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  1. Nice clean job on a 418 Mosquito... Mark Proulx
  2. This project ever finished? Mark
  3. Title says it all. Does anyone do a 1/32nd scale resin conversion to create an early Bf 109 (A thru D)? I believe there was in the past but I can't remember it... Mark Proulx
  4. Yes, this one of two 109 F's that were modified for Galland. The other had guns mounted in the wings. Mark Proulx
  5. So....anyone compared the 32nd scale kits yet???? Andrea, BTW, and my opinion only (others welcome to disagree and some will), accuracy counts for lots. I can forgive a millimeter here or there, but the additional fuselage length depicted here is well outside my comfort zone. Mark Proulx
  6. Glad I didn't opt for the 24th scale kit...though I really wanted the G! Mark Proulx
  7. Ok. I assumed it meant for me as you posted immediately after me.. Too many Marks I guess Mark Proulx
  8. Actually, I never said I had access to both kits, because I don't. Otherwise I would do so... But I am eagerly waiting for someone to do so! Mark Proulx
  9. Well, by looking at the side view photo and making a judgment solely on that (that is all I have at the moment), the Trumpeter kit does look to be "off". In my opinion, the stretch of the rear fuselage in error (again, based on visual sighting only and not measurement). However, I would like to compare it to plans for 100% confirmation. The "looks wrong" critique doesn't conclude the issue for me. There is too much of that on the 'net. So, at this time I am leaning towards agreeing with Andrea, but not 100% certain...yet... I wonder how the Trumpeter 32nd scale Stukas match up to Revell and Hasegawa? Mark Proulx
  10. First, we have to determine if Trumpeter "screwed the pooch" on the 24th scale kit. Until we do, by cross referencing to plans (or the 24th scale Airfix kit which has not rcvd critique, though it too could be faulty), we have no idea where, or if, a cut is needed... Mark Proulx
  11. Actually, Revell has also displayed at this show their new 1/32nd scale Fw 190 "Sturmbock". Photos available on the 'net. It is a May 2019 release. Mark Proulx
  12. I think a typing error, as you have suggested, generated by a girl working in the EE office can be overlooked... Mark Proulx
  13. Agree with the above. We need to see a comparison photo of the Airfix and Trumpeter fuselage side by side to make a determination and see exactly where the problem is, if one is identified. Mark Proulx
  14. Stukas retained RLM 70/71/65 throughout the war. However, RLM 65 took on more of a green tint. Mark Proulx
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