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  1. His You Tube videos are second to none. He has lots of 1/32 scale videos, really great work. Dave
  2. This is amazing, fantastic work! Dave
  3. Euro Decals is bring out a 1/32 scale F-4C & F-4E Phantoms of the 57th FIS decal sheet. Here is a link, https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/shop/euro-decals-ed-32124-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4c-f-4e-phantoms-of-the-57th-fis-132/ . This should make a lot of folks happy. Dave
  4. WOW, you did a fantastic job. I saved every picture for future reference. Dave
  5. This is awesome, great job. I would love to do an XB-51. Dave
  6. I have this figure. It also comes with 2 helmets, one he is holding and one with him wearing the helmet. With a little work I think I can make it into a seated pilot. Here is a link, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Model-Art-1-32-scale-3D-design-JASDF-F-35A-pilot-figure-in-resin-/183399090220 . Hope this helps. Dave
  7. WOW, Great paint work. I have been following your build, it is very impressive! Dave
  8. Got my set the other day. It is fantastic, this is a must for a 1/32 scale F-35. Some of the best casting I have ever seen. Dave
  9. Wheels and Wings is awesome, fantastic selection and a great staff! Dave
  10. Keith's was awesome, great staff. I will always miss it as part of my Saturday mornings. Wheels and Wings must be seen to believe! Dave
  11. Wheels and Wings is by far the best hobby shops around if not one of the best in North America. The staff are great and the selection is second to none. They also have a fantastic selection of paint and supplies. Dave
  12. This is just a killer build. The mask set really makes a big difference, fantastic work! Dave
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