/turbines/exhaust tube or fan face for the exhaust and intake so that'll need something addressing. Something seems a bit weird with the ejector seat, which I think is missing fabric detail at the moment but we'll see. PE belts are included. Decals look pretty good, they're fantasy printshop (same as Airscale). I'll probably mask and spray all the markings though, rather than decals just for preference.
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