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  1. This is just a killer build. The mask set really makes a big difference, fantastic work! Dave
  2. For plastic figures the Academy F-16 and F/A-18 pilot figures are really nice. Dave
  3. Just a great build and a fantastic finish. Dave
  4. Great build! I loved following it along. Dave
  5. There are no F-15DJ cockpit sets. Aires and Black BOX (Avionix) make MSIP cockpits for the F-15C which has the MSIP updates for a F-15J. Dave
  6. Both eBay and Amazon have photos of the boxes and both boxes say crew not included. Dave
  7. A seller on eBay said that the kit does not come with figures. So if someone wants one with the figures just be careful about what you order. I personally want the version with the figures. Also on Amazon the picture of the kits box says that the figures are not included. Dave
  8. Some of the MH-60L kits from Kitty Hawk do not have figures and some do so be carful what you order. The kit does look fantastic though. Dave
  9. I think they use to be Super Bug Models. That F-18E Cockpit looks familiar. Dave
  10. I'll be there with my son Sterling, a yearly event. Dave
  11. Thanks for the review Dave, I agree about the spine, I think it is a lot better. For the cockpit I think I'll use some of the parts left over from the Academy kit to dress up the cockpit or maybe a late model F/A-18C cockpit as I have a couple of those sitting around. Dave
  12. Hey Bill, really nice job, love it! Dave
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