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  1. The F-35 may be the next in line but, will NEVER replace the A-10 or what it is capable of period. Steve
  2. Nice stuff Chuck, thanks for sharing. Nellis never disappoints. When we would go TDY there on my days off I'd walk the flightline and shoot whatever I could. Needless to say, I went thru A LOT of Kodachrome slide film. Steve
  3. Actually Syracuse was the first ANG unit to get the mission @ 2009-2010 and, the first unit to actually have their UAV's stationed at their home base, marked up with the "NY" tailcode. Most units do not have their own airframes since they can be flown from anywhere. I wonder if the UAV's go into Ft. Drum for live weapons these days ?? Those were great TDY's at Ft. Drum. Steve
  4. I got the center line pylon and the LITENING pod parts cleaned up and started on some "test fitting". I've searched for years for pics showing the "cross-over" fairing fitted when the gun/ammo pods are installed and still have not found any to this day. I've no idea if my fairing is even close to being correct but, at this point it is what it is. I had to cut a opening in the fairing so the pylon could slide in, again most likely incorrect. Once the pylon was fitted I sat the LITENING pod on it so I could mark where my attachment pins would go. I guess the good thing is once she's flipped over and sitting on her gear, you won't see too much and, what you will see will look correct. Steve
  5. Welcome back bud. Congrats on your retirement as well and, best of luck with the house remodel, I know all about them first hand. As far as the build go, no worries, great things are well worth waiting for. Steve
  6. A few weeks ago Artur Pucyk, of Bandit Resin Factory, reached out to me via IM on Facebook when he saw one of my posts about my Harrier progress. We talked about a few items that I'd like to add to her and he said he's been looking at getting into doing 1/18th scale items and today I received this in the mail. Outstanding job my friend, everything looks amazing !! Hopefully I can do these parts justice. They will definitely "upgrade" my Harrier that's for sure. Steve Center line pylon with swaybraces ACMI pod with ballast AN/AAQ-28 LITENING pod
  7. Up next for the Harrier is the CATM-9, cast by a friend of mine. I got the pins in the missile and fitted it to the LAU-7 rail. Primer and paintwork up next. Steve
  8. Finished up the GBU-38's and the LAU-7 rails and, got them installed. These items make a big difference in the overall look of the jet compared to what she came with. I still need to do the CATM-9 and I'm waiting on the center line pylon, Litening pod and, ACMI pod to be printed and I can finish this project up finally. Steve
  9. Stations 4, 6 and, 8 are designed to carry the 600 gallon fuel tanks. Stations 4 and 8 can also be utilized to carry other munitions but, station 6 was always designated for just a fuel tank. Plus, munitions and fuel tanks were NEVER on the jet at the same time. In my 17 years of loading on the A-10, we never loaded any weapons on station 6. Steve
  10. This is very cool !! Your wife is gonna love it, can't wait to see more. Steve
  11. Great build !! One to be proud of for sure. Steve
  12. Little bench time today and managed to get the LAU-7 rails fitted, big improvement. I'll get these and my replacement GBU-38 tail assembly primed and painted. Steve
  13. Looking good my friend, awesome work. Steve
  14. Very nice work ! Steve
  15. I received my replacement GBU-38 tail assembly on Friday along with these little gems. 1/18th scale LAU-7 rails for my AV-8B+, from Flying Leatherneck Decals, thanks very much Dave. This 3D printing stuff is really quite impressive. Steve
  16. One JDAM loaded, three more to go. Modifying the pylons by cutting off those pegs and inserting some .040" brass rods inside the bomb lugs, which still need to be painted and, drilling holes in the pylons. Steve
  17. Taking shape and, looking good. I'm surprised the paints don't attack the vinyl pieces. Steve
  18. Finished up three of the four bombs for the most part. Attached the forward strakes, painted the GPS antennas on the tail kit assemblies, flat coated everything including the DSU-33 nose sensors and, had to wait to paint the strake straps and some bolt heads on the tail kit assemblies until my hands weren't so shaky. I may paint the bomb lugs, I have to see how they'll mount on the racks first. I used a length of 1/16" aluminum rod for the TCTS pod probe and rounded over the tip. These JDAMS, by Flying Leatherneck Decals, are extremely well done and are like little models all by themselves. Steve
  19. I have faith in you Ben, I'm sure when she's finished she'll look great. Steve
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