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  1. I think they use to be Super Bug Models. That F-18E Cockpit looks familiar. Dave
  2. I'll be there with my son Sterling, a yearly event. Dave
  3. Thanks for the review Dave, I agree about the spine, I think it is a lot better. For the cockpit I think I'll use some of the parts left over from the Academy kit to dress up the cockpit or maybe a late model F/A-18C cockpit as I have a couple of those sitting around. Dave
  4. Hey Bill, really nice job, love it! Dave
  5. Looking really good, thanks for the tip on the intakes. Dave
  6. Hi Nige; I watched both videos over the past few days and found them informative. I got the kit today for Christmas and can't wait to start it. Thanks for putting in the time to make these two videos reviews possible. Thanks; Dave
  7. He some great pictures of his F-4G Phantom seat that he is also selling. Dave
  8. So this can be used as the basis for a KFIR? Dave
  9. I second the F4D, and still would love to se Panthers. Dave
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