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  1. Yes...eagerly waiting for the Do 335 A-12 that was promised long ago... Mark Proulx
  2. Mark P

    New Huey

    I for one am excited at the prospect of a large scale Huey. However, I will wait and let the box contents speak for themselves and weigh its pros and cons like I do with every purchase. Mark Proulx
  3. Mark P

    HK Do 335

    Are you confusing ZM with HK? Mark Proulx
  4. Mark P

    HK Do 335

    Oops...my bad. Thanks!
  5. Mark P

    HK Do 335

    What ever became of the 32nd scale HK Do 335 A-12 two-seat trainer? One would think it would be out by now.... Or, did I miss it. Mark Proulx
  6. Unfortunately, I would probably break the internet if I posted examples here of, shall I say, a lack of sound judgment on eBay... that includes buyers or sellers! Mark Proulx
  7. Sundin does a number of profile books, including armor. However, no photos are included in his books to support his profile interpretations. Mark Proulx
  8. I find the current trend to colorizing black and white images to be disturbing. Colorized photos are OK as long as they are identified as such within the image, such as the above. If not, colorized photos can easily become the primary new reference, especially to those less knowledgeable. What happens if those colors are represented incorrectly? I have seen that happen on too many "modified" photos. I would rather live with black and white originals and base my color assumptions on knowledge and experience. How many colorized photos do you see in quality historical publications? Not many I would suggest. However, one can't argue the impact of color imagery. Mark Proulx
  9. Eagle Editions sells lots of stuff for the 109, including a resin spinner. Mark Proulx
  10. Anyone ever release an accurate resin cockpit for the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale A-6A Intruder? I got the seats (Thanks Harold!), but what about the rest of the cockpit? One would think that it would be a natural for the aftermarket companies given the size and openness of that position . Mark Proulx
  11. I was eager for the HK kit when it came out. Some very progressive injection molding. However, once pouring over the kit, some fundamental shape issues left me un-impressed... I can live with minor dimension issues, but there is no excuse basic shape discrepancies. That just speaks to poor research. Hard to excuse when there are so many examples available to be examined. For that reason, I took a pass on their two-stage Merlin attempt... Mark Proulx
  12. Looks like KMC (likely OOP) and GT Resins. I know this won't change your build but the information might be helpful in the future for you and others. Mark Proulx
  13. Out of curiosity, any resin aftermarket pylons available? A number of Phantoms photographed with the outboard pylons fitted, but nothing attached. Mark Proulx
  14. FWIW, the Graf conversion set stated as available shortly in the review is currently listed in stock at Hannants. HTH Mark Proulx
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