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  1. Crikey, I don't bother checking my own thread and it blows up. Some great info in here now guys, thanks.
  2. @LSP_Kevin - Feel free to use the images however you want if required.
  3. happy.lappy is the ebay seller, Aus based. Nice work, seems to be going super fast so far!
  4. These look far better than the Eduard ones. Eduard have molded the rings of fasteners as being a small diameter than the rest of the body which none of my references support. Looks really odd when you've got them built up.
  5. Yeah, they are closed normally. it's a pain in the arse to mount them all correctly, I did it on mine!
  6. Back end is now all together. I've decided to fix the wings in place as it'll allow me to sort the wing seals out properly and not worry about damaging them as i go. With it being Op. Granby as well, it's all one colour so easy enough to paint. Couldn't resist mocking it up with all the sub-assemblies in place either!
  7. Decided to start getting the rear fuselage together, as it's gonna be a fairly big job getting it all smoothed out and rescribed. I received a set of 3DP intakes from a gentlemen on here and honestly, I wouldn't build another one of these kits without them at this point. They turn the rear fuselage from a floppy mess into a really solid section.
  8. Cheers guys. Short on time the last week or so whilst I smash the overtime. Been pondering how to sort out the wing seals at the moment.
  9. I've made a start on rescribing the bottom of the cockpit as well - The kit gives you precisely NOTHING to work with. I've used the kits decal guide to give me some idea of the layout. Started a weathering base coat on the fuel tanks as well.
  10. Started this year ago, decided to pull it out the stash of doom and get it finished. Aires Cockpit, Exhausts. Quickboost Seats, Master Pitots, RES-IM Wheels. Trumpeter LAU-9 & AIM-9s (Kit bits are rubbish, my F-14D doesn't need either!) Some in progress photos - I used CA for the front dials and managed to melt them somehow. I've replaced them with Airscale decals since I took these photos! I'm also focusing on all the "burn out" stuff first. Airframe will be last thing I do so at the end, everything just drops into place.
  11. Don't assume he wants your input.
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