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  1. Mark P

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Waiting to see who will be first out of the gate with "seamless" turrets... Mark Proulx
  2. Mark P

    HKM Lancaster Dambusters conversion kit

    Though I am not a player in either kit, I would worry that if the price of the conversion added to the cost of the HK kit comes near to the WNW release, then many will likely opt for the later. Add to this the possibility of two separate shipping charges. However, the "stressed skin" effect from WNW will make the two kits appear quite different. If that attempt not popular with the builder, then a dambuster conversion for the HK kit would be welcomed, I believe. HTH Mark Proulx
  3. Mark P

    Aires Skyhawk Resin Detail Set

    Thanks for your input guys.... Mark Proulx
  4. I am well aware of "issues" that can arise using Aires detail sets. Has anyone tried the Aires Cockpit/Wheel Well set in 32nd scale for the A-4F? If so, any major issues in their application? I would like to know before shelling out hard earned cash for something that is more of a PITA than its worth... Mark Proulx
  5. Mark P

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    The turret seam issue plagued the 48th scale Monogram B-24 J too. Koster subsequently released vacuform replacements. Mark Proulx
  6. Mark P

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    As always with the B-24 J, the book Consolidated Mess really is the bible on the type. It was a real education for me to read about the numerous turret/window/nose configurations that the "J" went through. It is one of the issues that will become apparent when aftermarket decal companies consider a release (if concerned about accuracy) for any B-24 J/H kit. Mark Proulx
  7. Mark P

    Lancaster purchase

    And that is why I don't golf! Besides, it just runs a good brisk walk! Mark Proulx
  8. Mark P

    Lancaster purchase

    I would love to have a 1/32nd scale Lancaster, particularly a Dambuster. However, it is too large a kit and I can't justify the price to my wife, or myself.... Same goes for the B-17 and B-24. Mark Proulx
  9. I see sprue pics of the new Tamiya 48th scale Spitfire Mk 1 provided... Mark Proulx
  10. Has Trumpeter strictly scaled up their 32nd Ju 87 D-5 into 24th scale? By the look of the sprue shots on the Trumpeter site it does appear that the cannons of the Ju 87 G are supplied in 24th scale, as is the case in their 32nd scale kit. Is a 1/24th scale Ju 87 G-2 a possibility? Mark Proulx
  11. Mark P

    Trumpeter Ju 87G.

    Rudel certainly the most recognizable and highly decorated figure to fly the "G". You also have to consider the fact that there were limited numbers of that version built. With those two factors at play you will see a disproportionate number of photos of his Stuka compared to others. If I may, a shameless plug that EE does offer a couple of decal sheets for the Ju 87 G. Mark Proulx
  12. Mark P

    Trumpeter Ju 87G.

    No...I have never seen Rudel's Stuka in white distemper. Mark Proulx
  13. Mark P

    Trumpeter Ju 87G.

    There are some very nice aftermarket brass barrels for the underwing cannons. Are you considering that possibility? Mark Proulx
  14. Mark P

    Trumpeter Ju 87G.

    Ade: I am following your build with great interest. I have published and retain a number of photos of Rudels last Ju 87 G-2 in the WOTBC series. Most recently, WOTBC Special Ju 87 Stuka. I can confirm that his last mount lacked additional fuselage armor. The dive brake pylons for the Ju 87 G-2 are also not an appropriate configuration. This all clearly evident in period photos. HTH Mark Proulx
  15. Mark P

    Building of a LearJet

    I have about 1000 hours in Lear 24 and 25....Real performers! However, the thing a flying fuel emergency from the instant it took off as those CJ 610 engines gulped lots of fuel, especially at lower altitudes. The constant worry about fuel took lots of fun out of it... Mark Proulx