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  1. Qi'yadH that is Klingon for whatever curse springs to mind. Would have loved to get my hands on the Cousteaux catalina. I saw the man when I was about 7 and always admired his documentaries. Even though some of his methods might have seem controversial at the time he did brin marine conservation onto the agenda.
  2. reason I am asking is that they wil not ship, and I cannot collect in person
  3. Somebody close willing to bid for me? max bid $120
  4. To me eye everything looks fine. The seatbelts appear very natural and have an appropriate thickness and detail. I am not sure what PE seatbelts would improve on what you have here. The only other issue I can think of would be that the seats do not suit your bird (i.e. wrong mark or whatever, I have little knowledge in that respect) and the aires seats are of the right mark. But if that is not the case then I would use these seats as they are now.
  5. I usually do that when me computer behaves a wee bit difficult. Usually the sight of the 50lbs-er is enough to get the thing to behave itself.
  6. Very nice work indood... BTW, what PE set(s) did you use, your build has almost made me change my resolve of not building an avenger.
  7. Hi guys, now that my exam and other social commitments are over I am about to commence building a Twogar for this GB. As this is my first resin kit I will take it slow, so no guarantees it will be finished by then. I may also ask a lot of questions relating to building techniques for this medium. Ok, so the version I am going for is the Twogar as stationed in NAS Atsugi, Japan - making Bu No 147413. Got the kit and using Naval Fighters number sixty-eight by Steve Ginter as main reference. Any AM and upgrades used will be discussed as I go along. Pictures t
  8. Funny, that. For a split second I had an image in my mind of Dobby the house elf in the Harry Potter films when he is about to punish himself. Did you grasp for a table lamp, or did you go straight to the dressing cabinet.
  9. you can see the pictures if you click on the link. Nice work, by the way.
  10. With the transfer some methods of posting images no longer work. Have a read at this link as I think this is where your problem lies.
  11. I think the 'shim' is a reference to the top of the wall between the space where the wheel goes and the space where the strut and retracting mechanism lives. However, looking closer I think it is just the light reflection which makes this part appear white compare to the rest of the wheel bay.
  12. you do know there's only 500 kits being made?
  13. excuse me while I wipe the drool of me keyboard.....
  14. I think the 'curly bits' should be in the middle of the opening if the rudder is in the neutral position (i.e. inline with the fuselage). See picture of the real aeroplane.
  15. Bugger, another one for the MUST HAVE list. Time to put me facemask on and select a bank to rob.....
  16. As long as it is in the livery of a training unit/school and is larger than 1:35 minimum, then it should be OK
  17. I assume so, even that of Switserland.... I'll get me coat
  18. I dabbled with music when I was younger - learned to play the piano, but stopped pretty much as soon as I started working. Now, having become disabled, I am slowly getting back into my music. Picking up the piano - amazing the things I have forgotten, but also planning to pick up guitar and violin. Found this amazing guitarist I knew nothing about - Paco de Lucia - and that really has me going. had an old acoustic guitar on the attic with half the strings missing. Got myself a new string set and tuned by ear. not sure about it I got myself an electronic tuner and was within a wh
  19. https://www.jetmads.com/product-page/1-32-ja37-viggen paid for mine earlier today.
  20. somebody got some chewing gum ?
  21. Interesting project. pulling up a chair.
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