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  1. It makes a very refreshing change to see aftermarket figures in life-like poses, as opposed to the "standing-to-attention" poses you get in many A/M figures. Cheers. Chris.
  2. In the UK, Hannants are listing it (in "Future Releases") for something like £160.00. That's WAY too much for me, particularly as I'm not really a fan of the design, to be honest. What happened to the days when I thought £80-£100 was a big ask for a Trumpeter 1/32 jet? Cheers. Chris.
  3. Regarding the comments about Tomcats getting "over-weathered": I would recommend that folks look for images of later-model F-14's that have been on a carrier for several months. Many of them look like they've flown through a paint-factory backwards. The salt-water dousing they were subjected to wrecked merry havoc with their paint-schemes and the fresh-paint "patches" used to hide blemishes stood out by about a mile. They started to look like a patchwork quilt after a while. I read some time ago that the US Navy has ordered that all aircraft that spend most of their time at sea must be thoroughly washed down by the maintenance-crews at least once a week, to help prevent salt-water corrosion. Still, I appreciate that not everyone digs aircraft models being heavily-weathered and I respect their opinions. Let's face it, this hobby should be enjoyed at peoples' own, personal levels. If it's pleasing to your own eye, I would say "go for it". Cheers. Chris.
  4. I second this motion, on the grounds it's a very good idea, packed full of natural goodness.... Chris.
  5. Hi, Steinerman. From where I'm sitting, the difference between the various makes of 3-D printed cockpits is largely in the eye-of-the-beholder, to be honest. I recently bought the Kits World 1/32 A-10A cockpit set. Is it as good as its rivals? No, probably not. Will you be able to see the difference once it's been used in the kit? No, almost certainly not. The fact is the set is packed with good details and really looks the part. It's certainly a major upgrade on the (largely-fictitious) kit supplied parts. The Kits World sets are significantly cheaper than their rivals and will give excellent results. I guess folks should follow their instincts in this situation. Cheers. Chris.
  6. Verlinden did a resin cockpit and radar upgrade set (now long out of production and pretty hard to find). I think Eduard / Aires did some exterior and cockpit PE sets. There are several resin bang-seats available (HAD, maybe Aires, etc). A few manufacturers, like Master Casters, etc. make resin wheel sets (don't use the kit's rubber wheels - after a few years, the rubber starts "dissolving" and eventually falls apart). Have a look at the Reskit range - not exactly cheap, but amazing quality. Check out Hannants, Sprue Brothers, Hobby Link Japan and the other big mail-order services. Hope this helps. Chris.
  7. Two B-36 Peacemakers, landing in a very close formation.... Let's call it the airshow moment of the century. I can dream, can't I? Cheers. Chris.
  8. That Revell 1/144th F-104 looks awful! I'm guessing it was aimed at the under-14's market, who probably wouldn't have cared less about accuracy (or a real lack thereof). I thought the Airfix kits issued with a photograph of the actual model on the lid were pretty bad - just not a good way to sell the contents. Cheers. Chris.
  9. Hi, Dr.Rizzo. After all this wait, I can understand your excitement. I hope that your Lanc arrives undamaged. As I'm sure you're aware, there have been some issues with cracked transparencies, due to the kit being shipped in a very flimsy and inadequate outer box. Cheers. Chris.
  10. I haven't looked at the DACO website for a month or two, but their website had the Tomcat book in stock, IIRC. Even with shipping from Europe, I would have thought that ordering direct will be cheaper than 100 Buckeroos. Cheers. Chris.
  11. I read years ago that the female body can withstand significantly more G's than the male version. Why might this be true? Not a clue, to be honest! If it is true, makes ya wonder... Chris.
  12. Excellent work on display here! It's a good change to see two aircraft in their natural habitat and "locking horns". The Crusader looks very mean and efficient. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  13. Someone told me that ICM's production is now largely based in Poland. Has anyone else heard this? Whatever the truth is, I hope that all of Ukraine's people can get through their current, horrifying situation. Cheers. Chris.
  14. I've ordered from Italy two or three times. Very quick delivery, considering the distance involved to the UK, excellent packaging, lots of great details on the resin parts. Order with absolute confidence. Overall, a very professional company to deal with. Cheers. Chris.
  15. Why not both? When I've been using my model-glues all day, the tiny, silver Unicorns that live in the next Universe over appear and we talk about many, many interesting and strange things. I really need to get more fresh air.... Cheers. Chris.
  16. The Zeus F-16 scheme is easily the coolest and most-distinctive display-markings I've ever seen. I hope this build continues to go very well for you, Stokey Pete. Cheers. Chris.
  17. By the way, folks, when I made the comment about preferring the Mig-29 to the F-35, I was referring to their appearance - not their capabilities. Obviously, the Mig wouldn't stand a chance against the latest airframe on the planet. Cheers. Chris.
  18. I'm thinking SOME parts of this statement might not be completely true..... Chris.
  19. An excellent video. I'd take a Mig-29 over the F-35 "Flying Banana" any day. Chris.
  20. If the kit includes the driver figure, 49 Bucks seems like a genuine bargain. It's still good value if he's not included.... Chris.
  21. I can see an order for a set coming your way from me, Ali. Chris.
  22. Best-looking jet fighter in history, bar none. I'll be following your build with great interest. Cheers. Chris.
  23. At a list-price of US $257.00, they won't need an artificial-limit of "only 3 units per household"! The Academy kit is a pretty good one, but all the a/m resin in the world won't make it worth that asking-price! This whole business of re-boxing other manufacturers' kits, adding some shiny goodies and charged huge prices is getting a bit silly, from where I'm sitting... the only recent exception to this trend was the Special Hobby re-box of the ICM 1/32 Huey Cobra. Now, that was amazing value for money! What thinketh ye? Chris.
  24. Oh dear.... Anyone who would ship such an expensive kit in inadequate outer packaging is just asking for trouble, IMHO. I hope that they buck their ideas up and provide a much better outer-box to protect the kit. I'm very sorry to hear that folks have had the Lanc arrive with broken parts. I hope this doesn't put them off too much - it looks like an amazing representation of the original. Cheers. Chris.
  25. In an age where the Internet has made such a huge difference to human interactions and the development of international business, it is a little difficult to see the expense of supersonic travel being entertained. Maybe it will only be used for very "special" occasions, when the meeting has a genuine, immovable face-to-face requirement. Cheers. Chris.
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