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  1. You can include me in the camp who would welcome some love for the Tamiya 1/32nd scale Phantom. Mark Proulx
  2. Very, very nice build. Subtle weathering, not overstated. Great job! Mark Proulx
  3. I think it was done a few pages ago.... Mark Proulx
  4. It would be nice to have a set of o/b pylons for Navy Phantoms too, as they frequently flew w/o drop tanks in that position. Yes, I know the Marine boxing has that option but I would rather not have to buy an entire kit for that purpose, having the Navy release. Mark Proulx
  5. How do you pull 9 G's, or fly inverted and keep your eye glasses on? Mark Proulx
  6. Watching with eager anticipation... Mark Proulx
  7. I agree with nmayhew above about Valiant books. What I GREATLY dislike about them is that they quickly become obsolete as more products are released for that particular subject. So, what do they do to keep up? Publish a new book with all the new releases added (and perhaps SOME expanded text) further making my initial purchase a waste of money! I also find their color profiles to be OK at best... My new Lanc (Late Version) and Nachtjagd books are likely mid-Atlantic for me at the moment... So far, I am quite content with Wingleader, having passed up on only a few titles do to my lack of subject interest. Mark Proulx
  8. Kevin: I still stand by my statement having all these books in my reference library. Needless to say, I have a penchant for the 109, three volume set. I find it a useful title to refer to. However, be aware the books are not as exhaustive as say, Japo, it is still good value for the money. Mark Proulx
  9. Kevin: I can tell you I have most of their books and I am satisfied with them. Which ones/series in particular interests you? Mark Proulx
  10. I took early retirement as they offered us " miserable old bastards" a financial carrot that was just too good to pass up. COVID made it even easier to go. As much as I loved my job, being treated/compensated extremely well, I am glad to leave it all in the rear view mirror. It was time for a younger group to advance the profession and continue the fight for safer skies. Mark Proulx
  11. Well, I can't speak to US based pilots specifically, as I am in Canada. However, I would think that our countries are similar in the way the aviation industry operates. Yes, I do agree that automation has impacted basic airmanship skills. I saw, especially in younger pilots, a reluctance to turn off the A/P and fly the airplane, taking advantage of a two-man crew. They would get too deep into a situation before reverting to "hand flying" never really getting a "feel" for things. When the A/P was doing something they didn't want to see happen (or couldn't understand), they would struggle trying to figure out why (adding to the stress of the event) instead of just turning off the A/P and doing to the airplane what YOU wanted to do. This isn't helped when the SOP's of the airlines really drive you towards using the A/P, not helped by the longer duty days that pilots now must deal with and pilots hired with insufficient experience. Just my take... Mark Proulx
  12. Well....as an ex training/check captain myself, retirement is all its cracked up to be. Surprisingly, I don't miss it. When I start to lament my decision to leave, I just re-focus on all the crap we contended with and I quickly snap back into my "happy place". Mark Proulx
  13. Actually...it reminded me of 633 Squadron. Mark Proulx
  14. Well, FWIW, I am in the natural metal undersides camp. Mark Proulx
  15. Sad news indeed. FWIW, I have the greatest admiration/respect for your product line. The study of WW2 German aircraft can really test us at times. I sincerely hope you can find some relief for your situation. Mark Proulx
  16. Thanks Gary. I wasn't aware of the other posting. A sad situation for such an expensive kit. Well a one-off can be anticipated, I was shocked to see how extensive the problem appears to be. The bottom line is to check your kit upon receipt. Mark Proulx
  17. A quick glance on FB reveals many Border customers who bought their new Lancaster are reported broken clear parts. Apparently parts placed in the top of the boxing are suffering from blemishes and prone to breakage. Possibly crushed in transit. Mark Proulx
  18. I know we have a few ship builders here, so.... Posted on forums that Loren Perry of GMM fame is shutting his doors and closing for good. For those of you that have put off purchasing his P/E or decals, might be time to shop because once items sold, they are gone for good. HTH Mark Proulx
  19. Scroll down the LSP discussion sub forum. Images visible there. Mark Proulx
  20. Leading Edge, among a few others now OOP, did a bunch of 1/32nd scale decals for the RCAF F-86. Not sure of current availability however. Mark Proulx
  21. Interesting. Is there a difference between USAF and Navy o/b pylons for the Phantom? Mark Proulx
  22. I'm hoping to someday see the empty o/b pylons for the F-4. Yes, I know they come in the marine boxing but I'm not gonna buy one just for the pylons when the navy boxing is already here. Mark Proulx
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