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Effect of Ukraine War on our Hobby…

Bill M.

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On a purely pathetic selfish brat level, I'm sad that without ResKit I won't be able to turn the Bobby Hoss turd into a great 1/48 F-111E. 


On a human adult level I cry inside, and couldn't care less about models. I am also very cynical about all the "buy from us and we'll donate to humanitarian aid" stuff going on; just give money to church charities which don't have top-heavy admin and actually get things done.


If we all live, we might get to see new kits. Que sera sera. 



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I've hidden and edited posts the delved quite clearly into the politics of what is unfortunately transpiring.  LSP isn't the place for that discussion.


It's Facebook or other social media platforms where you can discuss political issues as vigorously as you like.


Thanks Matty


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A Ukrainian hobby shop run by Alex Kelick shipped me a model (ICM 1/32 scale British pilots) as late as two days ago (12 Mar).  Alex's shop has for years been understandably well-stocked with Ukrainian-made model kits (ResKit, Roden, ICM, MiniArt, etc.).  He offers his products to customers outside Ukraine via eBay.  


I have ordered from him occasionally over the years when Ukrainian kits were out of stock with vendors closer to home.  I placed an order from him a few days ago just to send him some money hoping he would be able to receive it and use it.  I wrote to him and said keep the money, don't worry about sending a model, and stay safe.  He wrote back, said he was still operating and so was the Ukrainian postal service at his location, and he shipped the model.  Amazing.  Obviously, his situation can change at any time and almost certainly will, without notice.


Alex's shop is in a town called Kremenchuk, on the Dnieper River (same as Kyiv), southeast of Kyiv, southwest of Poltava, about 2/3rds of the way from Kyiv to Dnipro to the southeast along the river.  His location puts him at great risk. 


I have no affiliation with Alex except as a satisfied long-term customer.


If the admins/mods have no objection, I can post a link to his eBay shop here for any who would like to support him.

Stay safe, Alex, stay safe.

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On 3/8/2022 at 11:57 AM, Uncarina said:

Aviattic is offering a limited edition 1/32 Fokker DVII F decal sheet in Ukrainian markings. All profits go to charities aiding refugees from the invasion:



Cheers,  Tom

I just ordered a set.  This will be a very distinguished looking model.  

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Do ICM and Roden produce and ship from Ukraine or like other companies are their moulds in China? Just curious…


Also what is happening there should never have happened. Stay strong and brave Ukrainians!

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