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  1. I'm no expert on WW2 German aircraft tyres, but were they made by Dunlop? If this has been copied from the NASM example of the Do-335, it would suggest to me that the tyres have been produced in the US and later fitted to the airframe. I'm sure more knowledgeable folk than me can shine some light on this subject. Chris.
  2. Yep, Stokey Pete, the dreaded "Will-they-fit-around-curved-surfaces?" question did occur to me. I guess there's only one way to find out... Chris.
  3. Hi, Kevin. I know next to nothing about collecting historical relics, like tank track-links. We have a TV show in the UK called "Combat Dealers" which often has some very nice bits of information about prices and so on. I particularly remember one episode in which the main guy paid around 40,000 Euros (an educated guess, about $35,000) for a WW2 German parachute troopers uniform (he said the genuine item is now extremely rare!). One thing that occurs to me, here. Is this an area in which you have to be wary of fake relics? Would anyone go to trouble of making fake ite
  4. I hope you've got deep pockets my friend. I attended a show at the UK Tank Museum a few years ago and they were selling a single section of Panther track, very heavily rusted and just-about-recognisable. They wanted £350 for it (that's about 400 - 450 dollars in New World money...) Chris.
  5. My pleasure, Stefan. I wish you good luck in building the MIG. She might not be perfect, but the one example I've seen in this scheme looked really cool. I love anything in a special scheme. Cheers. Chris.
  6. I admire Zvezda for bringing this one out. As previously stated, there has been a need for a really good Herky-bird for years. I wish the company every success with their version. Chris.
  7. Hello, Good People. Has anyone used any Procal decals yet? I've just bought the 1/32nd Zeus set and was wondering how easy they are to use. Do they settle down well, respond well to decal softener and fixer, how long to dip in the water, etc? Any information will be gratefully received. Thanks. Chris.
  8. Yep, I probably should have read the OP with a bit more care.... It seems a very odd choice on the company's part, since some types of rubber and styrene have a reputation for not playing well together. Chris.
  9. Yep, I would be very keen to know which company it is, too. Chris. PS: I hope it's not Armoury, as I've recently bought two of their resin wheels sets....
  10. Hi, Stefan. I have a couple of these waiting for me, so I will follow your build with a lot of interest. I didn't know that the kit-design was "borrowed" from the Academy 1/48th scale version. Makes me wonder what other kits Chinese manufacturers have based their designs on. Cheers. Chris. PS: Just so you know, the aircraft was flown by the Czech air-force, not the Russians.
  11. Hi, leoasman. Thanks for the reply. I might see if I can find the mask version - my faith in being able to use the decal is pretty low. Still, first-world problems, eh? I think I read that the Hobbyboss 1/32 B-26 is going to be released in the first quarter, next year. Mind you, I would take anything the Chinese manufacturers say with a HUGE pinch of salt, going by past experience. Cheers. Chris.
  12. As has been correctly stated by a number of previous posters, contemporary archive colour photos should never be considered a definitive record of exact equipment colours. All film stocks from the 20th century were "tweaked" by their makers to produce certain colour values (usually related to how they reproduced Caucasian skin-tones, from what I've read). Kodak's hugely-popular Ektachrome had a very noticeable colour bias and a heavy colour-saturation and this was why so many photographers loved the emulsion. Early colour films were notorious for having unrealistic colo
  13. That's one lovely B-24, my friend! Nice to see in something other than green or NMF. She a real tribute to your build and painting skills. By the way, I see you've also done a "Bat's Head" B-25. I am planning on building the same (although, possibly not in this lifetime!). Did you use decals or hand-paint? I have the decals and I'm not looking forward to using them one bit (too many curves to get them to form around). Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Chris.
  14. After reading a number of comments from a number of sites, I seems to be the case that Duxford might well have got a bit too greedy for their own good. I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this one. For the Fighter Collection to go to the extra expense, time and effort of finding a new venue suggests to me that they have been effectively pushed out of Duxford's air-show season financially. There is now a rumour that Duxford will be replacing Legends with their own event next July. Chris.
  15. I was lucky enough to have a look inside the JU-88 at the Cosford Museum last year. For a large aircraft, it struck me that there wasn't any "spare" room in the cockpit at all and it would have been a hell of a job to escape a spinning airframe with a 'chute on your back. I was also able to sit in the FW-190 there on the same evening. Again, roomy was not the word. Let's hope that the Cosford Open Cockpit Evening can recommence at some point in the future (2022 would be my guess, but I'm possibly being a bit optimistic on that one). Cheers. Chris.
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