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  1. Can't speak about MENG, but a new tool 1/32nd Hs 123 would be a welcome addition IMHO. Mark Proulx
  2. If only Gaspatch would "discover" 1/32nd scale. Imagine a new tool Hs 123 and Me 163! Mark Proulx
  3. I think it would be too much of a risk for aftermarket to fill a niche 1/18th scale. From what I understand the few items for 1/24th didnt sell well which doesn't bode well for an even larger scale. Did anything get offered for the 1/18th Dauntless? That kind of telling IMHO... Mark Proulx
  4. I hate to say it but this was kind of brought upon themselves by the poor business decisions they made (IMHO). I WAS a customer for some time before going to other options who could better fill my needs. Still sad. Mark Proulx
  5. Very nice result...a build article would have been nice to follow! What did u use for rigging? Looks to be very scale in appearance. Mark Proulx
  6. Great the airplanes have a new home. Mark Proulx
  7. Yes, but will they be appropriately sized? Time will tell... Mark Proulx
  8. Nope. Both types still listed out of stock. Mark P
  9. Gary: Will you be restocking the 32nd scale US Navy F-4 outboard pylons with Sprue? Mark Proulx
  10. Some great museums there too. Mark Proulx
  11. Just received two sets of replacement 32nd scale F-4 canopies from Aerocraft. Each crystal clear! Order with confidence! Mark Proulx PS: Ali, PM sent.
  12. No, this was a large hard cover book not associated with the LiF series. However it is published by the same. Mark Proulx
  13. I assisted EE in the creation of the decals for this sheet with Jerry and Norris Graser. Interesting comments come up here about the colors of this aircraft. We drew the conclusion at the time that the aircraft upper was faded RAF Dark Green uppers over Gray. That was our rationale for the dark green potions of the fuselage sides. However, overall OD upper is a distinct possibility as some have pointed out. If so, I would suggest that IT IS POSSIBLE that the darker green area under the cockpit is weathering from pilots on the left and crew chiefs/mtce on the right side. This would
  14. Do a google search and you will find color profiles, one in particular done by Claes Sundin. Mark Proulx
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