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  1. Checked their website and the only exhausts were for the Revell kit. For the most part, mostly wheels for various Tamiya kits... Mark Proulx
  2. Yes, they are. But are they any good and appropriately sized to fit to the F-4C? Mark Proulx
  3. The link provided above is for exhausts from Wolfpack. Any good? Mark Proulx
  4. A sad situation but a sign of the times. For me, their shipping policy with correspondingly high costs meant that I had not used them for years. I was able to get items quicker and much cheaper from Hannants. So, in my opinion poor business decisions placed them in this situation. Mark Proulx
  5. Agreed... IMHO, the HK Dornier among their better releases. Mark Proulx
  6. A link on Britmodeler shows the kit at $230.00 + 32.00 US for shipping. Limited edition release of 500 copies. There is a 20% discount during the 30 day pre-order period to $184.00. HTH Mark Proulx
  7. Sadly, a little to pricey for this ex-Lear pilot... Mark Proulx
  8. Have a look at the EE subforum here as Eagle Editions has just posted images of new P-40 markings. Appears to be some additional schemes added to earlier options. HTH Mark Proulx
  9. Doing a quick scan of a few of other forums it appears they are quite open to these new tool 1/35th scale kits in contrast to LSP. Mark Proulx
  10. Surprisingly, my Waldron set began to rust out and corrode... Mark Proulx
  11. Good question. I have been pondering the same thing myself. Looking forward to the recommendations. Mark Proulx
  12. Selling models with enclosed face masks displaying the Revell logo. Its come to that? I guess the times we live in. Mark Proulx
  13. Just checked the calendar. It's not April Fools.. Pass... Mark Proulx
  14. Time to revisit the question... Ginger or Mary Ann?
  15. Dawn Wells, Mary Ann from Gilligans Island passed away from COVID complications at 82... RIP Mark Proulx
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