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  1. Jennings, about the VF-114 bird if I may. 1) What does the dual star motif by the fuselage national insignia represent? 2) I assume the Pukin' Dogs logo on the fuselage a remnant from an earlier attachment? Mark Proulx
  2. A nice selection. Difficult to pick a favorite! Mark Proulx
  3. I'm with Kevin on this. While I certainly am following this thread with keen interest, I understand some may not be (though why there wouldn't be an interest in the Phantom eludes me...). I believe his points made above make sense. Mark Proulx
  4. F-4C/D....F-4C/D....F-4C/D.... "Nuf said! Mark Proulx
  5. Looks like border travel from Canada to the US still remains closed to non-essential travel until at least August 21st as reported today. Mark Proulx
  6. I was planning to attend as well. However, due to the current rise in US COVID cases and the associated international cross-border restrictions (as they currently stand), I will not be joining the Crandalls at their EE location there. Mark Proulx
  7. Looks like the Special Hobby kit reboxed. It has a transport dolly only to allow display. Decals supplied for three options by Cartograf. Mark Proulx
  8. Looks like Revell releasing a 1/32nd scale V-1. Please don't let this turn into another Revell wish list... Mark Proulx
  9. FWIU, the parts count has a bearing on the retail cost (more labor intensive to create molds). So, why drive up the retail price by parts that can't be seen when completed? Of course, this could all be a load of crap and I have no idea of what I am talking about. If anyone cares to educate me further on this theory, I have an open mind. Mark Proulx
  10. My father passed away last year and I was the executor of the estate. I can attest to the fact that there is lots of work ahead (more than I imagined) based on my Canadian experience. From beginning to end, probably 10 months to close out the estate. Just getting a will from probate took 5 months, thanks to COVID (sadly, the death count playing a role here). That, a process that should only take a couple of months. Furthermore, my father left behind no significant issues that had to be tied up in the courts and with banks. That would only exacerbate the time involved. All the same, please pass a long my condolences. Mark Proulx
  11. Details forever hidden once built...The 32nd scale Trumpeter P-47 immediately springs to mind! . I am sure there are many more! Mark Proulx
  12. I'm looking forward to US Navy outboard pylons for the Phantom in 32nd... Having said that, his existing pylons look very good. Mark Proulx
  13. Have you contemplated replacement landing gear for the HK B-17? The kit gear creates an incorrect stance for the bomber. Specifically, this in 1/48th scale though I am sure the same problem exists on the 32nd scale kit too. Mark Proulx
  14. Welcome to the Tamiya F-4 "money pit"! While it needs aftermarket to bring it up a notch, the good news is that there is much available for it. While the list is long, the bare minimum (IMHO) is proper sized burner cans, cockpit and intakes(should you choose not to use FOD covers). I will also vouch for Aerocrafts replacement canopies. They are superbly cast! Good luck! Mark Proulx
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