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  1. First, let me say the Hurricane has not held a lot of fascination for me. However, that doesn't mean I don't have plenty of books on it in my library. .So, after the tutorial I got earlier in this thread on Hurricane props (who thought it could be so complicated ), I opted to spend a Saturday afternoon reading up on the Hurricane. Geez... Now, I am left with even more questions! So, I read that Gloster didn't use standard colors for the national insignias on their Hurricane builds. WTH? What did they use and why? . Does it need to be this complicated? Mark Proulx
  2. Well, I guess I just got schooled on Hurricane spinners/propellers Thanks Troy! Now to try and digest all this! Mark Proulx
  3. Anyone know if different propeller options are planned? If not, I'm sure the aftermarket people will step up. Mark Proulx
  4. Looks like lots of effort put into parts layout to ensure a number of Hurricane variants in the future. Nice! A Mk I feasible as I see the two fuselage halves are placed in a stand alone separate tree. Mark Proulx
  5. Well, received my copy in the mail already! Like other books in the series, a worthy investment. I found the section on the Type 464 modification to be particularly enlightening. Mark Proulx
  6. IMHO, Revell has a tendency to release "less popular" versions first, so a Mk I likely in the future. Of course, this is based on the premise that a Mk II would be in less demand than a Mk I if they available to purchase at the same time. Mark Proulx
  7. Looks great! Can I ask why the new tail section? Is there a problem with the kit part? In addition, do you plan on creating F-4 Phantom pylons for the 32nd scale Tamiya kit? Mark Proulx
  8. I guess the great thing about the early Tomcat kit is that the cockpit panels are void of detail allowing for easier application of aftermarket 3D decals. Mark Proulx
  9. The sad thing is that people want answers right now. They are not prepared to wait a lengthy time for an official report. One need only to watch media after an airplane crash to be bombarded with "experts" giving their reasoning for the crash. This satisfies the need within the public sphere for an immediate cause. BTW, this isn't an anti-media rant, just my observation as a retired airline pilot. By the time the FAA/NTSB report is released, the news cycle will have moved on to some other horrific incident. However, as a professional, I understand the process and realize there are many causes to a crash, many not immediately obvious. The PROPER thing to do is let the investigators do their job so that we learn from this event and apply regulation as required to prevent it from happening again. The fact is that aviation has become safer in a large part because of the accidents of the past that we learned from.
  10. G-Factor did a set of 32nd gear legs for the 105 in solid brass. Probably worth tracking down a set IMHO. Mark Proulx
  11. Gonna take a lot of weight in the nose to counteract the additional resin weight in the tail. Are you considering brass undercarriage for this? This thing is gonna be heavy and I will be watching with interest! Mark Proulx
  12. I would like to chime in here and say this book a real must for any 109 enthusiast. It should be a component in any reference library. Mark Proulx
  13. Don't forget a 1/24th scale brute is available too! Mark Proulx
  14. Kevin... Thanks, a very good comparison and way of looking at things. Mark Proulx
  15. Tony C.... I didn't take it as a knock so all is good.... I just believed that it was important to analyze their products with the perspective of hindsight and the unique opportunity I have to clarify what the original intent of Engines and Things was. The owner a close friend whom I frequently visited and is sadly missed. I think it is important to know the goals of the time when people compare to the latest resin cast products. Mark Proulx
  16. I feel compelled to post here and offer some perspective. The owner of Engines and Things was a dear friend of mine. Sadly, he passed away many years ago now. After that, his wife took over the business and has maintained it since with existing molds. So, you must keep in mind that this company began casting many years ago when the business of resin casting was in its infancy. Their premise at the time was to offer engines for kits that were handled very poorly by the manufacturer, or engines that didn't exist at all. Such would be the case for vacuform kits for example. Another example being when a manufacturer supplied a single row of the radial engine with backing plate when in fact, a twin row is correct. Engines and Things offered the two rows to show accurate depth of the engines within the model cowlings. So, if you are comparing their product to more current casters, then you will be disappointed. However, if you want an engine for older kits, or to replace poorly offered engines from the manufacturer, then this may be an option for you. That is why Kevins post above is why Engines and Things may be worth investigating. Their product really is designed now for older models in your stash or for those who want to open up a cowling on a kit and display a close facsimile of an engine. So, as you assess if you want to purchase, please remember that you are comparing very early resin casting to today's items (including 3D). I think that warrants some consideration. I hope this clarifies the Engines and Things product line for everyone. Mark Proulx
  17. Very nice. Thank you for sharing. Some angles provided here are not commonly explored. Mark Proulx
  18. As with all things 109, the wheel well configuration can be a real minefield! If your care about accuracy of your build, a reference photo can prove helpful as the manufacturer, W.Nr. and date all come into play in making the determination for round vs squared wheel wells. Mark Proulx
  19. Interesting.... I think I'm going to pass. Mark Proulx
  20. Hmmm....interesting. The Ar 196 certainly is appealing. However, I will wait for more feedback... Mark Proulx
  21. Cons? Not seeing any in this build! Very nice! Mark Proulx
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