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  1. Keith's was awesome, great staff. I will always miss it as part of my Saturday mornings. Wheels and Wings must be seen to believe! Dave
  2. Wheels and Wings is by far the best hobby shops around if not one of the best in North America. The staff are great and the selection is second to none. They also have a fantastic selection of paint and supplies. Dave
  3. This is just a killer build. The mask set really makes a big difference, fantastic work! Dave
  4. For plastic figures the Academy F-16 and F/A-18 pilot figures are really nice. Dave
  5. Just a great build and a fantastic finish. Dave
  6. Great build! I loved following it along. Dave
  7. There are no F-15DJ cockpit sets. Aires and Black BOX (Avionix) make MSIP cockpits for the F-15C which has the MSIP updates for a F-15J. Dave
  8. Both eBay and Amazon have photos of the boxes and both boxes say crew not included. Dave
  9. A seller on eBay said that the kit does not come with figures. So if someone wants one with the figures just be careful about what you order. I personally want the version with the figures. Also on Amazon the picture of the kits box says that the figures are not included. Dave
  10. Some of the MH-60L kits from Kitty Hawk do not have figures and some do so be carful what you order. The kit does look fantastic though. Dave
  11. I think they use to be Super Bug Models. That F-18E Cockpit looks familiar. Dave
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