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  1. I just watched the movie Dauntless. I wish I hadn't. It was more than enough to make me want to book into Dignitas in Switzerland. Matty
  2. You may already know about it but The Pacific Wrecks Data base is a good site for planning a trip. HTH Hot and mossies. I've been to Bougainville...a lot of WW2 wrecks there as well. Same Island chain. Matty
  3. Maybe you could run the outlet hose from the spray booth that would normally be fed out a window into a sealed container of water? I've used that and it works well. HTH Matty
  4. I took a heap of photos of the German planes in our Aussie War Memorial. They're in the walkaround section. If I recall correctly, the museum had gone to great lengths to preserve the original colours from WW2. If you approached the museum you might find they have some scientific information about the colours they could pass along. There's a Me262 and a Me163, V1 and more there as well. HTH. Cheers Matty
  5. An interesting discussion. Knowledge isn't sacred and science isn't averse to the notion of having established dogmas challenged. There's no downside to being better informed, discovering something new or re-establishing the prevailing wisdom. However, engaging in this process really need not be so passionately adversarial. Computer monitors and photographs are instruments that may or may not reproduce colour accurately. The human visual system interprets information but it's accuracy is affected by, a mans genes, neural processing or even ambient luminosity. The only 'museum level' method of determining colour accurately is to use a scientific instrument. An instrument that measures the reflected wavelength of light of different samples but which is calibrated from a standard. A reflected wavelength analysis will objectively determine what the colours of any objects are irrespective of our potentially fallible human visual system. I looked it up...a Multiangle Spectrophotometer. And even then, as Vincent has alluded, a knowledge of chemistry and variations of what might have been applied also contribute to understanding of what 'might' have been. This should be fun, collaborative and informative. Matty
  6. Indeed. However, we'd all get along with less moderator intervention if any of those opinions were expressed with more civility or if a comment antagonises someone, if they chose to not engage. Matty
  7. Hang in there Brad. Hope you get into theatre sooner rather than later. Cheers Matty
  8. Good luck mate. I hope it all goes smoothly and you heal up quickly. Cheers Matty
  9. Wow. Great news. Hoping the recovery continues. Matty
  10. A generous interpretation of an isolated instance would be that the thread hijacker is simply trying to be 'collegiate' on a shared topic. If it carries on though, at some point it obviously becomes tactless and fairly inconsiderate. Hopefully it doesn't happen too often. Matty
  11. Yak 9's...New Zealands Full Noise Tigercat I gather there are classes. Plenty of jets and post ww2 props as well. Cheers Matty
  12. OK. Locking this down in accordance with our Rules of the Road.
  13. Sorry to hear such terrible news. Kiwis are like family. Hard to believe the scale of this catastrophe and misery. Matty
  14. I think they say it becasue they know it's actually not true and there's no robust peer reviewed evidence to support it. It's definitely a calculated CYA language. What I find objectionable about it, is that in a roundabout way, people who don't know any better don't understand the difference between CYA claims and the real deal. We used to have a show called 'The Checkout' here in Aus. They were able to show that some companies offered pseduoscientific services that would guarantee a research finding in keeping with advertising. Nothing that would withstand credible scientific scrutiny. Here's one of their funnier ones.
  15. I don't myself and am highly skeptical about the efficacy of any product that is sold with weasel out marketing clauses like 'can, may, could, might, can assist with, boosts'. I used to watch ABC's The Checkout and they exposed a lot of snake oil companies exploiting peoples best intentions. The TGA was as toothless as ASIC. To ascertain efficacy I'd recommend chatting to an orthopaedic surgeon. That's their field of expertise. Matty
  16. LSP_Matt

    My Day Job

    Incredible mate. Thanks for posting. Matty
  17. I'm not surprised that Erik Brown saw what had happened and surmised pretty quickly why. Experience counts. What is interesting is that he also said he'd seen it happen before and that it was a common pilot error. That to me is worthy of some further analysis. Is there indeed some factor that's at work here? It's necessary to be held accountable for the untimely deaths of those people but I'm not sure that process is useful for helping anyone understand why such a pilot errors occur and moreover how to prevent them. Matty
  18. We're LSP. Like Kev said, our core business is LSP's. I can understand your argument but it's not a road this site would go down, especially when there's so many other sites that do offer that service. We had great debate about the non-LSP forum. We've actively chosen to not make it part of the build forums...again to emphasise our focus on LSP's. HTH Matty
  19. We've been checking in the staff forums and no one appears to have touched your content Alan. Perhaps it has something to do with our recent server malfunction? I also pruned your post to Ron. I won't let that kind of public response become in any sense a notionally acceptable tone of posting on LSP. 100% never to volunteer staff but also to or any member. We're not here to bust anyone's balls but to be helpful. We have our way of doing things and we expect everyone to be civil with each other. I'm not chastising you just lamenting you didn't check in with us first before reaching deep into the amygdala. Matty
  20. IIRC I found similar issues to other modellers when fitting the canopy using this resin set. Something to do with the hinge mechanism, canopy rails and seat. HTH. Matty
  21. Hoping he's OK and getting better soon. Matty
  22. You could knock one up by buying the parts separately if you can't make contact with the supplier. Needs a few engineering tools but pretty straight forward. Probably worth the price in terms of mucking about. It's pretty clever. They look a bit tricky to set up but once you've got it right would be rather handy. Would definitely need 10 or 12mm plate for the magnetic base if you were going to paint a heavier plane than the P51 on his webpage. Matty
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