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  1. Very glad to hear it. I hope Jonathan and his wife recover quickly. Matt
  2. You need to google 'Chopper does the weather'. A parody of a famous Melbourne gangster called Chopper Reid...main character in the movie Chopper. Matty
  3. Good to see the PPE and other precautions are effective for those directly treating COVID patients. Matty
  4. Hey folks. Given the complexity of issues that COVID19 presents medically, socially and politically lets be very mindful of making an extra special effort NOT to dip into any political commentary or even reflection on what has or hasn't been done. LSP isn't the place for that. By all means join Facebook and let it rip on their pages. Be civil with each other and decline the opportunity to respond antagonistically. Just be nice...we're in an international medical and economic crisis with effects that will be felt for ever. Thanks in advance Matty
  5. This is the perfect way to deal with it and respond. 16 words and done. 100% appreciated by anyone who moderates on staff. Cheers Matty
  6. Whatever the cause it's just a terrible shame. Some amazingly talented people working for a company that created astonishing model kits. Their kits created endless excitement and enjoyment in our hobby/work. It'd be great if things could be turned around and they stayed in business. Truly gifted and visionary people are worth keeping. Matty
  7. As problems go I never found them overly complicated. They're uncomplicated designs, made for mass production. Much like 3K and 4K Toyota Corollas or Datsun 1200,1400,1600's. I restored those two VW's when I was in my 20's. It's much easier now getting things like King Pins and other front suspension parts than it was back then. Those hub nuts needed an extension bar and that's about it. I still have my 36mm socket and a spanner for them. Ditto with the hub nuts on my AU2 Falcon. Crazy high front hub nut tension. I viewed complicated at the VW shop where they were working on a Lycoming Aircraft engine. Trying to drill out the Champion spark plug that has literally welded itself to the cylinder head. Trying to remove it without removing the head. I have some of the aluminium screen printing panels that Continental was using to print the solder onto PCB boards for modern cars...crikey...now that's complicated. The VW was crimp terminals and a soldering iron. Matty
  8. Huh...they were easy to work on. I had a 65 and a 66. both came with an owners manual. The manual showed how to replace the asbestos brake shoe linings, adjust valve clearances and other service items. I can only assume they expected owners, not workshops to do this kind of routine maintenance back then. My buddies and I used to have some drinks after work on a Friday night. We'd race to see how quickly we could take the engine out of my 66. Record was 17minutes flat from wheels on the ground to engine on the ground. 4 bolts and some other easy to access connectors and all done. I miss that little car...but not its drum brakes and 6V lighting system Matty
  9. My garage was like that...when I moved in. Leave the car outside I reckon and turn it into a nice workshop. It oozes potential for being plumbed and wired whilst the stud wall is open.
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. We've had two volunteers killed last night and three injured. Apparently a burnt out tree hit their firetruck as they were transiting in a convoy and they crashed. Another couple of volunteers are in hospital in induced comas with severe burns. Our PM remains on holidays. I've been working furiously to reduce fuel on the farm. At some point though there's only so much one can do. Fingers crossed. Matty
  11. I just watched the movie Dauntless. I wish I hadn't. It was more than enough to make me want to book into Dignitas in Switzerland. Matty
  12. You may already know about it but The Pacific Wrecks Data base is a good site for planning a trip. HTH Hot and mossies. I've been to Bougainville...a lot of WW2 wrecks there as well. Same Island chain. Matty
  13. Maybe you could run the outlet hose from the spray booth that would normally be fed out a window into a sealed container of water? I've used that and it works well. HTH Matty
  14. I took a heap of photos of the German planes in our Aussie War Memorial. They're in the walkaround section. If I recall correctly, the museum had gone to great lengths to preserve the original colours from WW2. If you approached the museum you might find they have some scientific information about the colours they could pass along. There's a Me262 and a Me163, V1 and more there as well. HTH. Cheers Matty
  15. An interesting discussion. Knowledge isn't sacred and science isn't averse to the notion of having established dogmas challenged. There's no downside to being better informed, discovering something new or re-establishing the prevailing wisdom. However, engaging in this process really need not be so passionately adversarial. Computer monitors and photographs are instruments that may or may not reproduce colour accurately. The human visual system interprets information but it's accuracy is affected by, a mans genes, neural processing or even ambient luminosity. The only 'museum level' method of determining colour accurately is to use a scientific instrument. An instrument that measures the reflected wavelength of light of different samples but which is calibrated from a standard. A reflected wavelength analysis will objectively determine what the colours of any objects are irrespective of our potentially fallible human visual system. I looked it up...a Multiangle Spectrophotometer. And even then, as Vincent has alluded, a knowledge of chemistry and variations of what might have been applied also contribute to understanding of what 'might' have been. This should be fun, collaborative and informative. Matty
  16. Indeed. However, we'd all get along with less moderator intervention if any of those opinions were expressed with more civility or if a comment antagonises someone, if they chose to not engage. Matty
  17. Hang in there Brad. Hope you get into theatre sooner rather than later. Cheers Matty
  18. Good luck mate. I hope it all goes smoothly and you heal up quickly. Cheers Matty
  19. Wow. Great news. Hoping the recovery continues. Matty
  20. A generous interpretation of an isolated instance would be that the thread hijacker is simply trying to be 'collegiate' on a shared topic. If it carries on though, at some point it obviously becomes tactless and fairly inconsiderate. Hopefully it doesn't happen too often. Matty
  21. LSP_Matt

    My Day Job

    Incredible mate. Thanks for posting. Matty
  22. IIRC I found similar issues to other modellers when fitting the canopy using this resin set. Something to do with the hinge mechanism, canopy rails and seat. HTH. Matty
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