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  1. From what I've read, a similar VAT-reclamation system will be introduced throughout Europe in July. Let the fun / agony commence! Chris.
  2. The Peter Jackson poster at the airshow reeks of "corporate spin" to me. Using phrases like "one big happy family" and all the other self-promoting, rather vapid wording shows that they are pretty desperate to conceal the truth of their situation from the public. Strangely, there's no mention at all that WNW staff were made redundant, with virtually no notice period given. I wonder why? Everyone's got their own opinion, but to get rid of every member of staff does not suggest there's a successful future waiting for Wingnut Wings Models. Sure, minimal staff could probably administer
  3. I've often thought that twenty years is getting into "will they work / won't they" territory? I'm sure folks on LSP have used decals successfully that are much older than this, but my (fairly limited) experience with old decals is not great. I think the aftermarket decals advice is some very sound wisdom. Chris.
  4. That's a real shame. I feel sorry for the show's organisers - all that effort and no show. Lousy timing, from their point of view. I hope that they can arrange it for later in the year (although they will now be moving into their Autumn, which could complicate things). Chris.
  5. I reckon she could tear me apart like a chicken-wing.... and I would enjoy it, too! Chris.
  6. Some people have said that the Busting of Dams will never happen now. I believe that it has been "in development" for an extremely long time. Another aspect to it is, no Hollywood Studio would ever put major money in to a British wartime film of this nature (yep, I know..."Dunkirk", but with a director whose Batman trilogy produced something like two Billion dollars in kerching). Peter Jackson has some serious coin, but not major, modern blockbuster coin. Chris.
  7. Thanks, Zac. I'm sure a lot of folks on here will be very interested to see the WNW stall. There is so much contradictory information floating around about the company right now, a little clarity is long overdue. Chris.
  8. Very much in agreement about the very poor standards of journalism in the Daily Mail article. It was clearly written by someone with virtually no aviation knowledge, but with a ready access to Wikipedia. The fire was obviously very much under control, the engine had been shut-down (fan-blades turning slowly in the slipstream) and the whole situation seems to be stable, even if it will naturally cause the passengers some very serious stress-levels. I'm very sceptical about "the spreading debris over as square mile", too. Chris,
  9. I still think anything from MacDonalds is very weird tasting..... although I've been told it tastes better if sprinkled on actual food. (He waits for a deluge of protest from devoted Maccie-D fans). Chris. PS: Does anything else think that MCD's food would be virtually tasteless, if it wasn't for the "special sauces"?
  10. Reduce the time in the water? Or use a couple of coats of Microscale Decal Film before use...? Chris.
  11. "To our overseas friends, we haven't forgotten you..." If WNW are about to disappear forever, this is a rather snide and deceitful sentence to tag on to their release, isn't it? Having said that, WNW allegedly fired all their staff with just two days notice. So, who knows? Chris.
  12. Don't joke about it too much! Soylent Green will be with us, very soon. Chris.
  13. I hope Vegemite tastes better than Marmite does (the UK equivalent of Vegemite, maybe?). Tried Marmite once - tasted like the liquid-residue from Satan's jock-strap after he had run a full marathon. Horrible, nasty, unpleasant stuff. Chris.
  14. I would recommend you read "Low Level Hell" by Hugh Mills. The scout helicopters of his troop regularly provided close air-cover for road-convoys and often flew at less than ten feet. Obviously, operational practices in Vietnam were not typical of anywhere else in the world. Chris.
  15. Try applying them in a small pool of Future / Pledge / whatever they're calling it this month. The Future should shrink the decal down on to the surface. I'd recommend trying it on a decal that you don't mind losing, on an old, junk model. Good luck in using your decals. Chris.
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