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  1. Excellent weathering! These airframes have 100 times more "personality" than the light-grey yawn-fests that are pretending to be fighters around at the moment. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  2. Well, we won't get a BOB movie, but we will get a very-expensive TV series.... "Masters of the Air". I've read that it has a projected budget of $200 Million. That's a lot of Buck for your Bang. Chris.
  3. I've just received my set of B-25 legs and I'm very pleased with them. They are very well-cast and will only require minimal clean-up. The 3-D printed detail-bits are also very nicely made. I would have thought brass legs are an essential addition to the Hong Kong B-25, considering how heavy it is and the requirement for some substantial nose-weight as well. Thoroughly recommended. Chris. PS: I have no association with Alistair, other than I have bought several of his products in the past and have been really happy with them.
  4. Ermm.... How about the dozens of genuine Spitfires currently in use? Or, failing that, all the archive sound-libraries which should have hours of Spitfire recordings. It's a bit academic, really, as the film's now in "development" (AKA: not going to be made). Also, Ridley Scott is in his seventies now - I'm not sure how many more films he has left in him. I really, really hope he doesn't make another un-necessary, dull Alien movie (Alien: Covenant was NOT a good film, IMHO). Chris.
  5. No problem at all. I wish my building & painting skills were half as good as yours. Chris.
  6. She is an absolute beauty, my friend! Love the weathered finish, love all the open panels, love everything about her.... Great realism, all round. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  7. It's the pilot's name that makes me smile..... Capt. Denny Dolphin! Throw that man a mackerel for a job well done... Chris.
  8. i think that was a very different kind of movie, involving healthy, young men, engaged in all sorts of jolly outdoor pursuits and having numerous adventures. Chris.
  9. From what I've read, it made less than $15 Million globally. For a film with a production budget of $110 Million (plus large advertising and distribution costs), that is one HUGE failure. I lasted about 20 minutes and clicked on something else, instead. The script was horrible and cliched, from what I remember of it. The quality of some of the acting didn't help much, either. Each to their own, though. Chris.
  10. No, that really is not my point. Why do Hollywood's hugely-overpaid scriptwriters often seem to go out of their way to either ridicule or exclude mention of any nation other than the US fighting during the war? What advantage does it give them? Hollywood has a very long history of distorting historical facts to its own ends. According to most Hollywood Vietnam movies, all the suffering was visited upon the US forces. I think there are many Vietnamese who would dispute that, to this day. I don't really want to get into a big fight over this subject. Let's leave it at t
  11. We all know that this will never happen. The British TV and film industry is tiny compared to the American industry. The fact is, it's only the major streaming services that could pay for a series of this expense, particularly in a post-COVID world. I am not criticising the making of the show - I think it will be a very worthwhile event. I have often wondered if Peter Jackson's version of the Dambusters has been wrecked by the fact it's a British story? I cannot see any American film executive wanting to sink $200 Million plus in to a story that Hollywood would see as
  12. Don't forget the option of only paying for a month's subscription, in the assumption that Apple Tv will allow you to do that? I would have thought they have to offer that option, just to stay competitive with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc, etc. I recently subscribed to Discovery Plus (on Amazon) so I could watch the new series of "Combat Dealers" (a BIG disappointment, but that's another story). One thing I would say about cancelling stuff on Amazon - they REALLY don't make it easy. I'm sure it's deliberate, so people just give up trying and keep paying their subscription, inste
  13. Really not a good comparison, to be frank, Mike. Let me give you a couple of examples of how American dramas treat the British involvement in the war: A. Saving Private Ryan - not even a background glimpse of a British soldier. The only reference to the British comes when Tom Hanks is discussing Gen. Montgomery with Ted Danson. Hanks: "Monty is trying to push his troops through the German lines, but he is over-rated in my opinion." Ted Danson: "I won't disagree with you on that one". The relative merits / failings of Montgomery are a little beyond my areas of interest, to be hones
  14. Let's hope that "Masters of the Air" will acknowledge that it wasn't just the Americans who fought the air offensive in Europe (I'm not holding my breath on this one, however). Watched a documentary on this subject on Amazon Prime a while ago, in which the narrator actually stated that, for the last two years of the war, the US was the only country that bombed Germany. Utter, utter, utter garbage and a terribly disrespectful slight to the RAF bomber crews who fought and died during those years. The annoying thing is, this statement could have been checked with a one-minute Google-search. Incre
  15. How on earth does a chopper this tiny manage to haul 6 men? I have no idea. Thanks for sharing your build with us. It's looking "boss level" so far! Chris. PS: As I'm sure a lot of folks will be aware, the Vietnam Loach in the previous post was flown by Captain Hugh Mills and was named "Miss Clawd IV". This man was shot down 16 times whilst in S.E. Asia, including four times in one day! "Lucky" doesn't even begin to describe his time in-country. If you want to know more about Hugh Mills, I would thoroughly recommend his book "Low Level Hell" - it's an amaz
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