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  1. Overall, fit is really good. Cockpit is bland, I think KH are relying on you to use the decals to detail it up. Odd that you don't get any bombs with it, given it's most common loadout seems to be 2xGBU-12 on the centre line. I'm enjoying that a lot of parts are single piece, like the pylons and tail (aside from the top bit). With the exhaust, I flooded the joints with liquid glue and then pressed as hard as possible. Once the glue dried, I just had to remove the excess to retain the ribs. The instructions suck though!
  2. Well, decided to start this as soon as it arrived. Going 99% OOB, addition of Eduard GBU-12's and I intend to detail the cockpit up as it's a weak spot on the kit. Photos :
  3. I received mine yesterday, I thought it would go together well, this confirms it! Nice work.
  4. Dan, have you seen Aires/Quickboost/Aerobonus have released loads of parts for the MiG-23 in the last few months? There's also a lot more Soviet weapons and bomb racks popped up as well from ResKit.
  5. Be interesting to mix and match between this and the LEM kit once Tigger gets it up and running.
  6. I'm down for 2x everything for my pair when they go live Iain!
  7. Crikey, I don't bother checking my own thread and it blows up. Some great info in here now guys, thanks.
  8. @LSP_Kevin - Feel free to use the images however you want if required.
  9. happy.lappy is the ebay seller, Aus based. Nice work, seems to be going super fast so far!
  10. These look far better than the Eduard ones. Eduard have molded the rings of fasteners as being a small diameter than the rest of the body which none of my references support. Looks really odd when you've got them built up.
  11. Yeah, they are closed normally. it's a pain in the arse to mount them all correctly, I did it on mine!
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