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Effect of Ukraine War on our Hobby…

Bill M.

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As the war continues on, we are seeing the effect on our hobby. What can we expect?

The first is the most obvious— we will largely lose access to Ukrainian-made products and manufacturers. 
I read in the news that Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are cutting off business with Russia. I suspect this will mean that we will also lose access to Russian-made products and manufacturers. 

If you are looking for Ukrainian and Russian modeling products, you might want to search among American, European and other non-Ukrainian and non-Russian retailers as I suspect the spigot is being cut off and they won’t be restocking.  Just saying…
I have my thoughts about the war, but will keep those to myself….

Bill M.

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I bought a cockpit set from Quinta studos back n Feb, was posted 09FEB2022 and delivered at by the postman last week.  was planning to purchase some stuff from Red Iron shop but decided not to after the invasion began.

Once this madness has been corrected I will reassess, but for now I am sad that lots of wonderful stuff that gives us so much joy in our hobby has been taken away from us....

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2 hours ago, Helmsman said:

UnionPay cards are still working in Russia. Brief search shows that these cards are possible to get in US or Europe but they're not as convenient as VISA/MC.

Aeroflot is grounded, all post shipping are off for western country, i guess also ups, fedex....


With these sanctions, Russian companies can only sell through China or Turkey but the costs will be higher, not to mention that certain materials will soon be lacking. If I were a producer of those places I would try to move to the West if I want to continue working always to find a Visa.

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Aviattic is offering a limited edition 1/32 Fokker DVII F decal sheet in Ukrainian markings. All profits go to charities aiding refugees from the invasion:



Cheers,  Tom

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