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  1. As I mentioned recently, there's still no obvious sign of new Lightning availability on the Hannant's site. Can we just assume they will stock them, at some point? Cheers. Chris.
  2. He's probably praying that potential buyers will not have seen the recent Trumpeter notices. He's (probably) going to be a very disappointed fella... Chris.
  3. A good gesture on your part, Ivanmoe. As you say, let's hope that this horrible conflict is resolved very soon (although I suspect it won't be, unfortunately, and the Ukrainian people will suffer more). Cheers. Chris.
  4. The subtle weathering looks excellent! An amazing build- and paint-job. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  5. People actually do this? Very strange. In our instant information age, the existence of a special-scheme can conformed in a matter of seconds, whilst standing by the model in question. I've seen a number of "what-if" schemes at model-shows and the builders have always happily admitted it was not real. Cheers. Chris.
  6. I've said this before, Mike.... Your painting skills are simply off-the-charts! Another genuinely excellent job on the "Iron Tadpole". Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  7. About two years ago, a Revell Ju-88 A1 went for £225.00 on the 'Bay. I have four of these in my garage. Recently, they seem to go for between £60 and £90 or so. Strange how the market ebbs-and-flows, isn't it? Chris.
  8. A little oddly, I can't see any mention of the re-release on the Hannants site. Chris.
  9. That's pretty ironic. In the last month, a Trumpy Lightning sold for £335.00 on E-Bay! I would think the buyer will be cursing their luck right now. Cheers. Chris.
  10. Similar size to a B-25, maybe? Or bigger than that? Chris.
  11. Surely, as a hobby, this past-time should be what the individual model-maker wants to make it? If you want to produce a model to have a "just-rolled-off-the-production-line" look, that's great. If you want to make something that's been in numerous battles, with very obvious damage, dirt, scrapes and other "wear-and-tear", that's also a cool thing. I find that the idea that models have to look a certain way a very "artificial" one. It's simply a matter of personal opinion, surely? This is a hobby, folks - not a crusade. Cheers. Chris.
  12. I wonder if that is the front fuselage section that used to be in the London Imperial War Museum? I remember seeing it there probably 12 years ago, now. Cheers. Chris.
  13. I've talked to Ali over the 'phone and he is a genuinely contentious man. If there's anything wrong with his work, he'll make every effort to sort things out. You can deal with him in absolute confidence. Cheers. Chris.
  14. Just to prove it's a small world, the brother of a friend of mine used to be a Toom navigator in this squadron. His aircraft is now preserved in the Battle of Britain hangar at Duxford. Thanks for sharing your build with us. Chris.
  15. Saw this at Telford on Saturday. Just plain astonishing and a great tribute to your building/painting skills. When I first saw it, my instant reaction was "It's too big to be 1/32. Must be 1/24th". I stand corrected on that one. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  16. Me wants one, my preciouses! (Boy, just how out-of-date is that reference, now?) Still, joking aside, I'll put my name down for the kit right now. I've seen Colonel Rich Graham (retired) give his talk at Duxford a few times. A genuinely fascinating man. I'm pretty sure he's seen some stuff during his long career that he still can't talk about, even though he says everything about the SR-71 is now declassified. Cheers. Chris. PS: Can an aftermarket someone start working on a 3-D printed, 1/32 Buick start-cart, please? I think there is one available in 1/48th scale...
  17. I very much applaud any seller who is claiming they will sell the latest WNW stock at the original, list price. I'm wondering how they will manage this, however. Global shipping-costs (ocean-based) have increased by something like 700% in the last five years. I would take an educated guess that shipping by air is now also a great deal more expensive too (fuel costs, aircraft availability, etc). Surely, these costs would have to passed on to the customers, otherwise all chances of making a profit would simply disappear (?). Cheers. Chris.
  18. Thanks for the correction, Kevin. It's obviously high time I watched the film again... Cheers. Chris.
  19. "Self... not important. Only time.... important". (That's as well as I can remember the line just before his (?) hand is crushed in the doors). Your figure looks amazing. I can well believe he took you several months to complete. I always wondered.... just how strong was the gravity on his home planet? Walking around on Earth must have felt like a holiday by comparison. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  20. I will be following this one with great interest. I bought the Verlinden resin cockpit set and then read a review which described it as "un-useable" (doh!). If I ever get around to building this one, I think I will just glue the Verlinden side-panels to the Trumpeter cockpit-tub, if this is possible. We'll have to wait and see. Cheers. Chris.
  21. 1/32nd seems a little odd, for a "youth-appeal" kit of this type. Also, the price and the target-market are very much out of alignment. I can't see this being a big hit for Revell. Time will tell on that one. Chris.
  22. I should have expressed this before. Many condolences to the family and friends of all the people involved in this incident. It is an extremely sad time for all involved, obviously. Chris.
  23. It is the act of a noble man, to admit that he has made a mistake. Thanks. Chris.
  24. I've read (but not experienced it myself) that a small percentage of Tamiya's canopies have been produced with a slight "twist" in their cross-section, which obviously makes them sit poorly once used. Cheers. Chris.
  25. DB - that is a very insensitive comment. It's possible the King Cobra pilot suffered a heart-attack, blacked out for some reason or had some other medical emergency. It is WAY too early for people to start slinging mud around. Chris.
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