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  1. I came to the same conclusion. Only did the 2 first pairs as you can see them when looking parallel with the longitudinal axis of the plane. Did not see any point of doing more as the rest is completely covered by the top panel behind the cockpit.
  2. Pictures of the radar operators position: The seat on the left is for the radar operator, the one on the right for the gunner I have since glued the contraption into the hull, hence I am still making progress on this buld. So far I am pleased wth the fit of the components.
  3. Here are some pictures of the cockpit as promised - of course I failed to take them before glung the thing together, so some Klingon choice words followed once I realised this... I used the Quinta Studio aftermarket set for this. Can highly recommend this product Pilot position: The more observant amongs you may note that some levers are missing - the were eaten by the carpet monster after it snatched them away from me tweezers with a 'ping' I also noticed just denu that I failed to glue in the rudder pedals. This is still possible, so I wrote it down on a post-it note and glued it onto me forehead - just hope it stays there until tomorrow morning ...
  4. I do not know how things are in Germany, but here in the UK all copies sent to the (UK) distrbutor are gone to those who have pre-ordered them with UK retailers. Hope you still be able to pick up a copy, but I suspect that only spare ones will be advertised (i.e. when peopel who pre-ordered it have pulled out)
  5. I take it 4710 is a type? Box = 4.17 metres long?
  6. yep, nearly ready to close the cockpit, so will attempt to take some pictures in nice light before doing so.
  7. Bit the bullet and ordered 1 kit. Luckily I remembered to put in me old teeth, otherwise I would have to buy a new set (again, for the same reason)
  8. was told it is 'out of stock' by the iimporter, meaning all kits destined for the UK are pre-ordered and no longer available.
  9. I would jump at buying one. My supplier has indicated that those destined for the UK were sold out. Only opton I would have had I not agreed to pre-order would be to work via Volks Japan.
  10. Lookng nice, I pre-ordered from Flyng Tigers, and got word that they expect to send it to me at the end of August.
  11. Just read this post. Condolences for your loss, and a big THANK YOU for continuing hiis work.
  12. Can't comment on Red Fox, but I got the Kitsworld cockpit decals for a Trmpeter Stuka, and none of the decals fitted (far too small) + they were of poor quality (i.e. bubbles and broken decals while still in the closed packet). So got the Quinta studios offer instead, and everythng fitted perfectly - just need to make sure you use some extra glue to hold them down, as the decals are too heavy to be held up by the decal glue. hope this helps...
  13. Work has begun, but with some delay here is what I am working with. Re aftermarket stuff, not sure yet what I will be using, but will mention when relevant. The kit: The aftermarket stuff: next update will be related to the cockpit, for which I shall be using the Quinta studio printed cockpit details.
  14. how do you pronounce this? 'So wet'?
  15. I'll give this group build another go. Will be building a Bf-110D in night-figther guise with radar. Will take some pictures to upload tomorrow, today is a good day to get some garden work completed.
  16. Got an email to way there will be a 3-week delay, as their test builders have identified some problems that need rectifying. Jetmads is surely keepingus in suspense on this one
  17. Just read through this entire blog. If there is room, please put me on the list as well. Hoping to see it finished soon, provided your heath is allowng it, @waroff
  18. Not normally interested in an F-16 for some odd reason, but after seeing this work I might be pursuaded... Love it so far.
  19. Best to use 3rd party picture hosting (Imgur is free). This thread might also be useful:
  20. I sent them an email and they came back with a price of €145.00 + shipping.
  21. If you wish to remove all paint without too much damage to the plastiic, i would suggest leaving it overnight in a closed container in a puddle of Dettol (alos brushing the Dettol on all parts). The following day rinse off all paint with running water & brush. Been doing this on those figurines where I mess up....
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