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  1. It,s typical of these times, they take 3D files around the net and then print with FDM with the quality that is known, in practice vacufrom 4.0
  2. Absolutely, pls contact me before you place the order.
  3. For me there is no difference, the problems (here in Italy) came out from January 1st 2021 when they standardized all postal shipments outside the EU area, if before it took me a few minutes now they are also hours of waiting at the post office.
  4. A tragedy for me, 35% of my sales are in the UK, doing all the paperwork alone is boring.
  5. The other start this week, I apologize for this, since I have to fill in customs declarations for the UK everything is very complicated.
  6. It's on the to-do list, decals already printed.
  7. This GPU has been a common sights on RAF stations for many years, it provides power to various aircraft like Hunter, Lightning, Phantom, Harrier, Jaguar, elicopters and many more, ideal to complete all the dioramas with RAF aircraft. Resin parts, 3D printed parts and decals for one version.
  8. This is one of the worst nightmares I sometimes think about my model business.....
  9. I understand the problems as a small-producer, having many years of experience in various other sector. Today or you own a light and inexpensive structure or you have to take the leap and get big (and hope ...). In the future, if we enter a de-globalized world, you have to equip yourself well.
  10. Cold War -Vietnam era for sure, later used as a military surplus in various airports. This year I definitely think I do a couple of USN USN A-S32A-31 (the mule)
  11. After a long time I come back with a big news, other 32 products will come this year.
  12. Aeroflot is grounded, all post shipping are off for western country, i guess also ups, fedex.... With these sanctions, Russian companies can only sell through China or Turkey but the costs will be higher, not to mention that certain materials will soon be lacking. If I were a producer of those places I would try to move to the West if I want to continue working always to find a Visa.
  13. Zvezda it's north of Moscow, MiniArt it is located in Crimea, who is in bad situation is Roden in Kyiv. I had a supplier of decals (Begemot Russia).....end of business for now.
  14. As a small Italian manufacturer (videoaviation.com) I tried to organize in my area a collection of clothes, medicines and food to be sent to refugees on the border in Poland, instead of discussing which model to buy, maybe you are thinking of devoting part of your modeling budget to concrete aid, thanks.
  15. If I'm not mistaken on social there is a big dispute between them and Eduard about the quality of the products, the czech are not coming out well.
  16. Thanks for everything, these products cannot be 3D printed directly, for the volume of the object it would be too expensive, casting resin is reasonably cheap. I must have messed with the decals, there are also white stencils that you don't need, you won't believe it but I don't remember why I added those.......
  17. I'm fully operational with UK, the problem is that now I'm forced to attach a customs form with some data, before all the shipment was anonymous from private to private, I do n't know what can happen with customs, I always specify gift and a low value.
  18. More or less the same thing here in Italy, but for a business like mine for many reasons it is not functional, too long and complicate to explain
  19. Sooner or later I finish........I promise.......
  20. it's really a big problem, I have many customers in the UK, from January 1st I have to fill out a boring customs form to ship my products, about 30-40 minutes of extra time wasted.
  21. 3 years to put out the 1/32 NATO figures.....
  22. Back on business from today, first new product to start the year, a couple of 1/32 scale standard general purpose RAF 1.000lb high explosive bombs, used during the Cold War period and beyond on various aircraft (Hunter, Jaguar, Harrier and Tornado), 10,00 eu for set.
  23. If it were a new tool today we would be inundated with 3D cad drawings.
  24. Breaking News! Panic among A/M manufacturers, all rushing to downscale their wheels, cockpit......
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