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  1. Looks like the Collings Foundation is gonna be in trouble... From the FAA via WIX forums, falsified mtce records, falsified training records, scheduled checks not completed, spark plug gaps found beyond limits on all four engines, "jury rigged" wiring to the magnetos in the #4 engine... Their authority to carry passengers has been revoked. Now, the lawyers will have a field day I guess... Mark Proulx
  2. Mark P


    Mustang looks great. But shouldnt the upper surface be blue? Gonna sit back now and wait for the inevitable debate.... Mark Proulx
  3. And you have to be careful that the tone of the review doesn't cross into advertising. Mark Proulx
  4. Reviews... A couple thinks I look for: 1) Honesty. If its crap, say so. Don't tell us how great stuff is for the sole purpose of receiving more "free" stuff for yourself. 2) If I am reading a review on the new B-17 (for example), I don't need to read about the history of the plane. If I wanted to know more on its history I would read one of my books or do a google search. 3) If it is an in the box review, say so. You can't tell me how it fits looking thru the plastic wrap 4) Have a level of knowledge about the subject. 5) Photos, and good quality ones so that so that I can make my own determination of surface detail. 6) Text that is too the point. get long-winded and I will lose interest. 7) Accuracy. Yes, it important. But don't get bogged down in details. Focus on the egregious shape flaws, not the little things like a misplaced rivet. I am sure I can think of more, but leave that too others to fill in the blanks. Mark Proulx
  5. Mark P


    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-WW11-Photo-1st-8th-Air-ForceP47-W-Letter-Member-We-Won-the-War/264606397399?hash=item3d9bc533d7:g:jKsAAOSwCmBeE5nv May have won the war with the P-47, but sure looks like a Corsair to me! Mark Proulx
  6. LSP my forum of choice (as it has been since its inception). I lurk at Hyperscale, but their forum adverts are more than annoying. Britmodeller, I lurk at too, but it really is 1/72nd scale centrist. Still, some great historical material can be had there. ARC....way too many sub-forums...my ship material, Steel Navy or Modelwarships... I try and avoid Modeling Madness, the continual praise of SAC landing gear (we all know otherwise) has me questioning that site. For a daily update, I have been reading The Modelling News site... Mark Proulx
  7. Anyone ever deal with this company? To order, or even try to contact them, requires an account verification code that is not only illegible to computers, but to this human too... Are they even in business? Nothing on their Facebook page for years. Mark Proulx
  8. That's a $2200.00 saving off my price... Someone better jump fast....only 1 left. Mark Proulx
  9. Well, I have this kit.... If someone wants to give me $2825.00 you would be saving 50%... Mark Proulx
  10. $100.00 for the model...$5,550.00 for shipping.... Mark Proulx
  11. FWIW, I received it in Canada... Mark Proulx
  12. Just watched this release on Netflix. Stunning warbird photography matched with a great story line that details the evolution of the Spitfire in it's earliest beginnings to the later wartime variants. Highly recommended! Mark Proulx
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